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  1. Your best moments of this decade?

    The real question is- does Slash know he's in love with you?
  2. Your best moments of this decade?

    I saw this on AskReddit and thought it'd be fun to do on here. 2010- I didn't die 2011- Packers won the Super Bowl 2012- My abusive mother finally got kicked out of the house 2013- I discovered Guns N' Roses 2014- I got my first job 2015- I got my driver's license 2016- I graduated high school and GN'R reunited, saw them in Chicago 2017- Out on my own for the first time and saw GN'R 3 times. 2018- I didn't die. Fuck 2018 2019- First long term relationship and first long term relationship breakup.
  3. Your best moments of this decade?

    Relative to me, I know it ain't that long
  4. The Best Albums of the Decade

    This is my personal opinion. In no particular order 1. Adele- 21 (2011) 2. Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare (2010) 3. Ghost- Prequelle (2018) 4. Eminem- Recovery (2010) 5. Avicii- True (2013) We were really strapped for quality music this decade.
  5. What Are You Listening To 2019

  6. How viable are these rumors (i.e. where are they coming from?) I've heard tons of rumors since joining this site in 2015 and very few have turned out to be legitimate. If it's just some radio station reporting it, I'm less inclined to believe it.
  7. What Are You Listening To 2019

    The last two minutes of this song are
  8. I'm talking about the "Captain America has been torn apart" verse.
  9. I do my best to stay out of debates/arguments on the internet but I can't let this stand. Keith, Clapton, and Harrison inspired an entire generation of guitarists. Are you aware of the massive influence the Stones and the Beatles had? The influence Clapton has on virtually every blues player? They're not very culturally relevant these days but to say they weren't massively influential is mind-boggling.
  10. @Tom-Ass that's a fair point. I suppose what I was trying to say is that they can do more than just add deep cuts. Remember the 91/92 sets? Different openers and set order but still the same songs with rotations. I'd like to see that.
  11. Agreed. They can only pull out the deep cuts for so long before that gets boring too. Remember how excited we were when they pulled Coma out? Now it's just as stale as the rest of the set.
  12. Nah, Slash has been playing like shit for the last couple of years. It sounds to me like he's just playing the scales and shredding his way through everything, especially This I Love. He ruined that song. Also, Axl has had his nights/entire tour legs but he's been great vocally most of the tour. And before you ask me, I've been playing guitar for six years and singing for 3.
  13. This was cool, especially the fact that he brought both of them those rings.
  14. Anyone disappointed by the lack of any major set changes/new material on this leg really brought it on themselves.
  15. I think he just screwed up the timing and had to save it from what I heard
  16. I certainly hope so. I'm not expecting anything different but this is usually the point in the tour where they either start using the alt setlist a lot. PS- welcome back man! It's been a hot minute since I've seen you on here
  17. I've been all about Dirty Honey recently. There's clear GN'R and AC/DC influences there but they make it sound original. The singer sounds like an Axl/Robert Plant hybrid
  18. Why exactly is Frank called "Thunderchucker"?

    Good lord I love the internet
  19. Copyright Strikes....

    Off-topic but where do you suggest I start with them? I've heard The Wall, obviously, but there's a lot of material to work through aside from that.
  20. the soundtrack of your life

    A lot of these are important songs to me that I never really stopped listening to.
  21. Copyright Strikes....

    The band members themselves are definitely aware of videos on YouTube but I highly doubt they give enough of a fuck to order takedowns. This is a shit-tier management team getting into a cat-fight with the fans over 20 year old demos.
  22. 10/25/19 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience

    Hats off to Axl, that stretch of Civil War/Dead Horse/Coma can't be easy on his voice
  23. 10/25/19 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience

    A litho without a skeleton on it???
  24. He's just pissed because he never got his interview. Can't say I blame the band though. I wouldn't want to get my ass kissed for 20 minutes either.