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  1. British Politics

    But they were represented with lies the first time around? Regardless of what the outcome of the deal is, humour me here... hypothetically speaking, let's say they have finally made a ''deal''... and there will be a referendum in which people can choose between that deal or remain, you are saying that wouldn't make the most sense?
  2. British Politics

    Anything can happen, but you're right, it probably won't because it's such a mess, but do you agree with what I said?
  3. British Politics

    It probably won't. But don't you agree that a scenario where people can choose between the Brexit deal that is on the table or remain, would make the most sense?
  4. The whining thread

    That is how I felt last summer actually. No, that is how I felt every summer in the last, oh, maybe twenty years? Because almost all of them have been record breaking already so I'm not expecting this summer to be any different. It's about 35 now but it probably feels like 40 because of the humidity... woe is me.
  5. British Politics

    I agree in most situations, but not in this one. There are no rules that you can't redo a referendum. And in this situation it would make perfect sense for reasons that have been stated many times in this thread. If there will be a deal on the table finally, at least people will know what Brexit will actually stand for and let them make a rational decision based on that.
  6. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Hey man, I'm a catholic! Well, not really, although I guess officially I am still registered at the catholic church. Oh my. But I believe what I want to believe without putting a label on it, and I definitely don't want to join some man made concept like a religion and follow traditions and rules that have nothing to do with ''god'' in the first place. But out of curiosity, do you think there is nothing at all out there, or are you like me, open to the idea that there might be ''something'' without having any answers and being fine with that?
  7. The whining thread

    Ugh... being hungover during a heatwave is the worst... it's going to be a long, drunken summer.
  8. British Politics

    I don't understand this discussion at all. Just because it's not 'normal' to redo a referendum, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it if it makes sense, and SoulMonster has repeatedly given good reasons why it would make more than sense regarding this situation. If they finally make a deal, give the people in the UK the option to choose for said deal or to remain. This will be fair to everyone because they will know what they are voting for this time, unlike three years ago. If the majority still votes leave, so be it, at least this time they will know what they're getting themselves into.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    We will never know and there are a lot of reasons to believe he did kill himself obviously, most importantly he told his brother on his deathbed. But there were local kids who tormented him and owned a gun. Some experts think that maybe an accident happened and he wanted to protect those boys, for whatever reason, therefore telling his brother he did it to himself. Also, if he did kill himself why didn't he do it properly, instead of having to suffer for two days? It's not that hard to put a pistol in your mouth. He had ordered new paint right before it happened and in one of the last letters he wrote he seemed to be optimistic about the future. One of the boys who had tormented him moved away with his family right after Van Gogh died. All of this doesn't have to mean anything, but it raises the question.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    https://www.theartnewspaper.com/news/van-gogh-s-gun-sells-for-162-000 I'm still not convinced he killed himself.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Nah, it’s a joke, not much worse than the ones Trump has been making. Besides, I didn’t say I want him assassinated, just wounded enough so that he would have to give up his presidency. Too far, too? Guess we wouldn’t be much better off with Pence, though.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I saw a little bit of Trump's speech in Orlando last night... where's a Lee Harvey Oswald when you need one?
  13. British Politics

    Consider yourself lucky, it's not cheap. It's a lovely town, though, I had a good time.
  14. British Politics

    Switzerland is definitely an odd duck. I was in Zurich last year and was surprised I could pay with euros almost everywhere, but I guess they don't have much choice...
  15. British Politics

    With you I meant British people in general. Most European countries have different backgrounds, whether it's political or cultural. The UK isn't unique in regards to that. I'm not diminishing the differences though, the UK has always been an odd duck in Europe.