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  1. NIghtrain Download Festival of 2006?

    Maybe they unplugged bbf from the recorder and plugged Izzy instead, don't know, but is weird that he was audible there but totally muted on the recording, I guess they didn't use the stereo out from the desk and instead tried a multitrack recording. Don't know, but if you failed to record the solo guitar don't upload a song which has him doing part of the main solo and a solo battle during the end with the cameras aiming at him Well, it was worse on the Rock in Rio webcast where his guitar got muted in the middle of his solo and thanks to that we don't have any soundboard from his 06 don't cry solo @AxlShadows I think the best you will get at the moment is the one from minute 8:48, at least it has better quality than the one you posted and seems to come from a stream capture rather than from a screen capture, if I'm not wrong the original clip was uploaded to newgnr.com and with some luck it will still be downloadable through wayback machine Apparently the file is called "NewGNR.COM - Download Festival - Nightrain.wmv", it's not available anymore there (although you can still download some nice files like a 576p version of My Michelle and PC from Download 2006, or sailing from the acoustic show) Edit again, this is the dead link that was on the gnr website back in 2006, this is the top quality file from Nightrain http://a1503.v10869.c10869.g.vm.akamaistream.net/7/1503/10869/v0001/mlb.download.akamai.com/10869/m_partner/guns_roses/nightrain_clean_a_350.wmv So the file should be called nightrain_clean_a_350.wmv or nightrain_clean_a_700.wmv (the number stands for the bitrate) Last edit: Found the NewGNR.COM - Download Festival - Nightrain.wmv on an old HDD, apparently it was still available through wayback machine in 2015, can't post the link, feel free to ask me for it by pm. Bitrate is 700kbps (35mb) so looks exactly like the master file from gnr website but renamed, I've already sent it to you @AxlShadows
  2. Axl/DC Was in Negotiations to Play in ROCK IN RIO 2019

    You know Axl has a curse with Rock in Rio, so it would be a disaster
  3. I guess he would have done it in the late 80s/early 90s, if I'm not wrong, the band appears on a 1988 film and they also did the YCBM video with Arnold, that would have been impossible with today's Axl, same for his tv appearences.
  4. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    I created my account a couple days ago, it's easy, in my case I'm from Europe, so I created my usenet server at https://www.eweka.nl/en/home/ (Rockphantom reccomends that for Europe, for other continents he reccomends http://www.astraweb.com/specials/2mospecial.html). I had to pay for it, I only payed for one month just in case I did not like it, apparently there are ways to download from usenet for free, but I haven't tried them and rockphantom does not use them (apparently they don't work very good). Once you pay and register you'll be given your adress from yor server, now install newsbin pro (20$ once in a lifetime pay, it gives you a 15 day trial first). It will ask you for your server, so paste the adress and there you go. Now you only have to search for what you want at http://nzbindex.nl/ or http://www.binsearch.info/ , dowload the equivalent to the torrent file and open it with newsbin pro.
  5. NIghtrain Download Festival of 2006?

    There's the iem source and the audience source, he is a bit audible in both sources, I like his solo there, back in the day I made a tatty video with the solos from the aud source. Was his guitar muted too in My Michelle and Paradise City?
  6. 2002 Axl saying: You should go home then

    Axl asking people to watch the old stuff, some years later he tries to bury apettite and do like if 1985-1994 did not exist
  7. How the fuck do you dance to Leonard Cohen?
  8. Best Bootlegs?

    Japan 88 is very good, Chicago 92 is also nice, Paris 92 too...there are literally A LOT of sbd from this band
  9. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Like normal singers do
  10. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I got Wichita at download Madrid, it felt as an "Axl highlight song" along with This I Love (which was awful at that show). I liked it, Axl sang it fine and crowd seemed to like it No please, not another extended version, we have enough with Rocket Queen
  11. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    Yeah, I've seen things like that in some stores. The masterplan version of chicago 92 (the bad quality one with the mp logo that ends after coma) can be seen in some big shops. A friend of mine had a DVD called "Bad Obsession" that was basically select songs from Tokyo 92 with lower quality. I even once received as a Christmas gift one of those dvds from AC/DC that was basically made from bootleg vhs rips and had to return it as I felt it as a fraud
  12. Monitors and even nightrain's trumpets remove visibility, I found it high in Madrid 2017, but I was in row 15, so no troubles.
  13. [MKV] Madrid 1993 remastered

    The link was taken down, so I couldn't give it to the 3 last posts
  14. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    It says "for early access to UK Slash tickets" so I'll guess I'll have to find another way. Thanks anyway
  15. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    What do we have to do? Just register on livenation's page or pay like with the nightrain fanclub?