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  1. Happy Bday CD!

    Eh, I think it’s their most interesting record as I enter my 30th year in the world. Love them all, but I really appreciate the detail to arrangement in CD and ya just don’t get that on the other records.
  2. Is it The Blues (02 arrangement) or Street of Dreams (official release arrangement)?
  3. Bob Ezrin and UMG fucked Axl's career. I keep coming back to this and it's more and more obvious that Axl had the material to release in 2000. It's so sad.
  4. Such an Elton John track, lyrically and the chord progression. Not sure why there's so much hate, is it just that everyone thought the song was going to be something else based on who-the-fuck-know's description? Kinda silly if you ask me. Take the song for what it's worth.
  5. Gotta throw in '02 version of The Blues.
  6. Not convinced his voice is gone. Sounded not great in 2002 when he was recording, sounds not great now. Maybe he's saving his voice for recording, has blown it recording, or honestly is just bored singing the same fucking songs over and over again while Perhaps, Atlas, State, etc. have been in the vaults and unplayable.
  7. Two. Decades. So fucking sad it took so long for us to hear these songs. Keep reading this, but it's so sad Axl wasn't allowed to release the album he wanted to in 2000.
  8. And then Perhaps leaks and we realize we don't need Izzy anymore
  9. Interesting sound. Not feelin’ it like Better back in the day, but it’s a cool track.
  10. So what all has leaked recently? Seems like it’s hard to keep up.