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  1. Had a crazy dream last night

    Just thought it was pretty cool. I understand it's hard enough to stay on topic for you guys. I'm done with this forum peace
  2. I had this dream that GNR re released all of their albums month by month and then after their last re release they dropped a new album. Even had it down month by month. July: AFD August: Lies September: UYI 1,2 October: TSI November: New Album I know.......wishful thinking. Anyways chime in.
  3. Your top five cover songs from GN'R

    1. Human Being 2. Sympathy For The Devil 3. Ain't It Fun 4. Live And Let Die 5. Jumping Jacks Flash
  4. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

    Thanks to the lame ass crowd I'm going home!
  5. Who comes out with new music first?

    Yeah I heard that too. Thanks for sticking to the topic
  6. Who comes out with new music first?

    He's a pretty crazy individual. Been waiting for some new tool music for forever now. Hopefully they are getting closer
  7. Gnr or Tool? This poll was on the radio earlier..
  8. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

  9. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

    We stayed at the crowne plaza in downtown in December. I would recommend not staying there. Outdated rooms, wall paper peeling off, no mini fridge or microwave in the rooms. If possible stay at the Drury inn next to the arch. Well worth it..
  10. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

  11. Who would of ever thought we would expect the bare minimum from a Gnr show. The same band that caused chaos back in the day.
  12. I myself think there will be an AFD 5 reunion of some sort
  13. It's so easy is badass to play and crank the volume all the way up!
  14. 07/12/17 - Nijmegen, NL - Goffertpark

    I'll be at the St. Louis show can't wait!! Wondering if I should wear my St Louis sucks shirt????
  15. In no order whatsoever. Dead Horse Garden of Eden Bad apples Better Oh my God