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  1. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Ok, that's it... I don't have to take this from anyone, let alone a quokka. I challenge you to a duel, Sir. Give me a time and place and we will settle this in person once and for all.
  2. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Isn't ''punk'' doing whatever you want and not caring about any ''rules'' or what's considered cool or not? That's not a rhetorical question, I really don't know anymore what people consider to be ''punk''.
  3. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Everyone wants to hear new music, but for all I care he goes on tour with Julio Iglesias, if that's what he wants to do then good for him. But I understand this is a benefit gig with the guys from the Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. Besides, any band who works as much with Anton Corbijn as they do can't be that bad!
  4. Duff To Play Charity Event

    I only know the ''hits'' but I like most of them, especially the early stuff, not so much the more electronic stuff that I've heard. Surprised to see that some people are upset that Duff McKagan plays with a singer they don't like.
  5. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    Like I said, it reminded me of songs off Teargarden, at least the 'poppy feel'. These two are pretty good, you said you never checked it out, maybe you will like these two as well.
  6. The whining thread

    Screw Ryanair... next week another strike. I hope it won't last longer than 24 hours or it might interfere with my flight.
  7. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    I really like Celebrity Skin... I don't know how much Billy's contribution was... Courtney says not a lot, Billy says otherwise, but it's a great album nevertheless.
  8. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    Always funny seeing an interview with James and Billy together. James hardly ever says more than ten words during the interview, while Billy usually comes close to a thousand words. The comment on making another concept album sounds good though!
  9. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

    I remember a few songs from Spin Doctors... they were quite the funky bunch.
  10. Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Danny Kirwan dead at 68

    I've been listening to his solo stuff a lot lately, which is quite good, and I read the youtube comments from someone claiming to be his friend who said that most stories about him, like him being homeless, are nonsense. I don't know what to believe, but it's interesting. This is the youtube video with those comments.
  11. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

    Not really. I don't believe in guilty pleasures. If the song is good, then the song is good. I liked some of those boy/girl bands in the 90's. Underneath that overproduced production they often had good pop songs. Back For Good by Take That is a great pop song.
  12. Better Call Saul

    I agree, there are always a lot of factors that come into play. But just saying that BB wasn't the type of show that could have kept on going, at least it wouldn't have been too realistic anymore. While I think that BCS could go on for longer than 5 seasons if everyone wants to do it and the network is behind it.
  13. Better Call Saul

    You can't compare BB to BCS in that sense. The timeline in BB was two years. It starts with Walter's 50th birthday and in the last episode he just turned 52 and we all know what the doctor told Walter in the very first episode. BCS has a lot more options, even when they reach the BB timeline, they can always continue with a post-BB storyline. Not saying they will, I don't know what the writers' intentions are.
  14. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    It reminded me of 1979 too. It's really growing on me after a few listens.... I like the pop feel and like it more than Solara. Looking forward to the new EP even more now!