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  1. Mark Evans and Simon Wright

    i do somewhat agree with that , but as a bass player with 30 plus years experience it should not be mark .
  2. Mark Evans and Simon Wright

    saw mark play bass recently .... lets go with duff .
  3. while i dont disagree totally , how many hit songs did that much better guitar player write ?
  4. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    did you watch the video ? I got busy and forgot to re watch but it looked pretty convincing surprisingly .
  5. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    good catch , it looks like it may be piped in vocals , hmm going to watch it some more
  6. my guess is that road sign in LA was for this if they could get izzy adler ,after it was obvious that they could not pull that off they switched to NY .
  7. New York post article about guns

    For bands touring Woman have always been the backbone if you will , Adler just doubled his chances by going both ways .
  8. Estranged demo?

  9. haha , they did use hairband image at times early on but they were never hairband on record , they would argue its more stooges Hanoi rocks bolan than hairband I suspect .
  10. Do They Bring Their A-Game on Festivals?

    you cant just bring your A game on demand , when everyone is in the zone and clicking it just happens , all you can do is prepare.
  11. The GNR anything thread

    Adler falls at farm aid , then they play down on the farm
  12. for me personally CD was good at first but outside a few gems I lost interest quickly 3 months about as for the Illusions I disliked them at first , but once they grew on me they lasted for years literally , I would prefer maybe 1 or 2 cd songs live if I was going to a show max ..and would be fine with zero . just my useless 2 cents .
  13. oh god I hat that song , I wish they picked Jesus Christ Pose , Axl would kill that one .
  14. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    damn , I was asking that with a sarcastic tone , nice to see he is finally taking a tour leg seriously , better late than never .