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  1. I meant similar as in doing a 'reunion' tour that no one expected anymore, and all the different members having side projects going on at the same time.
  2. I'm 35 years old, I hope I will hear new GnR music before I hit 50, but I'm not counting on it.
  3. Yeah, maybe after being on the road for 1,5 year he kinda wants to spend time with his family before hitting the road again this summer? Hm?
  4. Their situation is similar to the one the Smashing Pumpkins are in now except they are doing it right. Their reunion tour will start this summer, they've been recording songs under the Smashing Pumpkins these past few months with Rick Rubin and will release them this year, first song will hit before the tour starts. Meanwhile Corgan is also releasing a solo album this year, Chamberlin, the drummer, will also release an album this year, and Iha, the guitarist, is releasing an album with his other band next month. If it's possible for a dysfunctional band like the Pumpkins, it should be possible for a dysfunctional band like GnR, but I doubt it will happen.
  5. Can we have one thread without it being about Izzy?
  6. Bummer, and why is he making a record with Jason Priestley?
  7. It was the guitarist Richey Edwards, he disappeared in 1995 and they never found his body... there have been sightings of him since then around the world, I think he's been officially presumed dead in 2008, but who knows? He was a very troubled soul, though. Anyway, I like the Manics... good songs, and a great singer and guitarist in that band.
  8. According to his book, Duff was already somewhat of an alcoholic when he was still living in Seattle. I think it was in 1989 in Chicago when he discovered he could drink even more with coke.
  9. Was ook maar een grapje, ik ben fan van de Belgen en prefereer sowieso jullie accent over de harde geluiden die de meeste Hollanders maken!
  10. I'm sorry my humour doesn't translate well online, or in real life for that matter, come to think of it... And I'm just picking on you because you're Belgian, it's in my job description as your arrogant neighbour from the north.
  11. I already have, he considered a therapist, but that shit is expensive here, so I try to get rid of my frustrations on this board. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?
  12. Here's an actual tip concerning books; get a library card... you will save money, trees and space.
  13. Ohhhh... I have a wife.... Ohhhh... I have 5 guitars and 2 amps.... Ohhhh... I have hundreds of CDs.... Ohhhh... I read books. You make me sick!
  14. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    How fake... Negan should have been dead by now, or Rick... doesn't make sense that both of them made it out of there alive.