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  1. Yes it was. DJ Ashba actually came out the back of the arena to talk to the fans who had gathered there after the gig. I mean he seemed a nice guy in fairness but them going off stage wasn't his fault. He said bottles full of piss were been thrown at the stage which probably wasn't nice but how they would actually know that I'm not sure but it what he said.
  2. I've seen GNR three times all in Ireland. The 2010 concert started out fine but some people from the left hand side of the venue started throwing bottles near and on the stage. Axl stopped the show and said very clearly that if one more thing was thrown onto the stage they'd leave. And well there was stuff thrown and he did. Someone from the promoters came onstage and asked us to be patient as they were trying to get axl to come back on stage. I think Phil lynots mother was back stage that night(at least that was the rumour I heard)He did eventually come back on and stood by the drum riser for the rest of the show and actually sounded good vocally because he wasn't running around. 2012 he'd fallen in Russia the concert before and so wasn't that late if I remember rightly and wasn't running around and moving and to axl and the bands credit they gave a great performance and got a standing ovation from the top deck after November rain. And slane with slash and duff back in the band needs no more explanation really.
  3. The 1st of March is Melissa's birthday( she wasn't born in 1985 btw so wiki is wrong) but in US it's still her birthday so Happy birthday Melissa.