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  1. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Maybe another song they haven't played yet but that's about it. Axl will still mickey RQ and YCBM and Slash will never talk to the crowd
  2. Songs like Nightrain, ISE and Anything Goes ARE "cock-rock". Musically aswell as lyrically. That's not a bad thing, it's just people labeling those type of songs that way. I really liked Sugar Cane from this last album, but to many people, like Anything Goes, it's just immediately dismissed as "cock-rock". To me, I enjoy good rock songs about getting drunk like Nightrain or fucking like ISE or AG. Those type of songs made up the majority of AFD too. And Slash is never gonna change that sort of style and who can blame him, he does it better than anyone else these days and arguably back then.
  3. I've said this before but you people who didn't like WOF - you're gonna have a bad time with a new GNR album. Because that's exactly the music Slash is gonna keep on making. A few Axl ballads and his voice alone, who knows how it sounds like these days in studio, won't magically make an album like WOF good to you. Unless Myles is your only point of contention with WOF, and you otherwise think it's great, perhaps. But there are many people out there who don't like Slashs "cock-rock" music. Which I find retarded as he's basically never changed his style of music since AFD, except for VR and that was a concious move, which he in the end said he didn't like.
  4. Or he works as hard as he can and this is the result. Which I think is true. He just couldn't do a better album than he did at this point. Maybe GNR will raise his songwriting bar
  5. "Wound up in a Vega" from West Arkeen's Outpatience is on youtube

    I would really love it if GNR played the title track Anxious Disease live sometime. Would be a nice little tribute to West, as the band never got to play live and both Axl and Slash are on it anyway.
  6. I'm almost 99% sure I've seen this video of you before. Did you reupload for some reason? Or am I crazy?
  7. "Wound up in a Vega" from West Arkeen's Outpatience is on youtube

    That whole album is good. Title track, Inbred and especially Cold Duck are great.
  8. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    and then you wake up
  9. There's still the hope of Izzy being on future albums in some way. He just won't be there live for the most part
  10. He doesn't always do it. Several songs on his solo and SMKC albums aswell as VR have songs in standard tuning. Only GNR is always tuned down a half step
  11. [Poll] What's your favorite track on "Living The Dream"?

    Serve You Right, Sugar Cane close 2nd. Shoutout to Read Between The Lines for the awesome solo and bridge though
  12. Top 5 VR songs vs top 5 Slash/Myles songs

    Cool thread. SMKC: 1. Apocalyptic Love 2. Dirty Girl 3. Battleground 4. Back From Cali 5. Serve You Right VR: 1. The Last Fight (One of Slashs greatest compositions ever imo) 2. Pills, Demons & Etc. 3. You Got No Right 4. (I'm already struggling..) Slither I guess? 5. She Builds Quick Machines (the bridge makes the song. otherwise not that great)
  13. Bent To Fly is maybe not really comparable to this because it's not a straight ballad like this is. But Battleground is untouchable to me, the first solo is only "great", and then it just morphs into a completely different song out of nowhere with one of the best chord progressions in existence, and followed by an over 1 minute solo that can only be described as guitar heaven and no one could have soloed over this music better than that. No one. Slash is the master of soloing over ballads even though he hates them which is fascinating and sort of funny. And for the last minute starting at 6:10, the song changes yet again into a very "building up" riff but still following the same chord progression of the 2nd half. Maybe TOYLIG is not really comparable to BG either because it's so epic in it's scale, changing several times while this is a straight on Patience like acoustic ballad. Both are good in their own way. I just prefer it when Slash wants to do really ambitious songs and it all falls into place like it did in BG. I just feel like he could write songs like TOYLIG in his sleep for all next records he will make, while fully realized epics like BG are seldom for him (only NR and Estranged basically).
  14. Cool to see someones reaction to the album being almost exact to mine, you're only 0.5 points from me. One thing I'd point out is Myles didn't "steal" his own lyrics lol, it was deliberate because Slashs instrumental part was Standing In The Sun. It fit to make it a complete tribute both with lyrics AND music and not just have random music of SITS coming into the song, that would have been weird for real, and random. Also the "in stereo" part of My Antidote is him referencing music, that's the antidote he's talking about. Maybe this will be interesting for you: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slash-and-myles-kennedy-offer-track-by-track-breakdown-of-living-the-dream-album/
  15. After several full listens, anyone who claims this is a better album than WOF is daft IMO. It is on par with AL, but nowhere NEAR World On Fire. One step forward, 2 steps back is what has happened here. Trying new styles and things which is cool, but only 1 song is up there with the best songs from WOF and that is too weak. WOF was everything you could ever expect from a guitarists solo album. Several epics, long drawn out solo sections, short to the point rockers, masterful ballads with emotional solos, dirty riffs. This is just a plain old album compared to it. Why the best songs are not released as singles first is beyond me and I will never understand why Serve You Right was not the first single from this album. It would have made me hyped 10x more than Driving Rain did, which is run of the mil radio rock to the core. TCOTW: Better opener and song than WOF, but worse than opener title track from AL. Still a good 7.5/10 Serve You Right: The song of the album. Pure straight hard rock with epic solos, a simple but very cool riff, and very good vocals and melodies. The "Wicked Stone" of this album. It even surpasses it. Up there with the best things from WOF. 10/10 My Antidote: Somehow the studio version of this song doesn't blow me away like the first live performance I've heard from it. IMO a good song ruined by too polished production. 6/10 Mind Your Manners: A good WOF like rocker, nothing to complain about here. Amazing chorus. 8/10 Lost Inside The Girl: Sadly this hyped song does nothing for me. I'd take a listen to any song from WOF over this. Not sure why. 4/10 Read Between The Lines: Back to the good stuff, kinda funky and heavy and such an amazing solo. I somehow feel they should have made the bridge the chorus or the pre chorus because it is so good and it would have made the song even better. Also the rhythm behind the solo reminded me a lot of Aerosmiths Won't Let You Down solo section. 7.5/10 Slow Grind: Not sure what to think about this one yet, but epic solo once again. Another a bit funky track, and the solo section almost has the same rhythm behind it as Read Between the lines had, no one noticed that? No complaint though because it makes for an amazing solo yet again. 6/10 The One You Loved Is Gone: Decent, but not Bent To Fly or masterclass Battleground level. After Battleground, which has one of Slashs most ambitious, epic, and masterful compositions aswell as solos to it's name, I was excited to hear what kind of ballad he would write after writing that. He ended up copying the lalalas into this song at the end. I found that funny.. 8/10 Driving Rain: The definition of a radio song. Catchy and not bad, good solo, what elevates it a bit is the cool reference to Standing In The Sun in the bridge which other people hate. 6/10 Sugar Cane: Really looked forward to this song because I expected a Dirty Girl type song, but I was cool if it wasn't that because Serve You Right already delivered that for me. I get the feeling this will end up as filler on many peoples minds like Avalon from WOF (which I LOVE). Not for me. 3 minutes of rock n roll bliss. 8.5/10 The Great Pretender: I'm not into classical type stuff or playing, as such I'm also not a big fan of Anastasia but I can recognize both as good songs, but not a song I will listen to a lot. Maybe it will grow on me anyway. 7/10 Boulevard of Broken Hearts: Nice closer, but nowhere near The Unholy level of greatness, now that was a closer. Once again like The Unholy, completely different than the rest of the album. Very cool solos, I love Myles uplifting lyrics. 8/10 All in all maybe a 7/10, on par with AL, maybe AL edges it slightly out for me. But no grandiose all fullfilling project like WOF. It could have been way worse..this is not a letdown.