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  1. GNR Interview on June 11

    My guess is Frank and Fortus talking about how they’re “working on ideas “ for a new album
  2. For a few years before the reunion happened I always thought it would’ve been a good idea that if GNR did reunite they should’ve played and rotated songs from CD and VR/Slash albums as a sign of respect for each other’s work. It would certainly beat having to listen to between 6-8 CD songs every show. I know it would never happen but it would’ve been good if they did
  3. I’m really disappointed they haven’t changed even one song. Only GNR would release a “new” song from 1986 and not even bother to play it in the next leg. Far too safe and far too predictable. They should get rid of the background screens with the videos for each song and just go with the flow even if it’s only a song or 2 here and there. The set list seems to be revolved round the videos.
  4. I could be wrong but I don’t see the seeker either 😊 Edit spotted it next to Madagascar
  5. Are there any plans to release a live dvd from the NITL tour ?
  6. One more question Fernando when are guns coming to Scotland? It’s time Axl came back to his home land 😁
  7. Hi Fernando thanks for dropping by. With Slash touring with the conspirators this year and next year and if the rumours are true about Axl and AC/DC then are guns going to still tour after this European leg ?
  8. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    It’ll all depend on what songs Axl can be bothered rehearsing. We’ll maybe hear SOYL a few times in place of Black Hole Sun. Personally I’d love to hear more UYI songs and less CD songs.
  9. Bring on the full show these videos are just amazing I know Axl doesn’t look back on that era much but there should be more UYI footage like this released.
  10. The VEVO version of the song is working again in the uk. About time
  11. I’ve always thought that they should’ve just put SOYL on Lies but if I was to swap it for one of the others I’d swap with Mama Kin after all it’s a cover.
  12. I like the song and sounds great and I’ll definitely be listening to it a lot more times. IMO Slash’s parts sound re-recorded. And who would’ve thought we’d hear another single with Izzy and Steven on it 😁. But if I’m honest I’m nowhere near as excited about the song as I would a newly written song wether it was by the current line up or AFD5. 8/10
  13. I would be happy if it worked out similar to this. Personally I don’t see Guns being put to the side completely for 2 years either. There’s too much money to be made and a demand to see them.
  14. The way I’ve viewed the Adler situation is that he and Izzy were due to play a big part in the April shows. But then Izzy couldn’t agree on money and then Adler hurt his back which left A/S/D with only Frank and Richard as part of the line up. I’m guessing that it made it easy for A/S/D to decide to just have a permanent line up for the April shows as well as the stadium shows to make things run as smooth as possible. Then when Adler phoned Duff ( maybe surprisingly) to say he was ok to play Duff would have told him he was no longer part of the plans. The guest shows were probably a way of showing there was no hard feelings. Again some of it just speculation on my part.
  15. I’ve been thinking about this and if they are still keeping GNR going then it looks like splitting duties between bands for the next 2 1/2 years will be the way. SKMC and AC/DC tour from autumn 2018 till spring 2019 then GNR in the summer similar to this year. Axl done 2 legs of the tour for AC/DC during 2016 while touring with GNR so over a longer period might be possible. But of course that’s still asking a lot of Axl and his voice. I might be giving myself false hopes but while a new album seems out the question for GNR,maybe releasing a couple of new songs to keep the tour fresh might be more realistic.