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  1. The bit where Axl is pointing reminds me of the start of the Foo Fighters learn to fly video:
  2. Where is everyone??

    Yeah, the wiring won't affect the tone; new pots made the volume and tone controls more usable for me, but I upgraded the electrics/wiring to have better quality components in my guitar, rather than to improve the tone. The new pickups I had in there sound less modern the stock Alnico Vs, but there is not much in it at all. I have heard mixed things about the PCBs and what you gain in not having to solder, you lose from not being able the change the pots. Seems like a cost cutting exercise by Gibson in a product that is meant to be premium.
  3. MYGNR forum members bands

    Nice tune! Great guitar and drum sound.
  4. Where is everyone??

    This is the inside of my Gibson:
  5. Where is everyone??

    In the guitar? I have seen photos of them, it is wrong IMO. I had my stock electrics gutted a couple of years ago - 2004 Standard, so no PCB - had Orange Drop caps, CTS pots and 50s style wiring fitted when I changed the pickups over to the Slash Seymour Duncan's. Still need to fit the stock Gibson ones into my Epiphone, they are Alnico V magnets so they will be a nice upgrade for it.
  6. Where is everyone??

    I've heard the DSL15's have a tonne of gain on the red channel.
  7. Where is everyone??

    You seem to be on TV quite a bit! It might just be the recording, but I reckon you could get away with using less gain on your dirty sound. Nice Slash moves BTW!
  8. Gnr bandlab app

    Have only just seen this, I'll check them out!
  9. Gnr bandlab app

    I don't record with it, but I have a profile on there: https://www.bandlab.com/imc1980 The company bought out the makers of my DAW so I am waiting to see what they do with it (They are giving copies of their version When it is finished to current users of the software).
  10. Do you rate Lenny Kravitz as a musician?

    Do enjoy his older stuff, he had some great tracks on Mama Said and Circus, not really heard much if his stuff since then.
  11. Digital Effects/Modeling Thread

    I would love a Kemper! No chance of one whilst Mrs SoundOfAGun is on maternity leave though.....
  12. The binding on my les paul has a line about 2 mm below it around most of the body and the finish had started to sink in to the lines in th wood as it is an ebony finish. Looks fucking cool, but I bought mine way back when it cost £1100 for a standard; there is no chance I would pay asking for a Gibson in 2018 with their current build quality.
  13. I had a chat with a guy at a music store in my city, they said if you stock Gibson, they decide what models you are going to have. The retailer gets no choice in what stick they receive. Not sure how true it is, but it always struck me as a shitty distribution method.
  14. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    Definitely one of the top moments for me as well, the sun was setting as I made my ride to Mexico during my play through for added atmosphere.
  15. Where is everyone??

    Right back at you @ZoSoRose!