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  1. I really like it! Will play it all day 10/10
  2. Scandinavia consists of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. They are playing in all three countries in 2018
  3. First NITL line-up picture

    Have over a day tried to find the original image but not succeed. Anyone who knows where can I find it?
  4. If I put this in the wrong thread sorry, I think this fits here. I just saw this on Fernando's Insagram story. THIS_I_LOVE_APOLLO. Exciting!
  5. I dont see that on live natons different sites. Lets hope this is just a marketing trick from ticketmaster...
  6. Rocket Queen is my favorite but Nightrain being close second! But some weeks Mr. Brownstone is my fav. I guess i love them all
  7. the tour has taught me that they still got it and sound incredible. (Thats my opinion)
  8. 06/29/17 - Stockholm, SE - Friends Arena

    Hey all. I'm Swedish so excuse me for my bad English. I think this is my first post here ever. Long time lurker! Have just arrived home after a long day's traveling from Stockholm. Have been obsessed with GNR as long as I remember but I have never been to a live concert since I wanted Guns to be my first show. Have had such a bad luck at the times Guns had previously been in Sweden (2006, 2010) so that they missed them. (Car crash, stuck in train) but yesterday was finally the day. Oh my god, what a show and experience this was. According to me, the band was so amazing and they seemed to give it all. They all sounded amazing! And Axl gave a lot of rasp on the songs. I do not know why but all youtube clips and live streams do not capture this as well as it's live! The sound WAS AMAZING and thanks to that i could really hear what a F#"ING good bass player DUFF IS! And for Slash, i can only say WOW and the combo of him and 4tus was magic. The setlist was the best of this tour according to me, hell I even loved the graphics on the screens! I had a golden circle ticket and was in the middle at the front, it was so close i could almost touch them, the thing is i could smell them haha You may think I'm not critical, but for me there was nothing negative to point out. This was so incredibly big and important to me so I enjoyed every second. Even though the Stockholm gig was the longest I could have stayed for several more hours. Hope this post does not bother anyone, I just wanted to share my words about this experience LOVE!