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  1. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    Someone should get Nicolas Cage to act in a new music film clip for Guns. Tracii Guns is GNR.
  2. GNRCentral should be there soon, since they just steal our content anyway.
  3. Give me a cover of Marseilles.
  4. This should be the name of the next album.
  5. Crashdiet history

    I agree, but nothing beats Guns' version imo.
  6. Yeah, before they went to shit and started stealing content from MYGNR and other sources. GNRCentral sucks, and has become little more than a content mill. I do believe new music is on the horizon. I don't trust GNRCentral.
  7. GNRCentral... Need i say more?
  8. Thank you. I hate GNR Central.
  9. I don't know man. Hardschool is awesome, and The General is too. Atlas Shrugged was pretty decent from what i've heard. Nothing worse than what was on Chinese Democracy. The only leaked song i don't like is Silkworms.
  10. How does it feel being names after an album that will never exist?
  11. I'm just going to say it. Fuck Team Brazil. We shouldn't blame ... for this.
  12. What are these rumours? Was ... threatened? I question why he was so public with all this. Clearly, dozens of unreleased material is another ball game to HOB.
  13. It's rough, but it's true. Fernando is their manager only because he is the son of Axl's housekeeper. Team Brazil literally fits all the words used by @ZoSoRose: Unqualified, certainly. Enabling, you bet it! Privileged, how else does one go from nobody to a manager of the worlds biggest band? Incompetent, easy to see... Silver spoon, Yep, and condescending to boot. Hanger-ons that support abusive and unstable people and hold contempt for actual fans. Absolutely, deadset, true.