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  1. They have that one on a Rock Bar in my city, in 2013 I also saw the AC/DC beer on a big supermarket chain
  2. There's the fan4fan version, which is a bit longer than JohnM version during Paradise City. If one of those is the version you have, then it's been out for years, if no, then it's new. Right now I can't remember in what line the song ended in both versions. That one is shit, I've seen that one in stores too, it usually cuts after coma (I guess so it didn't show the vcr menu during Don't cry), has an MP logo on the corner and looks and sounds worse than the rest of the versions. Had it downloaded on a hdd long ago, it's the Masterplan version. I wish one day we get a version with the full Paradise city or at least without the Normal-Hi-Fi thing.
  3. When you watch that shitty outside Troubadour 2016 periscope at 5 AM trying to hear something when they opened the club's door. Ironically, it's the only source we have from that show.
  4. Is it me or most live cds/dvds from all bands from this decades are mixed live shit? Most of the shows from the 2000s are mixed better
  5. (The best page to download GNR bootlegs is register there if you wanna enjoy DVDs and audios) EDIT 14-9-2016 I'm sorry guys, but they've deleted those dvds -Music Machine 86 -Ritz 88 -Rio 91 (Both Nights) -Indiana 91 -St Louis 91 -Paris 92 -Farm Aid 90 -Chile 92 (Philly 88, Chicago and Oklahoma 92 and the dvds since Argentina 92 are still there) There are a lot of people that can get confused while downloading DVDs because there are a lot of authorings, so here is a list with the best authoring from every pro shot in my opinion The Music Machine 1986(Only 2 or 3 cameras mix) : Damage Inc. or Limulus, although, Marc Canter has a master tape but he won't release it without band permission. Damage Inc version: The Ritz 1987: (Unreleased) Alex Anderson, we only have a tease on YT, he will release it if he finds something really rare to trade with. The Riz 1988: Limulus, because it's a good transfer from a master tape. Limulus Philadelphia 1988: Mlodociany, because it was remastered frame by frame Mlodociany Melbourne 1988: I don't know about this one, I haven't watch it yet Farm Aid 1990: EstebanF has the best sound Rio 1991 Night 1: Gnr4free / Angel, It's a low gen tape transfer Rio 1991 Night 2: Limulus (Standard Version) , UncleT (Slash cam) has the best sound, the trouble is that it is a bit distorted and also incomplete. There is another authoring by Limulus (Axl cam) that has some Hard N Heavy clips on the extras with amazing quality. Limulus standard version Indiana 1991: Commander, amazing quality St Louis 1991: Limulus, good quality and a lot of extra footage Tokyo 1992: The official Geffen realease, be careful not picking up another version, this one is the one with a 3D Skull logo and 2 options: Play and Setlist on the menu (Official release, can't share it here, sorry) Oklahoma 1992: For me Fan4fan is the best, some others think JohnM is also good. Fan4fan Chicago 1992:Unknown version (Authored as "SLIPKNOT" on Thepiratebay) has the best sound until Don't cry, Fan4fan has the best image quality, but drums sound a bit weak. It is also the longest version (Includes 3 minutes of Paradise City). Between both is JohnM. JohnM Paris 1992: For me, Will (Also called GNRFRANCE) version, JohnM is a bit grainy and the Blu-ray version is too big for what it offers. Limulus is going to release a version transfered from a master tape, that one will be better that the other versions. Will Chile 1992: Chileneanbootlegs is the most unedited version,although, sound is awful. You can fid that version on my YT channel with fm audio (best audio). From the TV source, Hambone Productions. Chileneanbootlegs (dead link, copyright claim) Hambone Productions Argentina 1992: Neo Argentina 1993: Angel, again, Limulus has a gen 1 tape with the Uruguayan broadcast (the full one) that has better quality than the others, but he hasn't released it. Angel Rio 2001: RaslVideos (American DirectTV), hard to find but available on YouTube. Unknown (Argentinian DirectTV) has the best sound but it has some image glitches. Limulus (MultiShow) is also a good option because it has audio from the silver cds. Limulus Unknown Rio 2006: From the versions I've seen, Dizmolo Bonus: The original .vob file from the alex_rose version with the Internet Stream tracks that were cut on the tv broadcast (Better, IRS, Street of Dreams...) Rock am Ring 2006: Freezed, apparently there is a better version called China Original Production, but I've never seen it. Freezed Inland Invasion 2006: Original ASF files Rio 2011: The GloboTV .ts 1080i file (Too big, can't upload it) Las Vegas 2011: Original stream files, they were on the bootleg repository before it was taken down The Forum 2011: Same as with vegas 2011 Chicago 2012: This show is so bad that I've never downloaded it London 2012: There was a version with 5.1 audio, don't remember if it was JimBeam's Blu Ray or Shithawk. The original .ts file available on rutracker is also a good option. (Too big for uploading it, so I'll post the rutracker link) htt Bridge School 2012: The Original flv file (hard to find full) or the ImsorryGNR YT version (better than nothing...) Apettite For Democracy: Official Release (It's official material, so I can't post it here) Golden Gods 2014: Facumoreno is the most complete version, but quality is not the best. Rolando_Houdson version has 3 songs that were uploaded to Revolver's official YT channel but taken down almost instantly. Recently, a new version with a new sound mix and 2 songs and a half (Paladia Broadcast 720p) was uploaded to rutracker. Rutracker version (can't risk uploading it to mega, I have a strike on my YT channel for uploading videos of that show, apparently for the same reason the "fat Axl" photo is being removed) Coachella 2016 night 1: fanfzero (my version), because it is good rip from the stream with the same framerate and no re-encoding Coachella 2016 night 2: SD456, because its the only 2k (1440p) version Thanks to @Bulls from www.gnrbootlegsbrazil.com for creating the userscloud bootleg repository (now deleted, it lasted 2 months) some of the DVDs were taken from that repository and it inspired me doing this one Also thanks to all the people from the chinese democracy tracker, they've done a good job All the MEGA links are mine, had to create 2 MEGA accounts and upload all the stuff Feel free to post any links on the comments Remember that every show since 1991 was recorded in pro-shot, but Axl (we hope still) keeps those tapes. Indiana 91, Oklahoma and Chicago 92 were stolen from the video crew and leaked (Axl mentions the video crew on the Indiana DVD, they filmed every show for a documentary that was never released). St louis tape was needed for Axl's trial after the riot, so someone got it and leaked it. Apparently somebody has a 2010 pro-shot, but he hasn't released it. Marc Canter (Band's close friend) filmed a lot of shows from the early days (He also provided material for the BBC documentary "The most dangerous band in the world") but he can't release them without band's permission.
