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  1. It's So Easy

    Nice tone!
  2. New Guns N' Roses interview

    More of an infomercial than an interview, I would like to try some of those IEMs though!
  3. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    I voted new music, but I expect them to release a line of designer jackets based on AFD songs, costing between 1 and 2 thousand dollars a pop.
  4. House Of The Rising Sun Cover

    No, I think that was @AslatIE in another thread. I have been singing for a while, all the songs on my SoundCloud page are me singing and playing guitar and bass. Drums are virtual.
  5. Gotta get those 0.0008 cents per stream in, funds are tight at GNR towers!
  6. House Of The Rising Sun Cover

    Cheers dude!
  7. House Of The Rising Sun Cover

    Thanks for listening, glad you both enjoyed it!
  8. A cover of an amazing song, hopefully I have done it justice....
  9. The Gear Thread

    New mic!
  10. Where is everyone??

    You'll be fine, you know more than 4 chords....
  11. Fuck those part timers, the new setlist should be: Right Next Door To Hell Perfect Crime Breakdown One In A Million You're Crazy (fast) Oh My God Locomotive Don't Damn Me Hair Of The Dog Speed Parade Dead Horse Anything Goes Slither Don't Cry (alt) Sympathy For The Devil Reckless Life Hard And Fast 14 years ft Izzy (demo version ending) Garden Of Eden It Tastes Good Pretty Tied Up
  12. New Track - The Divide - Free download

    Shameless plug....
  13. New Track - The Divide - Free download

    I think the volumes were too hot for SoundCloud, leading to some crunchiness in the chorus, will tweak a few things tonight and hopefully sort it.
  14. Aaaaaand it's back up. Put it up in WAV form, if the Soundcloud stream isn't doing it for you, download to listen in a lossless format: Thanks!
  15. It is a tasty mix, shame the lazy cunts couldn't record 3 minutes of new music instead, but I don't expect much else really