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  1. One song to rule them all...

    Welcome To The Jungle. Pretty much the perfect rock song IMO.
  2. The Gear Thread

    The old "layering in a screaming goat sample" trick! Pure tone every time.
  3. The Gear Thread

    Yeah, I get wax buildups - gross, I know - flushed that shit out this morning and worked on that track today. Happy times!
  4. The Gear Thread

    I'll try and get something sorted tomorrow, just got my hearing back after having a blocked ear, so spent most of today on my new cover of Ain't No Sunshine, here is a clip (from the room through speakers):
  5. The Gear Thread

    Thanks man, it follows the vocal melody of the original pretty close, working on cover of Ain't No Sunshine that is pretty much a new song; it only really shares some of the lyrics.
  6. The Gear Thread

    I used the Badonk amp only on this cover, it sounds pretty good IMO!:
  7. The Gear Thread

    I like the Brit Trem Bright and the Placater Dirty as my main sounds. Also into the Revv red and purple channels for something heavier. I still need to try it in preamp mode through the FX return of my DSL...
  8. The Gear Thread

    I have heard the mini Jub at 5 watts, it does sound good! Not sure if the reduced power option is better engineered in the more expensive Marshalls.
  9. The Gear Thread

    A guy I know has a Hiwatt, they are meant to be 100watts, but he says his puts out over 400! Insanely loud!! The 1 Watt should tick your boxes I think; plenty of saturation on ultra gain channel, classic gain breaks up and goes up to a pretty heavy crunch. I'll try and do a clip later and post here.
  10. The Gear Thread

    Thanks man, the Stomp is a killer piece of gear, no way you can use your rig at home! I think a 1 watt would manage a 4x12, I watched a video of a Blackstar 1 watt head through a 4x12 and it sounded good.
  11. The Gear Thread

    I have actually been speaking to my old guitarist and bass player about gigging again; would be good to play a few gigs a year with none of the pressure involved of trying to get to the next level. I would have to see when I got into a rehearsal room I think, if I could borrow a power amp for the Stomp and run it into a cab, that would be the cheapest and lightest option, always fancied a JVM410 though, so you never know!
  12. The Gear Thread

    The 40C was much more capable at getting "bedroom" volumes, but still very loud on 2 1/2 - 3. The 1 watt is even more usable, it has a 0.1 watt setting which I haven't used; if it is like the 40C half power setting it will suck the goodness right out of the tone.
  13. The Gear Thread

    Yeah me too, I loved that thing; had it paired up a fucked up old B 4x12 that had greenbacks in it. Sounded great but it was not an amp that could be played at home!
  14. The Gear Thread

    It is a Marshall amp, the Dual Super Lead. Originally the JCM2000 Dual or Triple Super Lead (I owned the 100 watt Dual Super Lead back in my band days), they re-released the amps as the DSL range, dropping the JCM 2000 tag and then did a MK2 version a couple of years back. Once I got my HX Stomp, I sold my MK1 DSL40C and bought a DSL1HR for my analog needs.
  15. The Gear Thread

    I use mine with an Orange 1X12 that is loaded with a V30. I had a DSL40C that I used to run through the same cab and the 1 watt DSL has a much more bassier tone. The 40C was a bright amp, but I liked that sound in a mix. I run the new one with hardly any bass, it still sounds great, but for recording I prefer the stomp; no fucking around with mics, getting a good time one day and then a shit one with the same gear set up the same way. I will record it one day out of interest, but I don't know when. Here are my base Stomp tones (apart from the synth, that was just for fun!):