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  1. I'd disagree with you there. Guns was/is at a higher level than the other bands you listed. IMO, they'd still be able to fill large arenas if they'd kept releasing/touring from 95 on.
  2. I agree. Musically speaking, SMKC has always been very good. I've just always been put off by some of Myles' lyrics. Nothing against the dude, just not my thing.
  3. November Rain, Estranged, Breakdown, TWAT. I'm not an Axl fanboy, btw, I'll criticize him where it's due, and I have pretty harshly in the past, but imo he's the better lyricist/songwriter.
  4. Some people prefer Axl/Slash over Myles/Slash. Plus, Axl's a better lyricist/songwriter than Myles so I for one am more excited for a potential GN'R release. On the other hand, I see your point. Axl doesn't release jack shit and Slash is actually putting out albums on a regular basis.
  5. I just sort of improvise it. Daron doesn't even play the original solo anymore
  6. I think a new release almost has to be Chinese leftovers. I don't think Axl would willingly scrap years of work. Plus it's just easier than writing something from scratch.
  7. I'm way late and people have probably said it a thousand times over, but the fact that this is coming from Slash is very telling. IF there's a new record, my guess is they're going to test the waters/build hype by doing small interviews like this one. Hopefully any potential record gets promoted better than CD did. Also, it's hilarious to me watching people get triggered because Fortus is involved with a new record. I wish I had the energy to be upset about something as trivial as which rhythm guitarist plays on an album.
  8. Will there ever be another all-time great rock album?

    I have a few more thoughts... One of the problems with modern rock is that it mostly sounds the same. Almost every song that has gotten airplay since about 2014 or so has had similar vocal melodies in the same key, same song structure, similar chord progression, and similar lyrical content. The bands that have had the most success in the modern era have evolved their sound and built their fanbase with every release. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, Ghost, Slipknot, Alter Bridge, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters.
  9. Will there ever be another all-time great rock album?

    Probably not. You can blame it on rock's dwindling popularity but part of the problem too is that a large portion of rock fans won't let go of the past. There's still quality music out there, people just need to open their minds and look a little harder
  10. Even then I won't believe it
  11. The point I was trying to make here is that Axl's perfectionism/refusal to release anything is what's preventing the band from releasing music. The publishing rights are irrelevant if the artist doesn't give the label any music. My entire narrative has been that Axl doesn't want to release any music. The reason I listed this is because Axl knows he's the only singer that fits GN'R. With that in mind, he can take as long as he wants because he knows he won't be replaced for being unproductive. Band members might leave, but Axl won't/can't be kicked out of the band. I'll admit that I should have phrased that better. However, it's always something like: "Axl's got a whole bunch of stuff." "Axl has a ton of songs he wants to release." "Axl's been in the studio working on songs." They always reference Axl having material, yet we haven't seen that material released.
  12. -Axl is the sole reason this band hasn't put out music since 2008 -Axl owns the GN'R name and decides what gets released under it -This band doesn't work with any other singer. No Axl=No GN'R -Almost every band member interview from 2009-present has included some variation of the phrase "It depends on what Axl wants to do." I can go on and on, but any new release has been up to Axl since 1998
  13. There it is. I called it like 3 days ago
  14. I think it's important to note that they can still live comfortably playing arenas. They were making $1M-$3M a night playing US arenas in 2017