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  1. The importance of Mike Clink

    I mean he is not the type of producer to modify the bands sound / steer it in a different direction than they intended, someone like Bob Ezrin. That's what made GNR choose him in the first place. The technicality of the job is a different thing entirely and was not my point at all.
  2. The importance of Mike Clink

    I think it's more on the band than him. He just captures their sound, and if their sound isn't great thats exactly what you'll end up with.
  3. Do you think Axl would even be able to write AC/DC lyrics these days?

    Love bomb love bomberDon't scare no botherWhere the size doesn't matterCome long, short or badder
  4. That picture is throwing shit towards them, as they are touring with in his mind "fake" GNR.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    But what about this one?
  6. Looks like Magnum condoms to me
  7. The Troubadour 2016 - 2 Year Anniversary

    We figured it out like 24h ahead that this Girlschool band was fake. All those people standing there at the location were probably clueless, just like the rest of the world haha. Epic night of CSI:MyGNR
  8. Do you think Axl would even be able to write AC/DC lyrics these days?

    We also said he'd never talk to Slash ever again. The guy is different now
  9. Do you think Axl would even be able to write AC/DC lyrics these days?

    Wtf..there are 2 things that speak against Angus and not Axl writing lyrics. #1 is he has Axl Rose in his band, and is not gonna let him write the lyrics? That would be one of the most stupid moves ever, almost as stupid as it would have been to write lyrics for Bon, who was another talented lyricist, though in a completely different way to Axl. I consider Axl to be one of the best songwriters in rock. Why would he not let Axl write the lyrics? For the same reason he didn't write them for Bon. And #2: he lost his main writing partner Malcolm, so he can form a writing partnership with Axl, or just let Axl write by himself. If this album were to ever happen I always was of the opinion that Angus would focus on the music, which he now has to come up with and write by himself, and Axl handles the lyrics. That would be the most intelligent course of action, no? Maybe Angus writes a couple lyrics here and there if anything at all.
  10. Do you think Axl would even be able to write AC/DC lyrics these days?

    I see no reason why he would want to write specific ACDC lyrics. He will write lyrics that he envisions and likes for himself, and carve his own identity into the songs and album. No reason to emulate Bon or Brian. So what if there will be melancholy lyrics about broken relationships? He is his own person so let him do what he wants instead of trying to put something on him he isn't. This is in the wrong section btw.
  11. Slash Books Late 2018 Solo Dates

    The first show date will surely be after the album has come out, so that would put it at early September probably, just like WoF. Also I wouldn't be so sure about Slash keeping any GNR songs, except maybe SCOM or PC. He now has GNR to do those and SMKC is on their 3rd album and he got all these other projects to pick from like VR, Snakepit, solo album. Wouldn't surprise me to see a big amount of new songs in the set aswell. Now he has a reason to make space for all this material.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if that was Slash on the track Black Eye aswell. That outro solo has his style and UYI/Snakepit tone written all over it, or the guitarist tried really hard to put his Slash on. Could also just be him wanting to record through Slashs rig at the studio at the time since Slash did come in to record. Cool song either way.
  13. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am for this! That whole story of Wests death and that band is so tragic and interesting, it really needs to be told. That album is Wests last statement pretty much, I'd love to hear how they made it, Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff coming in etc. It was during that very tumultous time in the band that ultimately led to the breakup and info on that time of the band is very limited and interesting. That lawyer really sounds like a POS. I remember in that 2006 Eddie Trunk interview how Baz wasn't even aware of Wests death when he asked Axl about him. And I just finished listening to the album for the first time and wow. Cold Duck, Walk On By, Smokin Dope and Sippin Tea and the title track are such killer songs. Very recommended album, a bit more on the acoustic side but great rock nontheless. It's on Spotify so everyone can check it out. Also if you don't mind, could you ask Jamie what the initials of the last track, I.F.H. stand for? @Gambit83 maybe in the future you can also try contacting vocalist Michael Shotton later too? Maybe he has some great insights on the whole thing too. Not many people can say they sang on the same track with Axl.
  14. Slash Books Late 2018 Solo Dates

    Only Matt, Steven and Gilby were fired. Slash, Duff and Izzy walked