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  1. This show was not the very best, both band-wise, both axl-wise and also worths mention that the pro-shot audio mix is awful. I wouldn't say "that's it, they're over", shit happens sometimes, that's all.
  2. O yeah everything was better in the good old days but what he does during a show is still more than a month worth of cardio training for most of us
  3. We have been seen people in gnr shirts even yesterday in Prague ☺️ don't know what's the situation now because we wnt home to Budapest since then
  4. Agree with every word same feelings same impressions. And really, for those who are jerking on rasp levels of certain youtube videos go and see them live. I'm sure there were technical, tonal or whatever glitches yesterday but the band was united, powerful, smashed you on the wall and Axl screamed your head off. From this point of veiw this rasp naziism is a useless theoretical fart-slicing.
  5. They started in time (19:15) and ended at ~22:30 so yes it was
  6. Hey I was there. It was brilliant. Ok it was fucking great. Or killer you name it. Did not measure the amount of rasp or any other measurable musical achievements just enjoyed the show which proved to be one of the greatest live act I've ever seen. Man they played 3+ hours and seemingly gave in everything they had, it was just insane. I have no "should/could have beens" after this.
  7. When accidentally found the four seasons yesterday I've seen a couple ofguys in gnr shirts waiting in front of it so in this regard this could have been a silent forum meeting ☺
  8. Got the ticket, booked hotel, will be there with a bunch of friends from Budapest. I only have one important strategic question: staropramen or pilsner will be brewed there?