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  1. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    Time for the Robinson bros to Shake THEIR Money Maker. Must of run out of money, and/or Kate Hudson's alimony payment is too Hard to Handle. I saw them twice back in the day. They were good as a headliner one time. And I saw them open for Tom Petty another time. But for this go-around, I will be sitting it out.
  2. Setlist for 2020

    Yes! I like the AFD version of You're Crazy, but I prefer the version on Lies.
  3. Death Pool draft 2020

    Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Jimmy Carter Joe Biden Bill Clinton George W Bush Miley Cyrus Charlie Sheen Justin Bieber Dick Van Dyke
  4. Setlist for 2020

    - AFD straight through every song so that's 1-12 (with Izzy and Steven playing in the band since this is the DREAM Setlist) - Acoustic set with Patience, Used to Lover Her, Yesterdays, and a cover of Angie by the stones - so that's 13-16 - November Rain, You Could Be Mine, Estranged, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Civil War, Locomotive, Don't Cry - that's 17-23
  5. Your favourite live era

    Well I don't get to vote because I won't vote for anything from 1994-2015. The answer is 87-93.
  6. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    From the list of official nominees, I voted for Judas Priest, Soundgarden, NIN, Motorhead, and Pat Benetar. Not happy though that Crue and Maiden aren't on the list.
  7. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/October/15Judas_Priest,_Motorhead_Among_Rock_Hall_Nominees.shtml The list of official nominees is out.
  8. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    Yes, all of your bands listed deserve to be in. I'd probably throw Ozzy solo and Pantera in the mix too on my list.
  9. I read a report that Motley Crue, Blink 182, and Iron Maiden currently lead the early fan voting. Who do you want to see get into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame next year? Here are my 5: 1. Motley Crue 2. Iron Maiden 3. Judas Priest 4. Soundgarden 5. Alice In Chains https://loudwire.com/motley-crue-blink-182-iron-maiden-lead-rock-hall-vote-your-choice/
  10. Go check out Maiden. They still have it.
  11. bad albums that you like

    If Metallica would have used the best of Load and Reload to make just one album it would probably be considered great, instead of 2 OK albums.
  12. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    Damn shame what happened to Skid Row. Their first record was a huge breakthrough album for the new band. Slave To The Grind went #1 and even freaking Pantera was their opening act. Then came the not so great B-sides, and so forth. Then Baz left. Basically the end of Skid Row as a major act. They could have made a comeback in recent years but Snake and Rachel just can't work with Baz I guess. The some of the parts make a greater whole in this equation, so they all live in relative exile from the headlines now. - Which leads to the conclusion that there really isn't any forums discussing this band now. -
  13. Metallica's latest tour is boring. I saw them last year. I have seen them 5 times over the years. They were awesome live back in the 80's and 90's but they seem to have lost a step these days. I do, however, wish James a speedy recovery.
  14. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    I went to the Portland, OR show a few weeks ago. It was incredible. We were in the pit and it was awesome. My 3rd time seeing Maiden. Probably my favorite live band these days. Bruce, Steve and the boys still kick ass!
  15. You Could Be Mine Sweet Child O' Mine Paradise City Estranged Welcome To The Jungle