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  1. What is the best GNR opening song?

    I voted Nightrain with WTTJ a close 2nd. I think PTU would be a great first song on the encore.
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    I don’t think there is any pressure or expectations at all with GNR with any album. It was different back in early 90’s when they were one of the biggest bands about. You had Axl that wanted to keep the band more current and Slash that seemed to want a straight up rock album and that’s where it started going wrong. Today most people will just be happy to have a GNR sounding album with Axl and Slash on it. Wether it’s an AFD type album or a more UYI sounding album wont matter. A new album will never match up to AFD and probably UYI but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make a new album.
  3. Rumor of a new album???

    I agree Slash and Duff make a difference. For Axl to make peace with Slash and for Slash and Duff to come back into Guns then Axl HAD to change. With the reunion and the time spent with AC/DC along with time being against them I reckon Axl will be more eager to get a album out than before
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    As with the ‘reunion ‘ before it started there’s no smoke without fire and the same goes for a new album this time round.There’s just too many rumours going about for it to be total bullshit. But as with the reunion it’s something you can’t totally believe until it’s official. This will just add fuel to the fire hopefully some news of working on a new album will come soon
  5. Rumor of a new album???

    Yeah I agree it would be simple for everyone and there’ll have been lessons learnt over the years. As far as AC/DC goes I know it’s not up to Axl with any decisions. It’s just because there were rumours towards the end of last year Axl was meant to be doing things with AC/DC this year and obviously Malcolm’s death will have affected that. Surely a new Guns album and tour would rule Axl out of any near future plans with AC/DC if or when Angus is ready.
  6. Rumor of a new album???

    If this is GNR the rumour is about ( which I think it is ) then surely that would mean no AC/DC for Axl in the near future as well. I mean if one of the biggest producers in the world is taking control of things then I’m sure that person would want total commitment from the band in order to get the job done. Again this could be a reason why it could easily not be Guns. Is giving control of things with GNR over to someone and putting AC/DC out of the picture something Axl would happily do ?
  7. Rumor of a new album???

    “If any one member of the band departs (Izzy) or screws up (Adler ) then it’s over. AFD reunion starts now ( I can dream can’t I ). Hopefully it is about a new Guns album but we’ve been here before.
  8. Slash should just wear his top hat for the encore like he did on UYI shows. If the last leg of NITL tour is to go by he’d still have it on for a good half hour
  9. I agree with the first part of your post. From the bands point of view would diving straight into a AFD 5 be the best way to heal a 20 year rift between Slash and Axl ? I imagine Izzy is someone who would rather see how it plays out before committing to a 2 year world tour. Personally I think a AFD reunion could’ve worked but I can understand why they didn’t if it was for reasons along these lines. I think Izzy and Adler we’re invited for the April shows only with views of guest appearances later on. But money and percentages started getting in the way and ruined any chance of one of the greatest rock reunions ever. It’s a shame really.
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It doesn’t matter how Izzy is looking he’d still be a cool presence on the stage
  11. I voted for breakdown earlier and I’ve only just realised that it’s the locomotive outro and not intro I would’ve voted locomotive outro
  12. There is no way DJ is coming back to Guns. He was still in the band when Axl asked him about being part of the reunion. DJ had the chance to be part of the hype of the reunion but thankfully left the band. Now DJ isn’t in a band he’s probably using his time in GNR as promotion for a solo album to which Axl would probably guest on a couple of songs.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Sorry if a male butts in but what I’m thinking is that if you weren’t a member of a forum and you listened to the Myles interview it sounds convincing that Myles is tied up with projects outside SKMC and it does seem a bit confusing. I think Slash just wants to finish SKMC lll album and then it’s ready to tour when the time is available. Then Slash’s attention could switch to a GNR album in Feb/March.(yes I’m stupid enough to think there could be a GNR album )
  14. Personally I don’t think the tweets have anything to do with DJ being back in GNR. DJ was still in Guns when Axl asked him about staying with GNR even though Slash and Duff were coming back. He had the chance there and then to be a part of the reunion and the excitement surrounding it but thankfully he left. I’m thinking is it maybe a solo album ? And he’s having Axl sing on a couple of tracks ? And maybe even using songs he originally wrote for Guns.
  15. Your probably right but Slash will know everyone will be wanting to ask about GNR it was the same before the reunion. If any questions get answered it will be about how the tour went but nothing about the future or when he met up with Axl at Axl’s house.