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  1. That Nightrain from the other day was unreal. I thought it was some kind of spoof at first. He's using like five different voices and they're all terrible.
  2. It really is fantastic. Gotta give it to Axl on that one. It's perfect.
  3. Why not? What is the big goddamn deal about dealing with issues directly?
  4. Band sounds good but the songs are totally nondescript.
  5. Not married , but if Axl ever tried to get rid of Beta I have no doubt it would end up costing him a fuckload of money.
  6. The massive success of Appetite for Destruction is kind of unfortunate in a way. If it had just gone gold or maybe even platinum - basically enough to keep them going/signed but not make them superstars , it would have been much better for the band long term. The original (and best) lineup would have stayed together longer and we'd have a lot more music.
  7. Official shirt at the mall.
  8. The should have told him to keep his fucking contract and forget the interview. No media outlet should ever sign some shit like that. Even if it's just Classic Rock.
  9. Of course he does. He is one of the five guys that created that stuff. No drummer will ever play it better.
  10. Not his first marriage either so it's not like he didn't know how this stuff goes..
  11. Do people still like Rockers?

    Is it possible to write a rock song that's not instantly dismissed as generic? Yes it definitely is. Is it possible for guys like Axl and Slash at this point? Maybe not.
  12. Well I do like Steven and I don't really like the NITL version of Guns, but when you have the real lead singer and the real lead guitar player it has more legitimacy than...this. This is just a cover band that happens to have the real GNR drummer. It's not fair maybe, because in the end they are doing basically the same thing, but it is different. This is just lame.
  13. Yes but he's not currently available.
  14. Axl did a great job but he was a fill-in singer and nothing more. Brian is the true AC/DC singer.