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  1. GNR in poland 2019?

    I can't believe people are sharing this bullshit again.
  2. Jesus Christ, I want this DVD now!
  3. Nothing fancy, just delay. The same that he used at the beginning to play intro with volume swell
  4. Probably Hotel Monopol in Katowice. Both Axl (GNR 2012) and Slash (SMKC 2013) stayed there before.
  5. Vote for Scott. With Mr. Brownstone it would've been even easier decision. Additional example of proper drumming
  6. GN'R Mash Ups On YouTube

    Can't believe how well ''Just enough for the citeeeeyyy'' fits for that chorus! And Dimebag, wow I'm sure everybody knows that mashup:
  7. It wasn't recorded. It was pre-production all the way, they wrote 8 to 10 songs till the GNR reunion. Album was recorded this spring with addition of 2 to 4 songs.
  8. They won't do that. For two reasons: 1. it's something that casual Slash's fans come to see 2. they simply love to play those songs, not to mention how good they're doing it. 4-5 GNR songs are rock solid in the set. We can expect more deep cuts from VR/SS though. I see 'Jizz Da Pit' coming back, maybe 'Just Like Anything/Shine/Serial Killer'. They enjoyed playing 'Let It Roll' and 'Sucker Train Blues/Dirty Little Thing'. Set will vary, I'm sure. They have one of the biggest catalogue in the business to pick from. Three GNR albums, two VR albums, two Snakepit albums, three SMKC albums. Almost 100 songs... Hopefully they will play Bad Company's 'Feel Like Making Love' intro to 'Slither' again, it's awesome.
  9. I disagree, cheers.
  10. You feel embarrassed because it would drag attention to your car or to the fact that you actually dig the music?
  11. Too bad so many people are fine with GNR milking them out of money. The sooner this whole 'reunion' is over the better for people who want new music from Slash and Duff. If GNR was a boat going to the 'Creative Islands' Axl surely would be an anchor.
  12. Haven't you noticed that this girl doesn't like SMKC and she comes to Slash/Myles related threads only to write (as she thinks) 'ironic' posts to discredit the band?
  13. I don't think so. Nightrain, SCOM, Rocket Queen, Mr. Brownstone and Paradise City are rock solid. It's also likely that Todd will alternate with You're Crazy/Out Ta Get Me/Welcome To The Jungle.
  14. And who is miles? My post was intentional.
  15. Solo tour sold out, most of AB and SMKC gigs always sold out too, at least in Europe. No need to bother I guess