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  1. Is this your cover? If so, what are you playing?
  2. Crazy

    Cheers man, I fucked up some of the lyrics, but it wasn't anything too bad.
  3. Crazy

    Latest entry for a cover challenge that I enter on another forum. The challenge was to cover any song with the title "Crazy". I went with Seal's 1991 techno pop song of that name. I did not maintain the techno pop style. Enjoy!
  4. I had a listen to your stuff, I thought it sounded great! Your production is very professional, your style reminds me of Deep Purple and Rival Sons. I would come and see you if I lived in Germany.
  5. This. If they had Izzy's guitar at AFD volumes on the UYI records, it would have made them twice as good. the left channel on most tracks is a wimpy little whisper. He should have sat in on the mixing sessions instead of riding bikes...
  6. This one sounds like little more than a sketch. Why is the Mac Daddy so bad? Is he talking about this guy?
  7. The Gear Thread

    Sold my DSL40C and picked up this to fulfill my tube amp needs at a more sensible volume:
  8. New song from my band

    Sounds great man!
  9. New song from my band

    Aww yeah! Very funky dude, love the synth/guitar fx and your(?) solo is tasty as fuck!
  10. Agree on the boom, probably just rough demo mixes, the bass tone sounds like shit when isolated. From the stripped down Chinese Democracy, it is clear that Axl wanted that song to be GN'R's Smells Like Teen Spirit, so many similarities. Cool to hear this stuff, prefer the songs without Bumblefoot on them, his angular widdling was a low light of CD for me.
  11. Working Nine To Five

    Thanks man. Yeah, it is all through the stomp. Haven't updated to 2.8 yet though, will be doing it this week I think. Sorry to disappoint man!
  12. Latest cover I have done for a challenge ran on another forum: https://soundcloud.com/imc1980/nine2five
  13. A bit disjointed in places, but would have been an asset on CD with that chorus, epic ending vocals. Get it released!!
  14. Keep practicing man, would be good to hear you sing on one of your own.
  15. No worries, do you write your own stuff?