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  1. I just wanna see what happens during the recordings of the new al... Oh wait.
  2. In the middle of Nightrain Buckethead comes up with his massive solo and becomes the new "Steven Adler" making guest appearances. Thank god Perfect Crime, Locomotive, Shacklers and I.R.S. are on the setlist.
  3. A genuine member of our "little community" I suppose. All he does is whining.
  4. "We 're selling you fleece robes, ugly jackets and stupid t-shirts. We need your money there people!" It's called "the marketing" /s
  5. Plot twist: Etsuko is the new "Dexter". "Just playin' with the vault".
  6. Holy shitballs. I LOVE this topic. Locked N' Loaded? New album?
  7. Probably with the CD Era lineup reunion next decade. So many gems hiding in the vault there. As for now, the basic idea of the songs will be in the next album. Although, it would be very interesting to hear new material from the scratch..
  8. Tokyo '92 just got his ass bitten so damn hard.
  9. Amazing production. Everything sounds soooo clean. This thing makes me want to hear NEW fckn' music so bad...! Although I can't imagine Axl singin' it live..