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  1. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    There is filler on it, but with Keep The Faith and These Days they left that cheesy metal-pop sound of the 80s and started incorporating more bluesy and rock and roll influences in their sound and it worked rather well. Dry County, These Days, Hey God, My Guitar Lies..., I Believe, Damned. Unfortunately it still had the typical cheesy love ballads.
  2. British Politics

    Yeah, but so does everyone in England. *leaves thread*
  3. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    I have never seen them live so I can't even comment on that, but I watched a couple of clips from the recent tour because I wanted to hear if his voice is as bad as some say in here, but I see a guy struggling with his voice but still trying really hard to reach those high notes and entertaining the crowd. I agree with These Days, though. It's the only Bon Jovi record that I own, stole it from my sister back in the day and I still have it. Some really great songs on it and I guess it's a rather dark record for Bon Jovi standards. Plus a lot of Sambora input, which is always good.
  4. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    How can you tell he doesn't give a shit anymore?
  5. Celebrities you want to shag.

    Doutzen Kroes
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Real losers never lose.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    There was so much great music coming from America in the 80s, a lot of those bands were called ''college rock'' because there wasn't a name for it yet. They were coming from all over the place. California had a great punk scene and weird bands like the Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. The Seattle scene was already blooming. As well as Minneapolis, they were sorta the ''first'' Seattle in that sense, of course Prince being the superstar from that town, but underneath the surface you had The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Soul Asylum, Babes In Toyland, all from the same town, but most of them never hit the mainstream quite like some of those Seattle bands did, so Minneapolis never became fashionable. R.E.M. was pretty big too, already headlining festivals in Europe in the 80s even though they didn't start scoring massive hits until the 90s.
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    The 80s had great music, not so much what was in the charts obviously, but there were so many great post-punk and alternative bands coming up in that decade.
  9. British Politics

    I bet they are not complaining about those funds, though.
  10. British Politics

    Tell that to a lot of Eastern European countries.
  11. British Politics

    And I'm not saying they are incorrect, again, the EU needs to improve, but my point is that I'm not going to ignore all the good things the EU has done just because there are also lots of flaws. And that is the big difference between a pro-EU and yourself.
  12. British Politics

    I have never been to Greece. I have been to Poland before and after they joined the EU (in 2004) and I've seen the advantages of the EU with my own eyes.
  13. British Politics

    Quite the opposite. I am far from rich nor have I seen many benefits from the EU personally. I have been to countries that have benefitted greatly from the EU, though, that is why I don't ignore that, unlike you.
  14. British Politics

    Hahaha... when I was typing my post I actually wanted to type ''you're probably going to mention Greece now'' in there. Nonetheless, my point still stands.
  15. British Politics

    I'm sure you know more about the EU in depth than most people here, but it's really about where your priorities lie, isn't it? There are pros and cons and everyone knows that. You only concentrate on the cons. When I asked you the other day to name one good thing about the EU, you refused to answer. (or if I'm not mistaken you came up with some medical card, after asking you three times). There are countries in Europe that have flourished and benefitted a great deal since joining the EU, but I have never heard you talk about that, probably because you don't live there. I am not turning a blind eye to this, just like I'm not turning a blind eye to the fact that the EU isn't perfect and still has a long way to go. A lot of people don't think running away from it is the solution, you obviously do, so godspeed.
  16. Songs about GNR

    Susanne by Weezer isn't about GnR, but it does mention Izzy, Slash and Axl in the lyrics.
  17. General Chat / Random Musings

    Amerika ist wunderbar.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Warum nicht?
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    Weisst du, wie die alle heissen? Der alte Bock der heisst Hannibal. Und der grosse Mann der heisst B.A. Baracus. Und dann gibt es noch so einen Vollidiot, das ist Murdock. Und der vierte der heisst... Gesicht.
  20. General Chat / Random Musings

    Kennst du das A-Team? Vier Männer in ein' schwarzen Van, ohne Rahmen… ha! Was glaubst du, was da vorgeht? Das kann man sich doch denken, na...
  21. General Chat / Random Musings

    Totally, but I didn't know any better than having 6 or 7 weeks off and that already felt like a long time. It wasn't until much later that I realized in some other countries kids would have 3 months off or whatever. We do have one week in the fall, two weeks with christmas, then two weeks with Easter, and I believe one more week in spring. But yeah, I would have loved to have 3 months off in the summer... especially considering how much I disliked school as a youngster.
  22. General Chat / Random Musings

    Kids already started school this week, they only get 6/7 weeks summer break over here. What a rip off, huh? At least compared to some countries where they get almost three months. They do get enough holidays throughout the school year however. I actually read in the paper that some schools already used a ''heatwave'' schedule in their first week, because a lot of schools don't have a/c and it's unbearable in those old buildings with a lot of windows. But I say just let them suffer, it will toughen them up and be a good lesson for the real world! I'm kidding... Hope it will work out with your neighbour sooner than later.
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    I would probably be calm about it too at first, I've never called the cops before, but if this happened regularly in the middle night I would have no choice, at least not if I asked them a bunch of times personally and nothing would change. They said it will reach up to 32 this afternoon, not as hot as yesterday fortunately, and still a couple of hot days ahead of us, but by sunday the temperature is expected to drop below 25 and that will be officially the end of the third heatwave of the summer. We've never had a heatwave this late in the season, yet another record! September can still get really hot, but let's hope it stays below 25 degrees.