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  1. So you've talked to them? Cool
  2. Sure, sounds realistic doesn't it
  3. Not in it's entirety though.....
  4. A record lol, one in 20 years. Well Done......look Richard is a solid player, he's just not great. That's that. Have a good one. And how did that work out...?
  5. I am fairly certain (and also too lazy to look) that you said pretty much this exact same thing a couple years ago. If not, how or why it took you this long to come to these conclusions is beyond me as this was all fairly obvious from the beginning of the whole Re-Grouping or whatever you wanna call it. AND, anybody who wants to call BS on that...remember the original plan was basically Coachella only (pure money grab) not a full blown tour.
  6. Length of time in band does not equate to tier level or whatever you are trying to say. Richard is replaceable, Slash is not.
  7. Madagascar

    The 11/02 show in Vegas
  8. Agreed, but in the States it was PPV only. Additionally MTV at that time only broadcast MTV produced events live and this was not that either. Some of it may have been broadcast on MTV, but not Live and not in its entirety.
  9. Paris was definitely a PPV event, it was not broadcast live on MTV....don't think the full show was ever broadcast on MTV.
  10. HAHA, don't go out on a limb or anything
  11. You are correct, just your opinion.....and one that a few, but not the majority will agree with.
  12. Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown are openers
  13. The last year has been rough....that's all I'm gonna say. Fuck you too. Love ya!