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  1. Happy Birthday Axl Rose

    Fernando was nice enough to give him a day off.
  2. Same setlist. Maybe a new song or two. I can see TWAT being played
  3. *Cough* Axl's passing *cough* they will be milking all those unreleased demos, instrumentals, final mixes and who knows what else in the vault. Honestly that's the only way the "new" music will ever come out. Cold truth...
  4. Hilarious!!! 😂 Why can't the band I love be f'n normal like every other band. Mods please ban me and put me outta my misery...
  5. Lol Buckethead on The Beatles... You do make a good point btw.
  6. D Tune is my jam. I love the Chinese style inspired guitars that Robin Finck does. It captures the theme of CD.
  7. Best Buckethead Ballad-esque Songs From Pikes?

    Mount Shasta from the Pike... Old Toys is amazing!
  8. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    I know right?! Check out Pike #66 and listen to "Leave The Light On" it's so good!
  9. Found the soundtrack P.R.L. belongs on

    Nice! "PRL" also sounds like it belongs on Quake 3 Arena
  10. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    The new Pikes sound really good.
  11. I don't think any material with the current lineup exists. Maybe some ideas or sketches.
  12. I miss Buckethead in GNR Gonna cry myself to sleep listening to "Flashes" from his Pike album lol. BTW funny photo Fake news!!!