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  1. As Blackstar stated, the only time Axl wore that jacket was for Civil War. I never saw him wear that jacket outside of Civil War and I think it's due to what that song represents. I think both right and left have PC culture. If you kneel for the anthem or speak against Trump, snowflake conservatives get all bent out of shape. They forget that the First Amendment applies to BOTH sides. For the left, I disagree with the taking down of statues regarding Washington. I also think that some on the left will not always speak out for minorities and other groups of people.
  2. I went to two shows during the NITL tour at MetLife Stadium and Madison Square Garden. During both shows, the crowd stayed for November Rain and Sweet Child. In fact, I still remember how surreal it was when the entire crowd at MetLife sang Sweet Child with Axl. I think you are wrong about that.
  3. I totally agree with you on this post. Of course money has a massive part in it. So does knowing you created something that will last for a very long time.
  4. Fact is they released three full length albums, EP, and a cover album from 87-93. That's a lot of material for a band at that time. Again, I really don't know what you expect. Where they messed up was afterwards in 94. They just couldn't hold it together. I wish they didn't release Sympathy for the Devil in 94. Instead of the 94-96 session, they should have just taken a break for awhile and reconvene when they sorted out their issues with each other. It is what it is though.
  5. Do you really believe that Slash said that??? Matt Sorum contradicted himself a lot in his book. I'm not believing much from what Sorum said. Furthermore, Slash helped to build GNR. There's a lot of pride in that. I know for me that I would have just as much pride in building something. Heck, at work, I co-founded an employees resource group for people with disabilities. I helped with building awareness. My term ended and someone else took over. He built what I and others started. I take a great amount of pride that I co created this group. Ditto with Slash and GNR.
  6. WTF are you smoking???? The time between AFD and UYI, they were everywhere. They had a killer performance of Welcome to the Jungle on MTV VMA, Axl and Izzy performed with Tom Petty for VMA, GNR opened for the Rolling Stones, Knocking on Heaven's Door was on Days of Thunder soundtrack, GNR Lies was released, the infamous performance at Farm Aid, etc. I'm not sure what more you expect from GNR during that time frame.
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    I'm now listening to the Download concert. The mix for Rocket Queen isn't good. The drums are missing from it. For that song Slash's guitar, Axl's vocals, and drums are key elements to it.
  8. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I agree with you for the most part. Perhaps would be more hard rock, though. Perhaps would have fit on UYI.
  9. I have to admit that it was very cool seeing Slash with SMKC at a smaller venue like the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. I would definitely go to a fourth SMKC concert if they continue with that band. However, first is GNR with new music and a concert at MetLife Stadium next year!!!
  10. I have to agree with the previous poster. I attended the MSG show with Pink back in 2017. The band sounded great. Not sure why you stated that Slash fucks up all the songs.
  11. Need your help!

    I would say the Madison Square Garden shows in 1991. I know there were several nights. The one night that I attended Axl was in a great mood. The result of that was the band playing phenomenal! I would say that concert is my #2 best concert. #1 is the NITL at MetLife. There was another night at MSG in 1991 where Breakdown was played. Other than that, I would suggest that the boxset should have things that fans need and want. Know your audience. I'm 43. I don't need skull rings, patches, pins, temporary tattoos, etc. I'm not a teenager. The leather and wood cabinet is beautiful and that would have been interesting for me to have as a middle age adult.
  12. Your post reminds me of a couple of friends of mine. One guy that I know was dating his now wife back in college. He cheated on her left and right in those days. We would all cover for him stating that he was with us when he was with another woman. He told us at the time he wanted to get it out of his system before they were married and have kids. They are married and have three kids today. She never knew he cheated on her to this very day back in college. Another friend of mine cheated on his wife who was a former Calvin Klein model. The woman who he cheated with got pregnant. The reason why he cheated was because he felt pressured by his wife to get married. He wasn't ready for marriage. They have since divorced.
  13. I don't know what to tell you. For me, 2020 proves that the office of the President of the United States of America is above and beyond Trump's head and abilities. I also have a different perspective since I have a disability. As a kid of the 80s to today, I have fought against people like Trump who have made fun of people with disabilities and have discriminated against people with disabilities. It's not just hip and cool to hate Trump for me. Lastly, I have read his book and attended a few of speaking events in the 2000s. He comes off as being a bit of a jerk who thinks he knows it all but doesn't. He was very fortunate this he was born with a silver spoon.
  14. Are you serious??? I'm 43 years old. I have lived through the eras of President Reagan, George HW Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama. I didn't agree with Reagan nor the Bushes on somethings. The Bushes did help sign into law the Americans with Disabilities Act and help maintain it when the Republican Party tried to water it down. With that being said, at least those 5 Presidents led in times of a crisis. They were able to reach out to all Americans. Trump has not done that. He has continued to try to divide Americans and ONLY reach out to his base. General Mattis nailed it this past week with his statement. If Trump gets reelected in November, I will be deeply concerned as to what will become of the United States.
  15. I'm a bit confused by Matt's reaction to Coma and Locomotive. He's contradicting himself in regards to his thoughts. To me, it just puts up some red flags about the book.