  6. Minute 1:49, I can barely hear Frank's guitar during his part on the solo (the part Izzy/Gilby did with gnr) Same during Anastasia, It's not muted but it's really low In Outa Get Me it gets buried by bass, drums and Slash's guitar, it can be heard at the beggining because only him and the drummer are playing
  7. [MKV] Madrid 1993 remastered

    So, I started this project in 2015 and uploaded it to my extint YouTube channel. It was done on a bad way (I did not have the Angel DVD and instead used a YT video, also mixed 25 fps with 30fps... a big mess) Yesterday, I decide to begin from 0 an re-do all the work. This time I used a DVD authored as Tony-Rock. This 3DVD version surfaced on Dimeadozen last year and seems to be better than Angel's. Audio comes from the flac audience audio recording included on JimBeam's Project Live Era, much better quality than the potato quality audio from the dvd. It was a big pain in the ass to sync that audio source with the video, as it was speeded up, but I did my best and the final result sounds pretty nice and i'ts on sync. Also did some image tweaking (fixed white balance, image cleaning with neat video plugin, better light...) Looks like the taper changed the recorder after Dead Horse, so audio quality changes there. -Edited with Vegas Pro 15, rendered as mp4 H264 with average bitrate of 10,000,000bps and max bitrate of 20,000,000bps -Audio rendered as WAV PCM and joined to the video with mkv toolnix -50fps deinterlancing - Each song is synced individually, so if one has sync problems the next might be fine (most of the songs are synced fine, only a few exceptions like Drum solo or You Could be mine ending). Video: Media: 3DVD Version: Tony-Rock Filming type: Audiencie Aspect ratio: 4:3 Generation: Low Video format: PAL Total running time: 130 Min Audio: TYPE AUDIENCE uM > uR > analog gen 2 CDR Tracklist Intro It’s So Easy Mr. Brownstone Live And Let Die Yesterdays Welcome To The Jungle Attitude Double Talkin’ Jive Dead Flowers You Ain’t The First You’re Crazy Used To Love Her Patience Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door Dust In The Wind November Rain Dead Horse Drum Solo You Could Be Mine Guitar Solo Godfather Theme Since I Don’t Have You (Intro) Sweet Child O’ Mine Paradise City Notes: There are some minor cuts during the video (less than on Agel's version). Audio taper changes tape/recorder at the end of Dead Horse, so there's a little part where dvd audio is used. 2/3 of the show are filmed from the big screen. A the very beggining you can see Axl at backstage on the big screen. Axl "plays" Gilby's guitar on Mr Brownstone's intro. Slash plays Jimmy Hendrix's Purple Haze as an intro to Attitude. The band jams on 'Train Kept A Rollin'' during 'Double Talkin' Jive. Duff goes down with the crowd during DTJ. Axl gets down to the stage pit next to the crowd at the end of Used To Love Her, when the song is finished he asks Slash if he can hold him a pencil, then, he says something about Robert John. Axl coughs during Patience before "But you set my mind at ease...". Something weird happens on the Dead Horse intro, you can hear a mistake, Axl stops the song and turns around. Gilby and Duff are there with their arms crossed looking at Axl and smiling. Slash then plays the Dead Horse main riff with distortion and at high speed. Axl laughs and re-starts the song Links (Links removed due to the new Downloads section rules, thanks to anyone who downloaded it!) Use VLC or Mp-HC because default windows video player won't play the audio
  8. It was done by a concerts audiovisual producer company, looks like they took it serious to make a good job. It looks and sounds good BUT there's one trouble, rythm guitar is muted, I also guess it wasn't recorded in multicam, so the wouldn't be able to do overdubs (Slash made a mistake during Nightrain solo for example) I liked Made in Stoke, but live from the roxy is awful, I prefer any of the festival pro shots from the World on Fire tour
  9. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Fernando and Del James are aware, they just showed us their middle finger
  10. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    Ok, so no pictures, but would there be any trouble if the person who comes with me takes a picture while he is signing my album? (Without posing or anything, just picturing the scene)
  11. Is Cuckoo club the acoustic show? Nightrain acoustic was also available from that show