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  1. I wonder where she gets the money for that. You'd have to be loaded to pay for tickets, travel, hotels, food, etc for 70 concerts in such a short time.
  2. They really owe it to themselves to release music and have one or two more albums be the end of their legacy. As much as I love Chinese, it's not a strong enough album to go out on.
  3. Nothing More opening for Disturbed in Des Moines last September. They were loud as shit
  4. Retail is fun. I've come to the conclusion that all customers are retarded
  5. Inb4 lock
  6. I'm putting the finishing touches on my 'Rock Voices' video, which means I'm going to be working on a new video pretty soon here. I'm looking for the 10 best debut albums from the classic rock era. I'm categorizing it by three things 1. Units sold 2. Critical acclaim 3. Test of time (i.e. has it aged well?)