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  1. A highlight for me was when the entire crowd at Metlife Stadium sang Sweet Child in unison with Axl. It just felt so surreal taking the moment in time and that this was actually happening. Not to mention this show was only a couple of weeks after my 40th birthday. Other highlights was listening to Rocket Queen at both MetLife and Madison Square Garden. The last three minutes of that song is incredibly awesome. Jungle, It's So easy and Chinese Democracy. Bring Coma back into the set. Patience with Pink. Having Slash play on Madagascar. Paradise City . Too many highlights for me.
  2. http://loudwire.com/myles-kennedy-album-year-of-the-tiger-2018/ This article was written two days ago. I don't see SMKC releasing an album.
  3. I would say at least relax for the first quarter of 2018. They deserve it after being on the road for two years. This will also help Axl's voice a bit. By April get in the studio and start doing songs. Tour. Release new album in fall 2018.

    I think it's only the beginning! I do think we'll see an album from this band. For now, I have to say that it has been great since Axl/Slash/Duff back together again! It was a great 40th birthday for me seeing them at MetLife Stadium and then a year later at Madison Square Garden. I never thought that would actually happen. Thank you!
  5. It was in 2015 that my mother was accused of being here illegally by the social security case manager. Bigotry still exists for people who came to the U.S. legally. For me, I've felt discrimination in subtle terms. I haven't had someone explicitly tell me that I can't do something as a result of my disability in 10 years. I have noticed when people don't want to shake my hand, too willing to help in situations where I don't need help, and that I have succeeded despite my disability.
  6. I agree with this statement. I hate the use of crippled or handicap. Handicap was used in the 80s a lot and has a negative connotation to it for me. I'm glad that a person with a disability is more in use. The person should come first before the disability. I think the millennial came up with abilities, which is cool. Earlier this year I had gotten into a debate with a few of you regarding the disability issue. To me, it seemed like either people didn't understand the experience of someone who had a disability or was born after the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. As a kid from the 80s, I experienced a world where there was no ADA. I had to fight for my education and to be in a public school. I had to fight for acceptance with my peers. To this very day, I still have to. We have come a long way but work still needs to be done. Furthermore, I've experienced discrimination by being a first generation American. I used to and still do joke with my dad that Axl wants immigrants like him out of this country. In all seriousness, my parents are American citizens who came from a foreign country. I've had to help them with American laws and writing letters for them along with other things. You have no idea how many times I've heard people tell my parents that they are immigrants that should go back to their country or that they don't belong in this country. My mother was threatened by an ignorant social security case worker that she would get deported. She accused my mother of being here illegally. My mother worked and is retired. All she wanted to do was fix a typo of her birthday in a letter sent by Social Security. I had to talk with her manager and the social security case manager was suspended for this incident. Lastly, from my experience it seems to me that those who hate political correctness use it as a crutch and are the first ones to be offended by something. I've seen it from family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers. I'm neutral on PC. There are somethings that have been beneficial about it while other things have been negative about it.
  7. I wouldn't mind hearing a cover of Eye of the Tiger or Highway to Hell.
  8. I have a close friend of mine who loves Bon Jovi. In fact when we were kids, he and I used to have debates on who was better Bon Jovi and Metallica or GNR. I like all three bands but GNR is my favorite. Earlier this year, he took his wife and two kids to see Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden. The prices for the show were actually a bit more than what I paid for the GNR concert at MSG. I know since I was thinking about going to the show. My friend is an average guy making average money with a mortgage and other bills to pay. He never complained, though, about it. Concert prices will always be high. I remember back in the day $60 was a high amount for that time period. I wish concert tickets were lower so that I can see more bands and not blow my budget. I have a mortgage and car payments to make as well. As I stated earlier, I don't mind spending money for concert tickets. I saw two great shows this year. What I do mind is that for a sporting event, you should be given the option of a refund if your team sucks. 60% of Americans do not save enough for retirement and other things. I think as a society we need to prioritize better. I also think that we need more ticket brokers since TicketMaster/LiveNation is the only place to get tickets for any event. Instead of complaining write to your legislator regarding this monopoly. Maybe if enough people do it then things will change.
  9. For anyone complaining about ticket prices, please look at sporting events. You pay for the ticket in advance. If your team sucks then you lost money. Prior to the NFL season, the NY Giants was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender. I bought tickets for my father and I. Those tickets costed me $370. This year the Giants have been awful and no one has offered a refund. I sold my tickets a bit below face value. I got most of the money back but lost some money on it. I saw two great shows this year: GNR and Metallica. I paid the same cost for both. I didn't mind it because I knew I was getting great shows and I liked both bands. Compare that to the NY Giants where Giants ownership should have offered refunds to the people who bought the tickets for this year since the on field product has been beyond awful. I felt that I was ripped off. If the Giants don't make any changes, I won't even consider buying tickets for next year.
  10. The record that Lindsey Buckingham made with Christine McVie was supposed to be a new Fleetwood Mac album. Everyone signed on. Rumor has it that Nicks didn't want to do it since she likes doing things solo and didn't want to be in the same room with Buckingham. In this respect, I think Corgan was wrong.
  11. The first half of 2018

    Actually, GNR wouldn't have been the only band to think of reuniting for a festival and not doing anything else if they had gone that route. Pink Floyd did it in 2005 for Live 8. They only reunited for that show. Led Zeppelin reunited for one show in 2007. It's not that idiotic to not plan for a reunion for one show and then call it quits. It has happened before with famous bands.
  12. I have to admit that I like Melissa in GNR. She has a good voice.
  13. The first half of 2018

    I'm hoping that they rest and then release a new song before the European tour begins.
  14. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    It was the first concert that I went by myself. My friends couldn't go. I met people through the HTGTH forum that night and hung out with them. We were amazed how good Axl sounded during that scream in TWAT. I still remember one guy saying he still has it.. The one thing that I have to admit, though, is that I learned you can go to any concert by yourself and still have fun if you are interested in that band along with meeting new people.