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  1. they all look so.....sober. this would be a slightly different video than a uyi one.
  2. just read this thread and took 3 things out of it that pertain to what i care about and my 31 year love affair of the only band ive ever loved and cared about and impacted every step of my life: 1. no comment on ‘the endearing one’ popcorn adler. disappointing that there is clearly a bad attitude towards him. he can’t keep his mouth shut but i truly believe he means well and is incredibly talented. 2. the above comment about izzy is great to read. if axl has an issue with izzy this would not have been written. 3. don’t close the door on the band creating new music.
  3. ugh, can fernando just go away? i'm a fan of the band (steven,izzy,axl,slash,duff) and to some extent the outliers too (shannon hoon, west arkeen, sorum...dizzy even, maybe fortus/brain, tobias is even a part of the history) but fernando is completely irrelevant.
  4. this made me actually lol. what a friggin dork that guy is.
  5. i created the thread because i was interested to know if they receive royalties from this new release.
  6. or do axl, slash, duff have full ownership at this point? were steven and izzy “bought out” at one time?
  7. so, nothing on this was recorded recently, correct?
  8. can’t wait to listen to the remastered version of oiam.
  9. adler just posted a pic of him and dizzy reed on insta. also of him and bach. good sign if he’s on decent terms with dizzy.
  10. 14 Years (lyrics)

    i always sang it as "well, it's been not enough".
  11. Happy birthday Axl!

    maybe sorum is trying slash's approach which was to wish axl a happy bday first and then slowly get back in a band with him.
  12. Happy birthday Axl!

    and sorum wishes axl a happy bday on twitter. uyi lineup reunion confirmed.
  13. i have loved sebastian bach my whole life but nobody spews more hatred on twitter than he does. which makes the irony in this post hysterical.
  14. First NITL line-up picture

    slash’s hand on fortus is flipping us off..,.or flipping off fortus....you decide.