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  1. 14 Years (lyrics)

    +1 for "yeah, it's been nada" can't believe they didn't put the extended ending from thr demo in the final track as well.
  2. Do they have to be wireless? I use Audio Technica ATH-M50X's and they are very nice.
  3. How do you rate the MPC Live

    Never used one of these, but given that this video is from Sound On Sound, you would have thought that they would have used a de-esser on the massive sibilance the presenter voice recording has.
  4. Been There Lately was one of the finest album openers ever, Kennedy raped that song.....
  5. As a session player on whatever he was rented out to play on. He is obviously a better guitarist than Izzy on a technical level, but he is NOT a rhythm guitarist. He is a lead player and his style does not fit with Slash as well as Izzy's.
  6. The Gear Thread

    It is a cool room to create in, did some re-amping yesterday for a new track:
  7. Izzy had a hand in the sound of GNR, and that will never go away. Richard is a technically good player who needs to calm down a bit with the fret wanking. He FUCKS up the start of the nightrain solo. Just play it properly and put your tits away.
  8. The Gear Thread

    My room is set up now, re-amping guitars today.
  9. The Gear Thread

    Welcome to the Marshall family!
  10. If the World Discussion

    The lyrics are the let down on this song. The melodies are pretty good and the guitar solo is fit for purpose. Lyrically, it doesn't really say much, like a lot of CD.
  11. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    The singer is very accurate. We saw them at the nags head in Nuneaton a couple of times, great night on both occasions!
  12. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    Saw these guys (minus Steven Adler) a couple of times and they were good.
  13. My Chris Cornell Tribute

    Nice, send me the separates if you'd like an alternative mix for a b-side.
  14. It definitely had a Royal Blood vibe to it, the guitar interplay was cool as well, nice and funky! Do you have the separates from your recording? I would like to have a go at a mix for you if you're up for it?
  15. Great job @ZoSoRose! I have had a listen to all of them, I think Winter Blues edges it as my favourite (great solo in that BTW), your rhythm section is on point as well, they sound tight as fuck, especially on Need A Hand. And I love the use of the octaver on Old Crow, gives it a Royal Blood type favour, which sits nicely with the staccato beats in the song. As @Order of Nine said, there is an organic feel to the recordings that will make it stand out in a sea of drum samples and perfect production. Really impressed!