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  1. Is Rock in Río 2011 the worst concert of Guns n' Roses?

    Actually Not RIR 2011 But RIR 2001: that Was the beginning of that monstrosity called NuGnR
  2. Guns N Roses Logo

    most horrible logo I've ever seen
  3. I planted some avocado trees thanks to izzy! I discovered and started eating avocados thanks to izzy
  4. He looks Like Noel Gallagher
  5. Axl will tour again with AC/DC!! **Rumor**

    I hope it's not true.
  6. What?!?! No Shadow of your love?!?! Why??? My favorite moment of any show!
  7. Maybe in the real pic Axl was sitting there But he didn't want to appear
  8. Malibu orders evacuation due to fire

    What a terrible thing :'(
  9. I don't think so.. I Remember something happened even After the terrorist Attack..
  10. Malibu orders evacuation due to fire

    Btw you live in a wonderful Place
  11. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    he's the boss
  12. '.. last leg of touring this year..'