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  1. I guess they even have the tape already digitalized, most of the tv stations have most of their old material digitalized because of degradation of tapes. So 1.3K for introducing keywords "guns n roses" on a database and sending a file? That's crazy, anyway, I would chip 100 usd if we got enough people and they gave it to us in good quality. Maybe we can avoid the license costs if we say that we only want to watch it ourselves and won't broadcast it anywhere. (I can see us sending an usb stick around the world to copy the show and share it with forum members in a legal way) Btw, what about telefe or the uruguayan tv station? Maybe we can get Argentina 93 is better quality cheaper.
  2. I think its easier to suborn an employee from the tv station and make he leak it, If I worked on a tv station that broadcasted a gnr show I guess it would have been easy to say that I need parts of it when they went to Chile in 2016 and copying the freaking file. Costs for locating it? Come on, they know where it is, in fact parts of the show were used on a 2010 program (It was on YT years ago, now its gone)
  3. The Betacam master? I guess they'll just make a transfer from it
  4. Puerto Rico 2010 - Rocket Queen - Pro-shot

    Yeah, but not the same for You Could be Mine
  5. 2010 soundboard or bootlegs concerts HQ?

    The only full soundboard we have is Puerto Rico and it was unoficially leaked earlier this year (apparently a company that was working for the band had PR and a 4tus solo clip (I guess the one from Abu Dhabi 2010 that was years ago in YT) uploaded to a page and somebody managed to enter there and download them). But Bucharest 2010 is a way better show.
  6. GUNS N ROSES 1986-1993

    The 2nd clip has the recklessroad logo, so it was recorded by Marc Canter, unfortunately we don't have full footage from those shows (Marc has, but said that unless the band asks for it he won't release, we have some other 86 full shows in worse quality filmed by him, he also gave some unreleased footage to the BBC for a 2016 documentary)
  7. [FLAC/WAV] Live at Apollo Theatre July 20 2017 (SBD)

    Honestly, I hope someday all this Alfred shit ends and the no links rule can be reverted, some people are missing some good bootlegs becsuse of this
  8. Yes, the show was shot in 3D, so they added cgi pyro for that (the blu ray lets you watch it in 3D if you have one of those famous tvs from 2010-2014) It was also proyected in some US theaters and guess what...its release almost got cancelled at the last minute
  9. Yes, back in the day it was legit, bulls is from gnrbootlegsbrazil.com, a pay gnr bootlegs forum (20$/month) that has almost any gnr bootleg available, according to bulls himself most of the money is used for paying the server, mega accounts, etc... But in 2016 a free host called userscloud appeared, it had unlimited storage (files were deleted if nobody downloaded them in 2 weeks) and was free, so he uploaded a lot of stuff there, but after a month most of the files were gone due to people not downloading them in 2 weeks.
  10. Only during 2004-2005 tour, I guess because they just didn't want to carry 2 guitars for each tuning. During the 2007-2008 tour they went half step down (I guess because of Scott's voice or for having a different sound, some bands like The Offspring or Bon Jovi play in lower tunings live than on albums). Never liked how guns sound in standard tuning, I hated how Ac/dc sounded half step down, didn't like VR half step down
  11. Did they record all the shows in multitrack? I hope so, there are a lot of bands that do "Live around the world" in the last years, I just hope it sounds good, because for me most of the live albums from this decade sound like shit.
  12. In my case I like 2009 and 2010, but 2011-2014 for me is awful
  13. Bad performance, full mickey, all the comments were negative, never understood why they uploaded it, as the official YT channel is the most used way by casual fans and possers. Today I was looking for it and to my suprise it was deleted, the other vides from Apettite for Democracy are still there. Maybe because it was giving the band a bad image? Maybe because of shame? Who knows, but as you can see tha video isn't there anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh2SVX7nBe0
  14. They released AFDemocracy which has basically that, I think there was also a cd edition, luckily it isn't on shops or spotify, that would have ruined everything, but they uploaded You Could Be Mine from that show to YouTube, I think that was a very bad decision