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  1. The pressed dvd going only until coma I think is because in some versions (probably the company who pressed the dvd had that one too) an vcr menu appears during the next song (Don't cry) and it would look really weird. Paradise City being missing might be due to damaged tape or anything, nobody knows. I've verified with @nikothebellicthat his version is the fan4fan one, that's the most complete version, so nothing new.
  2. Is it the fan4fan (you can see it on the menu) version or is it a new one?
  3. Will: Yeah, ahá, yeah Baz: Alright Washington, let me hear you screeeeeeeeam Crowd: narananananana naranananana Baz: gettin fuckin jiggy with it motherfuckers (Will does random rap) Seriosly, Slash ain't on the poster, and since the gnr reunion he seems more closed on collaborations
  4. Patience cough bullshit

    Because they were unofficially released until someone tried to do like they never existed
  5. What's the origin of this? I know it got famous for the tokyo 92 dvd, until today I thought Axl only did it in tokyo and argentina 2014 (he also put his hand in the mouth and laughed in AFDemocracy) but I've seen he does it in Oklahoma 92 and a 2017 date too. For what I knew it had something to do with Izzy writing the song, but it looks like the joke itself has something to do with Duff, as he looks at him when he does it (and only does it when duff is onstage).
  6. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Farm Aid counts like uyi era?
  7. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    What are you expecting? Remember Fernando refered to Shadow of your love as "their new single" and it was released 30 years ago, same for the demos
  8. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    The colour version is better After that fucking Queen biopic it looks like Bohemian Rhapsody is now everybody's favourite song.
  9. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Any show that isn't tokyo 92, just anything in good quality, the perfect crime doc would be a dream, even if they release argentina 93 in full with good quality I'll be happy. Or wait, why not releasing various shows? Oh, I forgot, this is guns n roses, I guess we will get a re-release of the Tokyo dvds with the same quality but a new menu featuring Team Brazil on the credits
  10. Missed them with Axl and I think it was one of the worst decisions I ever made, had to do some errands that in the end weren't so important but could't make it to Seville or Lisbon. Saw them with Brian in 2015, right now I don't listen to AC/DC as much as I did back in the day (maybe once every 2 months I play some of their songs), so I don't know if I'll go to see them (I guess I'll end doing so), but lets be honest, Brian's voice is really blown, I wish that if they bring Rudd back they play at least like on the live at river plate show. I love how Chris Slade played on the live at donnington 1991 dvd, but on the rock or bust tour he sounded really dull to me, they decided to slow down songs (some people say it was Angus decision), they did a grandpa version of highway to hell on the grammys 2015 (according to Angus it was to get more stage time as they were forced to cut a part of the song, but it sounded slow as fuck)
  11. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    That happens with all the famous people, is the price you pay, but hey, he's got a fence and I guess private security, so he has no trouble for his privacy
  12. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    If Axl knew about the circus TB is related to the fanbase he would probably fire them
  13. I guess Duff composed this one (Minute 12:16) And then Matt transformed it into what appears on the album
  14. According to Matt he added that intro on one of the takes when he was recording the song and the band liked it. Steven does another intro on his shows, I guess that was the original one
  15. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    If you communicate it to Axl via twitter, I highly doubt he would answer, same for slash, only duff has a minimun chance for answering. What's the other solution? Waiting for Slash/Duff after his solo shows and telling them? No, in 1 or 2 minutes that you would be able to talk with them they would only become confused. What I propose if you want the band to know about it? Giving a letter to Duff/Slash after a show, with screenshots and proofs, but not too long, just telling them "hey, we're having some trouble in the fanbase with some people acting in the name of the band when they are not related, everything is explained here, read it when you have time", they will most likely not read it, but if they do chances for getting the problem solved would increase