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  1. If Izzy and Adler played 1 show,I’d pay anything for a GNR ticket.ANYTHING to witness what I never was able to witness!
  2. UYI box>AFD box

    IMO I just always hated the drums on UYI,they only sounded acceptable on all the slow songs/ballads,I wish they could remaster or even re-record the drum parts to make em less weak for potential remaster or box set occasion.Matts a cool dude and everything but was never a fan of his drumming,always sounded watered down to me.I know I’m not the only one who feels this way cuz didn’t Axl even say something along the lines of “looking back on the Illusion records,they were difficult to listen to cuz he realized later the drums don’t sound satisfying enough”?Although I preferred Adler to play all the AFD stuff along with CIvil War,YCBM,Don’t Cry, and etc.Im one of the fans that had Frank Ferrers back when the reunion lineup was revealed cuz I feel he’s at least more of a hard hitter (hence given the name ”Thunderchucker”) than Sorum.I salute Sorum when he took over after Adler and learning all those songs in such a little time before his 1st gig with the band...Idk that’s just my 2 cents I felt like tossing in
  3. I don’t think it’s that big of deal because no matter what anyone says,I’ll always be glad to be part of the NITL Tour history,even if it was in a microscopic way 🤘Also,I think they got it right finally by doing this design contest for the fans.
  4. I just wanna throw in that that design is the first time you all ever seen the appetite cross without Izzy and Steven.I sadly feel responsible for removing the two because that’s just how it was as the lineup was revealed and as the shows started to come to fruition.When the band officially posted their version a week later,a lot of you guys were pissed! Most seeing that cross without Izzy and Steven for the first time as “blasphemy” lol.Thats when I felt the need to start making attempts by posting “Don’t blame the band! Blame me! It was my idea!” That’s all
  5. As I’ve said before,everything out of the design is copyrighted by the band and Coachella,except for The skull hand,which is “riot of paints” a user on the Nightrain forums and whom I’ve acknowledged since,she was cool with it cuz she knew my intentions was just for fun out of excitement of the band and to make it a cool Twitter post.Thats the whole reason I never complained or expected anything out of it.I’m responsible for the “rearrangement into a full idea” so to speak.The band should acknowledge “riot of paints” because that whole “skull hand middle finger grabbing the AFD cross” is her sketch.They flipped the skull hand,modified it a lil,made the cross more clear,and moved the “GNFNRs” logo to a different spot For the band to make it more of their own,as shown in previous comparisons.Like I said before,Which pretty much is all of the bands/Coachella copyrighted art anyway as well as Riot of Paints skull hand.No disrespect but I think this is the last time I’m gonna talk about this,I don’t wanna keep repeating myself.All information about this is in this thread as well as during the Coachella shows thread.
  6. I found it a little ironic about the timing as well,with all those fans uploads of GNR shows get taken down with threats yet they stole my idea for a design?!? I felt that’s completely hypocritical! I didn’t do shit or complain really,didn’t care,and still ended up happy and proud! I felt like my situation had to of been made aware enough for this new contest to at least do things like this the right way by the band or TB.I applaud them for that...I should just submit my same design lol...and for the few that doubted it was my idea,along with riot-of-paints,I have all the evidence you need,and why would I lie about something like this for over two years now?
  7. No problem,Here’s my post during Coachella Week 1 ( an entire week before they posted their version to promote Coachella weekend two )
  8. I think this is a really cool for them to do for artists
  9. I’m going to give it a shot!
  10. Crazy timing posting this after talking about the Coachella poster design! 🤔
  11. Right on man! Riot of paints! Thanks for this.I do remember exchanging words with her when I was a Nightrain member in 2016.I can’t see the link because like most people they learned paying for Nightrain turned out to be a ripoff with a weak choice of tickets they hyped up exclusively for members 🤦‍♂️
  12. Thanks so much for your kindness @RussTCB but I don’t think it’s necessary,Although I definitely look at the art design as my idea and it turned out to be a great idea cuz they ended up using it! But the other way I look at the design is that it’s Just a rearranged copyrighted art/design/idea owned by the band/other people.A “Copyrighted Rearrangement” If you will.I didn’t sketch anything,I just think I’m good at cut,pasting,filtering and photoshopping with my two art programs.Im not a very good sketcher,so when I was trying to find a AFD cross with none of the band members skulls on it,ya know just the bare purple/gold cross alone.The closest I found was almost an entire bare AFD cross but it had the Skeleton hand giving the middle finger while grasping the bottom of the cross.That was awesome enough to just work around that.i found out later that that Skelton middle finger hand was sketched by a fan from the official GNR online forums or Nightrain or whatever it’s called on their Fan Art section,I forgot her name but she deserves some credit.i Guarentee Fernando used it,because when I posted it,he had to of seen it when I tagged everyone you could think of,GNR/Crew/TB Management on my instagram (@biggitybrown) and on my Twitter(@AndrewImler)All of a sudden Fernando started liking other ideas I did on my IG page and their is a pic of him I seen somewhere on this forum of him rocking the shirt backstage with Axl! I was shocked when I seen they turned it into limited posters and t shirts! Holy shit! Anyways,I don’t expect any acknowledgement from anyone in the GNR camp and I don’t think a thread is necessary,but if you think so,I’m fine with it.I’m just an ordinary fan that got lucky with an idea that my favorite band ever used.They did the right thing by hiring an actual talented artist “Arian Buhler “ That did all original sketchings from scratch it appears and made it its own.Would love to talk to that guy!! He had to of gotten paid or something obviously.I learned from recent interviews that the NITL tour was initially intended for like 5 shows including Coachella obviously.If that would of been the case,my design idea would of been much more unique!
  13. I know man,I realized the situation from listening Appetite For Distortion podcast.My situation is 2 years old,but it doesn’t bother me as much as all of family threats and nonsense goin on now.Unacceptable!
  14. It’s all good man,I’m still proud of it.@arianbuhler on Instagram( a far more superior and brilliant talent) pretty much did all of the promotional art for the NITL tour,except for the 1st weekend promo art for Coachella which was a piece I don’t know who did but it was the rape robot from appetite standing in the middle of the desert.My design idea materialized for the 2nd weekend! I’m glad I squeezed in my art for 1 show out of NITL tour! How many people can say that!?! I even seen a pic of Fernando wearing the Coachella 2nd week show me design shirt on this forum! He even liked some design ideas I had on my Instagram @biggitybrown Anyways,a small part of me did hope for any type of acknowledgement in any form,or even a shout out on my social media accounts. At the time I was just so ecstatic they used it and Slash n Duff were back in the fold as they announced more dates and finally witnessed an epic GNFNRs spectacle in Chicago July 2016!!! As for @Gambit83 podcast,I’d be honored to discuss my unacknowledged design idea if he happens to have any desire to do so.I Love Appetite for Distortion! It’s like a podcast for the fans!!! It definitely makes the day go by faster at my job through my 🎧 Thanks to all for taking time to read my post! -Andrew (recipefordisaster84)
  15. Pretty much,but did not care cuz I was so happy to contribute to a little part of GNR history! All I Did was rearrange the AFD cross,erased Adler and Izzy,put the Coachella GNR bullet logo in the center,Put Coachella on the top and GNFNR on the right to coincide with the 1st show.All of a sudden for the Coachella Week 2 show,they used my idea on shirts and posters! Here’s mine: Heres theirs on the right u decide! Lol.I just wonder who saw mine and presented it to the band...