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  1. The Gear Thread

    Thanks for the tip dude, I'll try that out!
  2. The Gear Thread

    Still got to try out the SLO models, I would be up for trying the ownhammer stuff. It is a great bit of gear!
  3. The Gear Thread

    I have been using the Plexi Bright Trem with a Redwirez free IR (left guitar on that clip) and the Placater dirty channel with the same IR (right guitar on the clip). I have only ever heard one JCM800 2204 in real life and it was a killer tone, a bit like a more focused and cutting full blast plexi, less woolly. I think the 2204 model is way too bassy, but I have barely scratched the surface with the models and effects. This opinion could completely change once I have spent some time with the amp model!
  4. The Gear Thread

    Got an HX Stomp a few weeks ago, loving it so far! Here is a clip of some sounds: https://soundcloud.com/imc1980/stomp
  5. They have filled the retirement funds, they are all multi-millionaires again. There may be no money in making music, but it also costs less to put it out there these days; a record can be recorded at home, they could hire a crew of young producers, mixers and engineers who want to have a credit for a massive band like Guns N'Roses on their portfolio and churn out some records. They don't need to move new music or worry about making sales, they should want to put it out because they have made the music. Fuck the bottom line, let the fans hear your work, whatever it may be. If they HAVE to have that second mansion, they could always roll out another tour and top the bank accounts up...
  6. Studio work can be done with breaks to rest his voice, obviously he can't do that live. Axl used to record vocals in the studio line by line - which is one of the reasons he struggles singing his songs live today - I think he could still put together a good studio perfomance. I also think that they should do a Beatles and become a studio only band for their last years.
  7. Still watch this most times I drink with my old guitarist, amazing show! And for me, UYI 90s Slash, cool as fuck.
  8. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    Great info, it doesn't surprise me really. I have heard the isolated vocals from the Rock Band separates and it sounds like a one off feat of banshee-like ad-libbing!
  9. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    Did Axl ever do that insane scream into the guitar solo of IRS that is on the studio version live?
  10. Gareth Rhodes Gn'R covers

    His take on Locomotive is very, very good.
  11. New Song

    Love the funk guitars!
  12. Who We Are

    This is a new/old one, was posted briefly before and then taken down so a friend could contribute to the solo section: https://soundcloud.com/sound-of-a-gun/who-we-are
  13. Cracks In Your Smile Demo

    Thanks dude! More coming as well....
  14. This song has been a bit of a fucker, it's still not where I want it to be, but is good enough to post as a demo. Here you go:
  15. Even if it is a bowl of microwaved Chinese leftovers with a generous portion of SMKC riffage mixed in, I'll give it a go. Get on with it you rich old cunts!