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  1. Sorry to interrupt this beautiful and very interesting discussion but here is my video from the show.
  2. Oh, don't start! From Melissa to Axls appearance...
  3. You couldn't be more right!!
  4. Sooner or later you'll regret that you didn't buy a ticket.
  5. Sad that it's all over now.
  6. Do you have a pic? I would like to see that. A train full of GNR fans.
  7. We need a ''Don't like'' button.
  8. Never, EVER sell a Guns N' Roses ticket. Never. A big, big mistake.
  9. The show was amazing! It was way better than I expected and I expected a lot. Axl sounded and looked amazing (way better live than in the videos and pics) and so did Slash and Duff. A big minus for me were all the drunk Swedish two meters long idiots who pushed themselves into the front of the stage from somewhere from the back, in the middle of the show. One of them came and tried to stand in front of me (I'm pretty short) and he blocked my view completely so I had to tell him to move. He wouldn't do it at first, so I kinda pushed him from my spot (that he stole ) so he moved eventually. Other than that, the whole day (and night) was amazing. Thank you Guns N' Roses!
  10. I cant believe that this day has come!
  11. Thats been my biggest fear - to get a cold or something days before the show. Just rest and sleep as much as you can, that should help.
  12. I almost started crying just reading your post.