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  1. Fly GNAIR

    No I don't
  2. you made me laugh thanks!
  3. one day he'll hit slash I don't know..
  4. @Oldest Goat is anyone calling me "troll" ? thank you
  5. if I don't get wrong, I saw them on sale in the the official merchandise stand
  6. it seems you know so many things about "that girl"! well the thruth is that I went to see many SMKC shows, I appreciate them but of course I love guns n roses so I 'm scared of anyything that could threaten the reunion. I don't waste my time trolling everywhere or discredit someone... just express my thoughts.
  7. The only things I Like of this video are..axl's hair!
  8. Did Anyone ever read those emails? How did They surfaced?
  9. Some fans Met Axl today in Pisa. Slash was There too
  10. Yes Yes, But he said It in a louder raspy voice and started smiling alone
  11. The played a few notes of only women bleed During patience he said "bullshit" in a funny way and we all laughed. I don't Remember when exactly, But a certain point, he decided to spit in the air I'M surre italian wine and food had a good influence on him