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  1. I really wanted to like SB but it's just screaming mediocre in every aspect. That's the one and only GNR song I could call "mediocre". I never even got the point of the title it never made sense to me, what's the Shotgun Blues? Maybe that would open the door for me
  2. Do you like Get In The Ring then? That's one of my favourites and people hammer it even more than SB Anything Goes is cool too btw. I prefer it to Think About You
  3. UYI I. You can tell that album was made to "follow up" AFD in the same style for those fans, and I love it for that. Mr Brownstone is my favourite GNR song, so Bad Apples being so similar in vibe, cool lyrics and the riff interplay between Slash and Izzy really makes that song a part 2 of that for me. But the bands best musical achievements are both on UYI II, Estranged and LM. What the fuck beats a composition like Locomotive? And Axl made the perfect lyrics and vocal for it. I also have no problem with Back Off Bitch and GITR, I love both songs because they just summarize GNR for me, not giving a fuck attitude, badass bluesy riffs and great solos.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    LOL. Should visit this thread more often
  5. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    Hopefully Axl will do the right thing and bring him on Patience
  6. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    It would actually be pretty epic if the whole band pranked Axl and was in on it by just suddenly doing Slither. Can you imagine him going "what the fuck are you guys doing?" in the in internal band voice com? Then Slash would actually have something to say to the audience on the mic and acknowledge he was there for once lol. He hasn't spoken to the audience once the whole time.
  7. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    Axl is probably not going to do it though due to fearing Slash Duff and Matt will devise an evil plan to launch into Slither randomly, forcing him to sing it or get booed #firstworldrockstarproblems #VRstrikesback
  8. Unreleased Snakepit Songs???

    They are songs that didnt make the album. There is a chance some of them are the 3 songs the 95 lineup worked on for 5 o clock and never released.
  9. I do think Axl is open to be friends with Sorum again if he repaired all these other relationships like he did. Hopefully..
  10. Unreleased Snakepit Songs???

    Man I completely forgot about those. I'm certain I have live versions of them on my old computer, maybe I can find them for you.
  11. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    I just watched the Billy Gibbons on Patience clip and..LOL. I think he forgot that GNR tune down a half step and got confused. Funniest moment of the tour for me
  12. Walking Papers (Duff's other side project): WP2 album due January

    I wasn't Mccready for this
  13. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    How triumphant would a new GNR album be with Grohl on drums in the band? Or maybe Angus decides to make ACDC an allstar group and just recruits big names to live up to the bands name, Grohl on drums, Billy Sheehan on bass, Axl vocals, Stevie Young rhythm. Yes pls
  14. Some people go through life with their eyes closed
  15. The first half of 2018

    I was talking for GNR. The SMKC stuff is ready to go