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  1. Steve Perry

    http://ultimateclassicrock.com/steve-perry-traces-amazon/ Looks like his solo record is coming October 5th!! This is so exciting! Steve has an unique voice and is such a professional.
  2. Ask and you receive...1 week later. Awesome!! Can't wait! 95 days to go.... My only complaint from the tour announcement is that the closest date is not that close. Why no Atlanta? Anyways, what is better....concert or festival? I have never been to a music festival before so that is why I'm asking. Do they do a condensed setlist? Thank you!
  3. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    Thank you! So by Todd's comments, I have another 85 days (if it's released Sept. 7th) to 106 days (if it's released on Sept. 28th) till the album drops. Unless plans change.
  4. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    I am wanting to hear more about this album and USA tour. I guess Slash & Co. will tell more after the GNR European leg in July, but that seems like a long time from now. Will he be announcing more tour dates or is this USA tour just festivals? Does anyone know if there will be SMKC touring next year or is it still GNR? Thank you!
  5. Love it! So where can we get a copy?
  6. Your concerts in 2018

    Man, I'm an odd duck around here! The only concert I have seen so far this year is Pam Tillis (April 21st). Rest of 2018: Blackmore's Night (July 25th, DC) Hoping to get tickets Billy Joel (Oct 13th, Winston-Salem) Josh Groban (Oct. 18th, Atlanta) Hoping to get tickets Fleetwood Mac (Feb 2019, Columbia) Thinking about getting tickets for additional shows Slash, Loreena McKennitt, and Sarah Brightman if they tour the USA this year!
  7. No he is not in Seattle atm, unless he just flew in since his last twitter post. He said he was in TN the other night and went to see the play "Hamilton" with his family this week too but I don't know where (NYC/LA?) @MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle. Yeah, even if they are working on GNR material, you would think he could take a weekend off and perform that night and come back to LA on Sunday. The only thing I could think is if something is happening around that time that is more important. hummm.... I know the Grammy's are on January 28th in NYC, but that is highly unlikely, right?
  8. Thought some would be interested in this announcement, and can make the performance. Interested to see what happens. However I noticed that they left Duff out of the "featuring" section of who will be in the band. I wonder why since this is a local gig for him.
  9. I️ don’t know if I️ should thank you or start making a list of all of the side projects of Duff and Slash to check on a daily/weekly basis. It’s obvious with their back catalogue and number of bands they are involved in that they are productive musicians. The question really comes how much time they want off, and how busy/productive they need (contracts) or want to be. Also, what sort of stuff do they already have in the can? With this Walking Papers album, Duff will do promo in January/February and can tour March/April/and maybe first part of May before going back to Guns. Will he? We will have to see! But for Slash, SMKC has music to record but hasn’t recorded or mastered it yet. Could he do another Slash & Friends album, yes, but he won’t be bolting out the gate to promote and tour it though unless the studio pics in the Spring were our clue. I️ would also like to see the gang work on another GNR album, and I️ thought it was a serious possibility till this news. Duff’s other band, forget the name, that released 2 songs two/three wks ago seems to just be a recording band (at least for right now). Anywho...we will find out soon enough! Thanks again for the update! 😊
  10. Thank you for the heads up! 😊 Being a fairly new GNR fan, I️ am not hip to all the side projects each Gunner has participated or created. The few things I️ heard this morning from Walking Papers is up my ally. Will have to investigate further. Seems like Duff has been busy recording, and getting his side projects up and running before GNR takes a 7 month break. He knows he has momentum behind him right now. I’m curious to know if the recording was done in the Spring before the marthanon touring with Guns, and waited for the next lull in the schedule. Also, this seems to be a touring sort of band compared to the one you posted 2 wks ago. Is there any chance they may be touring the first half of 2018? Like do I️ need to keep tabs on them?