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  1. I alway felt watching that footage that Jeff beck as good as he is a guitar player looked ever so slightly lost. I hate saying that but that's how he(Jeff beck) looks.
  2. Terminator - Dark Fate

    As a huge fan I'd the terminator franchise and having five of the six on DVD and I don't have the sixth one yet because I didn't like it but I'll probably buy to say I have them all. T1 is a classic and is still great to this day. The T-800 that can't be stopped and just keeps coming is great. And the fact the hydraulic press left the arm for cyberdyne to use and how it was used in T-2 is great also and because it's where I first heard GNR it's got a special place for that. The T-1000 is great and the special effects still hold up today and Robert Patrick was superb in the role. to me films 3,4,and 5 all had bits of good things that could have made a really good third film to follow the first two. I liked how in T-3 we got to see skynet become self aware and how John Connor became the leader while taking cover in fall out shelter. I liked T-5 and the alternate timeline which was cool and I like that is T-4 we got to see the future war. If they'd combined those parts into one film it'd would've be great but they didn't and they made three bland films.
  3. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    If Chris Evans hasn't trademarked it yet.
  4. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    I don't know what axls relationship is like with his actual brother and sister but hopefully it's good to when the time does come(hopefully many decades from now) that his actual family are the ones to benifit and not the grifters managing( trades description act is doing heavy lifting) this band. I hope they don't get much of anything.
  5. What's this "we" and "our" rubbish he's talking about ? He has contributed the square root of fuck all to any of the videos that were taken down, and he doesn't own anything and he said he's been involved with the band since 1996 which was the start of a less than stellar period where the lead guitarist and bass player left and there's been a so so live album and Chinese democracy in 24 years. I wouldn't be bringing that up. Fernando is doing more harm that good to GNR and not just by his attitude but his management.
  6. Yes and I just happened to rewatch that interview this past weekend and when it's said that Steven quit, axl very quickly says he was fired and didn't quit. He also mentions Steven being involved in things with his drugs that were very scary to axl. I'm assuming that's about Erin and the claim Steven gave her a speedball. I hadn't watched that interview in full in a while but it's an interesting insight into the axl in august 1990.
  7. I'm genuinely curious but does fernando did go to college and do a course in something like management which would allow him to be able to manage a huge band like GNR or is the case he's just there because of who he is ?
  8. It seems like TB see the fans as a hindrance which is a ridiculous when talking about a band. I don't think he's lost it(I want to hope he hasn't) but if the outward tone we get off fernando online is representative of how it's IRL then honestly I wouldn't blame axl for not caring if this is the atmosphere he's around.
  9. I only got so far down before I stopped reading. Thanks for the link blackstar but those responses from fernando sum up why some fans are annoyed over how this band is being run. If this band and its fans were a dual carriageway it wouldn't be very even flows of traffic. I think it's fair to say that those of us here have supported this band through good and bad and not that the band owe us anything special except to function like a normal band towards its fans.
  10. Does Fernando think he's above being quoted ? I don't know the guy but my impression from things he's written is that he has a far superior opinion of himself then is warranted. Also, who has used anything against "our" progress ? If I didn't know any better I'd think fernando doesn't like the fans.
  11. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    No you don't if you have any kind of positive opinion of Matt sorum. He comes across awful in the book. It's like a book form of throwing toys out of the pram. He sees himself as a bigger star then he ever was and is annoyed that people don't see him in the way he sees himself.
  12. This may be a very simple view but open with jungle, finish with paradise city, and plug in the classics and they can fill the rest with attic insulation for all I care. We on this forum have heard all the songs hundreds of times so this tour isn't for us necessarily(it was great to see the three lads on stage in fairness) It's nostalgia to get casual fans who know the hits to pay money.
  13. I was listening to GNR last night on shuffle and one in a million came on when I was on a walk and I'd not listened to the song that often recently but the lyric where axl says "I'm just a small town white boy" got me wondering because as far as I know Lafayette, Indiana is a city(even though city in the US seems broad) so was axl taking literally about himself or was he talking about the attitude of the place ? I know the story that axl gave(and changed) about the offending lyrics of the song but outside of that I've not looked that much into the song.
  14. Steven Adler You Could Be Mine

    Well given how YCBM was from the appetite era are you saying the lyrics existed but not the full song ?
  15. I like the UYI 2 version of don't cry better than the original version. The lyrics fit the song better and there are some amazing individual lyrics in the alt version. Also, I was trying to remember without cheating(looking it up) but is the story why Alice cooper is on the song the garden because when they were recording that song axl was sounding like Alice cooper so they asked Alice cooper to just do it ?