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  1. 70% of a GNR show is still longer than a usual show from Kiss, Metallica, Maiden, whoever. Not bitching about any of those bands, actually gonna see the first two next year and always see Maiden when they're around, but just to put it in perspective...
  2. Will this be broadcasted? You know, being part of the biggest media circus in the world and all...
  3. Axl will tour again with AC/DC!! **Rumor**

    Well there's been some talk about a new album / tour for AC/DC, and maybe a 'goodbye' of some sorts with Rudd and Brian included again. Could be that they will do some sort of grand goodbye tour where Axl also has a spot. Or Brian sings on the album, Axl live? I dunno, anything is possible at this point, but although its always cool to hear stories like yours - you can hardly call this 'confirmation' of anything...
  4. Rumor - Is Axl doing a track in the new AC/DC album?

    If its AC/DC he probably didnt even write them himself.
  5. Rumor - Is Axl doing a track in the new AC/DC album?

    There were also some rumours about a show in Germany somewhere end of June / beginning of July. Supposedly announced somewhere this week or next week(s)... Its all pretty far fetched at this point
  6. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Makes sense, I think they have a bunch of festivals there also in May/April.
  7. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Sorry for the ignorance, mate.
  8. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    He has his spring tour here, and I expect him to do festivals after that. So thats probably a lot of Europe untill like half / end of july, maybe Asia and SA after that?
  9. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I think the song is hardly known outside of the US, but they kept it in during the last euro leg anyway...
  10. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    There's like ten shows, so you can hardly call it a leg. There's a lot of travel involved, even when they stay on the same continent (Asia) the distances are considerable. And they go to 4 continents (!) (North America, South America, Asia and Africa). So by the time the 'leg' is halfway Axl's voice might be somewhat decent. Which will then be completely destroyed by travelling and jetlags. So I actually don't expect anything at all from this leg. Maybe they'll swap out Slither, Wichita Lineman or one of the other covers for something else (another cover), but that's about it
  11. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    This. Cant really speak for other countries, but here in NL its as simple as registering on ticketmaster, ordering tickets, you have a boatload of payment options and you have the tix in your email 2 minutes later, no hassle with pick-up at box-office, or tickets being sent out days before the actual event. Sure, we all somehow have romantic thoughts about waiting in line with your fellow fans at the post office (or whatever venue was responsible for hard-copy sales) to be able to get tickets. But how nice was it really? Crappy weather, hours of waiting, malfunctioning printers, people skipping the line...
  12. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    If they do have special tickets its explicitly mentioned, but its not really a thing here in NL. I know in Germany (for example for Rock am Ring as well) you could always get these special hardcopy 'fan tickets' to keep, but its just a plain old boring A4 paper with your ticket and even some advertisements on it here in NL.
  13. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Nah its not worth it, you get the digital tickets straight in your inbox, its not like you have to wait untill its closer to the event. And the actual hardcopy tickets are just the same, just printed and shoved in an envelope.
  14. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Just did it now (15 mins before official sale starts ). Curious to see how the general sale goes, since it isnt cheap...
  15. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Just read back a few posts, could've gotten tickets already in some sort of unannounced presale oh well...