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  1. I have a similar look when I'm at work It's nice to see him out and about though and not holed up in his house
  2. If I were Angus, AC/DC would be the last thing I'd be focusing on right now.
  3. Last full album you listened to?

    Backyard Babies- Four by Four Also, if anyone could point me in the direction of some quality punk bands from the late 70s/early 80s, I'd appreciate it
  4. Slash's best solos?

    Well shit... now I'm gonna make a part 3! I'd add 'The Unholy' to your list too. Such a great solo
  5. This. Axl showing up on time and not walking off stage when something goes wrong was most likely a ground rule set by Slash and Duff. If Axl functioned on this tour the way he did from '01-14, the tour would've fallen apart after the NA leg
  6. If someone does ask (and someone probably already has), she'll either give a vague answer like Fortus does when the topic of new music comes up or she won't respond at all. She probably isn't allowed to give away what the band is or isn't doing.
  7. What GNR Member Makes Their Own Pickles?

    Dizzy. He just seems like the kind guy who would make his own. PS- you wanna mail me some of that jazz cabbage you're enjoying?
  8. '01, based on that opening scream alone. And Axl was still in decent shape
  9. What does axl scream at the end of paradise city?

    "Baby, Please, (Insert City and/or venue name), thank you! Good fucking night!
  10. The whining thread

    It warmed up here, stormed good for about 30 minutes and then the temp dropped down to 28° with a 10° wind chill. A weird day indeed.
  11. Paradise City Live Lyrics Question

    "I wanna see, how good it could be"
  12. The whining thread

    It was 64°F in Iowa today. It's December. Where's my fucking snow?!
  13. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    For me it was the St. Louis show. I was upgraded from the back of the floor to the section behind the pit. I went alone but the people around me were very friendly and we all had like a group discussion about the band and music in general during the changeover. They were a fucking blast to be around during the show too. There was a great vibe around that show too since it was the first one there since the riot
  14. I've been playing guitar for 4 years but started singing towards the middle of last year. I much prefer singing because you have a wider repertoire if you have some basic vocal training. Plus it's fun to talk to the crowd and have them respond so positively. The weird thing is I can talk/sing to an 80-100 person crowd, but I can't get up and give a presentation in my class