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  1. I hope you won't take offense but you are very wrong regarding Gilby, Matt, and Dizzy being business members of GNR. The owners of GNR has been Axl, Slash, and Duff since Izzy left and Adler was fired. There are legal filings in that regard. Additionally, the situation with Gilby, Matt, and Dizzy was very similar to Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones. Since 1976, Mick and Keith would say that Ron was a member of the Rolling Stones. They considered him part of the family. However, he wasn't made a full fledged member and partner in the Rolling Stones until 1990. Both situations were very similar. I've been a fan of GNR since 1987 and everything about them. I didn't consider the three of Gilby, Matt, and Dizzy as the core GNR since they weren't. Gilby replaced Izzy. Matt replaced Steven. Dizzy was an add on. Good musicians but they weren't the core of GNR.
  2. I miss the days of Axl ranting. I thought it was awesome back then.
  3. No. Mentally speaking they were no where close to being ready. Axl still didn't release CD at that point. Slash didn't release his solo album either. Also Slash and Duff still had VR at that point. Additionally, Duff wasn't even speaking to Axl. Slash released his book in 2007, which caused further issues. You then had Slash dealing with his mother's death causing him to quit smoking. The infamous cancer comment by Axl right when Slash's mother was dying. All these things happened. If they had reunited in 06, it would have been a disaster for all parties involved. Like I said, I would have loved that the reunion happened sooner but each of them just wasn't there mentally. I analyze it from a logical standpoint rather than an emotional standpoint of being a fan, which brought me to the conclusion that they simply weren't ready.
  4. I don't think they were mentally ready in 2006 nor 2009 to reunite, especially Axl. I think both Axl and Slash still had stuff to work on their own. It really seems to me that 2014 was the start where Axl was ready to reunite with Slash and bury the hatred. For Slash, he had to do his own solo record and then create another band with Myles to see what it was like to have creative control. I would have LOVED to have seen the reunion happen sooner, but it just seems to me that the timeline was right when it was supposed to happen.
  5. A timeline for the reunion

    Not to get too further from GNR, but I'm quite amazed that Mick Jagger and two others from the Stones went to Tick Tock Diner in Clifton last Thursday, which is my hometown. Out of all the places to go to in NYC, the Rolling Stones picked a NJ diner to eat breakfast.
  6. Crashdiet history

    I just listened to it. It's really bad vocally. Axl sings the song 10,000 times better. I wish GNR would do this song again.
  7. I'm think a single will happen for the soundtrack of Rambo or Terminator. I think an album will come out next year.
  8. I don't know what's the story is with the song. Good lyrics but musically is one of the worst GNR songs ever recorded.
  9. I think the leaks proved that they were better songs to choose from. It also shows that the overproduction of CD along with the cut and paste aspects was a determent to the album. The demo of Chinese Democracy (song) proved how good it is. Granted some songs like Scraped is just plain awful no matter the demo I heard or the album version.
  10. The three seconds of Atlas definitely sounded much better than those three songs that I mentioned. The lyrics to Scraped were good, but the music and the acapella as the intro was just awful.
  11. I'm baffled and speechless right now. Axl got some really poor management advice.
  12. WTF!!!! I just heard both Hard School and Atlas. WOW!!!!! These two songs are 10,000 times better than Rhiad, Scraped, and Shackler's Revenge. Hard School sounds like it could have been the next YCBM. From the 22 second snippet, it sounds awesome!!!
  13. What happened? Did the full song for Atlas leaked? Is Pittman back in GNR and Melissa is out?? I read page 30 and 31 so I'm not very clear as to what is going on.
  14. The video that started my Bad Obsession (pun intended) of GNR in October 1987.
  15. #WokeAxl

    I can tell you from having a physical disability, I'm open about it. Having a short left arm it's obvious so I have to talk about it. As you stated in that last sentence, I don't want people to define me based on a body part, but it is a part of who I am as a person. Just like being a fan of GNR or the NY Giants is a part of who I am. I hate it when people try to force their help on to me, especially when I'm right in the middle of doing something. No matter what the disability is, it's important to talk about it and raise awareness. Maybe then we can end discrimination and stereotypes that I and others face.