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  1. Top 5 VR songs vs top 5 Slash/Myles songs

    VR: Fall to Pieces, Sucker Train Blues, Slither, Set Me Free, The Last Fight Easy to pick 5 Revolver songs, impossible to pick only 5 SMK songs... SMK: Starlight, Far and Away, Crazy Life, Beneath The Savage Sun, Bent To Fly, Battleground, The One You Loved Is Gone, Lost Inside The Girl, Slow Grind, The Great Pretender
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Imagine we have to pay 350PLN in Poland and considering incomes for you it would be like paying 350€. More than GNR...
  3. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Yes, its true. Meegan streamed a bit of it.
  4. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Any videos of Rocket Queen with 4tus?
  5. The One You Loved is Gone reminds me of AB's "You Will Be Remembered"
  6. As UNEXPECTED, this album is the best SMKC work ever. True gems on it. Driving Rain should be switched with Stone Blind from WOF.
  7. SMKC like Alter Bridge? Fuck me now I've seen it all... As for Dover, Slash said few times that both Snakepit's singers are outside his comfort zone. He's happy with Myles, they record music they'd like and they're doing it for fun. The sooner you'll accept that fact, the better and healthier your life will become without that poison in your comments. If you dont like Myles get over it & dont listen to SMKC. Simple as that.
  8. Damn, short set with no new songs from LTD...
  9. Here we go with Rocket Queen! Finally proper drumming on a pro shot <3
  10. Avalon, Halo, Standing In The Sun, Ghost so far. I'm not pleased with the drums mix, flat af.
  11. SMKC in 45 minutes! Stream works perfectly in Poland. I'm digging TLC now, 'No Scrubs' and 'Waterfalls' were great! xD
  12. I have this strange feeling that even though first two singles got massive amount of negative strikes so far, this album will be described as the best that SMKC ever did. There's something fresh and unexpected in COTW, My Antidote and Serve You Right. What's the factor X? Slash touring with GNR or Frank Sidoris on rhythm guitar? Damn this band has really evolved during all those years. You may laugh but two more years and it will be 10 years since Slash gathered those guys in one room to create a band that's still active and managed to record three albums with 45 songs in total (+ three live DVDs and played together more than 500 full length gigs)... 30 years ago, when Myles started singing, he had this deep grunge voice I miss a lot now, more than his raspy episodes later. Just give it a shot: Then he rocked a lot his vocal cords with Mayfield Four in early 2000's and on first two Alter Bridge albums. Actually AB's catalogue shows the best how Myles has changed as a vocalist. In my opinion, on album called simply 'AB3', where band found it's own fresh sound, Myles begun to sing the way he sings now. It may annoy some people, I get that. But I can live with the fact that it's his way to save his voice. He's not a youngster anymore. There are performances where he prooves that he can sing differently if he wants, like on the masterpiece 'Alter Bridge live at Royal Albert Hall ft. Parallax Orchestra': And to those who bitch about his presence, jest take a look at 3:00. Plus SMKC is the very first situation when he has to be a frontman that cannot hide behind the guitar. Citizen Swing, Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge - he was always both singing and playing at the same time. And he had to do that still standing.