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  1. New Single From Duff: 'Tenderness'

    Yeah, i removed that part of my comment. I was ad-libbing what Duff himself said. The point was that people were saying that Duff's new solo album was evidence of no new GNR album, as he would contribute what he had to the latter over the former. Duff went on record saying that his solo stuff was unsuitable for GNR, which reinforces the point that he would not give everything to GNR (similar to how Slash has GNR and SMKC folders for separate ideas).
  2. New Single From Duff: 'Tenderness'

    I wouldn't mind that, lol.
  3. New Single From Duff: 'Tenderness'

    Still prefer this to generic SMKC shit. At least Duff sings better than he used to, and has put out something unique and interesting. I think it's actually a good song.
  4. More takedowns?

    This has got to the point where these actions must almost certainly be sanctioned by Team Brazil or the band's label. How a band, that mostly survived on fan loyalty and contributions during its stagnant periods, can be okay with this is beyond me.
  5. More takedowns?

    This has gone way overboard.
  6. I don't think people disparage Myles in Alter Bridge - his singing and lyrics are much better there. But when it comes to the SMKC project, it's fair game i think. SMKC is much more generic than both Alter Bridge and Guns N' Roses, and Myles just seems to phone it in most of the time (not necessarily a bad thing, because he still sounds technically great - just boring and uninspired).
  7. Fernando said some new stuff was cooking (yeah, i know, but it's still something...lol), and rumours have persisted of Axl looking over CD2 material and Slash recording some parts. Slash and Richard have further given virtually the same answer regarding a new album - that some progress has been made, but work would resume following Slash's tour. A new GN'R album remains a real possibility, and sounds more tangible than it did in 2014. The prospect of a new GN'R album with Axl, Slash and Duff remains much more compelling than generic rock with boring vocals, which is what SMKC is. I mean, Axl's solo performance on a Looney Tunes song sounded more powerful, varied and interesting than most of the stuff Myles has recorded with Slash, lol.
  8. I agree insofar as Guns haven't done anything else except a world tour these past few years. Many other bands have been more active during a reunion tour, as you indicate. However, i don't think Guns N' Roses' lack of activity necessarily implies that Axl and Slash can't write together. We don't know what they've worked on yet (only that some things have happened towards a new album).
  9. That's impossible to say. We don't know how much work Guns have done on the upcoming album, and even then, it is possible that it leans heavily on CD2 material (meaning less work). SMKC can have a quick turnaround on albums, but they only recently released one. Besides, i don't see how anybody could be more excited about the prospect of another bland SMKC album over a new GN'R album.
  10. But what he did say corroborated with what Richard recently said. This should provide some optimism for something new, especially given that people are often quick to dismiss Richard individually. At this stage, we know from Slash and Richard that something is being worked on, and more is likely to be done after Slash concludes his SMKC tour. I don't think the cynicism is a result of Slash's comments, but rather, the abuse and misuse we have had to put up with from the management. When it is made abundantly clear that the management doesn't give two fucks about us, hasn't released an album in ten years, and implicitly supports the destruction of online content, it is no surprise that people are jaded.
  11. So now that Slash essentially confirmed everything Richard has said, is it okay to now put down the pitchforks whenever he opens his mouth?
  12. It's just as naive to blame Axl for everything. This band is a business agreement between Axl, Slash and Duff, all of whom share different managers. By Richard's and Slash's own admission, there is a GN'R album in the works, but it won't be properly tackled until Slash gets off his tour.
  13. Yeah, maybe. But it Is slash everybody is waiting on. Richard said it himself, they they will get back to recording after Slash is done in the latter part of the year.
  14. Yes, it's real. Here's Slash promoting it on Conan. Conan and the other guests eat some:
  15. It wasn't only his appearance in the ad, It was also the bastardization of Paradise City, and the general awkwardness of the whole thing. I probably hate on the Slash burger (as well as Slash/Fergie and other shit) more though.