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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    1. WTTJ - imagine the lights coming back on with AFD5 on stage with a “ do you know where the fuck you are “ 2 Think About You - underrated and a song I think Izzy shines on 3. 14 Years - if you’ve got Izzy then why not it’s a great song. 4. Rocket Queen - No one plays the drums better than Adler on this and was a perfect closer to AFD also only other song that could replace PC for last song Edit : alternate between think about you and Nightrain I forgot how good it would be to hear Izzy’s solo played properly
  2. I’m probably one of the more optimistic ones and I think we could have a new album in the first 3 or 4 months of next year. But we all know any new album will come down to one person and that’s Axl. I’m hoping that Axl has been working away at songs since November 2018 and hasn’t wasted the time doing nothing. Slash showed in nov 18 to feb/ March 19 that he’s easily capable of finishing off his parts in songs for an album so the time frame can be achievable. I suppose we can only hope.
  3. I know there’s still parts of the world they still haven’t done and I can’t wait to see them next year if the rumoured uk shows are true but it’s really time to retire the NITL name and start a fresh tour. Even better just concentrate on getting a new album out. I just feel now that using the NITL name is just an excuse to keep using the “reunion “ word to sell tickets.
  4. The way i see it is that wether we like or not Izzy is basically a semi retired musician and seems happy. writing a song here and there keeps him happy or an odd appearance somewhere. That’s why I think the April 2016 gigs were perfect for him as he’s always seemed happy to do a show with the other 4 guys. I think Izzy looked at it as getting on stage for a few shows and enjoying playing with Axl, Slash ,Duff and Steven like old times and then bring some closure to it similar to the way Steven did. With a monster tour , the pay split and maybe even the unpredictability of Slash and Axl at that point( bearing in mind they hadn’t played together again at that point ) Izzy has been there done it and quit and I can’t imagine him wanting to do it again. Even though I know the current line up has to move on i think writing a song or 2 for a new GNR album would be something Izzy would be happy doing
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Yes 2 London dates and the download festival. There’s no doubt a uk tour would sell out. I can see Europe being the first leg of a new tour.
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    That’s what I’m (maybe foolishly) thinking as well. I’d lean more towards early next year if these ever increasing US dates continue. I can’t see an album being ready before then.
  7. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Really hope Scotland gets one I’ll be keeping an eye out for that 😊. Also northern England as well hopefully it’s a proper uk tour and not just London
  8. Great post and I think it would be great to hear an Izzy written song or 2 on a new GNR album. But the feeling I’m getting with this next album is that it’s going to be all about the current line up. A new era and a different sound to go with it and fortus comments seem to suggest that might be the way. Slash’s tone and style is still a big part of the GNR sound so I’m hoping that remains the case as I think there still needs to be that classic sound in there. That’s where Izzy would be handy.
  9. Personally I like most of Slash’s work post 96 and I’d feel happier if we knew if Slash is getting some ideas of his onto a new GNR album. And what we’ve got to remember about Slash’s material from 2010 onwards is that it’s all his own songs. Having loads of ideas for an album and putting them onto it in a short space of time can sometimes dilute the quality of some songs. But if Slash has just a handful of ideas to work with to go with Axl’s songs then he’ll have more time to concentrate on those few songs and work on improving his original idea for the song.
  10. I’m just glad the post about Slash’s amps being taken to Axls house was made. I reckon if that wasn’t posted then it would still be the same “ we’ll see what happens “ comments as before. Since then Slash ,Duff and Fortus comments seem to be more open and positive when talking about work on a new album ,as they know the story about Slash going to Axl’s house is out there.
  11. A great post I can relate to. Slash was the reason I picked up the guitar. His solos, riffs and that UYI tone I just wanted to be like Slash and even made a shit attempt at trying to grow my hair like him then got fed up trying and ended up looking like Shaun Ryder from Happy Monday’s 😂. I also bought a epiphone les Paul gold top and Marshall amp. Slash’s style and tone just can’t be replaced when it comes to GNR as Axl as found out over time.
  12. I couldn’t have put it any better
  13. I agree with the last 2 posts I want new vocals on any new album that comes out. I want to know that if I’m going to see them play new songs live then Axl is capable of singing them. Imagine going to see Axl sing a song with vocals recorded from almost the same time as TIL and it ends up sounding like TIL in late 2018 which forced Axl to leave the song out for last part of the tour cause he couldn’t sing it the same as before.
  14. I’ve always stayed optimistic on a new album and it’s nice to finally hear some confirmation there is one in the works. I think we could hear a song in the mini tour in October to test the waters with fans reactions etc to a new song before working on finishing the album.