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  1. AXL/DC Bootlegs

    Different record company and management
  2. A version with no movie scenes exists, it begins with slow-mo shots of Matt Sorum playing the intro
  3. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Didn't Beta tell Axl in 2011 that if he hired another manager she would leave and that was how the Team Brazil management started? There are also roumors from the stolen emails about Beta being fired but getting the work again around that time I've also seen her work before, she came to the stage before the show started and kept waving to the crowd in Madrid '17. That must have been a great effort. She didn't do that in Madrid '18, I guess she was busy working on social media posting photos of crew members covering their mouths and noses due to the bad smell (a water pipe broke nearby the festival, it smelled bad, but it wasn't THAT bad)
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Decided to watch a remastered lady gaga video from my smartphone, looks like a cheap upscaling, I cleary remember when her 2009 hits were released (look like it was yesterday, time flies) and I swear they had better quality when they were shown on tv
  5. There was something like this with Def Leppard some time ago Maybe it's dead, but a copy should exist, marc canter saw a bit of it, he said it began with it's so easy
  6. In that case yes, it's a big loss, had not read that, but hey, something as important as the uyi multitracks should be digitalized. And yes, it has historical importance, but I doubt any of us have seen or would have ever seen the rock around the clock master tape with his own eyes, they weren't exposed to the public
  7. Let's be realistic, unless you are a big audophile you won't difference too much the quality from the real master from a reel to reel copy. In terms of image it's more noticeable, but there are blu ray releases where the master tape was lost and they used a theather film reel. AC/DC's let there be rock:the movie wasn't realeased on dvd and blu ray until 2009, they said the master reel was very damaged and don't know what they did in the end. Yes, it's true that if someday we have the technology to improve in a great way audio fidelity of the recording, the master tape should be the source used, but for me it's not a so big lost.
  8. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Don't know if they can be used with avisynth, but you can do it with plugins like Boris UpRez and Magic Bullet instant 4k. Remember, those plugins only make image look a bit better, but they don't add detail
  9. Wasn't this gig roumored to exist in pro-shot and being a potential leak? I think I heard something when Saskatoon leaked
  10. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I saw another band in a club last november and a guy was recording the full show with a gopro, when it was reaching the last songs, the gorilla from the entrance (club staff, not related to the band) came to him and spoke angry to him for recording the show
  11. Grandpa Axl vs Grandma Robert Smith, this will be funny
  12. GnR Pinball Machine

    2 ways for ripping the files: Easy: Put a dynamic microphone or an electric guitar aiming at the speaker and plug it into an audio interface/pc line in, use some program like audacity to record it Hard: Desolder the speaker and solder an audio output, connect it to a pc and record it
  13. If you get to the first 20 rows you don't notice the mickey voice too much because of the distortion of the PA being so near, but being a festival it depends. I was near both at Madrid 2017 and Download Madrid 2018, I didn't really notice Mickey in 2017 but I realized it in 2018 (sound was lower and it was mixed differently)
  14. They have that one on a Rock Bar in my city, in 2013 I also saw the AC/DC beer on a big supermarket chain
  15. There's the fan4fan version, which is a bit longer than JohnM version during Paradise City. If one of those is the version you have, then it's been out for years, if no, then it's new. Right now I can't remember in what line the song ended in both versions. That one is shit, I've seen that one in stores too, it usually cuts after coma (I guess so it didn't show the vcr menu during Don't cry), has an MP logo on the corner and looks and sounds worse than the rest of the versions. Had it downloaded on a hdd long ago, it's the Masterplan version. I wish one day we get a version with the full Paradise city or at least without the Normal-Hi-Fi thing.