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  1. I swear I saw you earlier today post how you don't want new material?
  2. Fat and fit people will be equally right if they point out Axl has gained a few. Why do you have to be fit to point out someone else is overweight? That's stupid. Whether I am fat or a stick has no relevance on someone elses weight. This is like those people saying to people who criticize "let's see you do it". Seriously? Only applying that logic to select scenarios is dumb, we can also criticize movies we saw and point out if they were shit even if we can't make a better movie ourselves because we're not movie directors ffs.
  3. Sounds like Scraped would sound if it didn't suck balls. Good one
  4. I don't get why Dizzy can't just trigger all the things Melissa does. It's not like the guy has so much to do anyway. It's like they filled Pitmans slot just because.
  5. Cause he gives a fuck in that video. He doesn't really see a need to improve his GNR singing when all he hears is how great he is. He still has it in him. That's what makes it so frustrating
  6. No doubt. If Axl really wanted to, he could deliver an ass kicking performance triple as good as he did last night. Like Steven Tyler did at Axls age, at 56 (!) years old. That's a guy who really gives a fuck
  7. To the people saying his weight doesn't matter. You're probably gonna change your opinion in a fucking heartbeat if he ever comes out REALLY fat like Vince Neil does, sometime. A rockstars, especially frontmans appearance matters, that's the bottom line. He's not just a normal 60 year old dude. Aslong as Axl doesn't look like Vince it's fine, just would be better if he was lanky again and had more energy to move around because of it. And to the person who said the band members have no fun? Look at Slash during SOYL. He even comes over to Axls mic to sing and is really into the song. Kinda ironic considering it was written by Paul Huge, lol.
  8. Lol watching this I once again heard "LIVIN LIKE A LEMON..AINT SO HOT" haha love that. Also Axls vocals on this are really great. Slash really seems to be into the song aswell. And watching Dizzy pretend to do something is hilarious
  9. I think it's a case of "#1 so why try harder?" All he ever gets told or reads is how good the GNR shows are and how the shows are sold out. Don't really have motivation to work out/eat clean regularly then. And if his vocals are not being scrutinized by fans or even the band, why change that too? I think no one has the balls to criticize him in any way and that's why he stays that way.
  10. "Take us to Hard School, Mac Daddy" sign is needed to get it played
  11. I mean it would be pretty baller if they closed with Locomotive. Everyone leaving after PC then that intro kicks in..
  12. Locomotive would be perfect to play right after Nightrain actually. And then do Train Kept A Rollin right after. Triple train attack!
  13. Locomotive should replace PC as closer. Play PC earlier in the set
  14. All this talk which song to do by Axl and then it's just business-as-usual Wish You Were Here. My body was getting ready to hear Locomotive