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  1. One song to rule them all...

    Cliche, but if we are talking the best song for a radioplay compilation, it has to be SCOM. It strikes the right balance between rock and ballad. I've heard it enough times that i roll my eyes every time it comes on though...
  2. Axl Political Social Media Post Discussion Thread

    I thought i was having a stroke while reading that.
  3. I don't know too much about his other stuff. All i ever heard about was Ashba Swag and Ashba Water. Wouldn't surprise me if half his business ideas never take off. I'm surprised Ashba Water still exists (i wouldn't expect him to make much turnover).
  4. I just checked out Ashba Water, and you can request a one time delivery or a subscription. At least they donate a portion of the income to charity, i guess... https://www.ashbawater.com Edit: A bottle of Ashba Water costs $1.99: https://www.ashbawater.com/new-products/ashba-water-1
  5. Who wants some #Ashba #Budz? This guy would put his name on anything to sell it. Maybe he should become a real rockstar and start selling underground #Ashba #Heroin.
  6. I'm so fucking tired of the Rick Dunsford stories and all that bullshit.
  7. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    One of my favourite GNR songs is Madagascar, but i'm sure for many, it wouldn't even rank in the top ten.
  8. Who cares what Classic Rock Magazine has to say? Sure, their publications may result in some industry cred, but the impact of NITL to Axl's wallet and GNR's clout is much greater.
  9. I said it before, and i still hear it as this: "I got a lot more than i bargained for You're all alone nowYou forgot about the others you were begging for You're all aloneSo talk to the ones that you once ignoredYou're all alone nowYou used to be a little crazy now there's so much more You're all alone"
  10. I really don't care for SMKC. I find Slash's other solo activity more interesting (like the Ozzy stuff recently). I am sorely disappointed at the possibility that the GNR album has been delayed a year, but it's the reasonable option.
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    I don't think they need to ditch Axl necessarily, but i do think they should change the content up dramatically. Can't sing SCOM? Slow the tempo down a lot, rearrange it and sing it with deeper vocals. Hell, they could even do an Appetite re-release with all the songs changed up, then Axl could sing them comfortably.
  12. NITL live videos on youtube

    Usually with SCOM, Axl's saving grace is that the entire crowd is singing over him. The pro-shots on the other hand should be hidden deep in the drawers never to be revealed.
  13. NITL live videos on youtube

    Publishing some of the songs Axl sounds shit on is a ballsy move. Slither sounded better than i remember though, surprisingly.
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    The tune to Beggars and Hangers On must play constantly like a carousel in Slash's head when he's around Fernando and the rest of TB.
  15. When do you think they will retire GnR?

    GNR will never retire as a brand. Axl will die and TB and Universal will continue to pimp out posthumous GNR songs.