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  1. thank you all! you're so kind! I hope to find a good solution! it would be epic.. my first festival
  2. thanks boys! well, I don't know how to go back from dessel to charleroi airport on friday morning.. I can't find direct trains or buses I prefer not to make changes. I don't know belgium and I don't speak the language, so I don't want to face any possible problem..
  3. who's going to graspop? or, alternatively, who's from belgium? I need some help..
  4. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    surely not the one in my hometown
  5. Guns 2018 Calendar..

    No no, I ordered It on Amazon
  6. Guns 2018 Calendar..

    I have It and I Like it
  7. Nobody would talk about him and his new music if he doesn't throw sh*t toward other artists
  8. where's Pitman?

  9. openers just announced for Firenze Rocks Festival: Volbeat, Baroness, the pink slips.