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  1. It seems to be getting an average response from general audiences. Honestly though, i think all of this solo stuff is great. Sure, it's different and odd, but that's what makes it interesting and fun to listen to. I would rather listen to this, Chip Away or Tenderness on repeat for 24 hours than [insert generic song here] from SMKC's Living the Dream.

    The Aussie store only sells the L&L stuff as well.
  3. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    While Matt Sorum and Gilby Clark were instrumental to the band during its precarious time, i really don't give a shit about them or their potential involvement in any future GN'R iteration/project.
  4. The point is that before his trademark rasp, Axl's vocals were relatively clean (and powerful). When most people think of Axl's vocals today, they compare him to the '90's and comment about how strange it is to hear him with clean vocals. In reality, his early vocals were similar, but far more powerful.
  5. The Roxy '86 is a good example, i think. Axl's voice was noticeably cleaner than what it would become, but was still very powerful. It's relatively comparative with Axl's clean vocals later in life, and i would argue that during the past three years (and early 2000's), Axl actually sounded closer to his original self than he had in years.
  6. To be serious though, this doesn't excite me one bit, and wont, unless we get some news of new material.
  7. No. It'll be time to rock the rock.
  8. "I've been searching low and hiiiigh."
  9. If GNR headlined an important world event

    Including everybody's favourite song, Look at Your Game, Girl.
  10. The fact is the band lasted 2 and a half years on one of the world's biggest tours. If they didn't like each other, things wouldn't have worked out the way they did. This is reinforced by the fact that the band took things incrementally (starting with the Coachella agreement and warm up show, and adding on more dates from there).
  11. What's the best opener GN'R has ever used?

    It's So Easy is a classic, but i voted for Perfect Crime, simply due to the energy it exudes. A great way to start the show.
  12. Just because Slash still excels at his craft, does not mean the material he produces as a solo artist isn’t generic. My point was that Axl will provide a more unique element to Slash’s material than Myles does. That should go without saying. I was reinforcing the point that even the worst GNR song will be okay, not least because of Axl’s vocals.
  13. I agree. Axl on Rock the Rock, a generic song for a children's cartoon, sounded much better than Myles did on any song on SMKC's recent album. Slash writes generic shit, but Axl can at least make it sound interesting due to his unique vocals.
  14. I play my Aussie card.
  15. You could try reaching out to Mitch Lafon. He's usually open about GN'R rumours... This is the first rumour i've heard of a late 2020 release though, but it makes more sense than a release this year.