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  1. Tattoo's dedicated to GNR.

    Long shot but a while back saw a design of the appetite cross in black n blue, anyone got it? Also is there a design of the cross without the skulls? Thx
  2. Hey im trying to buy tix for Barcelona but asks for password???
  3. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    They will love Franks cuban beats!
  4. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

    Pfffffff no riot? What a rip off
  5. 2 tunes missing from set list: Uncle Axls classic "take a step back" And ..."Mr.Security Fuckhead"
  6. I was there and Axl sounded magnficent on my michelle. I dont know what is it about youtube but the difference live IS huge.
  7. I arrived sick to this gig, takin meds for sorethroat and the fucking smoking all around me didnt help. Had to go a bit back but found a sweet spot w a ramp next to the mixing tent. What can I say...Axl is boss and for a moment i thought there would be a stage dive during DTJ. Was cool to bump into forum members and hang out pre show but couldnt make it back to the front. It was worth every penny despite being sick!
  8. So wheres the pre drinks gonna be?
  9. They better bring back Pitman for this one.... #towelsolo
  10. Oui!!!Oui!!! Motherfuckerssss!! Got my golden ticket!!!! Bienvenue dans la putain de jungle!!!
  11. I wish they played this live