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  1. Why is Kurt Cobain called a Feminist ?

    One thing soon forgot was that Nirvana also did a set for Rock For Choice, which was a pro-choice/women issues benefit concert.
  2. I like how it almost turns into a Lynyrd Skynyrd song @ 1:47
  3. The truth, and the end.

    I swear just a few days ago was wondering what happened to all the trolls that said "Axl doesn't owe you anything" in every thread. I haven't seen that argument in awhile. It was unavoidable when i first signed up.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Considering she has mostly got negative coverage, particularly regarding the Assad meeting (though has done a fine job of defending herself) and now Sanders throwing his hat in - i'd agree its an uphill battle. She still has her niche in the foreign policy department though and i'd like her to bring that to the debate stage.
  5. Axl has been #woke (Ronald Reagan depicted as Hitler for those who do not know)
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Thats a BS way to frame the situation. She went over there to talk with people on the ground and while there she was invited to meet with Assad. “The reason why I decided to take this meeting on this trip was because if we profess to care about the Syrian people — if we really truly care about ending their suffering and ending this war — then we should be ready to meet with anyone if there is a chance that that meeting and that conversation could help to bring about an end to this war.”
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I'm hoping for Bernie or Tulsi. I was hoping Bernie would pass the torch to Tulsi, who carries the same platform (though way more vocal on foreign policy, which I like). I think shes immensely more presentable/personable as a candidate – shes very well spoken, attractive, and a veteran vs Bernie with his unkempt hair, yelling, and finger wagging. If you're going to sell Middle America on those polices, i figure her as a better spokesperson.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump amps his rhetoric on Venezuela in Miami Meanwhile
  9. More takedowns?

    Ive seen this with other non-gnr songs before.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    In summary,
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Anyone still behind Trump are confirmed masochists.
  12. Advert your eyes as i commit apostasy

    Layne > Axl

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    2. downzy


      Really?  I always hear Axl's lower-range and twangy vocals in Layne's vocals, and assume Axl was a big influence on Layne.  

      Better?  Not for me.  Only contemporaries I'd consider at or potentially above Axl would be Vedder, Cornell or Patton.

    3. -W.A.R-


      This is partly influenced by my love affair with AIC/MS right now :lol:

      GNR has been bumped out of my playlist as of late.

    4. rocknroll41


      I agree completely that Layne in his prime wipes the floor with Axl.

  13. That is soooooooooooooooooooo lazy.
  14. This reminds me of the Asbha water thread - I posted whats next? Ashba ashtrays? Completely joking i googled it - and sure enough Ashba was already selling ashtrays.
  15. What Are You Listening To 2019

  16. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The whole thing is ridiculous - criticizing AIPAC or even Israel itself is not antisemitic. I'm saddened noone came to her defense and she felt pressured into apologizing. Now i see some saying her challenging Elliott Abrams was because hes Jewish and not because hes a war criminal that shouldn't have a job picking up trash, more less a job in the state department.
  17. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Count me in as a fan of Ilhan Omar.

    I seen an official one go for like $16 months ago. I was looking at sold listings and nearly had a panic attack that i missed out on it.
  19. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Heres that bipartisanship everyone is asking for