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  1. Absolute crime that the outro on this version didn't make the final cut!
  2. He could also sing YCBM in the Nightrain verse voice and it would sound great.
  3. Playstation NOW

    I had it for a couple of months a while back, it performed alright but I have about 63mbps download. I didn't think much to the game selection so it may have been before they increased the titles.
  4. The Gear Thread

    In the past month my daughter has been born and we have moved into a new house, there was a room off the kitchen which I claimed as my new studio and I have finally got the lighting set up and everything plugged in:
  5. Tremolos are cool effects, wind it up and get some Tom Morrello craziness going on.
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Can't wait to get back into a Rockstar open world game! Spent an embarrassing amount of time on GTA V....
  7. Love this song, it is a real fucking facemelter, every member of the band is on point here!
  8. Welcome to the jungle solo cover

    Pretty good mate. What do you record with?
  9. The albums are on shuffle among another 2000 songs.
  10. Better Full Band Cover

    I think it is the overdub of the electronic drums, the high hat specifically, probably just needs compressing to fuck so all the dynamics die. I thought your part was good, the chords are interesting as well, is it drop D tuning?
  11. Better Full Band Cover

    Just realised you posted this 2 days ago, it is fucking dead around here! I have been moving house and my wife just had our second child so I have not been around that much. Not sure where everyone else is though . .
  12. Better Full Band Cover

    Some nice bits in this! Overall it feels like it could be tighter, but the guitar playing is nice and the vocalist seems like he can pitch the more challenging stuff. Not sure whats going on wirh rhe drums but they sound a bit off to me. What is Bandhub? I have never heard of it. The chords for this song look interesting as well
  13. Better - Guitar Cover

    I thought it was a good; there were a couple of bits that could use some tightening and the bit with the lyrics "I never wanted you to be so full of anger" felt a bit empty maybe because one guitar was playing single notes or that the original track had lots of layers. What did you use to record your guitar parts?
  14. That is 10 times my t-shirt spend limit. The four thousand dollar jackets were my favourite. If someone is willing to pay that for clothing, then I have some magic beans they may be interested in.....