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  1. The Gear Thread

    Probably just an SE and not an SE Custom. The cheapest ones are made Indonesia and do not have good things said about them. The SE Custom range is from South Korea and built to a higher standard from what I understand.
  2. Agree with the comments about the mix, it is pretty shit. The guitar tones and like a swarm of bees fighting a packet of razor blades in a tin can. And the vocal treatment is not good, but it has venom and is a perfect slice of paranoid Axl at his batshit best. CD could have done with a few more like this, but with better mixes and production.
  3. The Gear Thread

    Good to know, the one I played was very nice; I bet the US ones are something special though.
  4. The Gear Thread

    Yeah, played one the other week and fell in love! Glad you're enjoying the helix, I have had about an hour on one through a powered FRFR speaker and it was immense. Would love to have one to play around with.
  5. The Gear Thread

    I would love a helix.... just need to convince Mrs SoundOfAGun that it is essential I have one of them and one of these:
  6. Don't Cry Cover

    Thanks! I'm not a professional, taught myself to sing when I learned how to play guitar.
  7. Don't Cry Cover

    You can find my covers and originals here: https://soundcloud.com/sound-of-a-gun
  8. Foo Fighters

    The Colour and the Shape was their peak IMO, so many good tracks. I followed them vaguely up until "In Your Honour" and then kind of lost interest. Disenchanted Lullaby from One By One was also a highlight for me.
  9. Don't Cry Cover

    Pretty much what I do with my own music. Recording good drums is hard...
  10. Izzy’s guitar tone

    I'd agree with that, also have nice cleans but the single coils aren't the best for dirty tones.
  11. Bad Apples video

    The video is a complete waste of time, I wonder who greenlit the release? Also at a time where they could have dropped a video for a track from CD and maybe sold some more records. Wasn't a video for Better finished by this point?
  12. Don't Cry Cover

    You're welcome, sorry if I was not clear; I mean was it a traditional drum kit that you used and recorded with microphones or an electronic kit/virtual instrument that uses samples of pre-recorded drums.
  13. Don't Cry Cover

    Great job guys! Nice vocals and guitars. Were the drums live/acoustic?
  14. Releasing a single

    I used this site: https://www.dittomusic.com It is a one off fee to put music out. As for making money, at the last count, I had almost $6 that I have earned. Can't decide whether to spend it on a luxury yacht or a small island.....