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  1. I got them for one day and not since.
  2. I’ve heard Atlas Shrugged. It’s 12 minutes of Chris Pitman farting with a 3 minute DJ Ashba solo.
  3. I think WTTJ should be moved to the opener like others said. No other song gets a crowd pumped up as that one. Hearing the intro lick and then Axl doing his signature, usually best scream of the night.
  4. 40 Years Ago Today

    40 years ago on this day we lost many talented musicians via a tragic plane crash. Lynyrd Skynrd wrote many great songs such as Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird. May they be remembered. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/10/20/lynyrd-skynyrd-plane-crash-recalled-40-years-later.amp.html
  5. I think I actually prefer Ashba's to Slash, since he at least tries to replicate Finck and have a heartful solo. Both are horrendous though and lead me to skip all TIL videos from this tour.
  6. I agree This I Love deserved an epic, Slash like solo. Slash doesn’t seem interested in the song so he noodles on it and has a ridiculous and completely different solo every night which kills the vibe of the song for me. It’s ironic since Robin Finck’s solo on the studio version is so much more Slash-epic like than Slash’s is. Can’t beat the studio version- Robin’s solo is one of the best Guns solos of all time, thick with emotion like a poet spilling out his heart.
  7. I agree, which is why an AXL/DC is so much more likely to happen. AC/DC songs happen to be the furthest thing lyrically from Chinese Democracy- simple and never about love or feelings, etc. Plus Angus would most likely be writing a lot of the lyrics for the album.
  8. This popped up in my Youtube recommendations and I loved it! Great job.
  9. Bumble is one of the most talented guitarists of this generation for sure but I honestly don’t like the majority of his songs, they all sound too goofy or bland. I liked some ideas of his newest album but it’s a shame a man with such talent and love for music doesn’t produce anything really interesting.
  10. Fortus’s take on Buckets CD solo is great live. Honestly surprised he’s able to nail it nearly note for note every night.
  11. An Axl/DC album is infinitely more possible than a new Guns album since Axl isn't the leader of the band, therefore if Angus wants an album he will tell Axl where to be and what he wants him to sing. In Guns, Axl sits on his throne and has his tendency to rarely release anything.
  12. I have no doubt that Axl and Slash are working on something, but releasing it is a whole other story. Axl has alienated or pushed away so many brilliant musicians over the past few decades with his process regarding new music: Slash and Duff initially, Sorum, Bucket, Brain, Freeze, Bumble, Finck...I bet you his release speed will push Slash and Duff away and in 2020 were going to be griping about how there is still no new music.
  13. Catcher’s demo was leagues better than the final version. I personally don’t like what we got on the album even if I do like Catcher as an idea, lyrically, and as structure...but I hate the overproduction on the album. Drum machine with a general weird sound and Bumble’s solo just wasn’t great.
  14. If I had a dollar for every time someone said Axl was working on something great that never saw the light of day...
  15. http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/219121-new-gilby-clarke-interview-“i-was-asked-to-come-play-as-a-guest-but-it-didn’t-work-out”/?tab=comments#comment-4477371