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  1. I’ve not listened to the album enough to give an opinion but it sounds like a solid album so far. I’m hoping Axl has listened to it and it inspires him to start making a new GNR album.
  2. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Got my ticket for Glasgow roll on February 17th
  3. When Are Guns Going To 'Bury' Appetite?

    Guns can’t bury Appetite nor should they it’s the album who made and shaped them and the album that represented what they were about. IMO any chance Guns had of not relying on AFD disappeared from 94 till current day. One studio album with the GNR name on it in 25 years means AFD songs will always be a heavy presence in a set list
  4. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    PC should be a guarantee to close the show. I loved it when he brought DTJ into the set in 2014. As you’ve said here’s hoping they play a song not in the GNR set list there’s probably a few songs Slash might have wanted to play on NITL tour
  5. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Slash said in one of his earlier interviews they might play 2 or 3 GNR songs in the set list I think it was around 7 songs last time I saw them in 2014 I suppose he’s got GNR for those songs now plus 3 albums of SKMC material to choose from now. It should still be a good show
  6. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Glasgow SEC is £53.90 inc fees. About £15 dearer than last time I saw them.
  7. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Good to see they’re playing Glasgow again I thought they might’ve played the hydro again but the SECC is smaller and it will be a better atmosphere I think.
  8. Cool I didn’t know that. I wish that I saw VR back in the day it’s kinda a regret I didn’t go to see them. I agree about Libertad it kinda put it off VR slightly I just didn’t like it anywhere near Contraband
  9. I know your a big fan of CD era Russ but VR are a band I’ve not seen you post much about. Were you a VR fan ?
  10. Outside Slither loving the alien is my favourite VR song
  11. Voted for option 4 but would be happy enough with options 2 &3. I couldn’t care less about the CD songs.
  12. 100% agree. Slash is always open and honest when talking about making new music and an album always comes out of it at one point. I think the new SKMC album is proof of how Slash works. I think an album will be started at one point but probably not till around middle of next year if the time is there.
  13. I would go as far to say Anastasia is the most guns sounding song since the UYI albums. Any CD song to me doesn’t come near it
  14. Slash said himself he’s in the band in a non contractual way so he’s not a hired hand and I take it the same goes for Duff. The 3 of them seem to be making decisions together with Axl probably having the final say. That itself to me makes Slash’s comment about new music more believable than any member outside Axl has said from 2001-14. Axl seems happier than he’s been for a many years and that can only be a good thing for new music. I think if Axl felt differently about it then he wouldn’t have played Slash and Duff some songs he had.
  15. I wouldn’t know where to look for a link hopefully someone can help out. It would be interesting to know if there has been discussions between Axl and Slash about SKMC and Myles. As for Axl liking some SKMC songs there’s always some riffs and parts of solos that are the same as some GNR songs that Slash uses so I’m sure there’s a few songs Axl will like.