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  1. I don't know, the reception seems to be generally lukewarm. Admittedly, we are both biased towards opposite ends of the spectrum, however i think it is clear that while there are good moments on this album, it is not without worthy complaints.
  2. A straight down the line, average, record. There are a couple of bangers, but most are a hit or miss.
  3. Don't worry about SMKC if you want to be happy, lol.
  4. Right, but it's been nearly three years now, and Guns has a history of playing new music live before release. We know they've been throwing ideas around while on the road, and Slash seems open to some CD2 stuff. It wouldn't hurt to throw a bone.
  5. What Snakepit songs did Axl like?

    Beggars and Hangers-On was heard during the rehearsal for GNR's Sydney '93 show.
  6. Fat Axl was the best post-90's Axl

    Peak obesity Axl was 2014: Looks very different than he does four years later:
  7. *Slash forces journalists to sign pre-interview contracts. *Fans: "Must be Axl!" Never mind the fact that GN'R is literally a business partnership with multiple parties and managers, who's reunion was nebulous for the first couple of months before becoming something of a tangible, multi-year tour. Seriously, Axl shouldn't be free from criticism, but everything is almost always levelled at him, here and elsewhere.
  8. I prefer her posts over #AshbaSwag and #AshbaWater.
  9. Perhaps a different kind of pressure. The expectations for Chinese Democracy were built so high that it became an almost-mythological record which many thought would never see the light of day. A new album, on the other hand with Slash and Duff will obviously have high expectations, but i don't think it would be comparable to Chinese Democracy's situation.
  10. It's odd that you would criticise Axl for allegedly rasping little parts of his songs, and then immediately refer to a small clip of Steven Tyler... I don't get the doom and gloom over Axl. He still sounds great when he wants to, and he can last entire songs... Case in point:
  11. Yeah, that's what i was thinking. I imagine it would be a clusterfuck to sort out though. You wouldn't want the Chris Pitmans coming out of the woodworks if they get the credits wrong.
  12. Are Slash & Duff = To Frank, Fortus & Dizzy?

    Realistically speaking, Slash and Duff have more leverage and are therefore of a higher status than Frank and Richard. However, Frank and Richard have been in the band for a long time, and i really wouldn't be surprised if Axl considers them as equal band members. On new music, i think people exaggerate Axl's motivations. Sure, Axl was the boss, and still leads to some extent; but since CD, many things have happened, both in and out of his control. I am skeptical that we would have an album by now had the reunion not occurred, but i also think it would be silly to believe that the reunion itself did not alter plans the band may have had for material.
  13. What of CD2 songs like Atlas and The General? If Slash and Duff look at re-recording some of Axl's material, which has been rumoured in the past and alluded to by Slash in a recent interview, how would the royalties work then?