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  1. This is the definitive version of the song for me. Blows away the UYI version imo.
  2. That's pretty fucked up.
  3. Marquee '87 soundcheck? I must see this.
  4. They should have had special GNR-branded Night Train. That would have been perfect. Probably just as well they didn't though...that shit is dangerous.
  5. I'm really glad they used this one. I've always thought it was by far the better version. Same goes for Heartbreak Hotel. They used (imo) the right take of that too.
  6. Listening to the Sound City stuff and it sounds really good. Also Steven Adler is a great drummer.
  7. Sounds good. I prefer the acoustic guitar version but this one's great too.
  8. This kind of rubs me the wrong way tbh. This song is by the original lineup and it's got nothing to do with that tour footage. Obviously these three guys were part of that lineup but if they're going to use current footage they should use current (live) audio. Not this track from 1986.
  9. In my opinion the 'lost' GNR album is the one that should have been between Appetite and UYI. One more straight ahead rock album before they got into the epics.
  10. I love Move The City but I kind of feel like it's meant to be an electric song. This version is cool but the song kind of loses a bit in the translation.
  11. Fly GNAIR

    I think when it comes to this band, if you find yourself thinking 'this couldn't possibly be as lame as it looks, there has to be more to it' ...it probably is and there probably isn't. This really is just stupid merch and hashtags about their plane.
  12. Is that Axl's mama to his left there?
  13. Fly GNAIR

    Those fucking glasses.
  14. People want hits but there's a lot of bloat in their set. Lots of stuff that could be cut/swapped out for other songs.
  15. Ha. Taylor has a picture of Alex Van Halen on his bass drum. That rules.