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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    You sir are a moron
  2. I agree, I was really intrigued by what I heard in his voice on PTU. Was like, wow Axl sounds really good....I wonder why?
  3. It is beginning to look like "A Whole New Show" = one new song and a few deep cuts we haven't played in a while. GnFnR MFers!!!!
  4. Right and completely irrelevant to the discussion he and I were having, which was off topic for this thread really.
  5. I agree with B, that is obviously why sporting events, festivals, concerts etc are being shut down b/c dumbasses like you would decide to go anyway. If you do not understand the implications of A, then you are ignorant, sorry but it is true.
  6. As opposed to getting or spreading a very contagious virus that could have serious implications on the health of someone you know and care about, let alone yourself? OK then.
  7. Probably not as true as you would think. Pretty sure the band has insurance for shows cancelled out of their control. That’s why it’s so easy for these things to be cancelled.
  8. Uh, no the reason for cancellation of events is that it is more likely for one person to transfer the virus to another the more people around. Here in the US they are cancelling high school sporting events due to the number of people that would be in a small, confined area at one time.
  9. This isn't really the point or the issue. I'm not worried about dying from it myself. I am concerned that my folks will get it who are in their late 70s with a few health issues. Not everything is all about just you.
  10. Highly unlikely the US leg gets cancelled, with those dates being over summer when this will be in low gear due to the weather, there's just no reason to cancel. SA and Europe.....probably fooked.
  11. What else are they going to say? Yes, but we haven't announced it yet. Can you tell everyone for us. Thanks so much!
  12. I don't see many covers on there, they should add more covers
  13. It seems that way and I have not really been watching other markets anymore, but it looks like The Rolling Stones are having as much trouble selling tix in Louisville as Guns are here in Indy. Both shows have huge areas of tickets still available at all price points.