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  1. Europe 2020?

  2. Roxette Singer dead at 61

    Another great song I forgot about.
  3. Europe 2020?

    I have been lucky, in the last three years they have played 4 shows about an hour away from my town in three different locations. I only went to one of those shows, though (and that is enough)
  4. Terror attack in London

    Every big city is like that. When I went to NYC I stayed somewhere in Spanish Harlem. I obviously knew nothing about the neighbourhood or that area so I googled it before going and I'm not easily scared, but I started to freak out a bit... nothing but news items about all the shit that happened there. There was a youtube clip from a week before about someone being killed on the streets in the middle of the day and they were interviewing someone who said: ''yeah, this happens here every day'', so I thought to myself, what the fuck have I gotten myself into? But it turned out to be a nice, little neighbourhood, I stayed there for about two weeks and it was great.
  5. Books/Reading Thread

    Green Eggs and Ham. Pretentious wanker.
  6. Roxette Singer dead at 61

    Damn, that sucks. They were the soundtrack of the 90s for me in a sorta guilty pleasure kind of way (even though I don't believe in guilty pleasures.) I have a fun memory of my first and last ski vacation in Austria and walking through a tiny, quiet town in the evening and suddenly hearing my favourite Roxette song blasting out of someone's house,
  7. More than one talented songwriter in the band, great songs, cool logos, a unique singer, a unique guitarist, the band had a lot of charisma in an era when MTV was still huge, the way they incorporated several rock genres into their sound, the danger and rawness they possessed at a time when a lot of mainstream rock bands were kinda superficial. It was probably a combination of all those things together that made them stand out and special.
  8. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    They have basically been doing the same thing on each record, to be honest. They never evolved a lot. They started to experiment a bit with Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, but then they followed that one up with Wasting Light, which is a solid record, but it was a typical FF record again. I guess Grohl is somewhat of a one-trick pony.
  9. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    Well, each to his own. What Grohl learned from Cobain is to keep it as simple as possible. Every song is catchy and has a hook, combined with heavy guitars and loud drums. If that's not your thing, I wouldn't bother listening to the Foo Fighters.
  10. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    I think everyone wants to be Dave Grohl's friend. Everyone wants to work with the guy, from Hollywood people like Juliette Lewis, to Tom Petty, to Lemmy, to Slash, to Queens of the Stone Age, to David Bowie, etc. He's like the popular kid that everyone wants to hang out with, thus there will always be people who dislike him for that. But there really isn't a lot wrong with Grohl. He's a mediocre singer and guitarist, but a good drummer, and he may not have that touch of genius that Cobain possessed, he does know how to write a decent rock song. I'm not the biggest FF fan but there are always songs that are just solid rock songs and hard to dislike, like this one,
  11. Yeah, well, Brabant kinda sucks. I worked in Eindhoven for many years and each time we would go out drinking all the Brabanders tried to keep up with me but failed miserably. As for speaking funny, at least we don't have a speech disorder! Ronald Goedemondt said it best when he talks about the hard G. (starts at 0:36)
  12. I can't say that I know many personally, but the stereotypes of them are that they are kinda stubborn, stoical, calm, don't express their feelings easily. While people in the south (of the country) are more Burgondish, they celebrate life more with food and drinks and what not. It's the Protestant-Catholic thing basically. People in the North of the country are taller than people in the rest of the country, it's a well known fact. And it's not like I'm that short, I'm 6'3, but compared to some of those fuckers I'm probably a midget. I used to work with a guy who is 6'7 and he would often go to Groningen and he said that he didn't stand out there because many guys have his height, or are even taller.
  13. I don't have a favourite but I do love cheese, not many days go by that I don't eat it. I don't think I have ever been to Friesland, except for passing through it once on my way to one of the Wadden Islands. It's the other side of the country, and I don't really have a desire to go there either... it's more than 3,5 hours on the train to get there and that is too long for dull, flat landscapes and probably typical Dutch towns and cities that I'm too familiar with anyway. Plus the people would probably scare me.
  14. Not really. It's quite complicated, but the region where I was born and raised didn't become officially part of the Netherlands until 1866. This time-lapse is probably not totally accurate however,
  15. I was crestfallen when I found out Sinterklaas wasn't real. Sure, I was 27 years old already, but it still hurt.