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  1. Another thing many people maybe don't know is that theres recordings from Mates studio in 1989 where Steven played on Coma and Bad Apples but those recordings aren't circulating. And I'm surprised they didn't mention that some completely random guy plays piano on So Fine, not Axl or Dizzy. They also didn't mention that they for some reason cut out the outro solo for 14 Years during the mixing process. If I ever meet Slash in real life I'd ask him about that.
  2. Didn't Duff even call it like one of his favourite songs or something? And Izzy also liked Get In The Ring, which I found funny
  3. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    I remember he used to do it during the UYI tour too, like a rigorous 15-20 min intense full body workout. Don't know if he did that after that but that's good to hear
  4. Hope it's not Berlin reloaded that wouldn't be a great first show in 2019, hopefully that was a lesson to Axl
  5. They totally stole the whale idea from Aerosmith who even opened their album with that shit lol
  6. New LA Show Sep 21

    This band is extremely frustrating to be a fan of as you probably know. Theres no need to be so sensitive. Also Axl doesn't give a shit. He's a rich iconic rockstar. 'Rockstar sues internet poster for bullying him online' blabbermouth article is never gonna happen
  7. New LA Show Sep 21

    Are you new to the internet?
  8. New LA Show Sep 21

    Slash does it
  9. There's some guy named Gonzaloc that has been covering unreleased Aerosmith songs he heard privately, for years, on youtube. You could give it a try
  10. Where was Atlas played as NR intro? Any video?
  11. Wow I can't believe how good this song is. I would actually be disappointed if it wasn't redone for a new GNR album. I prefer it over everything from CD
  12. I don't believe for a second Slash peaked in the early 90s. Maybe true for the rest of the band though, especially Axl. Slash recorded some of his best riffs and solos as recent as 2014 IMO. I wish he hadn't wasted the Dirty Girl riff for SMKC though. Would have been a great opener for a new GNR album. Who knows how hard he wants to make a new GNR album great, I think he'll work really hard on it and we'll get something good out of them atleast one last time.
  13. No that's GNR touring Chinese democracy still
  14. I mean you're right in the sense that sometimes lyrics are created to music already written, but I don't believe it really matters in the end. Axl wrote the lyrics to Locomotive to the finished music, but I believe the lyrics would be great in any song regardless. Like here for example, this guy covered the song in a completely different style and the lyrics still 'fit'.
  15. I don't think that many people outside of a few hardcore ones from this forum really care about the unreleased CD stuff. Most GNR fans want new stuff with Slash. I don't think it would be a smart idea to release something like that at all, the smart thing would be to keep all the lyrics he has written already and use them on new songs the band should be writing. That way he didn't waste all those lyrics on a couple recordings only few people really care about in the end. Axls a good lyricist and he really had something to prove/say in the CD era so why waste those lyrics for those recordings when he can use them to make a great new album
  16. I don't want to hear any DJ Ashba or Bumblefoot songs/riff on a new GNR album
  17. Lol so this mysterious Atlas Shrugged song I've been reading about on this forum for over 3 years now finally leaks, and it's not that good. That's a downer
  18. Sweet Child Solo Cover

    I added a few extra licks, and some of you really hardcore fans will know one of them from the 1986 demo, and Slash would still play it live sometimes in 1988. I always didn't like how that didn't make it to the studio version.
  19. He's probably better than Frank anyway
  20. Yeah well, Axl is an expert at looking very seriously into that regard by now, but Slash is not the type of guy to just sit around and waste time tbh. Something must materialize for him or he will do something else
  21. Is it hard to believe he is now big enough that he established connections outside of this forum though? I don't see why he would make it up, especially since Slash said after his last shows in August they will look into making a GNR album
  22. Aerosmith released Pump and Get A Grip almost 20 years into their career and they are 2 of their best and most successfull albums. I wouldn't put it behind GNR to release something close to that in greatness, they're pretty much the same genre too. Depends on what direction Axl will steer the music and if it will be a mess, largely anyways IMO.
  23. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Lol, worth a try haha. Just upload that shit to pornhub I don't think they're gonna take anything down
  24. No way a reunion would have happened in 2006. Slash was still riding high with VR because Contraband was such a huge success. 2008 would have seemed more plausible but by then Axl was so far with CD it ended up being released
  25. I don't find it fair to compare Gilbys solo output to what Izzy put out with GNR. Izzys solo output is so different from GNR aswell. We'd have to judge Gilbys fit in GNR by what comes out in combination with the band like Izzys stuff did. And what came out I quite liked (Snakepit, Tijuana Jail)