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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    It's the endless complaining that occurs on here that gets annoying. Now the prices of the Vegas dates - which I read last night- that is a valid issue. I can see why people would complain since that is ridiculous! Please go back to the first two pages and look at it objectively. By dismissing people concerns that there is too much complaining about things on here, you are not listening to those people. By saying that it's a minority (it's not a minority), you are not listening and becoming what you don't like seeing in GNR. There are things that always needs to be improved upon whether it's GNR, this message board, or something else in life. For me, I'll probably be here less since I now have other things to be concerned about.
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Thanks! I totally get that, BUT the first two pages of this thread was the typical MYGNRFORUM complaining. I had to stop reading the rest of this thread as a result. My opinion is that Russ and several other moderators really need to talk things over and decide what actually should and shouldn't be criticized. When you cry wolf over everything, your legitimate complaints will not be heard. You have others saying the same thing as well.
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Too much COMPLAINING!!!! Be grateful that you can actually go to a show and post on this message board. Be grateful that the band is able to still tour. One day they won't be around. One day YOU won't be around or may not be able to attend a show. The past couple of days has taught me again that anything can happen in life unexpectedly. I would have never expected that at age 69 my father would have had a minor stroke even though there is family history of it. It happened on Monday and I'm glad he's ok. Enjoy life! It's too short.
  4. I'm thinking there will be a new single coming out in the fall. You have two actors who are big fans of GNR coming out with new movies: Stallone and Schwarzenegger. It would be very fitting for GNR to have a new song featured in the last Rambo or Terminator movies.
  5. What was so special about AFD5 was that they played to everyone's strengths. They also had a brotherhood. That's very rare to find in both. No one was above each other at that time period and they fought as underdogs to achieve great success, which came at a price for each of them. Each member of AFD5 will always mean something to me. Hope that some members on here realize that AFD5 was a group effort and realize the contributions that each member made to GNR.
  6. This sucks for music in general. I read the article at work. Russ thanks for posting it. A few questions that I have. Why did the NY Times release this article now? What caused the interest to investigate further into this fire since it happened 11 years ago?
  7. Wow! I would love for some of you keyboard warriors to go on stage and sing for 3 hours over 2.5 years. Lets see if you can do it. It seems like there are some people who really need to work on their lives rather than throwing insults at a singer who has accomplished a lot more. One last thing. I will never understand those who come here to bash the band. If you don't like something why waste your time??? Life is short as it is to waste time on something you don't like.
  8. There was that interview from Sorum who stated there were 7 finished songs and then 7 songs with ideas that they were working on. So who knows what he was referring to. This I Love was started back in 93.
  9. I would love if they actually titled the album as "Stay of Execution".
  10. This is why I keep saying we as fans don't know the details of the contract of their partnership. There could very well be another entity that was only for NITL tour in the beginning. There could be stipulation in a new contract for the partnership. If you noticed in the link that I provided, Axl filed it in 2017. That indicates to me that there is a possibility of another entity along with the research Blackstar provided. Axl, Slash, and Duff are not obligated to disclose since GNR is considered a private company under California. As I said before, part of my job is to research who are the executives at Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. I use websites, SEC filings, press releases, other government filings, etc. to determine that and get them entered into the Bloomberg system. There's no way that I can possibly know the partnership agreements for a firm since it's private. The same concept applies to GNR. If GNR was a PE or VC firm, Bloomberg would consider Axl, Slash, and Duff as partners due to the court document for the lawsuit along with the legal filing sent to the U.S. Trademark. Lastly, I forgot to previously mention how important it is that Slash had control of the logo. In some cases, the logo is worth more than the name. For instance, Ford had put up their oval logo as collateral to take out loans during the "Great Recession" of 2008. Anyway that's it on my end.
  11. It depends on what the contract says of the partnership, which we don't know. Unless they sue each other again, that will be private as it should be. I get that you are from Ireland and you may not know how legal filings work in the United States and in California. The research that I have done along with Blackstar is based on court documents and filings to the United States government along with the state government of California. There's really nothing more that can be said. Anyway this is my last comment on it.
  12. You are wrong about that. IF Slash and Duff are minority shareholders, you can still block decisions. It's been alluded to that Duff is the deciding vote if Axl and Slash are deadlocked. My father's employer has one majority owner and several minority shareholders. The minority shareholder have blocked the majority shareholder. Additionally not even my boss, Mike Bloomberg (one of the worlds richest men), doesn't always have the final word on things. There are partners and a management committee. The question on here and throughout this entire time was whether or not Slash and Duff are employees or shareholders. We got proof that they are shareholders. Don't change the goal posts. As they you are entitled to your own opinion, but not the facts. This is no offense to you, but I would suggest that you learn business and not think you know it all. None of us do, especially this situation.
  13. As I previously stated, the lawsuit against the brewery along with the filing that was sent to the U.S. Trademark indicates that Axl, Slash, and Duff are partners in the business entity of GNR. These are legal facts. Not your opinion or anyone else's. Apologies for being harsh, but I hate when people try to state their opinions as facts or try to dissuade facts. It's just too much of that going on in our society today.
  14. Sure! It does state the structure. They may have used this as a foundation to create a new contract. Remember there was that rumor about Axl getting 50%, while Slash and Duff getting 25% each.
  15. It is a business. I can tell you that a lot of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are set up as General Partnerships. You can tell a lot about the company based on the legal tail in its name. The important thing is what is said in the lawsuit against the brewery and the U.S. Trademark filings. These are legal documents, which are sent to a U.S. government agency. We don't know how the partnership is structured, but we do know that the three are partners in the business entity of GNR.