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  1. Totally agree with you. I would still have bought the album , accepted it for what it was and then look forward to a new Guns album. I just wish Axl got the nu metal idea out his system by going solo.
  2. Plus Slash has SMKC as another creative outlet for some other songs he’s got so i reckon Slash will be more open to the type of songs Axl has sitting there. And because it’s Slash on guitar it’ll at least have a more GNR sound to it.
  3. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    The first 4 tracks on AFD to me sums up what GNR were all about
  4. Tbh what else can Slash/Duff or Fortus say at this point regarding a new album? Slash has been out on the road with SMKC since the NITL tour ended and Duff had his solo album to finish off so there’s been no time to even look at getting songs together for a new album. Let’s wait till there has been a chance for them to get together and start work on an album. If by the end of the year we’re still getting the same story regarding a new album then that’s when I’ll put it under the same files as the shit DJ and Fortus have been spouting for years.
  5. When “mickey “ gets mentioned and you think of Axl and not the mouse 😂