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  1. Live Era '16 - '20

    If it’s anything like the last one, it won’t matter what shows they pick. You’ll barely recognise them from the actual performances.
  2. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    That setlist is basically the perfect NITL one without all the aggravating covers that nobody ever asked for. Only lacking Don’t Cry in the encore. Just a shame that chopping out the filler didn’t do Axl’s voice any good (probably the opposite).
  3. The GNR camp is what it is. Super fan or not, leaking CDs worth of material was never going to go down well and, frankly, he’s gotten off lightly. Whoever actually leaked the stuff, he put himself in the spotlight for the clout and bragging rights. Difficult to resist, I’m sure, but it was the wrong move. But it speaks of a bigger problem of an act that is now furious that its fan base got to hear music after waiting 20 years for it to be put out officially. Easiest way to control leaks is to release the music you make yourself. It’s not rocket science. Axl ain’t Prince. Prince might have the bigger vault but he never stopped putting out new music. Axl and his management screwed GNR over more than piracy ever could.
  4. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Axl should let Melissa blow the whistle for Paradise City to get the timing right. It would be her crowning moment as a member of GNR.
  5. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Axl: ‘This next song is about Slash...’
  6. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    It’s that song from the leaks!
  7. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    I’ve been watching the stream. Now I’m catching up on the forum to avoid this filler.
  8. My stupid Apple product autocorrected it. In fact it’s still underlining Arnie in red now I’ve told it to show some respect. What timeline is this, Apple?
  9. So they’re not doing anything for the new Terminator film but if they did it would be this and Arnie would be the mac daddy with his eye on you.
  10. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    Image will always be important to rock stars. James Hetfield is making his thinning grey hair and wrinkly face look badass in his mid 50s. Axl probably wouldn’t look all that different from the Metallica frontman today if he’d kept away from the surgeons and then we could have official YouTube videos of the tour instead of the heavily Photoshopped black and white stills from Katarina.
  11. The Leak History

    We waited 20 years for these recordings and we’d be waiting another 20 too. With the way things have now gone with GNR, it’s unlikely they were ever going to see an official release in Axl’s lifetime and we’ll all be too old to care by the time CD’s $2000 30th Anniversary Locked & Loaded box set with a replica KFC bucket and Chris Pitman towel comes out. TB are the only ones who lose out financially here. Which is nice.
  12. New LA Show Sep 21

    Great news. Only five days to go before we can resume moaning about setlists and Axl’s weight and hair.
  13. The Better demo is the closest that line up ever got to a classic rock sound.
  14. This sounds heavily influenced by Bowie both musically and in parts of Axl’s delivery.
  15. It kinda sounds like a Prodigy song and I doubt it’s a coincidence that Axl appears to be channeling Keith Flint.
  16. I’m not so sure that releasing CD back when’s they should have would have made things any better. The myth of CD was always more interesting than the reality could ever be. Axl traded on that myth and kept the media interested for the best part of a decade.
  17. Up to 2:17 I think it’s really strong. After that (other than the Brian May solo) it sounds like they were still working out where to take it and just copy and pasted bits from the first half randomly together. A weak ending that would struggle to rouse anything other than polite, sympathetic applause from the hardcore at a concert.
  18. Few fans will have sympathy with Axl over this. There’s one easy way to prevent unreleased material from being leaked. ”It makes everyone look bad.” It really doesn’t but Radiohead instantly found a way to make themselves look good.
  19. Bumblefoot and Frank got to redo parts to validate a line up that no longer needs validating and the released Chinese Democracy is like Brian Wilson’s solo version of Smile that he released decades later whereas these are the real deal whether you think they’re better or not.
  20. Catcher is the one song where I’ve never seen any love for the final version. It was one the most popular of the leaked tracks, really well written and simply ended up sounding like an unpleasant, stodgy mess buried under layers and layers of production and overdubs.
  21. Always saw lots of potential in the clip and the recent extended one but the song as a whole is a little predictable given Axl’s ambitions at the time. Same with the (it sounds like it’s about Slash) lyrics for that era, and I don’t honestly think it’s more worthy than anything on CD. It could be interchangeable with Scraped or Riad but that’s to call it filler. I still see potential but if the lyrics didn’t need a complete rewrite before, they do now. There’s no doubt that this is the kind of song Slash could work with and improve.
  22. Axl probably wrote over 100 songs when he thought there was a chance of releasing new music with AC/DC.
  23. Like many of us, they’re simply working under the assumption that GNR appearing on the new Terminator soundtrack would benefit all parties.
  24. To a paraphrase The Offspring, any bootleg album that might come out of this should be called Chinese Democracy II: You Snooze, You Lose.