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  1. Not In This Lifetime Tour: Best Moments

    Rumours about what?
  2. Ain’t It Fun

    Thank you for the answer dude! Can you answer me another one? Were “Since I Don’t Have”, “Sympathy For The Devil” and “Yesterdays” hits?
  3. Ain’t It Fun

    Hey, I know the song is in the Greatest Hits album, but I didn’t live the period of time when it was released, so, was it a hit of the band? Another question, I know Estranged isn’t in the Greatest Hits album, but, was Estranged a hit of the band too?
  4. I know this is not the right section for what I’ll say, but talking about the Philly concert, can someone send me it via pm, please? I don’t have it and I don’t know where to find, I’ve searched everywhere.
  5. Any update on this? Did the channel answer?
  6. Why this doesn’t make sense? They could be taking down song by song and not all at a single time. But, it’s just a thought. This could mean nothing too.
  7. I think the audio from Coachella’s nights would be ok for a release. Said that, someone said in another thread the Guns’s official YouTube channel removed “You Could Be Mine” from Appetite for Democracy of their channel. Do you think this could be a sign of they planning to release a live album?
  8. If it is true, do you think the band will release a live album?
  9. I said that in my first post too. Let’s hope it’s true or it’s even better than Coachella’s nights.
  10. Was the song speeded up or in its normal time? Other question, was the female backing vocal composed by one singer only or it seemed more than one woman singing?