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  1. REQ: Bucharest 21.09.2010

  2. REQ: Bucharest 21.09.2010

    Nope.. Has been shared also here some years back but the link is dead. I've found it in some sites including guitars101.com but the links are dead too. I'm pretty sure someone has it..
  3. REQ: Bucharest 21.09.2010

    Does anyone have the bootleg of this one, willing to share it? Thnx.
  4. When you realize Greece isn't (again) in the list.
  5. Bring Brain Back

    Thing is Frank is a permanent member of the band now. Even if a new album/material comes out he will be siiting behind the kit. But I agree.. Brain was the BEST drummer GNR land had. Miss his grooving too.
  6. Totally agree and desperately waitin' for Shackler's and Street of Dreams with Axl climbin' on Dizzy's piano. And then I woke up..
  7. Your dream line-up from GN'R

    Title says "dream line-up".. So.. I'll let them decide.
  8. The Ritz 1987 Pro-shot DVD!

    Fckn' amazing stuff! Thanks! Any possibility for .mkv file?
  9. Holy shit! Finally Prostitute! Patiently waiting now for Shackler's..