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  1. Gary Sunshine was in Circus of Power and NY Loose so he's cool, no idea what he did in GNR though.
  2. It's so weird how they can't really talk about the band. Nikki ask about it very tentatively...Slash makes clear he can't really talk about except to say how great the tour was. What other band operates this way?
  3. Also, it's very likely Phil would be unable to tour in Canada or the US.
  4. I don't think you'll see Mark come back, not after he sued them. I know he was at Mal's funeral but that doesn't mean they're on good enough terms for him to rejoin,
  5. Garbage. This guy was smart to latch onto Axl and never let go. He's got nothing to offer on his own.
  6. What do you expect them to do? They're professionals. They're not going to get up there and deliberately half-ass it. If it were entirely up to him, Slash would never play a song like This I Love. He just wouldn't.
  7. I had a tape with the November Rain demo in 1988 and I always assumed it was him even if it didn't say.
  8. I live very close to Mohegan Sun but I will not be attending. It's gonna take a better deal than free to get me to a Dizzy and Frank show.
  9. The Replacements weren't hipsters. Far from it.
  10. It doesn't need a remaster. Sounds great as it is. But a nice package with some demos, alternate versions, live stuff etc? That would be great.
  11. Not one of the very best but better than he gets credit for. As has been said, he is solid, has great tone and comes up with memorable parts. And really, what else is he supposed to to besides that? That's the gig.
  12. Tommy has played on more great records than anyone else that's ever been in Guns. This is indisputable. He was touring and recording years before Axl even left Indiana. Six classic records under his belt before Appetite even came out! Also lol @ this 'he bullied Buckethead thing'. Stop with that already.
  13. I don't understand why they wouldn't do something to commemorate this. It doesn't really cost them anything and someone else would be doing all the actual work. All they have to do is listen or look at stuff and say yes or no. What could the downside possibly be?
  14. TSI was okay for what it was, or what it was meant to be...a sort of stop gap. The problem is that nothing came after. That was it. And as the last statement of a band, which is what it turned out to be.... it's a pretty weak one.
  15. That statement is just embarrassing. Poor misunderstood Axl. ' Manson's name coupled with mine' - pretty sure it was you that did that, not the media.