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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Who's fault is that though? You chose to listen to the leaks. Also keep in mind that there can be difference from a demo to the actual product.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    You are missing the point of my post. It's not just about having the rights to the name. It's about managing your brand and the expectations of that brand whether it's music, sports, corporate, etc. There's a certain level of expectations involved when that brand is very well established. Axl's vision of GNR when everyone left didn't have an ounce of a chance to succeed since there was already expectations built previously by the AFD 5 and UYI lineups. Additionally, GNR is a blues based hard rock band. People are not willing to go to see a GNR that changed their music. The expectations are just not there. If I wanted to go see or hear a different type of band or music, I would follow that. Creed is actually a good example since GNR didn't have much juice in the late 90s. Creed was HUGE when they released their album. You heard them on pop and alternative stations in the NYC area. Scott then became a mess. Creed fired him and got Myles. They could have stick with the name like STP has done recently. They didn't. They chose a different name and was freed up on expectations. Look at Audioslave. Even though RATM was popular, they went with a different name and produced a different type of music. The name of a band matters when it's an established brand. Axl nor Slash would have been able to continue with the success of GNR by themselves.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Out of all the tracks that were on CD or those that were leaked last year, Hard School is the most classic sounding GNR song that had leaked. I have serious doubts that it came from the various CD lineups for Nu-GNR. I do think this might have been one of the songs that Matt Sorum mentioned regarding 7 completed tracks and 7 songs that they were working on during the mid 90s before Slash left the band.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl is one of my childhood idols, but I have to respectfully disagree with you on this. The biggest mistake that Axl made was not letting go of the GNR name. If he had done that and started a new band with a different name, he might have had success with it. The casual fanbase didn't want to see Buckethead nor Finck in GNR. I had people asking me wtf happened to the band when they performed on MTV. I also had friends that went to the MSG show in 2002 and hated it due to BH being the guitarist and not Slash. Axl should have created a new band with a different name. Heck, you had Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, and Alter Bridge at this time period that did so and had success with a name that that had core members. The casual fanbase, especially those in the 35-45 age range, sees Axl and Slash as GNR.
  5. You can deal with what ifs, but what ifs are not facts nor reality. This band was built on an explosive attitude. They told the world: "f u we are doing it our way and don't block our path". It's that attitude that made me a hardcore fan besides the music. The attitude is also part of their mystique. There was going to be an internal struggle as a result of that attitude. Given their individual backgrounds, they just couldn't find a way to resolve the issues that came up. It wasn't meant to be for all 5 of them to be in a band together for the long haul.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    WTF!!!! Yesterday, I thought the Giants were stupid to hire a coach with no head coaching experience and was only a ST/WR coach. I think that fake Reddit definitely beats that. Who comes up with a stupid fake review?? I wish I had that amount of time that the fake reviewer has.
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl was always a hit or miss in concert, though, even back in the day. Nothing has changed from the 80s to now in that respect.
  8. Yeah but it just doesn't seem like Rick is that type of a person. It seems like he's trying to get as much attention as possible. Honestly, I think it's a selfish thing to do considering that he has a wife and kid. At this age, there's more to life than seeking attention or GNR. It's just not worth losing everything.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if something behind closed doors is happening to Tom Zutaut. From working in corporate, I've learned that things are usually handled out of public when dealing with a current or former executive.
  10. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    I asked my friends if they wanted to go. No one wants to spend the money due to Vince Neil's voice. Also Citi Field is tough to get to and leave on a Sunday night if you are living in NJ. That's a lot money for one ticket. I looked at Rolling Stones tickets at MetLife Stadium to take my father for his 70th birthday last year. The very last row at MetLife Stadium costed $360 for one ticket without fees. Instead, I took him to the Giants home opener which was cheaper.
  11. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    Do you know how much tickets are going for regarding Motley Crue/Def Leppard, Poison/ Joan Jett??? I was looking at ticket prices for Citi Field. They are $200-$300 on average for poor seats. Not to mention the travel cost of going there from NJ. Both NYC and NJ Transit have limited travel options on a Sunday night. The complaints of something like that on here would skyrocket in regards to cost.
  12. One in a million lyrics

    Interesting! I didn't know the quote was from 2008.
  13. One in a million lyrics

    I definitely agree. This weekend I went to a close friend's holiday party. My friend had his employees, clients, and professional associates at the party. I was probably one of the few personal friends at the party (I've known my friend for 21 years going back to college). I met an interim CFO at the party. The guy started asking me inappropriate questions about my disability and my lisp. I was fuming on the inside and felt completely uncomfortable, but remained calm on the outside and answered some of his inappropriate questions. We did play pool together and talked about various other topics towards the end of the night. It amazed me, though, that a guy at this level would actually ask me questions that shouldn't have been asked. If this was a working atmosphere, he could have gotten himself into a lot of trouble. Perception of yourself and others can definitely be interesting and not reality.
  14. One in a million lyrics

    Actually there are several quotes from Slash which stated he wasn't cool with One In A Million. He also heard it from family member as well. https://www.metalsucks.net/2018/05/09/lets-talk-about-guns-n-roses-one-in-a-million/ “I was offended. That was a brash, ignorant kind of statement Axl made. I knew where he was coming from, once he explained it, but that didn’t validate it to make it worthy of putting on a record. We had issues. But the more issues we had, the more adamant he was about putting the song on there. I was hugely embarrassed that it was on something that my name was on. It was a tough little period.” https://ultimateclassicrock.com/slash-one-in-a-million-gnr-box/
  15. Who is to say that they won't pull off a good to great album? You and no one else has the answer to that. At least it'll have the GNR sound. CD didn't have that. For me, I see it as unfinished business for Axl, Slash, and Duff. I don't think they want TSI to be known as their last album. No matter what I'm looking forward to it when it's released.