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  1. Page Six is in the NY Post. Not the NY Times. I sometimes take the NY Post with a grain of salt due to some of the outrageous articles they have. With that being said, they have been right about some things as well. They do have credibility with Page Six so I would say that they might be right about what Axl said.
  2. For me, I don't have any regrets paying $180 for my MSG ticket. I did something that I really enjoy and loved every second of it. What I have a problem with is paying for NY Giants tickets for my father and I. Initially, the Giants received hype to be in the playoffs and be Super Bowl contenders. That is far from the case. This season went down the toilet in week 4. I feel like I now have wasted $350 on a crappy product. Giants should be issuing refunds for this season.
  3. I was at the show last night. What a great night! Guns was tight. All was really good. I'm starting to wonder if the current political climate is the reason why Madagascar was brought back since it does have the "I Have a Dream" speech. I do think the Witcha cover tune needs to go. For me, it kinda brought the atmosphere down a notch. I would like to see Free Ballin or a GNR tune instead. Patience was good. I really liked how Pink came out and did the outdo. It seemed as spur of the moment and it was something different. The only thing negative was as usual NJ Transit. It's the second largest transportation system and they don't have an hourly or half hour schedule from NJ to NYC and vice versa.
  4. GNR in New Jersey today

    The band knows which state rocks! Jersey!!
  5. Realistically speaking, the guy has performed for two years with two bands. In addition, he has made guest appearances as well. With this amount of work, you just can't expect his voice to hold up like this. Next week, I'm going by myself to see Guns N' Roses at MSG. I'm not going to have any expectations. Instead, I'm just going to enjoy the music and the sight of my childhood idols together for the second time in two years. It'll actually be the third time of seeing Axl in two years. This might be my last chance of seeing them since you never know what can happen to you and your loved ones in the future. Heck look at what happened last night and today. You have 50 people dead at a concert. You have Tom Petty who is clinging to life as we speak. Life is too short. I'm hoping that Axl will rest his voice for at least the first to mid second quarter of 2018 and then a Guns N' Roses album in the latter half of the year.
  6. I'm not sure if the world was really watching. The only Rock in Rio that I remember being heavily promoted and broadcasted here in the States was Rock in Rio II. Other than that, I don't think anyone cares anymore. I'm not sure how Europe or Asia feels about it nowadays.
  7. Yesterdays sounds like it has been for awhile. The way some of you are ranting, it's as if GNR put on their worst performance ever. Gee calm down with all the negativity!!!
  8. Guns N' Roses cancer support shirts.

    I'm not surprised by this since Slash's mother died from lung cancer. Kudos to GNR for this!
  9. Excited About GNR future

    Flawed logic is what's been going on here by saying that Metallica and U2 are "relevant", but GNR isn't. It's just mind boggling to me. These are facts that Metallica struggled selling tickets at their ONLY NYC appearance in 14 years. In addition, there were issues with U2's performances. GNR will always be my all-time favorite. However, I do like all three. To say that two bands are more "relevant" than one band while all three are touring is just inconceivable.
  10. Excited About GNR future

    Just some perspective on Metallica, U2, and GNR from the past two years. I went to the Metallica concert at MetLife Stadium. They played great! However, there were plenty of empty seats as well. They struggled to sell tickets in the #1 market for the U.S. Lars said that they haven't been in the NYC area in 14 years and that this was their first concert since that time. He stated that they will be back. For Metallica not to sell out MetLife Stadium after being away from the area for 14 years speaks volumes. Maybe it was because it was on a Sunday night and Mother's Day is one reason. However, I don't think it's the only reason. I don't think they are as "relevant" as some people in this forum think they. Regarding U2, they sold out their shows this year. However, there were a plethora of complaints that I read regarding the show. Most notably it was either due to the sound system or that this is a watered down version of U2 that just didn't perform well as in the past. My friend and his wife left in the middle of the show and said that Bono's voice wasn't good. Guns N' Roses two best nights last year were at MetLife. I was at the show. Completely sold out. There weren't any complaints about the concerts.
  11. Just to add to this, there are demos out there of the AFD tracks that are free and on YouTube. I used to have a cassette tape that I bought at a street fair with all of the demos from AFD. I'm a huge GNR fan, but I never bought the Hollywood Rose nor the Rapidfire Cds. I'm not exactly sure it would have been worth it to the band to rerelease AFD. The ROI just isn't there for them. I agree that I would rather see them take time and effort in putting on a great performance for the concerts.
  12. No Riaad. That song is awful.
  13. In October 1987, my parents decided to get cable. I was watching MTV with my dad and a video montage came filled with clips. It had George Michael "Faith", Bon Jovi "Living on a Prayer", and a red headed screaming banshee in an electric chair. My dad said this was an awesome band. A few days later, I listened to Jungle in full. It helped me to get the aggression out since I was in the middle of a fight for my education as a person with a disability. There was no ADA at that point. I was 11 years old and beat the Board of Education. I fell for GNR because of that. They were rebels and had to fight like I did to survive. Besides this, it was Axl's voice, Slash's guitar playing, Duff and Izzy coolness, and Adler always smiling along with his drumbeats.
  14. I would say 91. I saw them twice that year at Nassau Coliseum and MSG. Out of the three shows that I attended during the UYI tour, MSG was the best one. Although it was a couple weeks after Izzy left the band, Axl seemed happy and the band was amazing. I saw them in 92 at Giants Stadium. GNR is my favorite all-time band. However, Metallica smoked GNR that night. I became a fan of Metallica after that night.