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  1. No actors can do justice to the legend of GNR. It would have to be completely CGI
  2. Yes. I was there in both ocations. Just saying it was the first time in NY 06
  3. Axl and Izzy reunited in '06 not '12
  4. Wasn't around that time One in a million controversy? Maybe that's it.
  5. Generic AF... horrible voice. Only good thing is the drummer.
  6. Anyone knows what hotel will the band be staying at?
  7. Frank : "I don't need to play so hard..." Yes Frank, we know.
  8. Facebook comments are obliterating Ax People calling him Rosie O'Donnell ...he needs to grow a beard.
  9. Pink Slips need Duff's muscle....damn they suck.
  10. Dear lord... what a scream!!!!
  11. I've just been told Axl won't come out on stage until Slash and Duff sign over the Guns N Roses name...... it's happening again....