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  1. Please no, can't imagine Axl's Mickey with Skrillex dubstep. It can be good with some bands (Korn for example), but not for gnr. Anyway, the Industrial Metal direction in GnR from late 90s to early 00s was cool
  2. Yes, it was videotaped, because we have Paradise City from that night. The thing is that the tv broadcast was cut right after Civil War (maybe because they already have broadcasted the first night entirely and they wanted to broadcast something else). Will it see the light one day? I doubt, it's been +25 years and it still hasn't been liberated (In Argentina 92 yesterdays was not broadcasted entirely due to a commercial cut, but the full show uncut without the tv station logo surfaced, with bad quality, but it surfaced, same for Argentina 93, the MikeGNR/Duffer looks like a gen3/4 copy from the master tape and it's also uncut).
  3. Nothing, only Yesterdays was broadcasted on tv and released as a B-side on the Yesterdays single. Don't know if Live Era's RQ is from that show. Nightrain and I think Paradise City are from that show. There's also 2 minutes and a half pro video of November Rain and some snipets from the show were used for a Paris 92 tv ad
  4. Nintendo Entertaintment System + Space Invaders and Tetris
  5. AC/DC - Live at Rock in Rio I, 01/15/1985

    It's the last AC/DC pro-shot until 1990. From 1985 to 1990 AC/DC experienced a downfall. Fortunatelly they were able to recover their legend status in 1990 with The Razor's edge Here's footage from the tv broadcast of rio, incomplete but better quality https://youtu.be/sHCI6HuH_0M
  6. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    The tapes were bought almost 2 years ago. The thing is that the 25 anniversary for this one was one year ago. Then it was re-scheduled for January 2018. But yes, now it seems close.
  7. I think he means the album cover of it. The guy probably was saying that he prefers the screen animations rather than a curtain with the album cover printed.
  8. For what I know is that the 2 cameramen shared their tapes. But all the versions end just after civil war. Also, in that same show Axl gives a speech about him and Slash and then he says to the band "I don't even know if I remember the words for this, but can you guys do Nightrain for me?"
  9. Arch Enemy, Guns and Bullet for my Valentine are my favourites, it will be my 2nd time watching AE and GNR but it will be cool!
  10. Try at http://s15.zetaboards.com/Guns_N_Roses_BOOTS/index
  11. He played it with the same duration as the Nightrain opening chord and the next note was also similar to the next note of the song
  12. It's something curious, but it's like if during the Use Your Illusion tour when they played without a setlist sometimes Slash tried to suggest Axl songs by playing the first notes of it, for example, just before Perfect Crime on Indiana 91 he plays what sounds like Nightrain I think I've seen him do it in other shows, for Chicago 92, right after Don't cry he plays something similar to Yesterdays and then Axl tells him that he's going to have to switch guitars for the next song (wich was Bad Obsession)
  13. The admin moved and had troubles with his new home internet (something about ports I think it was) so he couldn't host the hub aanymore
  14. Apparently he did not fall, he just did a wrong step/jump during Mr Brownstone
  15. I'll seed it for the whole day, anyway, I'm trying to use telegram to share it. It let's me share separate files up to 1'5GB, so I splitted each ISO in 3 parts and uploaded it there. Right now only part 1 of ISO 1 is uploaded (I left it uploading the rest of the parts). If you already have a telegram account just use telegram desktop, open this link and download what you want. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFBHmp3UCyRMqo0jpQ It should let you download without speed limits or anything. BTW, for extracting the ISO files I had some troubles using winrar, so I had to use another program (I think it was PowerISO) Edit: It just finished uploading, it took some time due to a storm cutting my internet