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  1. http://m.zimbio.com/photos/Slash/Dean+DeLeo
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    Hmm.. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ace-frehley-to-perform-on-this-years-kiss-kruise/
  3. Rumor of a new album???

    Oh shit totally forgot about SP that might be it then, that makes even more sense. Can't imagine Axl wanting to give full control to a producer actually either. "If a band member departs" sounds like something that would not happen with GNR too, who would leave that cash rain right now? As if there's danger Frank or Fortus would now suddenly depart, or Slash or Duff for that matter..not gonna happen.
  4. He's talking about more support to come from them he hopes, atleast that's how I read it
  5. Rumor of a new album???

    "half hearted collaborative efforts" could be refering to the last time they tried to make an album, those doomed 1996 sessions. I'd imagine now they would want to try more than have Axl sitting around listening but never singing while Slash noodles. All those other guesses seem dumb to me in that comment section, Bon Jovi said never say never, VH, LZ and Oasis has not recently toured. I'm not familiar with Journey, BS, Pink Floyd, Smiths, Kinks so don't know how much those fit the bill. GNR does tick all the boxes though but I still believe it is KISS
  6. Rumor of a new album???

    It sounds more like KISS to me. For those guys it really is now or never to do it considering their age and that Paul and Gene have worked with Ace recently
  7. Just..no. Izzy is not my idol. I advice you to check his new "great" post in the official GNR thread about fotus and see what you think about that one. Great guy to stand up for huh?
  8. It would even be unwise to do it right now in the middle of a tour. How could they possibly top that? Once you go AFD5 everything from there can only be downhill in most fans eyes.
  9. If the World Discussion

    The riff just sounds like it should be in a 80s porn movie to me
  10. Why is it so hard to understand that not those posts are the problem, they are the exception, but those like the one I and several other enraged people quoted, that you thought was so ridiculous that it could only be meant ironic? He does plently of those just to piss people off as I already said earlier. I have seen this guy post this shit for over a year now and it's always the same game.
  11. We should just be thankful the handlebar hasn't reappeared yet, it could be any day
  12. He is..57. I've seen a lot worse guys my age (early 20s). I dare to say he looks really good for almost hitting 60, pretty much everyone in GNR does which is kind of ironic Also nothing GNR related in the interview for anyone curious.
  13. He gets what he wants, pissing people off, especially those who like Izzy, hence why it's better to just ignore him since he never bothers to reply anyway. Just wants to stir shit. Almost like a propaganda station.
  14. ... Would a Fortus hater troll make posts such as "Fortus will blow us away on the next album" or "Fortus sounds AWESOME with the gretch!", "Fortus is very important in the sound of the band. Incredible player."? How about you research the guy a little more before calling people naive? He has plenty posts of praising Fortus without the what you perceive as "ironic" tone aswell, no he really means what he says. It is so ridiculous people think he's being sarcastic, should be quite telling.
  15. Trust me I've tried before and Sunset never replies, and is imo just a troll to grind peoples gears. He's better blocked and just ignored, otherwise you're just giving him what he wants, reading these replies while he laughs in his moms basement. No one seriously believes Fortus has anything to do with how many tickets GNR sold. They could have had a complete unknown on rhythm and it would've done just as well, if not even better with Izzy or Gilby there.