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  1. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    It's clear because it's not a demo. Just an acoustic version recorded for Lies. His voice does sound great on the actual demos though, if we can go by the WTTJ one
  2. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    What is New Work Tune?
  3. 14 Years alternate lyrics

    I love Izzys voice a lot more in this version. I think this is one of the rough mixes Slash talked about in his book when he said they sounded much better than what they ended up being on the albums.
  4. I wonder if Slash has Axls vocals in his mix, or if they would distract?
  5. Lol Dave Grohl came to play PC at a GNR gig not long ago. Also Grohl gave him his chair for the Vegas gigs in 2016.
  6. I get why someone would argue this way. But if SOYL is not a Hollywood Rose cover, who's song did Hollywood Rose play before GNR existed? They covered a song at those gigs by a band, that did not exist? What?
  7. If that's true then DC is de facto a Hollywood Rose song as it was written by Hollywood Rose before GNR existed. I mean when Hollywood Rose played it at that December 1984 show they didn't play a "GNR" song because that band was not even made. It's just not logical any other way.
  8. Where did you hear this? From my knowledge it was written in March 1985 just when GNR was formed Steven gets the corn here a whole lot.
  9. Yep, if you were to go back in time to 1984 to tell those guys in Hollywood Rose they're covering someone elses song..yea it just doesn't make any sense. The song was written for and performed as Hollywood Rose. It's a HR song no matter how people want to spin things. Its origin can't just go from being a bands song to another bands song a year later.
  10. Not like the amount of info we get would change then lol
  11. In Germany you can't make noise after 10 pm
  12. Why? It was officially released. Why would they care if some old demo makes the rounds
  13. Going Down '02 Discussion ** NO LINKS **

    Hasn't happened to me yet
  14. Going Down '02 Discussion ** NO LINKS **

    That could easily be checked by someone doing that in Audacity quickly and comparing. Anyone up for it?
  15. Going Down '02 Discussion ** NO LINKS **

    So which year is the version that leaked 2013 from? Close to 2002 or unknown?