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  1. They were on the road for almost 3 years, give them some time. The business side of things makes it a lot more complicated than just recording the songs and releasing them, especially with a band as big as GN'R and someone as unpredictable as Axl
  2. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    Not a best of, but my personal favorites. I'd want an even distribution of gigs for a live album/DVD as opposed to half of it coming from the Houston show ISE- Stockholm 2017 Mr. Brownstone- Vegas 2016 CD- Kobe 2017 WTTJ- Detroit 2016 DTJ- Madrid 2017 Better- Houston 2016 Estranged- Chicago 2016 (1st night) LALD- Washington DC 2016 Rocket Queen- St. Louis 2017 YCBM- Houston 2016 Duff Solo Spot- Whatever gig, he sounds the same each time This I Love- Atlanta 2016 Prostitute- Hartford 2017 Civil War- Houston 2016 Coma- Vegas 2016 (1st night) SCOM- London 2017 (1st night) Wichita Lineman- Philadelphia 2017 OTGM/My Michelle- Adler shows November Rain- Vegas 2016 (1st night) KOHD- Coachella 2016 (1st weekend) Nightrain- Houston 2016 Sorry- Philadelphia 2016 Catcher- Los Angeles 2016 (can't remember which night) Patience- St. Louis 2017 Don't Cry- Miami 2017 TWAT- San Diego 2016 Madagascar- MSG 10/15/17 Paradise City- Hawaii 2018
  3. Agreed. Axl does amazing things when he has a chip on his shoulder.
  4. My sentiments exactly. After hearing about how 2018 was going to be bigger than 2017 and having a $1000 box set as the big news, I've lost all hope that this band can ever do the logical thing. I've always expected this band to do the dumbest thing possible, but they dashed what little faith I had left in them to make the right choice for once.
  5. I've just been maintaining the mindset that nothing is going to happen. I'll either be right or I'll be pleasantly surprised
  6. Any word on where or just more dates?
  7. It sounds like it was. If you listen to the vocal track, there's a small change in pitch about halfway through the scream. It's only a fraction of a second but definitely noticable
  8. Has Axl ever held/hit this note in IRS when it was being played live?
  9. That makes it even worse somehow
  10. The only acceptable response to this news. I'm disappointed in this band
  11. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    I turn 21 in two weeks. Any must-haves for my liquor cabinet?
  12. I agree. It'd be a really good idea and would certainly make it more well-received. The expectations was one of the problems with CD. Aside from the botched promotion (or lack thereof), Axl dug himself into a hole talking about this amazing record for 15 years. When you do that, people have some high expectations after a while. If they do a surprise release, the only way to judge it is to give it a listen.
  13. Quick! Everyone get excited about boring overpriced recycled nostalgia! Maybe it'll have the opposite effect
  14. It'll be a combo live album of RIR 2017/Berlin 2018