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  1. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Slightly offtopic but I don't think it's worth to start a new topic over, does anyone know why Izzy doesn't play on Locomotive?
  2. To add to what you said, the fact that Axl was friends and in a band with a half-black guy in his band at the time let's one conclude right away that Axl writing lyrics with racist intent is totally absurd. It's just people getting very easily offended by words, and Axl was the kind of guy that wanted to push buttons at that time, like GNR as a whole.
  3. Well..it IS my favourite GNR song, lol. Everything I love about the band rolled into one song. Bluesy solos, great riffs, full of attitude and badass vocals. The fact they even made this song shows they were the real deal, it's very "pure" in that aspect. What other band would possibly release a song calling out people by name? It's hilarious and awesome that the biggest band in the world was GNR for some years.
  4. GNR songs ranked by popularity (streaming)

    You are definitely right. I also think the numbers for Coma and This I love are highly influenced by them playing it live constantly since 2016. The only one I'm flabbergasted by is how popular So Fine is.
  5. Wow what golden guests. Would you say these were your best guests, information wise for GNR stuff? Can't wait to listen to this
  6. it's "cool and stressing", cool ranch dressing would make no sense as lyrics lol.
  7. Also these song's aint shit compared to lyrics in rap songs lol
  8. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Wouldn't that make it fair then? Or what would be a more fair comparison with these 2? Also I'm going with Coma because the lyrics are just Axls best. Always loved "If love is blind I guess I'll buy myself a cane" from Locomotive.
  9. ISE is not just played but also the opener, so I doubt anyone would give a shit about this song. Playing Get In The Ring would be way more controversial
  10. I'm a big Alter Bridge fan and I watch lots of Myles interviews guys. Everytime he was asked he said he hasn't met him. It would take me ages to find that interview now though, I'd have to look through every single one since 2018 lol.
  11. He didn't.. maybe he met him at Exit now, but definitely not before.
  12. He was delivering those kind of vocals in 2016 aswell, just not with GNR lol
  13. I find it strange that Myles still never met Axl. Maybe they finally did meet there and we don't know it, but in the past Myles always said he never met Ax when asked about it