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  1. Estranged video

    Axl would have done it himself if there was someone in the ocean with a camera
  2. Any singers on here? I've been working really hard the last couple years to develop my voice and I've made great strides with it. My biggest struggle at the moment is getting a really good tone quality out of my chest voice
  3. All that Remains

    That really sucks, I liked a ton of their stuff. They were one of the more original modern bands, imo.
  4. Best long-form Axl Rose interview?

    Not really what you're looking for but the RS interview from 1992 is pretty damn long. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/axl-rose-the-rolling-stone-interview-99204/
  5. [Poll] What's your favorite track on "Living The Dream"?

    I've had a few more listens and I still thing The Great Pretender is the best song on the record
  6. Danko Jones

    Anyone ever listen to Danko Jones? I just discovered them recently and I really dig their sound.
  7. I can't help but wonder if Axl is ever drunk when he goes on Twitter
  8. There were never rumors about it. Just people on this forum speculating.
  9. Extra GNR Stuff For Sale!

    I'll take this 2002 tour shirt. I'm getting paid on Friday so just send me the paypal info and what I owe and I'll get you the payment once my check comes in.
  10. I feel like even 2002 Axl wouldn't have sunk to this level
  11. That's actually really sad for Perla. Hopefully she gets the mental help she needs. Slash made the right choice
  12. 2002 Axl saying: You should go home then

    Axl was a dick here but in a really funny way
  13. This article was before the Uproxx doc
  14. Confirmed. Oh My God in the setlist for this upcoming leg
  15. I agree. GN'R was still massively popular when grunge was at its peak. They were at the point in their careers where they would have been able to survive any shift/movement in what the public was listening to.