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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    A song like Hard School whether it was from the 94-96 session or Nu-GNR can play up to Slash's and Duff's strengths. It's structured as a classic GNR hard rock song. Perhaps is another one that plays to their strengths. Atlas can be like Estranged where Axl created it and Slash added to it. Btw, I like the GNR version of Live and Let die. The Wings version just doesn't have that venom.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    I kinda wish that GNR would release one song. It would make me very happy considering what we are going through in NJ, especially with Trump almost pulling a stupid stunt on this area.
  3. Is your friend talking about the version on the Days of Thunder soundtrack? On that version, there are additional lyrics that Axl added to the song. The UYI version has the original lyrics.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Hey. FYI. Young people are getting seriously sick. The first person in NJ was a 32 years old male who is a health care worker. The last thing I heard about him was that he wasn't in good shape. In NJ, USA, we have had 11 deaths and 890 cases. The numbers are in this link: https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/03/nonessential-businesses-will-be-shut-down-in-nj-due-to-coronavirus-outbreak-gov-murphy-says.html NJ/NYC/CT is now starting to become the epicenter for this. A new album and song can wait. This can't. We have to get this resolved first before more people die along with the economy going into a depression. We are now in a recession as we speak.
  5. Sorum mentioned that there were 7 completed songs and 7 songs they were working on at the time before Slash left.
  6. It could be a possibility, but I doubt it. If you look at how Hard School is structured, it has a similar structure to classic era GNR. CD songs sound much different than this. Agree
  7. I have serious doubts that this came from NU-GNR. Duff mentioned this as Jackie Chan in 1997. Most likely, Hard School came from the 94-96 session. It just has that classic GNR feel to it.
  8. I never understood why they didn't cover Free Fallin considering that Axl sounded better than Tom Petty on that song.
  9. That was the mood killer. It's the only one I wanted gone.
  10. Axl has always been up and down going all the way back to the late 80s. It's just how he is.
  11. The band is on fire! I don't know how late I'm going to stay up, but they are doing great!
  12. With all due respect, you don't live in this area. Yes, it's different due to this being a virus. However, there was grief and fear in this area. Fear of what was going to come next. Fear as to when or if Al-Qaeda would strike the NYC area again. It was a scary time to live in much like now.
  13. I now have mixed feelings about the current situation. Maybe GNR is right in going on with the show to try to make things "normal" again. I don't know. I do remember the aftermath of 9/11 and how sports came back at the time. NY Giants, Mets and Yankees played their heart out to give fans something to cheer about. One thing I have to say is that I hope this makes people realize that we need a change in leadership come November. I've never seen anything like this. Leadership has been lacking since the beginning of this situation here in the States. That's all I will say about that.
  14. I work in NYC. I'm not going to the office for several weeks. I have grown up in the North NJ area. I have never seen anything like this. Not even when 9/11 happened. This area was still in grief but NYC and NJ didn't shut down like this.