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  1. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    I don't think it's wishful thinking. Arnold is coming back and is a HUGE GNR fan. You have Linda Hamilton and James Cameron coming back as well. Lastly, this new Terminator movie will be after T2. They are wiping out the other sequels in the franchise. Considering that T2 has been the most successful movie in this franchise, they'll want to bring in the elements that made T2 successful. GNR had a part in making T2 a successful movie.
  2. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Well this would fall in line with Terminator 6: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminator_6 The untitled Terminator film is scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox on November 15, 2019.
  3. Today was the first time since I bought the album that I listened to it while driving. I thought it was a good album. Besides Slash's playing, the drums really stood out for me. I wish that Fitz was the drummer for GNR. His drumming kinda reminds me a bit of Adler. Myles has a good voice, but he definitely lacks in stage presence when I saw SMKC last Monday.
  4. Just sold my tix

    I was at the Slash show last night which was in the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. Montclair is only 15-20 minutes for me so figured to go with my childhood friend. It was a great show!!! It's definitely different now than before. Tom, I think you'll regret selling the ticket.
  5. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Myles Kennedy is supposed to go back to Alter Bridge at some point in 2019. I think when that happens, GNR will go into the studio. I'm also thinking there will be one new song release since Terminator will be out in the fall of 2019.
  6. I have to respectfully disagree with your definition of being a professional. It doesn't matter if you are in a rock band or not. To me being a professional is showing up, doing your work to the best of your ability, due diligence, attaining results, and providing great customer service. Working in corporate, I don't always see this being done. As a result, I don't think corporate is always professional.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised by this. In general, I think you'll see more musicians release surprise albums.
  8. Yeah, he played like crap after the Josh Norman incident. That's why this happened: In 2016, he became the fastest player in NFL history to reach both 200 career receptions and 4,000 career receiving yards. In 2016, he recorded his first 100-reception season and reached the NFL playoffs for the first time in his career, after helping the Giants to an 11–5 season record. AS far as being a drama factory, the NY Giants had a wife beater who was a kicker. The Giants also had Shockey who was a much bigger drama queen and headache for Eli Manning. As far as releasing an album, you are having selective memory. as to who rejoined the band two years ago. It's kinda of bit hard to do so when you are doing a world tour.
  9. I would say that UYI I and II are great albums. I do think that Get in the Ring, Shotgun Blues and MY world are the three weakest songs.
  10. Here's a very comparable situation. The NY Giants have a wide receiver named Odell Beckham Jr. I like OBJ. He's a hard worker but can be a bit flamboyant. For one game in 2015, OBJ was actually threatened by the Carolina Panthers when they played. The Carolina Panthers came out with baseball bats onto the field when OBJ and Manning were practicing before the game. They pointed the bats to OBJ. During the game, one of the defensive players named Josh Norman was trying to get inside OBJ's head by illegally tackling him after the play was dead, etc. OBJ was ticked off at one point and try to spearhead Norman with his helmet. He was ejected from the game as a result. Due to this game, the NY media has been blowing things out of proportion with him ever since. They have written stories about his so called on field and off field antics. This past off season, there were ton of articles stating that the Giants would let him go and that he was a drama queen.All the drama was created by the NY media to sell more papers and/or to get clicks on their websites. This past week, the Giants resigned OBJ for a 5 year deal worth $95 million. He stated his goal now is to becoming legendary and try to be the best football player possible. The point that I'm making is that reporters sometimes tend to write articles for their own benefit. I can't blame Slash with having a contract for reporters to sign as a result.
  11. I think it's a smart move. Good way for CYA.
  12. Do people still like Rockers?

    First off Z100 has always been pop. 103.5 has been techno/EDM. Q104.3- classic rock. Q104.3 started as alternative rock in 1994 when I graduated from high school. 95.5 was soft rock and now geared towards women. 92.3- was classic rock and then alternative. They tried to be more like Z100 with a bit more hip hop to it. They failed and now they are back to being alternative rock. 105.5 WDHA is all rock. There's only two stations that truly plays only hip hop. Hot 97 and 105.1. Second: http://adage.com/article/media/mixed-signals-radio-s-health/313110/ and https://variety.com/2017/music/news/traditional-radio-faces-a-grim-future-new-study-says-1202542681/
  13. Do people still like Rockers?

    It's not as big as it once was. Hip Hop and Rock went back and forth in the late 80s/early 90s. Hip Hop/R&B got really big in the mid 90s up until mid 00s. It started to cool off a bit when Lady Gaga came up and brought a new era of Pop on to the scene. At least that's how it was in the NJ/NYC area. As I stated before in this thread, the 2010s are definitely different compared to the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Nowadays people can do their own thing thanks to streaming and YouTube. I think all genres has its place in music and there never will be a dominant type of music like it was back in the day.
  14. Do people still like Rockers?

    One thing that I take issue with in regards to that song is that Myles took some of the lyrics from "Standing in the Sun" and applied it to this song. That turns me off a bit since it just shows a lack of creativity.
  15. Do people still like Rockers?

    I don't know about that. I work with people in their 20s. One guy who is 27 is a big EDM fan and a part-time DJ. A 24 years old woman that sits next to me is a metal and hard rock fan. It can be different for everyone. I don't see any genre dominating the way it occurred back in the 80s, 90s, and 00s. I think everyone can now find their own type of music through streaming and YouTube.