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  1. Agreed. Axl can't touch classic AC/DC as a lyricist, but he could do better than the recent stuff. The question is will Angus let him. I'm guessing he won't. As far as booziness, I'd say not very boozy these days. Angus is a lifelong teetotaler and I doubt Stevie and Slade are out there tearing it up either. Axl is probably the booziest guy involved here.
  2. I doubt Axl will be writing anything if there's an album. This will be more of an 'AC/DC featuring Axl Rose' type of thing with Angus in charge of everything.
  3. He played great so what if he tripped. btw, if you watch that show closely you'll see Slash vomits during Civil War. But he also played great so who cares.
  4. No but I wouldn't expect to be either. I haven't really been satisfied with them since '88 or so. Maybe '90 if we include Farm Aid but that was really the last thing.
  5. I'd say no. They can't do stadiums indefinitely. They're not the Stones. Any future tour would have to be smaller scale and I think Axl would rather just stop than accept that.
  6. Van Halen have a pretty active board and they don't do a goddamn thing. Zeppelin and KISS have pretty active boards too.
  7. Loved by millions and millions suggests to me some reality show dipshit. Like an American Idol type. But I don't watch that stuff so I have no idea who it could be.
  8. I'm not a fan of his drumming and I always thought he came off as kind of a dick back then. However, nowadays I think he comes off really well. Maybe the most likable person in the GNR universe even. He really seems to have evolved as a person since that time.
  9. The Plugz - Electrify Me Charlie was like 16 or something when they made this record.
  10. Very sad. He was a great drummer and by all accounts a really cool guy. Bums me out to hear about how rough things got for him,
  11. Slash seems so sober and together. It's interesting because his public image was of someone who was fucked up all the time. But obviously you have to have it together at times in order to put in the work it takes to be as good as they were.
  12. Really get paid doing what though? The NITL tour was the big payday/cash in. That's not happening again.
  13. Whats next for ac/dc?

    I seriously doubt they would go with Duff. Angus doesn't want AC/DC to be almost half GnR members.
  14. I don't buy this for a second. Niven talks out his ass constantly I don't believe a word he says.