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  1. Sure he didn't say "when"?
  2. No Petty tribute, which was odd. I think GnR is the only band that has played a show since his passing but didn't play a Petty cover.
  3. Axl heard Duff on Talk is Jericho a few weeks back saying how much he likes the CD songs, so Axl thought he'd surprise the guys.
  4. I was listening to MetalMs stream while watching Wiktor's closer video. Axl did fine on TWAT. He's not hitting studio high notes, but did well imo, wasn't the hollow high notes
  5. Axl with some power rich high notes.
  6. Hard to hear Axl with the bass so heavy on the current stream --But when you can hear him, he's sounding good
  7. Here we go? Axl teasing something "else"
  8. Well if there is a Petty tribute, it won't replace BHS
  9. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    It's a shame it takes an artist dying for people to discover or rediscover their work.
  10. Reelz isn't offered by Cox. And I can't find it streaming/uploaded anywhere.
  11. Guessing it'll be the typical painting of Axl as the cock rock bad guy, Kurt as the sensitive reluctant star good guy.
  12. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    Who wouldn't? heh I wouldn't say it is talent, just a different style, but of course Axl's vox have diminished after years of hard singing on them. I just can't really think of a Prince song I'd want to hear GnR play.