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  1. The Best Albums of the Decade

    Yeah, that's probably how you have to listen to it... but to me it's more like hearing a stoned guy playing on an out of tuned guitar recorded as bad as possible, hearing sketches of songs that probably never would have seen the light of day had he not died, but because Cobain has become legendary, they have decided to release even the most ridiculous crap he has ever put to tape no matter how stupid it is.
  2. The Best Albums of the Decade

    The Reading gig is so bad... but in a Nirvana fashion, so still kinda cool, but they hadn't rehearsed or played in over a month and you can definitely hear that. Montage of Heck was a piece of shit too, but each to his own! I haven't listened to that many records that were released this decade, so I couldn't make a top ten even if I wanted to. I really liked that Cokie The Clown record, can't think of any other records right now.
  3. Michael Bland (Prince, Soul Asylum) also auditioned for GnR. https://www.moderndrummer.com/2006/08/michael-bland-2/
  4. Walking Dead Season 10

    There is something likeable about Negan, but yes... let's not forget he did this to Glenn,
  5. GnR has only released three records, if you consider CD a genuine GnR record, but with those three records they evolved more than Foo Fighters with their 9 records in total.
  6. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Testament of Youth (2014)
  7. Foo Fighters are alright, nothing special... they've got a couple of good songs. Problem is also that they have never evolved a lot and have been making the same kind of music since the first record more or less.
  8. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    This is quite a beautiful song,
  9. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    I've never been addicted to anything in my life, but I can imagine how hard it is to stay off it, doesn't matter if you are wealthy or not. I know some people can go from being addicted to being a moderate drinker or drug user and having it under control, but most people don't have the power to do that and then it may be even harder to never have a drink again. Hope they get their shit together before it's too late.
  10. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    I like the logo of the Vimy Cream one... I wonder how many of those Ben Affleck had to drink to get so wasted...
  11. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Never! I'm saving birds' lives this way.
  12. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Poor Pete, drug addiction is a bitch. Looks like he had a fun time in Paris, though... https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/nov/08/pete-doherty-arrested-paris
  13. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Poor Ben, alcoholism is a bitch. Looks like he had a fun halloween party, though...
  14. Walking Dead Season 10

    I had no idea that the actress who plays Gamma is Thora Birch.
  15. The Devil Next Door on Netflix. Documentary about Ivan the Terrible.
  16. Musically speaking he could have fitted in fine, but apart from that I don't think he would have been happy in a band like GnR with members that are more like hired hands. That is what he already was when he toured with Alanis, and that was one of the reasons why he joined the Foo Fighters.
  17. Hawkins is a great drummer but I can't imagine him playing with GnR. He was also still a drug user by that time (he OD'd on heroin in 2001 and ended up in a coma for weeks), can't imagine Axl wanting to work with drug users again either.
  18. Does anyone speak to nameless_girl?

    87-91 was the best time on the forum. I remember exactly 30 years ago when the Berlin wall came down and we were talking about it on here all excited... rememberable time, for sure.
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    I would rather cut off my left nut than spend a summer in Texas.
  20. What Are You Listening To 2019

  21. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    I read the book, which I quite enjoyed, King is often kinda hit or miss, but I liked this one from beginning till end. Film adaptations are usually not as good as the book, but I will probably check this one out.
  22. Death Pool draft 2020

    Axl Rose Slash Duff Mckagan Izzy Stradlin Steven Adler Gilby Clarke Dizzy Reed Matt Sorum Richard Fortus Frank Ferrer
  23. My sister had one of those, she's about the same age. I'm a little bit younger so I got the one with double cassette deck plus a CD player on top, but I still needed the cassette decks for my tapes.
  24. General Chat / Random Musings

    I know a lot of people hate the VAR but hopefully it will make the sport a bit more fair and less of this theatrical shit.
  25. Cassette decks are nostalgic for the 80's and 90's kids. I have many cassette tapes lying around with recorded stuff on them from back in the day, for that reason alone I hold on to a cassette deck.