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  1. Evader is the right man for these kind of jobs, I suppose... 😉
  2. I do believe it's no coincidence, that the first leaks we got are remixes of songs we already know. Also i'm pretty sure that there's more to come within the next days. Something we haven't heard yet, at least in good quality...
  3. I dont think that soulmonster actually is checkmate/Jackie Chan. Axl named both of them in the chats. Maybe the file is labelled wrong.
  4. It was my 5th GNR concert yesterday. And it was fucking mindblowing! Incredible raspy voice, axl in a good mood... Fantastic!
  5. CD artwork sketch

    I think it Was fanmade or maybe not even initionally related to CD. Although I remember it had some reference to GNR. DAMN. This Was more than 10 years ago! 😂
  6. Hey! hope anyone can help me with this. I'm looking for a Sketch that was floating around before the release of CD in 08. It shows a man wearing a hat and an apron and a bunch of asian children are around him.
  7. CD artwork sketch

    😂 None of These, but thank you. It Was kinda like "uncle axl saving the future of China"
  8. Two titled songs

    Anybody has a clue, why the Song was named "Madagascar"?
  9. Heard that Jackie Chan is about to leak within the next days. Hmmm... Of course you should take this with a grin of salt. My question is, if anybody else here heard that rumour too?
  10. Holy shit... Where's mickey?!
  11. wondering if there's more to come within the next days... s.th. unreleased would be Magic... Jackie Chan maybe, or Se7en ? ;-) come on guys, enlighten us...
  12. GNR Sailing

    There's also a fanmade duett Version of it with rod stewart and axl.. https://youtu.be/xbVpu3FpAWU
  13. Soyl also. We'll most probably hear this within the next Gigs...
  14. Anyone remembering RIR 2011? That yellow raincoat Performance or bridge school? No need to worry about yesterday, which got nothing for him. He will improve with every Show on this leg. Relax people. It could have been worse.
  15. I'm pretty sure that we will hear Soyl live. As this is the Promotion Single of the boxset, it would be insane Not to Play it. On the other Hand, we're still talking about gnr...
  16. Imagine beeing caught in a coma in the late 80s. Then waking up 30 years later and watching this bandfoto of guns n' roses! What the fuck is going oooooon?!
  17. It's most probably axl. Telling us s.th. about finishing touches on the upcoming gnr album, because this time soon INDEED IS the word. He will also talk about a different setlist at this leg of the tour and s. th. about the movie soundtrack He and izzy are working on in the closet. After that he's going to throw 100 AFD SUPERDELUXE LOCKEDNLOADED BOXES into the audience. The only Thing He should be concerned of is Not smashing s.o's tooth...
  18. Looking forward to hear Melissa talking about the greatest Job in the World!
  19. According to a new Interview with dizzy (seen on gnrtruth), there's a slight chance that they will play some new songs... *Will you play some new songs on your tour?* "There is always a chance that we play new pieces. This means that our performances would be even longer. With us there are only encores and no deletions." Personally I don't believe it, but who knows?
  20. Not even ONE IN A MILLION?! 😂
  21. What are you talking about?