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  1. cranberries singer dead

    She died on blue monday. I liked her voice, and Linger and Ode To My Family are superb, but they had a lot of good songs. Sad news.
  2. Richard, stop posting here... this is getting embarrassing.
  3. Maybe. I really can't know and I don't want to continue with speculating because that's all that happens around this forum, it seems. But I do think there is a reason for Izzy not to tour, otherwise he would have done that sometime in the last 25 years. I know he did guest spots and he did a bunch of shows under his own name, but he hasn't gone out there to do a real tour since 92 or 93. I think it's difficult when you've been the boss of the system for so many years, to give that up and become part of such a huge machine again and losing control. I'm not saying he couldn't do that anymore, although there's a great quote of him where he talked about travelling with nu-GnR for a few weeks and that he needed weeks to recuperate from that, but if he got in shape then I'm sure he could pull it off again, but mentally it's a whole different story. It's like having a boss again after many years of being your own boss, that's tough. I'm sure money is part of it... when we're talking about millions of dollars, money is always part of it. I think that touring and being out on the road is never easy... being in a different country every other day, different hotel, not seeing family, not sleeping and eating well, all of that can't be easy, even if you have enough money to make it as easy as possible. But I'm not saying that is the reason why Izzy hasn't done any touring for almost three decades.
  4. I don't think so. I mean, I don't know how it is to travel the world like that, staying in fancy hotels and travelling in business class, but it's still travelling. Nothing beats the comfort of your own bed. There's a great interview with Flea where he talks about all of this... sure, they have luxury now and travel in style, especially compared to back in the day, but it's still being out on the road and the older you get, the harder it will be. I'm not sure what this thread is about anymore, but I'm not going to pretend that I know why Izzy isn't part of this, for a lack of a better word, 'reunion'. But I think it's a bit silly to assume that money is the only reason simply because of one tweet. There must be a reason why he hasn't toured properly in 25 years, so it's not too far fatched to assume that he might not be interested in committing and doing this for two years, or even longer.
  5. I agree, but if somehow they managed to get back to the original AFD lineup to record an album, then I think a lot of people will think that there will be another album as great as AFD coming out of it, but that's not how it works... I'm not saying it won't be great, I obviously don't know, but after so many years of waiting and wishing (at least for some people), I think it can only disappoint, because no one can compete with that much nostalgia.
  6. That's exactly what I was saying. I've noticed that some people here are very focused on when the new album is coming out, like it is a given that with Slash and Axl back together, new music will automatically be very good, just like before, but it's not like before. They're different people now, it's a different situation. Even if they release a great album, which I'm sure they can still do, I don't think it can top the nostalgia and the expectations that some people here seem to have. I'm not saying that goes for everyone.
  7. You guys should read again what I actually said. Because I never said that they shouldn't release another album... I really hope they will. I'll even take something half as good as the first two records. I was just saying that a lot of people will probably be disappointed, because there's no way that they could live up to the expectations after so many years. edit; oh, and I don't agree that a band's first album is usually their best one... sometimes sure, not usually. But that's a whole different discussion.
  8. That sex change operation was definitely a success last year, so I'm feeling pretty confident right about now.
  9. True that, it would be rather sad if they picked up where they left off, seeing as it's almost three decades later. That's sorta what they are doing now touring wise. But I was talking about the quality of the songs, even if they go into a different direction, like Axl tried to do with CD... I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt that they can top the song quality of AFD and UYI, especially without Izzy.
  10. I don't see them beating their first two records, and no one can live up to thirty years of expectations and nostalgia, which a lot of love for old GnR is based on, so a lot of people will be disappointed. Just my two cents... I would love to be wrong.
  11. I have no idea if there is new music coming any time soon, or at all for that matter. I do think that if there will be new music, it will be a let down. The anticipation is way too big, the only music to compare it with is from three decades ago when they were young and at their peak as songwriters. It's probably impossible to recreate that, so it will most likely be a disappointment one way or another. Just saying.
  12. Meh... not the best, but not the worst either on CD. I usually skip it when I'm feeling naughty and decide to put CD on.
  13. I doubt that he would use such a famous painting for an album cover, nor would that be possible.
  14. I wasn't reacting to your opinion on TWAT, because that wouldn't make any sense, but you made the assumption that because you don't like it, Slash doesn't like it either because you said ''poor Slash'', but how can you know whether he likes it or not? Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but that's how it came off. That's all.
  15. Uhm, no I don't... I only reacted to your assumption, never made an assumption on the matter myself.