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  1. Agreed. I can see the argument that Slash and Duff are essential to GNR's sound but Axl is absolutely irreplaceable in this band. He brings something really special to the table in terms of songwriting. Has he written some cringey stuff (Silkworms, Scraped, etc)? Sure, but musicians don't get it right all the time. If the label and band management could have seen the potential of this lineup, GN'R might be in a very different state today.
  2. I gotta be honest, I'm not all that excited about the demos of the officially released songs anymore. It's cool to hear the different take once or twice, not so much after that. IRS is the only exception, that song was killed from over production and the '99 version should have been on the album.
  3. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    I've had similar thoughts myself. I genuinely wonder if TB is keeping Axl in the dark about these leaks.
  4. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    That singer sounds like shit
  5. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    I'm willing to bet that the people making negative comments about Axl's weight either have low self-esteem or aren't in the best shape themselves.
  6. SUV Drives Into Woodfield Mall in Chicago

    It is! Only a few more weeks left and then it's pumpkin season!
  7. Some dumbfuck decided to drive his SUV into a shopping mall in Chicago. No one was injured or killed, but a few children almost died https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2019/09/20/stores-at-woodfield-mall-placed-on-lockdown/
  8. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

  9. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    I think I'm gonna jizz in my pants. Hard School on the setlist???
  10. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    Fingers crossed for Axl to say "we're gonna try something here" tonight!
  11. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    The fact that they misspelled 'School' makes this less credible than it already was.
  12. SUV Drives Into Woodfield Mall in Chicago

    Nowhere near it I'm only moving across town. I'm 3 hours from Chicago
  13. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    It's really good. Band is on fire 🔥 On a semi-related note, whenever I hear Myles sing GN'R, it makes me appreciate Axl a little more.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    I really should start packing up my apartment. The move is only a week away but on the other hand, I do have a week to get it done.
  15. That's why I like the State of Grace leak the best. The first two verses sound amazing and his delivery gives it a really dark feel.
  16. State of Grace is the best song to come from these leaks.
  17. On this day September 17, 1991

    I'm spinning both of them tonight
  18. On this day September 17, 1991

    My 2nd and 3rd favorite Guns albums after CD. Also, how about Coma? Holy shit, I was blown away when I heard that for the first time. I still am sometimes. It's Axl's peak as a lyricist
  19. New LA Show Sep 21

  20. New LA Show Sep 21

    I'll buy a ticket to the Nebraska show if they play new material on this leg. If not, I can wait until they come a little closer to me.
  21. New LA Show Sep 21

    I think Axl would have a heart attack from singing Dead Horse these days
  22. I'd love it if it was just the piano on it's own. I could do without the whale sounds. Overall it's a beautiful track with massive potential.
  23. I don't know that I'd even want something similar to AFD at this point. Nothing against it, just that the material that's leaking sounds much more intelligent and complex and that appeals to my need for diversity in the music I listen to. I'll take a musically diverse (within reason) Guns album over another Appetite any day. To each their own though
  24. At least you have the balls to admit you're wrong. It's a lot worse when someone is proven wrong and still thinks they're right. I've seen it on here quite a few times