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  1. You may get another half step down to "D", but after that point, the guitars would start sounding less Hard Rock and more metal. Transposing to a different key might help but would change the feel of the song. Alternative versions would be better than than the weak old grandma voice, he could do a Robert Plant and sing an alternative melody to pace himself. Or just write some new tunes that suit his current range better than the ones he wrote 30+ years ago.....
  2. What song made you want to play guitar?

    Enter Sandman and Ugle Kid Joe's cover of Cats in the Cradle when I was 11, I rocked a mean tennis racket before I got my first guitar.
  3. Mean Bone?

    Just listened to some tracks off this album, Kennedy butchered the songs on this record! Been there lately, Mean Bone, Speed Parade, all brilliant! Shame it didn't last with Slash and Rod Jackson....
  4. Mean Bone?

    He fucking thrashes the guitar on that solo! Top track.
  5. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Punk as fuck Duran Duran have some tunes though.
  6. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Finally started BF1 singleplayer last night, having a great time with it! Played a conquest match to finish the night off and also had a good time (on some snow/castle map). Still can't get over the announcer woman calling Alpha "Apples" and Bravo "Butter", it really annoys me for some reason...
  7. PS4 Pro

    Unless it is a cost of 0.00, it is likely to be too much. Wife on maternity leave for a year has turned our bank account into a financial black hole! On the plus side the PS4 is in good health (fan is a bit noisy) and ready to go for RDR2 next month.
  8. MYGNR forum members bands

    Great vocals as usual man!
  9. Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Firebird

    Firebirds are rancid for any money and $1300 for an Epiphone is crazy!
  10. 4tus Nightrain Solo Tabs

    Very much this. Fucks up the entire solo section IMO.
  11. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    The way you make me feel
  12. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    There are some great finishing moves as well! About to start the single player for Battlefield 1 myself.
  13. I got into GN'R when I was about 12, so UYI had already been out a few months by the time I was a fan. As a 12 year with no money and in a time where you had to pay for music if you wanted to hear it, I was aware of the albums, but was stuck listening to my copy of AFD (which I played until the tape actually snapped one day). The first time I heard UYI 1 was on a school camping trip; I borrowed the tape off my friend and was instantly impressed by the production and the sneering vitriol of Right Next Door To Hell. I must have rewound that track 10 times and my friend didn't get his tape back for the whole bus journey. It was, at the time and after listening to AFD non stop for months, like having a sequel to your favourite film; I never noticed that Adler was missing (it wasn't until later that year that I saw the Paris show on VHS at my cousin's I realised the drummer looked different), that Izzy's guitar was mixed really low and the gallons of reverb didn't seem so out of place back in the early 90s. Unfortunately, my friend asked for his tape back when we got where we were going, so the first chance I got, I ducked into a record shop and spent over half my spending money for the whole week on UYI 2 on tape (they only had this in the store, otherwise I would have bought UYI 1 as well). I loved it just as much, and with much borrowing of the first tape from my friend that week, I was fully educated on the UYIs by the time we came back from camping. The comments about them being bloated are fair enough, but there are also flashes of what the band could have become even without Izzy and Steven. A GN'R that went in the direction of Locomotive, Don't Damn Me & Breakdown would have made me a very happy fan indeed. In particular, the lyrics and themes of UYI 2 helped me become accustomed to the new feelings and moods that come with adolescence and adjusting to the shift from being a child into a man. To this day, at least once a week, both albums will be put on for my drive home from work (along with AFD), they are more than records for me; the songs and memories from a statement by a band that were clearly not being told "no" at that point in time are woven into the fabric of my existence. Not perfect at all, but the best things never are.
  14. My entry in a cover challenge

    Thanks man! It was pretty hard to sing; I had been working it out on my acoustic, but that had been tuned to D instead of Eb so I had to sing half a step higher than I thought I would.
  15. Cyberpunk 2077

    Watched the video last night, very interested on this. Loved the Witcher 3, so even if it is half as good as that, we'll be in for a great game.