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  1. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    What happened to @wasted ? He always made me feel good about my own alcoholism.
  2. ^ I've always wanted to figure out that guitar solo. Blind Melon's No Rain. The solo is really fun!
  3. I liked the 90s look with just the ripped knees. But I don't care for the way some people have it nowadays.
  4. Why? If you like that certain look, then that's all that matters, right?
  5. A lot of it is justified, I mean, this whole GnR situation is absurd. It's only normal that people express disappointment and criticism on here and that there is a certain amount of negativity, I have contributed to this myself more than once. But there's a difference in that and spewing negativity every chance you get and for some posters it has gotten to that point. And that's what I don't get... if they're only here to ridicule them and spew the same lines in every thread, then why are they even here? We get it... they don't like the band anymore, they don't like the way they operate, and that's understandable and fair, but there's no need to repeat yourself so many times. I've seen posters on here make the same negative remarks over and over and over and over.
  6. CD reminds me of Soul Asylum's last record. They released their first record in 1984 and their last in 2016 and that one was also the first to have the last original remaining member. In the last thirty years the other members got fired, died, or quit the band. I can guarantee you that almost everyone in the fan community considers the last one as a ''real Soul Asylum record''. The difference with CD is that the original member in Soul Asylum is the singer/guitarist/main songwriter, so even if the other original members had still been part of it, the record probably would have sounded the same for the most part. With CD there's a lot missing in sound and songwriting that people know from the previous records and therefore it doesn't sound like how they expect GnR to sound like, but it is what it is. It's all subjective. (fun trivia fact of the day: Tommy Stinson played in both bands at the same time)
  7. I have, or at least since the early 90s, and I'm disappointed about the lack of new music as much as the next fan, and when they released a 30+ year old song last year it sounded like a bad joke to me, but there's no point in constantly repeating myself or talking about what a bad guy Axl is over and over. I think it's a waste of time. I know most aren't like that, but some people really can't say anything positive and keep on repeating themselves over the same issues... at least that's my impression.
  8. Criticizing the band or Axl is completely valid. But there are posters who seem to have made a hobby out of bitching about everything GnR (or specifically Axl) does and that's pretty much all they do on here day in, day out.
  9. I'm not crazy of the sound either. Personally I'm not a fan of overproduced records, and this one is, well, very overproduced. But underneath all those layers, there are still some great songs. Not all of them, there's too much filler for such an anticipated record, but some of them are really good in my opinion.
  10. ^ this. When I listened to CD for the first time I was surprised by how familiar it sounded because I expected Axl to pull a Radiohead or something like that, but it wasn't like that at all. I think the reason it doesn't necessarily sound like a GnR record is simply because Slash isn't there and he was such a crucial part of the GnR sound up until that point. Other than that, like you say, most songs sound like natural progressions from UYI.
  11. SRV - Mary Had A Little Lamb. The intro is so much fun to play.
  12. I've been wearing Chucks since I was a teenager and I reluctantly replace them every 4 or 5 years when they've become so worn out that you can see my socks through them.
  13. No that's fine. I seem to agree with you 9 out of 10 times on here, and I admire your perseverance and patience for not refraining from responding and repeatedly having to explain the facts even when people refuse to see it... I'm not patient like that.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Shit is maybe a bit too much, I really liked the two Snakepit record, but since then everything has been mediocre... forgettable ... like you said, guitar work is good, but songs need more than that and nothing stands out anymore except for maybe a handful of songs.