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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Sorry if a male butts in but what I’m thinking is that if you weren’t a member of a forum and you listened to the Myles interview it sounds convincing that Myles is tied up with projects outside SKMC and it does seem a bit confusing. I think Slash just wants to finish SKMC lll album and then it’s ready to tour when the time is available. Then Slash’s attention could switch to a GNR album in Feb/March.(yes I’m stupid enough to think there could be a GNR album )
  2. Personally I don’t think the tweets have anything to do with DJ being back in GNR. DJ was still in Guns when Axl asked him about staying with GNR even though Slash and Duff were coming back. He had the chance there and then to be a part of the reunion and the excitement surrounding it but thankfully he left. I’m thinking is it maybe a solo album ? And he’s having Axl sing on a couple of tracks ? And maybe even using songs he originally wrote for Guns.
  3. Your probably right but Slash will know everyone will be wanting to ask about GNR it was the same before the reunion. If any questions get answered it will be about how the tour went but nothing about the future or when he met up with Axl at Axl’s house.
  4. With Slash recording with SKMC it’s looking like nothing with GNR at least as new music goes. I voted for DVD because I reckon they might release one in April to mark 2 years and to start the build up for the euro dates. As far as interviews go , with Slash possibly touring with SKMC we might get an interview with Slash and some GNR questions getting asked but not a full on GNR interview.
  5. New Gilby Clarke Interview

    14. Although he didn’t contribute much to Guns he was never given a chance to do so. He played Izzy’s parts well and stuck to the way they were meant to be played.
  6. Good point and add yesterday’s to that list with YCBM and PC. I would personally love to hear any other UYI song over CD songs and cover songs. I think there probably is a few songs that Axl may feel he can’t sing now but it shouldn’t stop him from attempting them.
  7. Bad Obsession, Dead Horse , PTU and So Fine are songs Axl could easily still sing with today’s vocals and would be great additions to the set list. Songs like Locomotive, Breakdown and DDM would be amazing to hear and would be highlights of the tour if played. But I feel those 3 plus most other songs not I’ve not mentioned need 90’s Axl to do them justice. Some songs are maybe better left in the past.
  8. I think it’s a song he could easily sing. It would be worth bloating the tour a bit more just to bring Teddy Zig Zag back for Bad Obsession.
  9. I like Shotgun Blues and GITR too and sometimes sing them to myself at work as for the albums I would probably rate UYI 1 slightly better personally. I can listen to UYI 1 all the way through where with UYI 2 I see YCBM as the last song on the album as I don’t feel the need for another version of Don’t Cry and the less said about My World the better.
  10. The first half of 2018

    What they should be doing is working on getting an album ready over the next 6 months. But given this is GNR then Axl will probably record with AC/DC instead. Slash has a third SKMC album almost ready so he could easily release and tour that.
  11. I hope your right with the announcements. Right now I’m wondering whether to hold out for an arena tour. As I’ve not seen Guns yet and not got a lot of money I would love to spend that extra getting good seats compared to compromising on a further away show.
  12. I’m gutted there wasn’t some uk dates outside Download on the tour. With the European 2nd leg being in June/ July I’m hoping that the 2nd half of 2018 will have an arena tour and not used for the side projects.
  13. I really hope so ,it’s a matter of when that would happen the dates around Download are quite close together
  14. Personally it doesn’t change anything for me , I still don’t like CD songs. Even Slash playing them can’t change my mind. Given how many more people attend GNR shows now compared to nuguns then you can say most of the people there don’t or didn’t give a shit about Axl and the nuguns era. Most of the casual fans are there for the hits and to hear songs from the more famous shows like Tokyo dvd or Paris ppv. Don’t get me wrong I can see why Slash would want to learn CD songs as he was the only one in the line up ( before Pitman got fired ) who didn’t know CD songs and probably wanted to respect Axl and his work by learning them IMO i think if it was a full reunion with Izzy and Adler then I don’t think there would’ve been any CD songs in the setlist or maybe one or two
  15. First NITL line-up picture

    Actually a good photo, is this the first sign that there is a future after the tour ?