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  1. Fly GNAIR

    You can login with an active Nigtrain subscription, and get to 'the cockpit', where you just get to see three lame pics of the plane.
  2. Fly GNAIR

    With this airplane bullshit and the latest Euro tour artwork it looks as if they've gotten their hands on some second hand Iron Maiden marketing materials
  3. For GNR, yes. With AC/DC not so much
  4. Yeah the crowd wasnt all that great. Loads of people that just 'want to be seen' and only knew 5 songs and were either wasted or doped out of their minds by the time the show began. Hope its better this year, although I'm not going. Don't like Goffertpark as a venue that much, and (judgemental asshole opinion incoming) the wasted annoying crowd thingie seems to be something 'from the east'. Was the same with AC/DC in Gelredome as well. Big groups of people that apparently just go there to tell everyone they went to AC/DC or GNR, and get shitfaced by the time the opener starts, and talk really loudly and take annoying pictures and movies of everyone singing, screaming, fighting, jumping throughtout the set.
  5. dafuq, that has to be with some deposit on the cup included, right?
  6. Its not gonna be Izzy, seems pretty clear from how Mitch is dodging the questions and responding with things as 'there has been a lot of Izzy-talk'. Yeah, people talking ABOUT Izzy. Not actual Izzy talking.
  7. Its just marketing for the remaster really.
  8. Last year was great. Crowd was a bit messy, but it was a great show, one of the longest of NITL, we had Angus... overall great day
  9. Starting at 22:00 at Graspop
  10. So, general consensus is that its way better than Berlin and the band, the tour, and Axl are saved, and we might achieve world peace through this show? Or is it just when its a bad show that it appears that the world has come to an end? Happy with the setlist, although fewer covers wouldn't be band. Performance seems to be much better and acceptable now.

    Liking both the Berlin & Download tees, might actually buy myself one at Graspop if it's similar. The Nijmegen one last year was terrible, so I didnt get that one...
  12. Ah okay, I thought the whole leg sold out in ~24 hrs...
  13. I know, but this is a band that sold out Goffertpark (65k+ tickets) and I think TW Classic in the same amount of time last year... So you'd figure those 40k day tickets or whatever shouldn't be such a problem. But they kinda of overstepped choosing these venues again. I see a lot discounted tickets, same for Berlin, and in Nijmegen they added some hefty support acts as well.
  14. Maybe he really has a condition regarding his voice/throat and it is best to give it as much rest as possible. At this point we don't really know, so its really cheap and easy give someone crap like this when we don't know jack shit why he wasnt there.