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  1. Aerosmith released Pump and Get A Grip almost 20 years into their career and they are 2 of their best and most successfull albums. I wouldn't put it behind GNR to release something close to that in greatness, they're pretty much the same genre too. Depends on what direction Axl will steer the music and if it will be a mess, largely anyways IMO.
  2. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Lol, worth a try haha. Just upload that shit to pornhub I don't think they're gonna take anything down
  3. No way a reunion would have happened in 2006. Slash was still riding high with VR because Contraband was such a huge success. 2008 would have seemed more plausible but by then Axl was so far with CD it ended up being released
  4. I don't find it fair to compare Gilbys solo output to what Izzy put out with GNR. Izzys solo output is so different from GNR aswell. We'd have to judge Gilbys fit in GNR by what comes out in combination with the band like Izzys stuff did. And what came out I quite liked (Snakepit, Tijuana Jail)
  5. Crashdiet history

    Just as I thought. That song is really un-Slash like and I can see why he wouldn't even try to "make it his own". Too bad becuase it's actually a really great song, and it's cool how legendary it has become in fan circles. Wish they would maybe record it for a new album in the future, would be a cool tribute to West Arkeen who died tragically.
  6. Funniest lyric

    Face of an angel, with the love of a witch Back off bitch
  7. Crashdiet history

    "GNR" version is pushing it right? Is anyone besides Axl and West even on it? Does anyone have Slashs opinion on the song?
  8. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    Don't even Scraped me bro
  9. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    It doesn't stack up well against all other modern rock albums from that time for me - The Black Parade, The Paramour Sessions, Sound Of Madness. Those are actual good albums in that modern rock direction Axl wanted to go in and his cohesionless cast of studio musicians couldn't do it. Buckethead was the only brightspot that could really add something and set it apart but he alone wasn't enough. I have to agree with Bob Ezrin who produced at one point, the songs just weren't there. Maybe 2-3 actual good songs, and they're made worse by the overload of production.
  10. I found this interesting, some stuff I hadn't heard before. Maybe someone can find/upload the whole interview somewhere?
  11. GNR and Alter Bridge on the same day for the first time huh? Maybe somethings gonna happen there
  12. wow the excitement for some demos from 1999. this place is hardcore
  13. Slash said in interviews that he didn't pick Driving Rain because it was the best song, but because it was the most "neutral" one. It has to work for radio. But even then I'd have picked Serve You Right as first single, then Call Of The Wild and the ballad 3rd. DR doesn't measure up against those songs, even though it's not by any means bad.
  14. Man have you heard the bassline in the intro? That song has many killer parts, but yeah the main riff is awesome because it's sort of a solo style lick turned into a riff, much like Withered Delilah