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  1. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't be surprised that YouTube is flagging things that shouldn't be removed. If you think GNR is removing every single thing then I don't know what to tell you. I still see a LOT of videos up on YouTube for GNR.
  2. The tickets were already expensive. I saw tickets going for $300-$400 for the 300s section at MetLife Stadium. Those seats were last row seats in the 300s.
  3. YouTube is currently having some BIG time issues with the way they are handling content. They have come under fire with letting things slip. I wouldn't be surprised if their algorithm is flagging things that shouldn't be removed.
  4. Saxophone solo is really good on this song. I would love to hear some GNR songs incorporate sax.
  5. October date at MetLife Stadium or even Gillette??? That will definitely be right in the middle of football season. The Giants have home games on the 15th and 29th of September. Also weather wise for MetLife is bad in October. For the money the Stones charge, I don't know if it'll be worth it. As far as GNR, I think you are being too harsh. I thought the NITL was great. They had a successful tour.
  6. I have doubts the Stones will be touring this year. First it takes three months for someone to recuperate from the surgery that Jagger had. They'll need time to rehearse. Second, stadiums will start to be busy around August for preseason NFL games. You then go into the NFL season in September. Unless the Stones schedule dates when football teams are playing away, it'll be tough for the tour not to affect the NFL season. If the Stones do not announce the reschedule dates in May or even early June then I don't think they'll be able to pull off a stadium tour for this year.
  7. Actually that's not true. When I saw NU-GNR at the Izod Center in 2011, he was late. My date and I had to go to a wake prior to the concert. We got to the Izod Center around 8 or 9. GNR didn't go on until 10:30-11.
  8. Why is it odd??? It keeps pressure off of them. Don't be surprised if GNR drops an album out of nowhere like Beyonce and Eminem did. A GNR album with Slash and Duff on it for the first time in 27 years would be instantly marketable.
  9. To paraphrase the Rock: "Where in the bloody blue hell did you get that from?" They never said that this would be the end of touring nor the band. It was the end of NITL tour. That's all.
  10. At least GNR would not do a cover like "Like a Virgin". That was just simply awful. Not sure what Motley Crue was thinking. A college acquaintance was drunk and did a performance of that song at a mutual friend's wedding 13 years ago. He sounded better than Vince did.
  11. New Terminator movie is also coming out in November. Perfect timing for both.
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    It's no disrespect to you or others who became a fan during the NU-GNR era. However, fans like me who have been following GNR from the very beginning saw the magic that 5 guys created. There wasn't anything like it nor do I think anything like that will come about. If it does, it'll be a long time. For myself, I fell in love with this band in October 1987. It was a time where I was fighting for my civil rights to be in a public school. At that time, students with disabilities weren't mainstreamed and forced to go into specialized school for only students with disabilities. These specialized schools had a lower quality of education. I saw how these 5 guys were fighting for themselves to be successful as much as I was fighting for my civil rights. It left a HUGE impression on me so much so that at 42 I still consider them role models. With that being said, I saw the difference when the original guys left and it was just Axl. Even though I will always support Axl, it was different. It wasn't the same band. The quality and attitude was no longer there in 2002. I think those were the things that people like myself saw. We saw what the band was and what it became. It no longer was GNR. It was Axl and a band that was put together through trial and error. This is not disparaging you or any other fans but it's just that older fans like me saw it all. PS: I hate political correctness, but I kindly ask not to use the word "retard" in that manner again. It's offensive to me. Even though I have a physical disability, I've been told that in my life. It ticks me off and not just because I've been told that. It's also what I have seen from people with developmental disabilities. Thanks
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    2016 was awesome as well. The NU GNR era from 02-14 not so much. When you see for yourself that GNR is playing in a half filled arena in a location that are big GNR supporters then you know that the band was done at that point. I have to say that the opening show for Hammerstein, which I attended, was awesome. 2016 started a new era for the band, which I am looking forward to!
  14. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    You missed out on the REAL era of GNR. Nothing will ever compare to the 87-93 era. That era was pure magic for the band.