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  1. Anyone knows what hotel will the band be staying at?
  2. Frank : "I don't need to play so hard..." Yes Frank, we know.
  3. Facebook comments are obliterating Ax People calling him Rosie O'Donnell ...he needs to grow a beard.
  4. Pink Slips need Duff's muscle....damn they suck.
  5. Dear lord... what a scream!!!!
  6. I've just been told Axl won't come out on stage until Slash and Duff sign over the Guns N Roses name...... it's happening again....
  7. If they don't want Adler to play the AFD songs live then get this guy... Frank has had a decade to get it right and still can't do it.
  8. The Prodigy called... they want their song back.
  9. Holly shit! Sympathy for the Devil