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  1. 14 Years (lyrics)

    i always sang it as "well, it's been not enough".
  2. Happy birthday Axl!

    maybe sorum is trying slash's approach which was to wish axl a happy bday first and then slowly get back in a band with him.
  3. Happy birthday Axl!

    and sorum wishes axl a happy bday on twitter. uyi lineup reunion confirmed.
  4. i have loved sebastian bach my whole life but nobody spews more hatred on twitter than he does. which makes the irony in this post hysterical.
  5. First NITL line-up picture

    slash’s hand on fortus is flipping us off..,.or flipping off fortus....you decide.
  6. i used all the cover songs as my bathroom breaks.
  7. thanks for posting. i cant bring myself to follow her.
  8. I find It interesting how little he says these days during concerts especially from someone who never held his tongue about anything 20 years ago. Wonder if the fact that many are recording the shows on their phone lead so him to say less?