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  1. AXL

    Axl should push his leftover CD2 stuff that doesn't make it on the next album, out on a solo record titled 'AXL'.
  2. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    This band has some of the craziest motherfuckers fans.
  3. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    It now says the video was removed due to a copyright claim by IFPI. Not sure if that's true, or it's some bastard deceivingly representing them (likely the latter, i think). Either way, this problem is why i don't post video links here anymore.
  4. Honestly, i enjoy it for its unique quality, and Duff did explicitly say those songs were used for his solo album because they weren't in the style of Guns. If people want generic rock shit, they can go for Slash's solo stuff. That said, i think Duff and Slash will bring some cool elements back to the band, and i can't wait to see what becomes of it.
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    That's fucking ridiculous. This band better have some new music to go along with this shit.
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    But then they wouldn't keep breaking records with the Not in this Lifetime tour, lol.
  7. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I can't wait to hear The Seeker!
  8. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Wouldn't that be fucked? Bumblefoot asks Axl to consider releasing digital singles in lieu of albums and gets rebuffed for it, only for the band to do the same after he leaves. I think an album is more likely, since Axl is quite traditionally minded. For example, in that Brazilian interview he did with Duff, they talked about album art and other stuff.
  9. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I think they've expanded the short stint in October to include festivals and single shows. It is still being billed as the 'Not in this Lifetime' tour. I think more work has been done on the album than we think, but Slash did recently say they will be doing most of the work after these dates.
  10. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    As an Australian, i envy both the US and Europe. Then again, i would much prefer if they just knuckled down and got an album out before any more extensive touring.
  11. Axl's probably blonde to offset the colour palette of the background, which is red, orange/brown and blue.
  12. Unpopular opinion, but i much prefer Duff's Tenderness over SMKC's Living the Dream. On another topic, the fact that Slash and Duff are making regular comments on an album, indicates that something certainly is in the works. Slash even confirmed he did go to Axl's house to do stuff. I understand the scepticism, but the wheels seem to be turning (especially once it hits the end of the year).
  13. Give me Marseilles though.
  14. Most likely. That said, i don't think Axl uses his deep vocals enough, so i'm all for that.
  15. If they keep Shadow, i doubt they would add Reckless. Similarly, i think they would keep Slither rather than introduce Fall to Pieces. Just easier that way. If they must keep doing covers though, i would like them to reintroduce Marseilles.