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  1. Going through Super Mario World again...great game.
  2. And there are some great tunes on Pawnshop Guitars.
  3. Not that it even needs a video. But then again, everything on social media these days has to be in video form, apparently.
  4. Got myself an Atari Flashback today. I was only able to play for a little while, but it's a nice history lesson. I may have played the Atari only once or twice as a kid, and have played some of the arcade games, but I'm looking forward to getting into the collection.
  5. eFootballPES 2020

    My first PES was ISS PES 2 I reckon, so 99/2000ish. The PS2 days were the best, for sure. FIFA 96 was the best of that era. Seeing all the real player names, etc, after International Soccer and 95, was fantastic.
  6. eFootballPES 2020

    I like this year's game. I've been playing PES again since 2015 and this is up there with the best.

    It's not as if Maradona played with nobodies in Naples, but damn, what he did for that team and that city...to me, he remains the best ever. Incredible player, all the while getting the shit kicked out of him weekly.
  8. eFootballPES 2020

    Just got this today, about to see how it is.

    He’s doing better than Bale trying to speak Spanish after all these years.