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  1. The Gear Thread

    I have heard the 8 block thing, but only on a forum. Have they put it out in a press release? Have you heard my new tracks? https://soundofagun.bandcamp.com/album/new-old-stock
  2. Free Music

    After a week of mastering, uploading, creating cover art, writing lyrics and generally feeling like I am working two jobs, I have finished my EP. They are 4 songs that have been kicking around for a while; I have put two of them out before in a demo format, but they were pulled from SoundCloud last year in preparation for this release. There are a couple of places you can download the tracks, all for free, I will link and describe below, they can also be streamed if you prefer. If you enjoy the music and want to show some Facebook love, my page is here: https://www.facebook.com/soundofagunofficial/ Tracks can be found here and downloaded for free: https://soundofagun.bandcamp.com/album/new-old-stock Alternatively, the MP3 versions of the tracks and the WAV Masters can be found here for download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lR43dIt7oRnv-3tIU72ZUqEOB39L9kFC The EP can be streamed on Soundcloud if you are into shitty quality: And finally, for those that like to stream audio in a video format, the YouTube playlist is here: There are options on Bandcamp to pay money for the music, I would rather that you tell a friend to listen, or like or subscribe to one of my various pages/channels etc. Anyway, enjoy the tracks; I am going to take a few days off...
  3. Free Music

    Thanks dude! New stuff coming this week on free download.
  4. Free Music

    Thanks man! I will be putting more stuff up on there in the next week or so. Download and enjoy!
  5. Free Music

    Ahead of putting out a 4 track EP this month; I have made 3 of my tracks available to download for free from my Bandcamp page: https://soundofagun.bandcamp.com/ The new EP will also be free to download. Happy new year!
  6. The Gear Thread

    Nice, check out this out: TSL from 1:30, sounds amazing.
  7. The cold heartbreaker line was a real "Greta" moment....
  8. Fucking killer man! Great voice.
  9. Is this your cover? If so, what are you playing?
  10. Crazy

    Cheers man, I fucked up some of the lyrics, but it wasn't anything too bad.
  11. Crazy

    Latest entry for a cover challenge that I enter on another forum. The challenge was to cover any song with the title "Crazy". I went with Seal's 1991 techno pop song of that name. I did not maintain the techno pop style. Enjoy!
  12. I had a listen to your stuff, I thought it sounded great! Your production is very professional, your style reminds me of Deep Purple and Rival Sons. I would come and see you if I lived in Germany.
  13. This. If they had Izzy's guitar at AFD volumes on the UYI records, it would have made them twice as good. the left channel on most tracks is a wimpy little whisper. He should have sat in on the mixing sessions instead of riding bikes...
  14. This one sounds like little more than a sketch. Why is the Mac Daddy so bad? Is he talking about this guy?