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  1. just got back late last night from a nice little 48 hour getaway in JAX. Axl and the band sounded tight and they were having a good time it seemed. GREAT crowd for a Tuesday night, people were rocking the f out! too many beers were consumed and still tired! Enjoy the rest of the tour folks!
  2. Pre game 1 down, pregame 2 about to begin!
  3. Anybody headed to the show and has a good spot to pregame at let me know! Flying down from jersey Monday and wouldn't mind rocking out with a few random Gunners!
  4. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    band seemed tight last night and Axl is fine. I am just happy they are together, I'll pay for these shows for years to come. see you in JAX next week!
  5. coming down from NJ, any great dive bars around the arena? staying at the hyatt riverfront
  6. it needs work but it might grow on me, but man Axl has tons of hidden material