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  1. I️ don’t know if I️ should thank you or start making a list of all of the side projects of Duff and Slash to check on a daily/weekly basis. It’s obvious with their back catalogue and number of bands they are involved in that they are productive musicians. The question really comes how much time they want off, and how busy/productive they need (contracts) or want to be. Also, what sort of stuff do they already have in the can? With this Walking Papers album, Duff will do promo in January/February and can tour March/April/and maybe first part of May before going back to Guns. Will he? We will have to see! But for Slash, SMKC has music to record but hasn’t recorded or mastered it yet. Could he do another Slash & Friends album, yes, but he won’t be bolting out the gate to promote and tour it though unless the studio pics in the Spring were our clue. I️ would also like to see the gang work on another GNR album, and I️ thought it was a serious possibility till this news. Duff’s other band, forget the name, that released 2 songs two/three wks ago seems to just be a recording band (at least for right now). Anywho...we will find out soon enough! Thanks again for the update! 😊
  2. Thank you for the heads up! 😊 Being a fairly new GNR fan, I️ am not hip to all the side projects each Gunner has participated or created. The few things I️ heard this morning from Walking Papers is up my ally. Will have to investigate further. Seems like Duff has been busy recording, and getting his side projects up and running before GNR takes a 7 month break. He knows he has momentum behind him right now. I’m curious to know if the recording was done in the Spring before the marthanon touring with Guns, and waited for the next lull in the schedule. Also, this seems to be a touring sort of band compared to the one you posted 2 wks ago. Is there any chance they may be touring the first half of 2018? Like do I️ need to keep tabs on them?
  3. Is there anyone willing to get an extra Slash litho for me? Will pay fair price & shipping. Please PM me. Thank you!
  4. Is there anyone going to the last MSG show that could get me the Slash litho? Will pay. Please PM me.
  5. 08/11/17 - Winston-Salem, NC - BB&T Field

    I can't wait!! Driving up at lunch time. Place looks nice and ready for tonight. Hope the thunderstorms stay away! That's all I'm worried about tonight.
  6. "The others: Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon (927), Johnny Mathis' Johnny’s Greatest Hits (490), the My Fair Lady original cast recording (480), Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Legend (471), Journey’s Greatest Hits (462) and Metallica’s self-titled album (432). " I was curious too.
  7. Thank you! I will try and see if I can get in. Will tickets sell fast for this show then? I would love to see them in their hometown.....hoping this works out.
  8. I'm happy. I mean I wanted to see them in an arena setting so this is perfect for me. Not coming to my area, but I am visiting family out West around Thanksgiving so the Vegas & 2 LA shows are the best options. Do you guys have any recommendations? I am figuring the Forum would be the best acoustic venue of the three, but will it sell out quick? Much appreciated!
  9. What Are You Listening To 2017

  10. If That Ain't Country

    I know exactly who Shania Twain is, thank you. I am anxiously waiting for her new record this year (hearing it's now this fall), I mean the last one she released (Up!) I was in high school. She debuted her new single at Stagecoach Festival here this past week or so. When I have time I will dig it up on Youtube. PS I was posting this at work & I wasn't on break either. Just excited to see the picture with a teen idol of mine wearing GNR, that's all. I didn't realize I had to mention proper names, especially when it's on the picture.
  11. If That Ain't Country

    This popped up on my Facebook feed, and thought some of you would like it. It's not a music video, but I guess she is a fan!
  12. The MyGnR 80-Song Marathon

    Day 3: A favourite song from a movie (theme or just heard in the movie - name the movie too) Hayley Westenra - Listen to the Wind (theme song from A New World) James Horner
  13. The MyGnR 80-Song Marathon

    Day 2: A song that reminds you of your best friend My best friend growing up was a big country music fan, particularly Kenny Chesney, so whenever I hear this song I think of her.
  14. The MyGnR 80-Song Marathon

    Day 1: A song you like with a place name (country/city/whatever) in the title Stevie Nicks - New Orleans My favorite song off her "In Your Dreams" CD, and she performed it when I saw her a couple weeks ago.
  15. According to Billboard: "The show is produced in partnership with Citi, Live Nation and NextVR and is part of the larger "Backstage with Citi" concert series which rewards card members with access to thousands of events annually. In addition to Slash's zoo performance broadcast in virtual reality, fans will have access to watch VR behind-the-scenes footage, an interview with the guitarist and his rehearsal. Fans can go here for additional details on the concert and can visit Citi Private Pass for more information on the virtual reality concert series. " http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/7751693/slash-los-angeles-zoo-virtual-reality