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  1. That was a bomb ass show. Great setlist and Axl's voice was top notch too
  2. How is that smearing the legacy? An album, even if it had CDII material, would be very well accepted based solely on the fact that Slash and Duff would be playing on it.
  3. The MyGNR Book Club

    @Oldest Goat have one of the runner ups take my place
  4. The T.V. Show Thread

    I've heard of those two when I was growing up but never watched them. I'll have to check it out once I finish my billionth re-watch of Friends
  5. '93 Pro shots or Soundboards

    Only bits and pieces as far as I know
  6. New Bumblefoot Interview, Radio Chatter, WRIF Detroit

    I didn't. I was in the car and my sister called me and I never got a chance to switch back. I have most of the afternoon free so probably today lol
  7. Best SCOM of NITL tour?

    Houston 2016. The answer for every song is Houston 2016
  8. Thanks dude. Good to see you're still around. I haven't seen you on here in like 6 months
  9. The troll posts in this thread are hilarious and cringeworthy at the same time
  10. New Bumblefoot Interview, Radio Chatter, WRIF Detroit

    Cool, I'll have to listen to it on my way to class. Always liked Bumble
  11. Member Picture Thread

    Me back in November
  12. Questions about the Vault..

    Pretty much why CD gets such a bad rap. "It wasn't recorded by the classic lineup and therefore isn't a GN'R song!"
  13. I wanna add on to what I said earlier and say that I'm not against minimum wage being raised. I make $10/hr and barely stay afloat as it is, no fuckin way could I afford to live on $7.25/hr. I just don't think it should be such a drastic raise in such a short amount of time as it could hurt some of the small businesses.
  14. Not a Canadian, but raising minimum wage hurts businesses. The manager that was making $14/hr now has to get bumped up to $18-$20/hr and their boss has to get a raise and so on. Is it a problem for a large company like Walmart or McDonalds? No. But a midsize company could suffer a bit from it