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  1. Always liked OMG, definitely rivals anything on CD in my opinion. Cant help think that other CD songs (irs, if the world, sorry) were made with a harder edge in mind like OMG, however were changed due to the musical landscape changing.
  2. Hi team, cant seem to find the post which describes the differences between the different versions of CD album, MSL & anti-quiet. And the post about what versions has buckethead on. Any directions to the old postings would be much appreciated
  3. Definitely prefer CDll over the reunion given we won't get any new music from current line up anytime soon.
  4. Who said announcement will be in January?
  5. Although I don't care for a live album, if the album included studio versions of CD + Better with the new intros and one new song it would be cool.
  6. Duff's wife recently hashtagged doublealbum live. IMO, This sucks, a live album is only good for new better intro, nothing else.
  7. Has any of the 2001 CD version leaked?
  8. We need some more leaks so we can piece together our own CDII.
  9. I always wondered why people hated on OMG and couldn't understand why. IMO the vocals are very melodic and the industrial sound was a welcomed departure from the classic sound. My CD era go to songs are: OMG, TWAT (cd version), Maddy (MSL - due to the clearness of the multiple guitar parts simultaneously), Shacklers, Prostitute and Riad (antiquiet versions), Better (cd version with new live beginning sliced in).
  10. Shackler's Revenge Remix leak **NO LINKS**

    I love this remix, definitely my favourite so far.
  11. Thanks powerage5, useful info. When did bucket join and leave? and how do we know what demo's he played on?
  12. This is an amateur question, however, what versions if TWAT have buckethead on them apart from 1999 version?
  13. Thanks. Just trying to put together my era specific CD mix.
  14. Is there any consensus re: time period of silkworms/OMG leaks?
  15. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    What has leaked since Madagascar?