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  1. I think he has fucked up his throat
  2. Comparing to last year he has changed
  3. In 1981 an AC/DC show in Spain almost got cancelled because the bell from Hell's Bells did not fit through the doors of the venue, luckilly they found a way
  4. He probably has some kids internet filter established by Team Brazil
  5. Unless he takes a full box of red bull he can't do a decent perfect crime
  6. Ok, so thats the suprise
  7. C'mon, only 10 minutes
  8. 99% sure they open with Easy
  9. How Ridiculous is it?

    They might, his wireless receiver stopped working fine during let there be rock on live at donnington 1991 and they overdubbed that part on the dvd and blu ray
  10. How Ridiculous is it?

    Maybe wait some years like they did with circus krone 2003 (released in 2009 with the backtracks box) Apparently on that one it was really hot onstage and management almost cancelled the show
  11. How Ridiculous is it?

    I think they recorded one of the brian shows, but i'm not sure, anyway, Brian sounded pretty bad on that tour
  12. The pressed dvd going only until coma I think is because in some versions (probably the company who pressed the dvd had that one too) an vcr menu appears during the next song (Don't cry) and it would look really weird. Paradise City being missing might be due to damaged tape or anything, nobody knows. I've verified with @nikothebellicthat his version is the fan4fan one, that's the most complete version, so nothing new.
  13. Is it the fan4fan (you can see it on the menu) version or is it a new one?
  14. Will: Yeah, ahá, yeah Baz: Alright Washington, let me hear you screeeeeeeeam Crowd: narananananana naranananana Baz: gettin fuckin jiggy with it motherfuckers (Will does random rap) Seriosly, Slash ain't on the poster, and since the gnr reunion he seems more closed on collaborations
  15. Patience cough bullshit

    Because they were unofficially released until someone tried to do like they never existed