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  1. No pro-shot= I don't care anymore about this show
  2. Graspop stream

    Yes, now we can only hope for 1 or 2 songs in the following days on the on demand section
  3. Wonder what Rock in Rio does to get all the shows broadcasted, as far as I know they only had troubles with Taylor Swift in 2015 (it was set to be broadcasted, but canceled by management minutes before). Guns N Roses has always been broadcasted there
  4. Well, rhythm guitar is also muted in some songs from Tokyo like Welcome to the Jungle or Civil War
  5. Always the same shit... While one band is playing on stage 1, crew of the next band start preparing the next band's stuff on stage 2 so the waiting time between the 2 bands is not so long
  6. Yes, it was being recorded for the Japanese tv and they used that opportunity. Same for Slash live at the roxy for example.
  7. Graspop stream

    Can you join them after? Sometimes I've found streams that are divided in very small pieces and couldn't download them
  8. Denver 1991 was the other date
  9. Graspop stream

    They don't do it live, they have a stream running all day coachella style, that's why I expect at least one song to be broadcasted
  10. Graspop stream

    Ok, so Graspop is coming and I wonder if they'll stream some GNR (sometimes they stream the whole show, sometimes just 1 song...). I'll try to grab it and upload it here, but please, in case I'm not able to do it, somebody do a screenrecording. Why I say this? Well, back in 2016 I grabbed the Bullet for my Valentine show from Graspop and uploaded it to Dimeadozen the day after, during the next week my copy was all over youtube, I know it was my version because the program stopped downloading during the last song. The thing is that it looks like NOBODY else recorded it, so that's why I want a backup. You can expect an H264/1280x720p/25fps/1726Kbps video file (not bad) with AAC/2.0/24khz/64kbps audio (pretty bad, this was for 2015 and 2016, don't know if they improved it in 2017) Keep me informed (discuss here) any news about if there will be a stream or not. Also, tell me if GNR appears on Download Festilval Highlights broadcast (they should)
  11. You could be mine, only twice as an opener, but it was cool. But my favourite is Nightrain, Argentina 93 was killer
  12. Btw, is this the only show were they used the Rocket Queen orgasm as backing track? Haven't seen it in other performances
  13. Today I have some free time, so I've just started watching it...on my 49" 4k tv...it looks really awful
  14. As far as I know Globo owns the rights for the rir broadcast, so what we would get would be the master video from the globo broadcast (same camera agles) and , but only if the band wants, a new audio mix. For example, Nightwish decided to release one song from their RIR 2015 performance on an official release, Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica was guesting in the song, but during the tv broadcast there were several problems with his mic, so they did a new audio mix. On the credits for that performance it said something like "produced by Rock in Rio" instead of giving names. Anyway, I highly doubt we'll get an official release from GNR RIR 2001, they could if they wanted to, but is not like Iron Maiden that thought about recording the show before the performance was done. Btw, Rob Halford's show from RIR 2001 was also officially released. Not a lot of people know that.
  15. I'm happy if we get it with this quality