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  1. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    No, just poor writing and storytelling as is the standard for this show.
  2. House Of Cards Season 5

    It was cancelled, Pretty sure was already cancelled when you had posted this.
  3. My man! Enjoy your show!
  4. Actually YES...you are right...been a minute since I've seen the film, but he did wear a top hat like slash's in it!
  5. You guys are looking at the poster wrong, it is daniel day lewis (from Gangs of New York, the film) with Slash's top hat on...not Slash with a moustache, geeze.
  6. The prices are on in the pics on the yellow piece of paper stuck to each jacket. One is $250, the other $75/80
  7. Man so stoked for this now after the trailer that dropped on Monday. Had a buddy earlier in the day on monday who had asked if I wanted a ticket to the very first showing at one of the true IMAX theaters (70 MM film) on Thursday 12/14 and was like I dunno. Then he texted right after trailer dropped and was like "I got your dumbass a ticket, you're in" and was so grateful.
  8. This....and I'm co-signing this as someone who saw them in 1991 and 2016 and 2017
  9. Or...he could fucking rehearse and get himself in proper shape AND actually fucking care about singing these songs with some level of effort at making them sound good. He just doesn't care. He's not professional. There are plenty of vocalist his age or older who sing similarly difficult songs without difficulty. This is all on Axl, everyone should quit enabling the dude and giving him excuses.
  10. this is one of the best, most insightful posts I've read in some time....and could not agree more.
  11. Love both these shows...we have found some common ground
  12. damn, like button is gone, but hahaha!
  13. Whitesnake outdoes Guns n Roses. Who's next?

    I'm sorry you obviously have me confused with other posters b/c I far from defend GnR on a frequent basis. You have strayed away from, the post that I directly responded to....which was Sosso said he was far more intrigued by LA Guns reunion as opposed to GnR. He made that comparison, so I felt it OK to actually *GASP* speak my opinioin too....wow the wonders of an internet forum. Have a good day.