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  1. I've been refreshing Axl's twitter for 24 hours waiting for his bday wishes to Adler.
  2. If Axl speaking in a looney tunes cartoon as a character of himself and then singing a new song in the show isn’t grounds for a new thread I don’t know what is.
  3. For me the get-up-to-pee songs were the covers; kohd, lald, etc. but that’s just me personally.
  4. i poured my heart out with tears streaming down my face just so that you could read it. i will always put two spaces after my periods and never capitalize when i dont feel like it. oh, i dont apostrophe all that much either.
  5. when axl said "Personally I kinda liked the irony of Trump supporters listening to a bunch of anti Trump music at his rallies but I don’t imagine a lot of ‘em really get that or care". he's totally right in the part about a lot of us not really caring. i do not care if the music is claimed to be "anti-trump" or whatever. the fact of the matter is that gnr has been the soundtrack to my life and helped me through everything i've ever gone through from the age of 7 to the age of 37. i have listened and will continue to listen to gnr more than any other band likely until the day i die. yes, i am a trump supporter (oh my god i support the president!, how shocking). i can tell you, axl doesnt give a shit what my views are or who i am or what i've been through to formulate the opinions on politics and the world that i have. and that's fine. axl will never spend a second of his life wondering why i feel the way i do and has no clue what it's like to walk a minute in my shoes. the same way i will never understand his viewpoint. i am disappointed to see his tweets but that will not change the fact that if gnr is back out on tour in the usa with old or new music, i will be there multiple times for whatever the cost is and won't bat an eye in buying those tickets. and when i get home tonight, i will go for a 10-mile run, and i will have on shuffle all 6 albums like i do every other night.
  6. its been what, 2.5 years? and this is still bizarre to me to see.
  7. they all look so.....sober. this would be a slightly different video than a uyi one.
  8. just read this thread and took 3 things out of it that pertain to what i care about and my 31 year love affair of the only band ive ever loved and cared about and impacted every step of my life: 1. no comment on ‘the endearing one’ popcorn adler. disappointing that there is clearly a bad attitude towards him. he can’t keep his mouth shut but i truly believe he means well and is incredibly talented. 2. the above comment about izzy is great to read. if axl has an issue with izzy this would not have been written. 3. don’t close the door on the band creating new music.
  9. ugh, can fernando just go away? i'm a fan of the band (steven,izzy,axl,slash,duff) and to some extent the outliers too (shannon hoon, west arkeen, sorum...dizzy even, maybe fortus/brain, tobias is even a part of the history) but fernando is completely irrelevant.
  10. this made me actually lol. what a friggin dork that guy is.
  11. i created the thread because i was interested to know if they receive royalties from this new release.
  12. or do axl, slash, duff have full ownership at this point? were steven and izzy “bought out” at one time?
  13. so, nothing on this was recorded recently, correct?