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  1. "SLASH Guitar Fail?" - Discuss.

    Watch the vid dude... *PEOPLE* bashing Stevie, because they haven't watched the video and they assume Stevie is bashing Slash XD
  2. "SLASH Guitar Fail?" - Discuss.

    You should've because he's not criticising Slash at all. He explained why this solo was so bad and showed at the end how this solo would sound (literally, he learned it from the video) if guitar was in tune.
  3. "SLASH Guitar Fail?" - Discuss.

    Just watch the video before you post any comment. Steve explained it in the easiest possible way.
  4. Check any AC/DC video with Axl on vocals and come back saying that again.
  5. Many people I know were shocked after they've seen Slash's interview recently, where he said that Velvet Revolver was 'no fun at all'. This band gave us some classic hard rock tunes, but we have to accept the fact that the hiatus lasts longer than the band did. Is it all about the singer? Scott was exceptional, way ahead of his best times with STP he had his career bouncing up again. It's no secret that they hated him, maybe besides Duff. Now, with GNR reunion and Slash releasing new music with SMKC (this band is 8 years old now!), should we look forward to see something fresh on that matter? I know guys couldn't stand people calling VR a supergroup, but after all those years they should keep that label in my opinion. Search for well known, charismatic vocalist and make a record with all those riffs and ideas hidden in the vault. If I was the one to choose, I'd call Gary Cherone. First of all, he's available, he's far from being a 'diva' and more importantly he doesn't age at all, just check those videos 1990 2016 This is crazy!
  6. [Poll] What's your favorite track on "Living The Dream"?

    The one and only track I still am reluctant to is Sugar Cane, even though the phrasing in solo is great. This songs is something like Avalon on WOF, I just don't dig it.
  7. I'd like to see some info on that album, I mean how really Slash was involved (besides solos). It doesn't sound like his work TBH.
  8. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    ''Bobby Schneck on lead guitar!" Nice spot for rhythm player to shine, I wish they'll do it again at some point.
  9. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Can you point that out in that video?
  10. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    And what made you think Duff ignored Myles? Was he ignoring him when he asked him personally to take part in RORHF? People...
  11. It'd be a nice favor It was supposed to alternate with Welcome To The Jungle and Todd on vocals.
  12. SMKC rehearsed it back in 2015.