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  1. I couldn’t afford to go to London and pinned my hopes on another euro run next year but it doesn’t look like that’s what’s happening. I’m hoping that if there’s another tour ( hopefully for a new album) then they might start in Europe
  2. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Totally agree with you that's how I've viewed it for a while. I think Izzy was happy to get back on stage with the other guys and the discussions were about the April shows in 2016. After all, the money offer from Coachella was for a reunion. I think Izzy seen it as the AFD line up going on stage and splitting the money more evenly between them and just enjoying being on stage together for those 5 shows. But Axl Slash and Duff had a bigger picture in mind and wanted to make Guns work again and go on a big tour and when the contracts for that start that's when the " 3 partners " side comes into the equation. They should've at least offered Izzy more money even if it was for a few shows.
  3. I would love to have seen Gilby on the tour. Don't get me wrong Fortus is a better guitarist but Gilby is a better fit for GNR and played Izzys parts perfectly.
  4. Excited About GNR future

    I'm trying not to be too negative on it but right now I'm not too excited because the band are showing no signs of what the future actually is. On the positive side Axl Slash and Duff seem to be having fun on stage and I think there's more to it than just for the money. I also don't see Slash coming back and not wanting to make new songs with GNR and I don't see Axl wanting to waste the opportunity either with Slash back in the band. But the tour is coming to an end soon and there's going to be a well deserved break for the guys and it seems inevitable that AXL/DC will happen and Slash will release and tour the 3rd SMKC album at one point. But IMO the guys should be looking to release an album at the end of 2018 and continue with making guns successful again. If all the side projects happen early next year then I don't see any album (if there is one ) being ready till about 2019/20 and to me that just seems too far away.
  5. As far as ticket sales and money grossed goes then I don't think it would be much more successful as it's already in the top 10 tours of all time and I think this is why there doesn't seem to be much desire to do a full reunion. As far as on stage goes then for the hardcore fans it would be a better tour. No matter how good the shows have been this tour to have the AFD 5 on stage together brings something special no other members can bring. It would also be good to hear songs like Rocket Queen being played properly and maybe a chance to hear 14 years.
  6. Edmonton Soundcheck

    That's more or less how I think about the song. A potentially decent song with too much effects and speech and some more guitar would be good. I hope slash gets to add something to it the way he did with the Better intro and also add his own solo.
  7. Edmonton Soundcheck

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that's what I'm just about to do I only listened to it once when the album first came out.
  8. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Yeah I agree if they showed the same willingness to rehearse and play a few of the classic songs now and again then another CD song wouldn't seem as bad as it does just now
  9. I hate to say it but I don't see him with the band again. If the band can't even celebrate AFD 30th with an Adler appearance then I don't see when it would happen. Adler also said he would only do it again if Izzy was involved so I'm guessing not any time soon unfortunately
  10. I think it's worth making a new album. Yeah the money is in touring and if there's a new album to promote it'll keep people coming back for more shows and will also mean you will be seeing a certain percentage of songs on the show being played by the people who wrote the songs ( if the line up stays the same ). Will the album come close to AFD ? No , UYI 's ? Maybe. There's a saying in football " your only as good as your last game " well if the same applies to bands and albums then TSI or CD ( depending how you view Guns post 96) is that last effort and would be a poor way to end a legacy if nothing got realesed. IMO an album by this line up would be a major improvement over those 2 albums and allow the band to go out on a bit of a high.
  11. I was 14 when I started getting into Guns in late 92 I had heard SCOM and PC a few times before and was aware of GNR but I wasn't bothered with music beforhand. My friend I hung about with then was heavily into GNR and I asked him to make me a tape with various GNR songs. The first 3 songs were WTTJ, KOHD and SCOM live from Paris 92 and the rest were songs from the albums. That got me into them and once I heard AFD in full I was hooked. It was once I repeatedly watched the Tokyo concert on VHS that I became a big Slash fan.
  12. Meegan IG Post, New Music?

    You could be right but remember Duff's wife Susan hinted to us about the reunion in the first place with her IG posts before it was confirmed
  13. Fall To Pieces would suit Axl's voice so that or Slither
  14. This was around the time when I started reading the forum and lurking for a couple of years. Maybe because I was new to it all but I believed it was the beginning of the reunion. I think the Golden Gods speech was Axl closing nu guns era and ready to move on. I've always thought that the decision to invite Duff was made because Axl wanted to test the waters. Given how long Axl spent trying to make people forget about the old line ups he knew having Duff would start leading to reunion talk all over again.
  15. LALD Whole lotta Rosie Wild Horses Aint It Fun Mama Kin