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  1. UYI came out mere days from Nevermind, while TSI came out 2 years after. How could he mix that up?
  2. That gotta be up there with the most retarded statements I've read here
  3. Nothing can be more horrible to me than that cringe inducing grandma sounding falsetto voice Axl uses, so already just for that aspect I prefer this way more. I actually like the arrangement a lot, it's nice to listen to after hearing the original for so long (Patience). Why is GNR not promoting it on their social media platforms?
  4. Top 20 Debut Albums (YouTube video)

    +1 for Definitely Maybe. It and Nevermind are THE 2 defining rock albums of the 90s. I don't think anything has come close since. The only band since then that has come close (to me) is KALEO, their debut A/B from 2016 is from an artistic standpoint IMO incredible and will be looked at as one of the greatest albums of the 2010s a couple decades down the line. A songwriter like that doesn't come around often, a song like No Good is already a timeless classic. Their next album comes out in a month, it now took them more than 4 years to follow up that debut, go figure.
  5. Just wanted to drop this here because I can, it's hilarious
  6. GNR music played at Trump/Epstein party

    I don't think you can read people very well then. He's not a cartoon figure who only likes money. He saw GNR in 1989 opening for the Stones, and asked Axl for a GNR reunion on twitter like around 2012 lol (maybe it was Rock Hall related I dont remember), something like "do it for us fans". I remember him saying he bought UYI the day it came out.
  7. It's taken down? Did he use some footage he has no rights for?
  8. New Melissa Reese Article

    French and italian wikipedia had her birthday listed as 1st March 1985 in Seattle for years. I'm pretty sure the lied about her age now, considering it was gone from the english wiki all the time, maybe she even removed it herself
  9. Just don't ask if a new album is coming, ask how close it is to being done! That way you get a more useful answer
  10. I never see HB being mentioned when people talk about STI. Those last 2 minutes are really, really awesome, My most listened to track from that album by a long shot,
  11. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I already said it in this thread, the delay was announced BEFORE corona became global
  12. Sympathy For The Devil is on GNRs GH. So ironic
  13. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I called it lol. Glad I bought it yesterday, it's gone now here too. 1 of 2 people here who get to read it early!
  14. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    So incase you guys don't visit the main forum much, Matt Sorums book is out now on Amazon as Kindle. Can't wait to see all the dirty laundry and stories being discussed here, lol
  15. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Alright just bought it, can't wait to get into it. Perfect time right now instead of July like it was supposed to be, might even re-read Slashs book to see both their perspectives, and how things match up!
  16. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    It was pushed back before corona became a global pandemic. There is definitely something odd about this.
  17. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Also that the book is out right now is a mistake right? It was supposed to come out in summer?!
  18. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Axl is not gonna replace Frank any time soon
  19. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Lol why? If what you're saying is true what reason would he have to "protect" people who left him hanging?
  20. Can this thread be renamed "No New Album Thread" like someone suggested earlier? That way it doesn't hurt as much to click it everytime and expect some news
  21. You could be right. But you could also be drunk. Just like me, I mean we are both sitting at home in quarantine, talking about the way GNR should sequence their double album release. When it's highly probable not even enough material for a single album has been worked on, or will ever see the light of day lmao.
  22. Slash said "Shotgun Blues" was the only song he recorded when Axl was in the room
  23. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Actually the stricter we enforce the social distancing and staying inside, the longer we have to deal with the virus, because we are not preventing but we are just delaying future infections. Which is..depressing. But needed in order not to overload the hospitals or we get the same scenario as Italy. This will only really come to an end with a vaccine, which can still be a year away.
  24. I mean yeah they can do that, but by splitting them into 2 discs/albums that's already a really strong theme for each album. The "Axl" side of the album could be way more experimental, include industrial type sections in songs etc., Axls artistic vision fullfilled + whole other album of "classic" sound GNR songs all at once. Just seems like a win win for me instead of releasing one album with many modern type Axl songs interspersed that many fans wouldn't be fans of or don't want in a GNR album.
  25. UYI was sequenced as classic hard rock album and stretching musically/experimental album. I don't see them doing that again but making all the unreleased 2000s stuff into one album will just sound more cohesive imo. I don't think Slash is bringing in songs that sound like Soul Monster or Eye On You