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  1. Slow Motion Breakdown demo

    Say Hello 2 Heaven is one of my favourite songs.
  2. COVID-19 Outbreak

    About to start the first week of work at home with a full house here in Nottingham, UK; was at home most of last week, this week I am joined by Mrs SoundOfAGun and the mini Guns. We are expected to home school the eldest and whilst the youngest is still allowed to go to her nursery, we don't want to risk it. Going to be a fun few weeks!
  3. DAW Software?

    Man, my laptop is creaking like a motherfucker. I have a 2013 i7 with 8 gig of RAM, shoved a 1tb SSD in there 4 years ago and it gave the old girl a lease of life, but I know the end times are coming....
  4. Slow Motion Breakdown demo

    Looking forward to hearing it! It is a really good song, let me know when the other version is up. Happy to do a mix of it if you have the separates.
  5. Slow Motion Breakdown demo

    Great tune and killer vocals! Love the chorus, how was it recorded? Would like to get involved in the production if you need a hand.
  6. After the stunning success of my EP in January (0 sales, maybe 12 streams), I have put out a cover for a challenge that goes on for a UK based guitar forum. It is a cover of Everyone's A Winner by Hot Chocolate, with a frosty winter feel to it:
  7. You could cut (fictional) glass on that jawline.
  8. UYI tour and record Slash tone is my favourite, love the AFD tone but UYI edges it. Just wish Izzy's volume levels on UYI 1&2 hadn't been nerfed so much....
  9. Maybe they can use some of their loot to hire him as a writer....
  10. Clips I've seen of Miami don't sound too good. He looks like he is struggling even to stay in tune with the clean grandma whistle vocals. They could still pull a "Beatles" and spend what is left in the tank recording music whilst sitting on their vast piles of cash earned from the past few years. Y'know, flex some creative muscles instead of chugging along on the longest Greatest Hits tour in the history of the world.
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Pretty much this. Nothing can compete with the soundtrack of your youth, but if they can pull off a good record (best bits of SMKC with Axl melodies and Duff bass thunder), I'll take it.
  12. Free Music

    https://open.spotify.com/album/5Q1n93q56FIGQfWQICxV2F - Spotify Link
  13. The Gear Thread

    Sweet, could do with another couple of blocks on some presets! The tracks are a mix, some have HX amps and some are the Marshall DSL40. Some have a mix of both stomp and tube amp.