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  1. my fav track of this release!! I wasn't too sure Axl sang "to another" or "your mother" (hence all in the family since the sister's in there too lol) anyone has the lyrics for this?? (also unsure if he sings "cookies and cream" or "PXX and cream") Love it
  2. I bought the album off of itunes (can't spend too much $$)...so happy with my purchase! Managed to listen to it twice now... I wasn't aware just how early on Axl and Co wrote NR--I remember Axl talking about it in "Making of the F'n videos" but had no idea it was writen so long ago. Overall I can see how well Axl has come along with his vocal/vocal range (UYI and SI).
  3. I remember this version in the "making of the F&#'n videos"...great romantic guitar part...
  4. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    the only way I think I'll go is if I get the floor as that venue is...not my style. Are you going?
  5. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    no floor tix avail for the Casino Rama ON date but I JUST found out about the sale so I was a little late!! really want floors!!!
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    in this case, true regarding that T-shirt...I forgot about that one... but this is the same band w/ the robot raping a girl on thier original album art, "back off bitch", "turn around I got a use for you"...Axl isn't a feminist (like the grunge-era bands, etc) and I don't expect him to "change" (I mean I don't know the guy but from what I gather he has women issues steming from his childhood)...not that that's an excuse but I see GNR as a fun escape...maybe we should go to the next show wearing male legs dangling from a garbage can
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Exactly...it's like the groupies to the athletes, etc...each person is getting something out of it...like the late Hugh Hefner said, "If a beautiful women expressed interest in me and my company, I don't really probe their motivations. Call me shallow." As for the T-shirts...I consider myself a feminist and see nothing wrong with them...like please don't take away humor/sex from me
  8. oh...b/c when I looked at the NY TM tix, apparently its only for "fan club" memebers at the moment?
  9. are you a fan club member? if so...how to sign up (is there a link)? *fingers X'd* they come around Toronto!
  10. his talking voice is daaaammm sexy
  11. 10/30/17 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre

    I felt he can really sing well on cover songs and CD songs. But for AFD it's more difficult for him this concert I was in the nosebleeds (vs floor/pit which I've been accustomed to...ha!) as a group of my girlfriends and I went. Paying the extra $200 for a far better seat is well worth it for me...BUT I did manage to have a wonderful time... During two songs (I can't remember which ones) his vocals/mix changed drastically (I'm not an audio engineer)...so I don't know what that is about...unsure if I heard it more pronounced due to my poor seating. Maybe b/c of the crap seats or maybe b/c I'm battelling a cold but the concert was far too long for me...and too many CD songs...I would've preferred UYI rairities...HOWEVER, playing TWAT was appreciated. I'm good for now for GNR live...until 2 years or so hehe
  12. 10/29/17 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre

    I was looking for tomorrow 😝 I see on Twitter it’s at 6:30. And I see they’re still doing upgrades
  13. 10/29/17 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre

    what time do doors open? and no mention on twitter for NT members to upgrade/win pit, right?
  14. 10/30/17 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre

    Going to this one upper level...I ended up selling my Sunday ticket (Toronto) and my Detroit ticket for this leg of the tour as it was getting a bit much...but excited to go w/ a group of my friends (from elementary school!!)
  15. lookiing for: hoodie and white shorts

    on the official Merch site I really like those white jogger shorts (can also go for black) also interested in an oversized hoodie I'm looking on the cheap, and I may just by online...but incase someone wants to clear out the closet. I'm size S/size 4 but for the hoodie I can go size M or L for men as I'm looking for oversize (and I think the smallest shorts are M in men, so I gotta make it work) thx