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  1. As I stated in the previous thread, I went to see Def Leppard/Journey at Prudential Center on Friday. I compared the setlist. It was the same set list as the other concerts that both bands performed at. Additionally, both bands only played 1.5 hour each and only the hits. GNR is giving three hours of performance. They had the same setlist back in the UYI tour as well with slight changes. For this tour, the only song that I do think they need to drop is Wichita Lineman. It was such a downer. Other than that, the setlist is fine.
  2. It's beyond me that people like you watches Youtube videos of concerts and then comes on here to complain about it. Why waste your time? People like you complain about his voice, set list, etc. Go out to concerts rather than continually complaining about something. Last night I went to see Def Leppard/Journey at Prudential Center. Both played well. I think Def Leppard was better than Journey actually. However, both played for a 1.5 hour and only the hits. Furthermore they have the same set list for each of the concerts that they have done. I checked in setlist.fm. Compare the Def Leppard/Journey tour to Guns N' Roses. Def Leppard/Journey are only giving you a hour and half of their time each. For their hardcore fans that sucks. GNR is giving three hours and playing deep cuts like Coma. Not sure what more you want.
  3. This thread is funny. Yeah, Axl with a clown that has a Michael Myers mask and an alien looking guy. NO THANKS!!!!!! It was embarrassing to be known as a GNR fan at that time. The NITL lineup is much better.
  4. This entire talk about showing drive is a bit ridiculous. You can tell when someone is mailing it in and when a person isn't. Out of the concerts that I have been to, the only person that I can think of who mailed it in was Brian Johnson at MetLife Stadium in 2015. I saw AC/DC twice before that show. There was a huge difference in the previous two times compared with the third time that I saw them. I don't know if it was his hearing issues, but the guy was just not preforming well. As a result, it seemed like the entire band was just lethargic and going through the motions. Compared that to when I have seen Axl's performance three times in two years, I can say that Axl is definitely not mailing it in. He is showing drive. Heck, they are doing different songs.
  5. The leak of The Blues sounds better than the album version. There Was A Time also sounds good. I think these are definitely internal leaks since it's happening quite a lot the last few days. I'm also thinking it might be just to really put the nail in the coffin for this era of GNR.
  6. I just heard both. Thank God Slash and Duff are back. Silkworms isn't good. Oh My God sounds ok.
  7. OMG!!!! Axl lost his voice! OMG!!!! Axl is sick! Oh man. It was a joke reading this forum on Sunday. As proof from Shadow, his voice is fine.
  8. I know what it entails. The point is not to make assumptions about one's health.
  9. He'll be fine. For whatever reason, he's always sings badly his first show and then improves. It's been like this since they broke out.
  10. You are making assumptions that he has a medical issue. If the guy does then I'm sure they'll cancel the tour. Until they actually do say it, don't make assumptions. I went to concerts in both 2016 and 2017. He didn't have an issue in both concerts. As for the shortened setlist, some people who live in that area stated that there is a 10pm curfew.
  11. Hey. You've been doing a lot of speculation on Axl's medical condition. One thing you NEVER EVER want to do is to assume someone's medical condition. I'm not sure where you are from, but in the U.S. it's actually against the Americans with Disabilities Act. Rather than assuming something you may or may not know, how about just acknowledging that Axl and the rest of GNR had a one off performance, which had a plethora of issues? We'll see how things go in the next couple of shows.
  12. Knock yourself out if you want to. I already know that tickets are expensive. Ticket prices for any artist should be at most $75. Not over $100.
  13. Actually it was free since I had to use up my AMEX points.
  14. I have the Bon Jovi ticket right on my desk. I went to the concert on May 10th, 2018 at MSG. For section 227 Row 10 seat 20, I paid face value of $109.75. TicketMaster then added their fee of $26.15. That's $135 for a seat that I couldn't see the band. Bon Jovi had one small monitor to view the band. You said that I was BSing.
  15. I guess that answers my question for some people.