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  1. At first I thought this had something to do with Trump
  2. They probably will - or at least stuff from Axl's vault with Slash and Duff pasted on it. Don't give up hope!
  3. Axl wanted to give the band a Skynyrd vibe on some of the tunes with Dizzy on piano, it's a great fit.
  4. Was just listening to the tiny scraps of new (old) material from the new boxset on apple music today. Hate to say it, but it kinda made me feel a little ripped off by the lack of new material over the years. I know they can't go back to being in their 20s, writing those killer tunes with the same kind of drugged out / street authenticity. But there are tons of new things to write about. Axl seems so be politically motivated these days, lots of material right there. Even Slash wrote a cool songs about protecting Elephants. Like relevant stuff that means something and can make a difference. (maybe this sounds corny. I don't know sorry hahaha) I mean lets do this guys! Being a lifelong GnR fan sure takes alot of dedication. Nostalgia only goes so far, but that's life. Better than nothing I guess.
  5. Because he has his friends / band back, no more bad blood, is filthy rich and can relax and have fun being the rock legend that he is.
  6. Slither was sounding awesome this time, you guys are way too picky, lol Just take a moment and realize how surreal this all is
  7. GnR - It's so easy....just put out new tunes and tour with current lineup + Izzy and Stephen. Then we can all die happy! We're easy, that's all we want.
  8. Looking forward to a new Slash album. At the end of the day, we got to see live what we never thought would happen. Axl and Slash back together playing the classics live again. Seeing the original five and new music would be great but I'm good if this is the extent of it.
  9. The single is great but I wish it was new music. That's what GnR fans have in common with Star Wars fans... we never really get what we want.
  10. Fantasy conversation - Axl: 'Hey ya know, I was thinking... I'm worth $150 mill...I'm good... lets do a tour with the original 5 guys and split the loot equally' Let's end this thing on a high note. Slash 'Awesome I'll call the guys'
  11. Imagine what it's like to hang out with your buddies from high school or college that you haven't seen in years. You talk about the stupid shit you used to do but maybe don't have much in common anymore. Or that crazy guy you used to know who went out of his mind on drugs. Throw in decades of grudges, millions of dollars and just.... getting old. Maybe in some ways it's like that for these guys, speaking on a personal level of course.
  12. Steve and Izzy are more rich than any of us will ever be and they will collect royalties the rest of their lives. I don't see why it's a big deal for Izzy to get up and play a few tunes with the old lads for the fans from time to time. At this point in life, everyday of good health above ground is a blessing. Those guys are lucky they didn't die back in the 80s Easier said than done of course. I've seen money destroy marriages and families - just my 2 cents! haha
  13. If only he could get Axl to sing and Slash to play on the same tune lol. Performing wise they are reunited - New recording wise they are still broken up
  14. Steve Albini is a great choice if you want to have Axl's vocals buried. lol