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  1. I have to respectfully disagree with you on parts of this. GNR was still huge in the early 90s. As someone was a teenager in those years, I can say that grunge, GNR and Metallica were all big back then. As Russ said it wasn't grunge that destroyed the band. It was GNR v. GNR that did it.
  2. I'm having doubts about this. Timing is off for a new SMKC album.
  3. I would actually make a complaint if someone made a sign and block my view. There's no need for it when you spend money on the concert and can't see as a result of someone else's selfishness. It's bad enough when someone is taller than you and is blocking your view.
  4. I think Axl and the boys made enough money to last for a very long time. I do think we'll hear new music. I doubt that Slash and Duff just came back to do one tour. With that being said, this thread is more about CD.
  5. Here's the issue that I see with you. I don't know you, but on this forum -particularly this topic- you don't want to listen to what people are saying to you. You just want to go on with your belief, which is fine. However, you might want to reconsider that, especially since this is not affecting you on a personal level. I can completely understand if this was more personal. We are only discussing an album. That's it.
  6. There's no doubt that CD is an Axl solo effort. If it was a band, you would not be cutting and pasting different solos. Also Shackler's Revenge is definitely inspired by NIN. You can hear it in the song. I said this when CD came out: this would have been a good NIN song. Riad reminds me of nu-metal for the late 90s.
  7. Anybody who buys these statues better not be complaining about the price of tickets for GNR. As good of any artwork they are, I'm not spending $125 for them.
  8. In the NJ/NYC area, rock stations have played Civil War since it was released on the "Nobody's Child" album back in 1990. I wouldn't consider this a deep cut at all.
  9. If that's what you think so be it. Fact is a lot of people didn't know Finck, Buckethead, Bumblefoot, and DJ Ashba prior to GNR. I have friends that are more into music than I am and are musicians. They never heard of any of those people before GNR.
  10. You still didn't answer my question. Why did they agree on Guns N' Roses if they didn't want money and fame? Please don't give me the excuse that they saw success in living off playing their music. They could have turned the offer down easily and continued on with their lives. This is like Nirvana fans stating Kurt Cobain wasn't in it for the money and fame. In regards to NIN, I like a few songs of theirs but not enough to buy an album or really research them.
  11. Not necessarily hilarious or easy to pick apart. It's an opinion. Just like you have yours. Fact is that Buckethead and Robin Finck didn't belong in GNR. The casual fan never even heard of Robin Finck prior to GNR. In fact most casual fans of NIN, like myself, thought that Trent Reznor did all of the instruments. The casual fan never knew who the people were behind the touring band of NIN. As far as Buckethead goes, he is talented, but there isn't anything memorable about his music. There's a reason why he's using a gimmick. In regards to Bumblefoot, I like the guy. Out of all of the people in "NU GNR", I want him to succeed the most. He's a Jersey guy who is cool and took a lot of crap from the others. However, he was not known prior to GNR. He didn't do anything that was memorable in regards to CD even though he recently called it a masterpiece. At least with him, he brought back the GNR spirit. One other thing. Why join Guns N' Roses when you are not in it for the money and fame? All three guitarists thought it would help them out with their careers.
  12. If Slash and Duff were on the album, it would have been totally different. CD songs were not that well received by the average fan on the tour. During the two shows that I went to, I saw a lot of people going to the bathrooms or getting food during "This I Love" and "Better". Madgascar was played during the encore. There weren't as many people leaving their seats due the song being towards the end of the show. It's not an immature reason. Being in Guns N' Roses should have lifted their careers to new heights. It didn't. That says something about them. Buckethead has talent, but not enough to really be that well known. I said this in a previous thread. In the late 90s, I used to watch a show called "La Femme Nikita". It was a good show, but not great. It had a cult following because it served a niche. That's the same thing in regards to Buckethead. He's a niche because he's good, but not great.
  13. It's not just because the original Gunners were not there. That's one of many reasons why old school GNR fans didn't like it. There's a lot of good songs, but not great songs. The song writing was better on AFD, GNR Lies and UYI I and II. Lyrics wise Axl did some good things on CD. However, musically and production wise, it wasn't as good. This brings up my next point. Buckethead. There's a reason why the guy has 70 albums and not one great song from them. There was a reason why Bumblefoot was never heard of before CD. There's a reason why you also have never heard of Robin Fink before GNR and after either.
  14. Rumor of a new album???

    With two HUGE differences now than before: Slash and Duff. Axl was carrying the load by himself. He now has Slash and Duff to help create songs, talk with the record company and press along with marketing a new album. That's the difference.
  15. Rumor of a new album???

    Why is that? It's a different era and time period for the band. Back then, they were playing bowling alleys and a residency in Vegas. When that happens, your career is over. Now that Slash and Duff are back, they had a very successful tour and more is to come. The signs are there that there will be a new album with the NITL lineup. So not sure why you and tbaugerud feel that way.