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  1. 2006

    I agree that combination of looks and voice was best at 2006 since UYI era, but best voice since UYI, i gotta give it to 2010 Axl... Looks fall short, but damn, his voice in 2010 was fucking great....
  2. I have no idea, but here's a clip of axl playing different instruments xD
  3. I can't believe i found performance of Axl that i enjoy more from 2018 than something 2006 (i really like 2006 era)
  4. I would be more than happy if they release 2016 Houston show...
  5. Anyone have full versions of this? I would love that
  6. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    Great album, love it, acoustic "You're crazy" is f***ing brilliant !!!
  7. This week i'm sick too, simple cold, nothing too bad, and while driving to work (40 min), i could not sing along gnr songs for more than 5 minutes, and i'm 20 years younger than Axl... Big fucking props to Axl, and giving 2 hour show! Most bands preform 60-70 min + encore, and people now are bitching for getting "only" 2 hour show -.-
  8. I havent been following GnR concerts in 2018, but can someone post 2-3 best (in your opionion) performances? I see jungle suffered a lot in 2018, are there any improved performances of any song this year (except SOYL). Thx!
  9. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    SCOM, i can't listen to the song anymore, so much overplayed, its would be nice to hear it after a year, but the song is so overplayed, i cant pass the week without hearing it...