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  1. Hearing Paradise City on UK's Radio One on a sunny day in 1989 at the age of 12. After enduring years of manufactured drivel, that song changed everything.
  2. I have no interest in meeting Slash despite being fan of his work, I just want to see him play guitar. I was discussing the fact that fans hounding these guys for photos and autographs, sometimes saying something nice is probably a better way to engage when they do come out to greet fans. I can imagine it being tiresome, though, to talk to complete strangers. I wouldn't approach them, let them be, they only have to entertain on the stage, the rest is a load of bollocks.
  3. I suspect there will be a standard version of the green guitar. The 8 grand one is a custom shop built to exact Slash specs.
  4. How about having a conversation with Slash instead of hounding him for photos and autographs? You'd be surprised. I don't get the mentality of waiting for autographs and photo opps, but if you strike up a conversation and introduce yourself, maybe they'd be more happy to meet fans. GNR, back in the day, were not nice guys, like a poster wrote above, they were difficult, loud, obnoxious, used women, women used them, drugged out. Not sure why fans expect them to be nice? They are human beings!!