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  1. It has been like that since a long time ago (back in 2014 when I registered on Spotify it was like that), it was a cool album for me until I found out about the re-recordings
  2. What's happening with the new unsurfaced pro-shots?

    Yeah, that's what happened, the guy suddenly kept silent, I think another memeber (Fransad? Can't remember) also spoke to him and the guy also stopped responding him.
  3. Spain - CD is gone - OMG is still greyed out - Dont Cry alt is available but with different name
  4. 2001 Shows wanted

    If only we had this instead of HOB...
  5. [MKV] Madrid 1993 remastered

    I won't be at home for a week, I'll try next week
  6. 2001 Shows wanted

    I read on a forum that a guy went to one of the joint shows and his friends recorded some small clips with their phones (2001 phone video quality), I guess the clips are lost. A copy of the giant screen feed with soundboard audio should be on Axl's vault. But no, as far as we know nobody did an audience recording, maybe because of tight security (Slash wasn't let into the show)
  7. Izzy’s guitar tone

    Acording to Sebastian Bach, Izzy's amp was found on a bus stop some miles away from the venue after the St. Louis riot. Apparently a fan stole the amp but the bus driver did not let the amp in.
  8. I was making fun about if any of us went to jail because according to him sharing bootlegs is illegal. Alfred has done worse things and can get into trouble for them.
  9. "+ So, why are you in Jail? - Well, I shared some terrible quality vhs-c Guns N Roses 1993 recording" Seriously, this is crazy
  10. Haven't heard anything for Download Madrid. Here we have a public channel (La 2) that is famous for his documentaries, but it's the only channel that broadcasts rock performances (they used to broadcast Rock in Rio Madrid back in the day an this year the broadcasted Arctic Monkeys and Pearl Jam from Mad Cool 2018). I guess if a broadcast was done Download Madrid's twitter would have said something.

    Reaching this point really sucks Are you sure "the guy" is not behind this? We know he has control on some official digital institutions like the IFPI or the RIAA, so I wouldn't be suprised if he has something to do with the Cease&Desist order. Hope this mafia ends soon and hopefully we'll be able to open another bootlegs forum like Shadow's.
  12. [MKV] Madrid 1993 remastered

    He is really wasted on this show
  13. Y like this high quality clip from Sacramento, It's cool when Axl holds the long note
  14. Nightrain from Argentina 93 is gold. Maybe anything from Hartford 93?
  15. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Nothing, I think he even doesn't have acess to his channel so he can't download his videos (that's my case, fortunately I have most of them on an HDD and I guess him too). The best you can do is download Angel's dvd for Arg '93 an play it with vlc enabling deinterlancing and setting it to yadif x2, that way you'll get 50/60fps