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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yeah, not so much with GnR anymore, but the fact you can listen to almost everything within a minute while thirty years ago you had to go out and buy it or wait for it to come out, is pretty astonishing to me.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    I have the same but I think that's normal once you're not a kid anymore. On the other hand, when I was a kid and I wanted to watch a GnR show, I had to go to my friend because he had a couple of concerts on VHS. Now I go to youtube and I can see any show I want immediately, or if I want to watch any movie ever made, I can download or stream it immediately, same with music. You don't even need a vhs recorder recorder anymore because you can watch any show you missed through your set-top box. If you had told me that this is how the future would look like when I was a kid, I probably wouldn't have believed you.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    I'm a couple of years younger but from the 80's I only remember kids' stuff and then you don't really pay attention to pop culture or what is special about that era. In the early 90's I got into rock music and starting noticing what was going on in pop culture. At the time it's nothing special because that's all you know, but looking back on it now... the music of that decade shaped me and I'm glad I was a kid before mobile phones and internet took over.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    That show I watched is about a bunch of high school kids in 1996 and I went to high school in the second half of the 90's too, so the music they play and clothes they wear are recognisable. Baggy pants, flannel shirts, shaggy haircuts, girls having bangs, bad europop music. In one scene they dail up to use the internet and then have to wait thirty seconds for the page to load... I mean, that's 90's nostalgia for you.
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    I watched this show on Netflix last week that was set in 1996. They tried real hard to make the show as nostalgic as possible by using only 90's music and references to that era. It made me miss the 90's too.
  6. Everything Sucks! on Netflix. Bad title but it’s a fun, little show about high school kids in 1996. Nostalgic for anyone who was a teen in the 90s. Great soundtrack too. Made me miss the 90s even more.
  7. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    It has nothing to do with that. Uhm... how to say this in English.... begrijpend lezen? Had je daar vroeger een goed cijfer voor in school? Ik denk dat het daar meer mee te maken heeft want volgens mij ben ik niet de enige die hier wel eens tegenaan loopt tijdens een discussie met jou... of moet ik U zeggen? ; )
  8. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    Hahahahahahahaha... that's funny coming from you of all people.
  9. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Cherry Grove - Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair
  10. A show can still be entertaining and not everything has to make sense, but season 2 has so many plot holes that it's hard to take it seriously and kinda ruined it for me. Oh well.
  11. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    You're right. Although I believe that for The Getaway they used half of the songs they had written before and the ones where Danger Mouse got a song credit were written in the studio after they started working with him. Also, I could be wrong, but I can't imagine John wanting to do songs he wasn't involved in, just like he never wanted to play anything off One Hot Minute (which is a shame).
  12. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    Nope. But I am curious if they are going to scratch all the songs they have been writing/recording with Josh and completely start over with John. Probably.
  13. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    Still looking forward to the record with Josh that is supposed to come out in 2019.
  14. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    Huh? No, I wasn't. That is something completely different. Forget it...