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  1. If I'm not wrong Puerto Rico was on a sony/universal site along with a pro shot clip of 4tus solo from abu dhabi, it's just a giant screen feed capture. I highly doubt full SA 2010 was filmed to be released, specially whith so many incidents regarding bottles thrown and Axl stopping the show (Sao Paulo, Velez, Lima, and I think some more)
  2. On those awards it was live and let die from wembley 91, last izzy show On other awards it was yesterdays from las vegas 92
  3. All the clips are on the german mtv site, on the videoclips section of guns n roses, even clips from ritz 88 and rock in rio 91. Some of them have very good quality
  4. Yes, it's on jimbeam's project live era, basically it's the audio from the video split in tracks. Right now I don't have it
  5. Any 1986 show (I guess music machine has a bit better quality) Ritz 88 (not the best show in vocal performance but I think it perfectly represents that era) Indiana 1991/Chicago 1992/Paris 1992 (from rawer to less raw) CD: Hob, rio, boston 2002 (3 cam mix sbd audio) rock am ring 2006 London 2012 (pro shot, Izzy guests on some songs) Forum/ apollo 2017 (soundboard, you can find audience videos with sbd audio)
  6. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    If bumblefoot was still in the band I'm sure he would have at least say wtf is going on here to management for this
  7. I think he has fucked up his throat
  8. Comparing to last year he has changed
  9. In 1981 an AC/DC show in Spain almost got cancelled because the bell from Hell's Bells did not fit through the doors of the venue, luckilly they found a way
  10. He probably has some kids internet filter established by Team Brazil
  11. Unless he takes a full box of red bull he can't do a decent perfect crime
  12. 99% sure they open with Easy