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  1. Nah that sounds like a solo show by Melissa, if the band would play more shows this year it would have been announced by now, unless it some sort of special one-off thingie like an awards show or fundraiser or whatever.
  2. Sure If he just wanted to play with his buddies they wouldnt ask 100+ for a basic ticket. This is definitely about the money. Having plenty doesnt mean you dont want more, it's actually more the opposite.
  3. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    2 songs into this; Still behind my earlier opinion; he has no power, its very nasal, there's almost no difference in pitch (high/lows), on the second song he's struggling to keep up and if you look at his face it looks as if it just hurts to sing. Hang it up, JBJ.
  4. Nah, Alter Bridge has a new release and Myles will be touring that for the most part of 2020, so I dont think we have to be afraid that SMKC will do stuff in (at least) the beginning of 2020.
  5. Yeah I think Lollapolooza in South-America in March is more or less given, and you see a lot of bands who play there in March make their way across Europe where festival season starts late May / Beginning of July. Wouldnt surprise me if they'd do another Euro festival run, they havent hit that much festivals in 2018.
  6. New album in 6 "GNR Calendar" Months. So it should be in stores right around Christmas 2028 or so?
  7. I doubt it. Its not only about the drumming itself, but also about knowing the catalog, and being able to make yourself available to the band's shenanigans. Which can either be nothing for years and then suddenly touring around the world for 2 - 3 years straight.
  8. He would have nothing to gain from a reshuffle. I can see someone like Melissa leaving, as I dont think the casual fans would care / notice, although according to people in the know / pretending to be in the know she contributes a great deal to the sound. 4tus seems to be settled for life if he wishes, I think Axl is very happy with him and doesnt let an opportunity go to waste to let everybody know that he's been in GNR for almost 18 years. And I dont see why you should fire Frank, sure some people dislike his style. But what is there to gain? Its not like there is another drummer readily available who can play the catalogue and doesn't mind keeping himself available for whenever the GNR train starts rolling again.
  9. Yeah, I was asking myself the same thing a while back. It went really REALLY silent, where there was a lot of gossip and rumors before. Then again; this was also a classic example of something stemming from one source but being dragged all over the internet so it somehow seems to be credible.
  10. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    Well how about quit, or be upfront and say 'hey guys, sorry, I cant do the old songs anymore, so from this tour onwards its just gonna be the newer stuff. K srry love u bai JBJ'. If you hire a guy to paint your walls, and he does a crappy job, are you gonna have the same attitude? 'Oh well, he did his best'. People pay top $/€ for this shit, if you're not up to it anymore; quit or be honest about it. His Werchter performance was UTTERLY CRAPPY. He hasn't once apologized or acknowledged or said 'Hey guys, I'm sorry, I have a bit of a throat infection, how about you sing a bit extra loud today? Together we can do it!'. NOT ONCE.
  11. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    Nope, Belgium. And I dont expect a '1995 JBJ', I expect somebody who charges 90€+ to do more than just 'try'.
  12. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    I've been to one of the recent shows, and it was horrible. People started leaving a few songs into the set, and people who didnt know each other were kinda questioning one another 'is it just me or does he sound like crap?'. Sure, there'll always be the die-hard fans that will be up front having a blast, especially since he was playing places he hasn't been for years. But honestly, it was a total shitshow. And sure, he might have had a cold or throat infection or whatever, but you can at least apologize (or cancel/postpone if its really bad) and tell the crowd about it, but he didnt, which lead me to believe this is just how it is nowadays.
  13. Or do it like Bruce Dickinson, who left all the women, drugs and children out of his book. Which to me, as a huge Iron Maiden fan, made it kinda boring and was like 'lets read 250 pages about Bruce and all his hobbies'. Definitely interesting at times and there's insight into how Maiden is run to some extent, but other than that; probably the most boring official autobiography by a member of huge rock/metal band.
  14. Welcome!

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      Ok. I read the message. I have not  posted vulgar things or off color jokes. I will not. Thank you. 

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  15. Yeah bought golden circle for the first Nijmegen show in 2017 pretty easily, in the pre-sale though since I had active Nightrain subscription