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  1. Old School Tix

    Ugh, I have looked and looked and looked and I know I have them but i can't find the stubs from the 91 Deer Creek shows or the 92 Hoosier Dome show.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    No one, you're pretty much alone in that thought lol
  3. Dude, I am not going to photocopy pages of a fucking book for your dumbass. Get real. Also...try google, I found two articles one from the Guardian and another from the Globe and Mail discussing this very issue. Granted, as Blackstar said this in reference to the past, not necessarily present. However, one would presume that if Rose persists in therapy then he would continue to take some sort of psychotropic meds as that is commonplace. However, I would agree that isn't always true, but is a logical conclusion anyone familiar with treatment of mental health issues would understand. Sorry that's all above your head.
  4. Yes, sorry... I meant Mick Wall's book. I believe he may have been quoting Niven in it (i did say maybe originally).
  5. Seriously? Dude, I don't document where I hear and see things, I'm guessing it was in Rolling Stone, but it may have been in Niven's book. Regardless, at one point he was seeing several different therapists at one time and on a cocktail of psychotropic meds and has curtailed that down to maybe one or two (Prozac and Trazodone maybe).
  6. ??? He has admitted he's on meds, what do you mean no proof?
  7. Copyright Strikes....

    A lot of the Deer Creek stuff is still out there and the quality is fantastic.
  8. So you've talked to them? Cool
  9. Sure, sounds realistic doesn't it
  10. Not in it's entirety though.....
  11. A record lol, one in 20 years. Well Done......look Richard is a solid player, he's just not great. That's that. Have a good one. And how did that work out...?
  12. I am fairly certain (and also too lazy to look) that you said pretty much this exact same thing a couple years ago. If not, how or why it took you this long to come to these conclusions is beyond me as this was all fairly obvious from the beginning of the whole Re-Grouping or whatever you wanna call it. AND, anybody who wants to call BS on that...remember the original plan was basically Coachella only (pure money grab) not a full blown tour.
  13. Length of time in band does not equate to tier level or whatever you are trying to say. Richard is replaceable, Slash is not.