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  1. RIP Jim Dunlop

    .73 Dunlop nylon grips are the only picks for me. Sad times.
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Also finished chapter 6 this week, would agree with all of this, the controls were annoying (shooting people I wanted to say hello to, the railcart with John and the fucking fishing!), but I loved my time as a cowboy for the past few months in this game and the overall experience was my favourite one from this gen of consoles. Looking forward to playing Red Dead Online now!
  3. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Still better than the lyrics for This I love.....
  4. After putting out a reworked version of an old track last time (see other thread in this section), I wanted to get something out that was written and recorded this year. So here you go! https://soundcloud.com/sound-of-a-gun/among-the-missing
  5. I would rather he didn't bother; songs about nothing at all tend to written by song writing teams for pop stars and have choruses talking about umbrellas or "humps".
  6. If against all odds we got a new studio album, I hope Axl puts out some lyrics to the standard set on UYI. Paranoid, introspective, angry slices of genius, fair enough; the themes may be different - he is 30 years older, but that level of quality is what I would love to see. CD only really had TWAT with any kind of lyrical quality IMO, there were some other flourishes, but the writing was a step down from UYI overall. Slash can still roll out the killer riffs, he just needs a voice that is not Myles Kennedy to have his music paired with. Duff is as good or better than he was back when they last recorded so no concerns there. I am sure Richard could contribute some nice guitar work, maybe Frank can surprise us all when he is not playing someone else's grooves... If Axl plays to his current vocal strengths, it could be something pretty cool /daydream
  7. I recorded this track as a demo way back in 2013, when I still believed I would be putting out 12 track albums.... I listened to it for the first time in a long while this year and wondered how it would sound if I recorded it again. So here it is, the new version and the original demo: https://soundcloud.com/sound-of-a-gun/sets/ever-cared
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Finally hit chapter 3 after about 30 hours of fucking around in New Hanover. I love existing in this game!
  9. House of Cards Final Season

    Just finished watching the last episode and it was an extra large helping of runny dogshit to sprayed all over the top of this stale turd of a season. They should have called it after Spacey admitted to all the sex crimes, he was the show.
  10. Help!!!!!

    What's wrong with BillyBadASS? You could have dollar signs as your "S" to show that you and your band are full scale Rockstarz like this: BillyBadA$$ That's basically money in the bank dude, if you're going to complain after this solid gold advice nugget, then I don't know what to say.....
  11. Looking for some Hot Stuff....

    YouTube link for a better quality stream (in 1080p):
  12. Help!!!!!

    Call your band BillyBadASS, Heads of Amazon sounds like a quarterly executive committee meeting. And that is strongest of the three.
  13. So in my last post I had a cover of Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now, I won the cover competition and as a prize I got to pick the next cover we would work on. I went with the Donna Summer classic Hot Stuff, here is my take in the track, enjoy!
  14. You may get another half step down to "D", but after that point, the guitars would start sounding less Hard Rock and more metal. Transposing to a different key might help but would change the feel of the song. Alternative versions would be better than than the weak old grandma voice, he could do a Robert Plant and sing an alternative melody to pace himself. Or just write some new tunes that suit his current range better than the ones he wrote 30+ years ago.....