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  1. The T.V. Show Thread

    Godless - really fucking good, superb acting, very well shot. Story wasn't the best...but not terrible. 8.5/10 Peaky Blinders Season 4 - Great! This show is fucking GREAT! Tom Hardy was awesome this season! 9.1/10
  2. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    "IT" (2017)...meh, it really wasn't bad or terrible, I just didn't enjoy as I do most horror films where inexplicably the characters are dumb as fuck and do things no one would do. "Hey let's stick together, then we'll be OK".....as one dude immediately wanders off, then another and another. I dunno, I read the book some time ago and remember it being entertaining, the movie....not so much. Second admission, I also hate kid actors and this having the same kid as Stranger Things also immediately turned me off as that show is completely over-hyped. I digress. 6.9/10 Phantom Thread....now this was FUCKING AWESOME. Daniel Day Lewis is insanely good. 9.1/10 Molly's Game....pretty good, no major complaints.....really enjoyed Jessica Chastain in this film (and her acting was pretty good too bada-bing!). 8.5/10 MudBound...I think this had a solid foundation and had good intentions, just not sure I like how it all played out. I dunno, just wasn't a great story in the end. The acting was very solid all around though, so I'll give it a 7.5/10 I think that's it for Holiday viewing.
  3. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    TWD isn't good....so? And it's not that it's not good b/c of who has been killed off. Look at GOT, a show that killed off almost every major character and it is a GREAT show. Bad acting, poor writing and general lack of vision plague TWD....FTWD, please it's terrible (admittedly I dropped it after season one but wow, terrible).
  4. I hate to nit pick...lol, really I do But, it is not a fact that GnR are the "biggest touring act of 2017" unless you are talking most bloated stage presence. At any rate, by any possible rubric you could define they are not the biggest touring act of 2017 OTHER than possibly in terms of number of shows played. Even then I think Bruno Mars played more shows this past year.
  5. Axl didn't sound sick...he was sick. Regardless you have no idea how awesome those two shows were. He was beyond wasted, but that was fairly normal at the time.
  6. Alright I'm literally in the theater watching previews to see this the second time. I'll report back if I have any changes in thought on s second viewing.
  7. Phasma is really dead and I have a lot of issues with the film, but Yoda appearing in and of itself no problem The dialog was janky though and blowing up the tree was meaningless, not sure why all that was done when Rey has the books.
  8. The next movies are a whole different story set in the same galaxy featuring new places, new people and new stories, that we already know.....so that is irrelevant to the end of this series. You know the story of the Skywalkers lol It's not that people "try" to make it into something else, it is that it SHOULD be something else, her being a rando makes no sense. There is no conflict in there being force sensitive individuals scattered throughout the universe. There is a conflict in the fact that the strongest force user ever is a rando.
  9. The more I think about it...while I may disagree or have some issues with certain things. My two main issues with the film are the Carrie Poppins scene and, the whole Finn and Rose storyline. All of that whole storyline is terrible, including the casino and everything that happened there.
  10. I don't find a lot about this film to defend, however it should be noted that Luke actually did go and save his sister. In fact my interpretation is he literally died for them as it is somewhat unexplained as to why he suddenly died at the end. Just bc it didn't happen the way you wanted it to doesn't mean it didn't happen did he know force ghosting would kill him? Or was that an unexpected result? I do agree Snokes death is somewhat difficult to defend, but my problem with that more in lies with the fact that his backstory should be better developed and I can blame that as much on Abrahms for failing to do so in TFA as much as I can for this film not advancing that characters development further.
  11. The T.V. Show Thread

    Great choice, excellent series. Cillian Murphy is fantastic in this series.
  12. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I take it you are a bit bent out of shape about it all
  13. Youre spot on 💯 But you're clearly forgetting Rian Johnson made this film to specifically fuck the fan boys in the ass while getting jerked off by all the critics on how "bold and daring" he is. Fuck him. He had to come out and do interviews explaining and defending the whole damn movie, specifically Carrie Poppins. Normally I'm all good with being brash and bold, but who does this fuck think he is? Rian can play looper on a loop and jerk himsrlf off while he oozes in his over-rated brilliance. Fuck him.
  14. You know since I've been grinding my ax. I think someone may have mentioned, but Akbar's death should have been given a bit more reverence than it got b/c it was wasted by the whole Carrie Poppins stuff, so while everyone is sitting there processing that Leia just flew through space, Akbar got wasted. WTF? Why does Laura Dern get such a huge moment in this film, don't get me wrong I like Laura Dern, have nothing against, but when you are 8 movies in a series and you got a big deal scene like that, it should be for an established character. Here's the thing, Rian Johnson just gave a big Middle Finger to every single star wars fanboy (and girl) out there. That's cool if you want to do it with one thing, but he did it with the whole film....it was one big FUCK YOU to the fanboys. Mark Hamill is right, say what you want about Lucas, but his ideas for this trilogy were certainly better than whatever this garbage that Disney is throwing at us. I'm with you on this, I was actually one of the ones who probably defended TFA to a degree, but I can't really disagree with you on where we are at with the whole of these two films.
  15. The explanation is BB8 said it at one point, Rian Johnson is on record as saying it's in there, so that's all anyone can really assume. Honestly it's a nit picky point but you shouldn't fuck with that kind of tradition by trying be clever and having a bot say. Pretty douchey really. Could have cut half the dumbass lame jokes to make room for that time honored tradition, IMO