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  1. I anticipate that any new GNR album will be a lesser version of the Use Your Illusions. Not to say that there can't be a few good tunes, but I don't expect it to live up to the original material released from 87-91. Now, if Izzy was involved, I would have higher expectations because he was a key part of the song writing process. It could be BETTER than Chinese Democracy however.........
  2. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/motley-crue-new-studio-project/ I was a bit surprised by this, because I had read that Sixx and Lee weren't on speaking terms at this point. Also, they signed that contract saying they won't perform together anymore. I guess that doesn't include making new music, most likely for The Dirt Movie. Sixx and Lee are pictured with Bob Rock. Vince not pictured. Mick hasn't been awakened from his coffin yet. Somehow I think they will eventually do some shows together. Just not a tour.