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  1. Malibu orders evacuation due to fire

    It seems Malibu officials are clarifying the order. It's now not the whole city of Malibu but "much of the city" which to be honest seems like splitting of hairs. The fires are moving west towards the sea apparently. So basically the message to people in the area is to get out now. I've seen a figure of 75,000 homes affected. Btw yes when I first saw Malibu and evacuation I like many here linked it to axl and GNR. I can't help it at this stage. I link most things to GNR in my everyday life.
  2. To quit something you have to have been a part of something. Izzy to my knowledge was never part of the reunion bar there being confirmation that there were issues over money. The only source we have for izzy being in any way involved is Alan Niven. Ive seen no other confirmed source or evidence that izzy was at a soundcheck anywhere on this tour.
  3. Wait why is it a shock that OIAM isn't on an album it was on first day ?
  4. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    well I doubt GNR are bowling more then every Tuesday. So no GNR aren't like the Stones.
  5. Misheard lyrics are different IMO to not knowing the lyrics. Having had more time to think my problem is me knowing the lyrics mostly but not being able to get them to fit the actual song(ie the tune and start singing at the right cues). I used to have them all down and I'm shocked no GNR lyrics made it into a college exam question. I don't know how I actually got my degree thinking about it.
  6. yeah If I was put on the spot I might not cover myself in glory with those songs. I'm solid on AFD, Lies, SI, CD but certain songs on UYI seem to catch me out.
  7. Oh My god ? Are there official lyrics out there for it ? I'll be honest I wouldn't know them off by heart.
  8. This popped into my head over the weekend as I was listening to the UYI albums in full(In full means all the way through) for the first time in ages and songs I assumed I knew the lyrics to but going on what I was hearing from the CD I clearly didn't know them or had forgotten them. I'm talking about songs like Breakdown and Locomotive where I can always hum the song but clearly the lyrics were misheard. So what GNR songs did you think you knew but on further inspection it seems you didn't. I'm not talking about songs where you know the lyrics but mess up the timing.
  9. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    I've never once felt that the original AFD cover promoted rape in any way. To me it said that a rapist or potential one won't get away with it. The (for lack of a better term) appetite monster is coming over the fence to stop or attack the robot rapist.
  10. I'm convinced Steven is scared shitless that his contribution to Appetite will be erased(which is a stupid thought) and he needs to keep himself in the public eye to remind people that he was part of that album. I mean Izzy doesn't seem arsed about this tour, and while it would've been amazing to have Izzy on stage during this tour, it didn't happen. Izzy seems to be happy to let his body of work with GNR stand and he doesn't seem to want to remind people all the time.
  11. The ones with Eddie trunk ? Those ones ?yes I have them saved somewhere safe.
  12. 1989 was an important year in the history of GNR, insofar as it spelled the end of the band as fans at the time knew it. From reading Slash and Duffs autobiographies, it's clear that once they finished the AFD tour in 1988, it was a case of "what now" and having the new found wealth and big houses it was a case of excelleranting their already set in addictions. It was a case of Idle hands caused problems that didn't exist in 1987, or if they did the structure of touring stopped it getting as bad as it did in 1989. Their last show in 1988 was on December 12th in Auckland, New Zealand and their next show as a group was at the Cathouse, Los Angeles on October 13th, 1989.
  13. What is the worst UYI tour concert?

    My first time seeing GNR at that show in Dublin. You're right though he sounded great because he stood back by the drums and just sang and didn't move around. When I saw them in 2012 in Dublin again he had falling off a table in I want to say Moscow and couldn't run around then either but again he sounded great again.