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  1. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    way too long and overdone, i think the initial hype might of overtaken my expectations. Part of me wishes they never reunited to keep that mystic to the band but im not sure
  2. Just noticed it was taken off Spotify.... Why the hell is this song getting buried smh
  3. This song top-down is brilliant; the changes, the guitars, Axl's vocals, bass Had Axl stuck with the Oh my God theme (heavy industrial metalish sound) for CD the album could of been 100x better, i think the initial reaction to oh my god put him off industrial which ultimately was a mistake. People were expecting CD to be from the beginning some sort of Appetite classic rocker album (thank god it wasn't) but it seemed Axl wanted to advance as a musician (CD being much more complex than appetite in general)
  4. not gonna be a popular opinion but i also think 2006 was the 2nd best time for GNR/Axl. The 2000s in general were great for GNR (live wise), realistically 2006 axl could match up to 90s axl
  5. Tbh watching the old 2002 clips, i miss all the rants and shit
  6. 2002 GNR > 2018 GNR Least they'd change the setlist
  7. Not too bad actually, but i feel like axl re did some of these vocals recently, something feels off but its good Hopefully they release more like this
  8. Would they be able to make an impact on today's society? Or would they just be some underground thing?
  9. Well im assuming this is gonna count as the "album" done with slash and duff back So assume past this nothing will be happening with the GNR discography
  10. what happened to it?
  11. yeah those reprints look like garbage
  12. Please let me know if you guys can find even a reprint
  13. Bumming off the same 12 songs gets kinda stale
  14. Adler is right, i love how everyone just sweeps him aside. Really its proof that nobody like the truth