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  1. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    Nice to hear Axl is working on his fitness and has requested a gym. I hope he’s giving his vocals the same attention and working on them too.
  2. Great song and a great opener for the album. I think it’s a song that leads us from AFD to UYI perfectly
  3. Yes I read that at the end and I guess that’s always a possibility ,though Trunk did say it about a song for terminator rather than an EP. Edit :sorry meant to quote RedHook
  4. Exactly what I was thinking and especially after Slash has just said there isn’t going to be an EP only a couple of days ago in the Eddie Trunk interview
  5. New Seymour ballad on next album confirmed
  6. I actually thought it was a decent interview. Slash managed to shoot down the rumours of the terminator single and an EP and as for album talk I think it’s good they’re recording when they’re all in LA at the same time. Given Slash has been on the road with SMKC and Duff has been touring as well then I don’t think there’s much more that can be said at this point. This interview has renewed my optimism on a album coming out. I’m hoping the changes to the set list they’re looking at doing is going to be some UYI songs.
  7. GNR and a rush release in the same story 😂
  8. I really hope the EP rumour isn’t true at all. If it were true then that’s not something that sounds great IMO. Also if the tracks rumoured to be on the EP were true then that’s something that could’ve and should’ve been released at least over a year ago. I’ve read rumours on here since 2017 that Slash had recorded a solo for Atlas Shrugged so that’s not new news. SOYL is a 30 year old song that should’ve been on Lies and if they were going to put live songs on it then you would think they would use 2016 performances. As for Quick song and a T. rex cover I’m sure it wouldn’t take long to record them (well Slash and Duff anyway) especially if there were already lyrics/ vocals already there for Quick Song. IMO there’s no reason why that couldn’t have all been done for last year to tidy us over for a full album maybe next year. Hopefully rumours is all it is.
  9. I’m with you I’m not bothered with it either
  10. IMO an EP would be a bit of a let down compared to a full album but if it tides us over for an album of new material then I’ll take what we can get just now. Tbh an EP would probably fit in with the way the band works nowadays Fans want a reunion - we end up with half a reunion Fans want new songs - we’ll end up with up with half worked CD era songs. Fans want a full album - we’ll end up with half an album
  11. I think Hard school is a bit of a let down after hearing the 22 second clip a few weeks back. It’s still a decent song and I guess at the end of the day it’s not a finished song but for me it would be a good song for Slash to rework and add his tone and lead to the song then it would sound more like a GNR song.
  12. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I would love to see Axl join SMKC for a couple of GNR songs not just because it would be cool to see but it would be interesting to read opinions on wether the songs sound more like GNR or not compared to the current lineup. IMO SKMC play GNR songs spot on. Brent plays the drums more like Adler and Frank compliments Slash well as the rhythm guitarist.
  13. I was a bit drunk when I posted that and didn’t quite finish the post off. But I agree with what your saying.
  14. When Slash went to Axl’s house in 06 that should’ve been the spark for a reunion. What could’ve came out that could’ve been great. But in reality Slash needed to get clean and Axl needed to get CD out his system to show where he wanted to go musically. It would’ve imploded quickly. 2009 would’ve been the perfect time once Fink left then we wouldn’t have endured the Ashba era and Axl still had good vocals.
  15. Worked great with Lies and would work again