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  1. wow, you really drink the Kool Aid. That's cool though, it apparently tastes good to you.
  2. I didn't realize over-produced and underwhelming equated to Bold and Rebellious...interesting.
  3. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Agree, another good episode.....finally starting to move the story along, I like it!
  4. Stryper - Sorry

    Yah, it's all good. I've seen Stryper three times (all back in the day), I actually got hit in the head at one of their shows with those small bibles they used to throw out. I have no idea if that is still a thing. I haven't seen them since like 1992.
  5. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Hmmmm, I kinda thought this week's episode was pretty solid and fairly well paced. Several important things happened throughout the episode, it wasn't the typical slow burn to the obvious reveal.
  6. Stryper - Sorry

    Hey now....don't knock Stryper lol
  7. how fucking nauseating.......give it a rest brah
  8. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Last night? This isn't a fast paced show if you haven't noticed lol
  9. 2018 Oscar Nominations

    Why was Best Picture a shocker? It has been the favorite for quite some time.
  10. Man I love you bro, but chill why does it bother you what other people do? It’s their life don’t sweat it man
  11. If you were offered a spot...and pissed about the money you wouldn’t play a guest spot out of principle unless you got terribly overpaid for doing so.
  12. This is correct. But to make it clear just bc that is when the tweet occurred does not mean that is when the money deal was discussed, which was probably done way earlier in the year when Izzy tweeted that he wasn’t involved in the reunion...at this time. i almost feel in retrospect with these new pieces of information in a way izzy was cool with not being involved in the reunion full time. Like he said I’ll dp it, but only if I get an equal cut. They said no he said cool, they said maybe come out and play with us sometime along the way...he said we’ll see I got avocados to harvest... then when they threw him under the bus in the Brazilian interview he returned fire saying fuck you it was about the money, nothing else. As usual the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.