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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Any updates regarding the EP march rumor?
  2. Cant be bothered scrolling through the whole thread...... Was this statement true?
  3. They released an album last year and have a new double album this year, hopefully some of that album magic will rub off on Gnr.
  4. Love Foxy Shazam, discovered them through following the Darkness, whom I'm seeing next month.
  5. Happy Birthday Axl Rose

    Happy birthday.....drop a single in 2020 a
  6. Love Atlas, definitely the jewel in the crown of the locker leaks in my opinion. Some thoughts, Don't know why Tonto, Moustache, real. Com, and prom v, aren't popular as I thought they would be. Secondly, looking back over my playlist history, the song I have listened to the most from the leaks is PRL lol.
  7. Liked the article. Like many, it's a bitter pill to swallow that my fav band, musicians, of all time, have sadly become a nostalgic act. I expected more from them. Regardless of opinions on the solo project, At least SMKC puts out albums before a tour. I get the impression, they only put out album too tour.
  8. Never thought about it, or paid too much attention to it; and given I'm still putting together my ultimate CD from the recent leaks, I'm trying to piece together the most accurate version of the original vision as possible, and questioned why he was using those graphics to depict that era.
  9. ELVIS

  10. Just finished watching the live stream of Miami, and during Chinese Democracy I noted the screen had the red hand cover and the logo from the antiquiet leaks. 1) Was the red hand cover Axl's preferred cover for album? Because someone on here noted the bicycle cover image was on the big screens pre-concert 2001, so, 2) why not have the bicycle image on the back screens during the song live now. 99.5% of the casual gnr fans will know the red hand cover exists.
  11. I don't need your civil war....... First concert stream.... Kind of enjoying this
  12. oh, I'm late to the party, just needed to finish the dishes. Any live streams, can someone PM me a link please.