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  1. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    Wow how did you guess? I planned to listen to GNR until the very day I turn 65 all along. Then I'll stop and it's Bruce Springsteen only baby
  2. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    The only problem I could see is that Axl would deliberately use the mickey voice in the studio because he really thinks it sounds okay, and no one tells him it sucks. Otherwise, if they can make Vince Neil sound good in a studio, Axl should have no problems.
  3. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    So do you think Del isn't aware of him then, just Beta and Fernando? I mean the way Del talked he didn't seem cool with how this guy operates, threatening people etc. Maybe getting that whole story to Del would cause something to actually happen because he can talk to the band as a person they trust instead of fans from online forums. That it's not cool who Beta/Fernando employ on behalf of Guns. Who else would be able to do something about this apart from someone close to the band?
  4. 3 pages into the thread we get the breaking news everyone, CD is GONE from Spotify! Now we can finally start the discussion
  5. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Apart from that I want to see the January 1992 show where they played Dust N Bones the one and only time after Izzy left, just because that's never happened before or since, and was the last time that song was ever played live. The audio is so bad you can't even tell who's singing, Duff or Gilby
  6. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    I was gonna type that exact show before I got to your 2nd sentence. That show really, really, really, really needs to come out as an official release. Prime era GNR, before Grunge hit, with Izzy, debuting songs for the first time and in movie quality, rare performance of Bad Apples, Shannon Hoon came out, just so many good things about that show. The footage really seems to be fantastic judging from those Mr Brownstone and My Michelle videos we got, and they are the only footage of that show that is out there to date.
  7. I don't believe that, why would Bon Jovi remove Slippery When Wet only for like a week and then put it up again? Because it was missing here for a week and now it seems to be back. I think there's other things determining which albums get removed when and for how long
  8. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    It would be hilarious if that's really what happened
  9. Lol weird. CD gone from Germany Spotify aswell. I swear it was called "Don't Cry (Alt. Lyrics)" for the longest time and it's now called "Don't Cry - Alternative Lyrics" instead. That's definitely a recent change
  10. There's still so many people on facebook/IG asking them to do another north america leg, another asia leg etc. lol. The sooner they come off the road the sooner something can happen.
  11. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    What would make us think that? Sounds the same as believing in Santa as a kid lol
  12. Slash is Live at the Rainbow with Eddie Trunk

    I can't disagree more. What's got us standing where we are is the fact that the reunion of Axl and Slash is enough of a reason to sell out stadiums across the globe, and that for YEARS as proven. A new album, just like interviews, is just not needed for this band to do what they do right now. After the enthusiasm of that has died down a bit, then is the time to release an album. Simply wouldn't have been smart to put out an album during this tour when you are already so successfull you did the 3rd biggest tour in all of history. And who knows how much longer it will go on. And there are plenty of good GNR songs that were written without Izzys help. NR, The Garden, Dead Horse, Garden Of Eden, Don't Damn Me, Coma, Estranged, Breakdown, Locomotive. All of these come from Duff/Axl/Slash only. So they can make a good album if they want to with the current lineup.
  13. Axl could have written a song with that title and then just have lyrics about his dick. Good replacement for AG on AFD tbh, would elevate the album even further in score
  14. Where are you Axl Rose?

    lol. We don't gotta wait for shit. Threads are for speculation just as much as for discussion about facts. Though it would be nice if people who posted developments like you would not develop an allergy to actually provide sources/links to them in the future when asked. Would help the thread immensly
  15. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Anyone got an ACDC forum account we can all share? They aren't accepting new members at the moment