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  1. Haven't read entire thread, however, what happened to SCOM demo? ..... Arguably their most well known song
  2. Need your help!

    Crash Diet
  3. Need your help!

    @troccoli YCBM demo from appetite era, if available, Bob Clearmountain mix of the singles of the album - or songs where the mix dramatically changes the vibe of the song Heaps of demo's including: Coma, Loco, DC, RNDTH, BREAKDOWN, YCBM, Estranged, Get in The Ring And a legendary live video from era, not being Tokyo, we already have that No stuff.........just audio/or dvd
  4. Josh's Madi is definitley my go to from the leaks - sounds awesome
  5. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Such a good read, just started it. I feel like he would be burning bridges with Slash and duff with this book. Especially when duff didn't air any dirt in his book. Thoughts? Damn, I was looking forward to getting some answers re:VR
  6. Listened to first half of my 2000 Intentions album this morning, and it was so much fun. Last year's leaks were awesome. Omg, prostitute, and Josh versions of:Madagascar, Blues, CD. Soooo good
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    I agree. Initially thought axl screened the video and used shots that didn't have him in it. I thought the rule of videos was to show video footage of the focual point in that moment, however, the lead singer is rarely seen in major focual points of the songs.
  8. I desperately wanted this to be real, I have the lock-down blues
  9. I hope your right, as its a great time for new music.
  10. Fair point. I think I've been let down on soooooo many occasions, that I'm sceptical.
  11. Susan's comments are just a cheap way to garner attention imo
  12. I frequently listen to Me & My Elvis, Okalahama, Tonto, P.R.L, and Moustache.
  13. Release hardschool as single with live footage from previous 4 years as the music video. I would think that Would be relitivly easy, and cost effective. And have CD & Better w/Slash and duff intros as the b-sides. That way your not sacrificing any songs off future album.