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  1. Quite similar with myself. Around 92/93 there used to be a group of about 15 of us that hung about and were all heavily into GNR (I was 14 at the time ) and I even bought the Lies T-shirt off one of them. That’s when I started to learn the guitar myself because of Slash. Then around 95 quite a few of them went down the indie/grunge music route. I haven’t been to a show this tour but I know I’d be the only one that would be dying to see GNR on this tour out if all my friends. It’s good to be able to come to the forum and discuss the band.
  2. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    What a good version it sounds great and would’ve been nice to have seen it on Lies. I like Move To The City and would like to see it played on this tour. I think it would suit Axls current voice
  3. OTGM and/or My Michelle in the middle of them would break it up nicely especially at a festival
  4. No brainier got to be Izzy. But I’d love to see Sorum as well.
  5. It was a good choice it’s one of Axls better songs to sing. The song as a whole sounded great. I think ISE is one of the strongest songs on the set i was just wondering how another song would’ve sounded it would’ve been interesting
  6. Sorry 😁just meant other guys playing it the way Steven and Izzy played them ie no Fortus solos and just the rhythm getting played.
  7. I don’t think Axls vocals were much different than usual but the song just sounded much better. They should’ve played RQ or Nightrain just to hear Steven and Izzy’s parts played the way they were meant
  8. Safari inn from WOF would be good
  9. Sorry but Slash and Duff all day long. Only thing I want from 2001 line up is Axls passion and determination to release new music
  10. I would’ve liked it if they changed the set list a bit to go with the festival. They should’ve dropped TIL and shortened KOHD by about 5 mins. They should’ve added OTGM and My Michelle. But overall I thought it looked like a good performance
  11. Ok thanks 👍 I wasn’t sure if it was live performances or not.
  12. Looking for a favour from the U.K. members. I noticed on MTV rock channel there is performances from download 2018 on this evening. As I’m using an app on my firestick to watch channels I’m not getting a description on the guide to who is on. Can anyone find out ? Thanks.
  13. Another good SOYL in most parts. I don’t know why Axl doesn’t give it a bit of promotion before playing it by saying it’s a “new” song released for the AFD remaster At least get the word out there.
  14. I was disappointed when it turned out sorum wasn’t part of the reunion I thought playing with Slash and Duff over 25 years in GNR , VR and KOC would’ve made Matt a good choice. Obviously it was probably an Axl decision for the drums
  15. That’s what I thought at first and it probably will be these songs. But maybe it could be OMG if that’s on the alt list edit: meant to quote Caedo