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  1. Typical ass answer but 100% Axl. His final smash would be “get the guy outta here” and jump into his opponents, he could do the snake dance as a taunt, etc. ...Man GN’R fans really have nothing important to talk about in the off seasons
  2. The Axl one shows up 2 hours after you tap it in
  3. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I’ve been playing the series since ~2004 and I think the visual/audio aspect of Sun and Moon is great in comparison to the old games. I have to invest more time in Sun/Moon before I have a definitive opinion but I still have enjoyed it.
  4. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Finally getting around playing Pokémon Sun, Pokemon is sure different from than when I was a kid. So far pretty impressed but hate how the first hour of really any video game these days is pure tutorials.
  5. I feel bad for Dizzy he doesn’t deserve all the hate. Im not the biggest fan of the guy by any stretch but it’s not like he had done anything bad to the guns name. If anything he’s enhanced it.
  6. At least in this video there’s better drumming (and debatebly singing)
  7. That fan must’ve asked Axl about new music
  8. So can we end all this speculation on a new Guns album now guys? We have a band member saying they haven’t discussed it as long with heavy rumblings of SMKC III. Drop it and enjoy their solo bands.
  9. I’ll be the first one to eat crow pie over the whole Ashba thing and I primarily blame myself for spreading the whole “he’s going to work with Axl” rumblings we saw on the forum. That being said I think there’s no real point to hate on him anymore. As for his time with the band I look back on it differently now and think that while he sucked, he did try to be good in the band and anyone of us wouldn’t blink twice to play in a band called “Guns n’ Roses” Hes a footnote in Guns history. Keeping complaining about him is as useful as ranting about how bad the weather in September 2015 was. It happened, move on.
  10. I’ll probably give Dizzy’s album a listen or two, but like he says in the interview 90% of music is crap and the other 10% is good, and I’m willing to bet which category his will be part of..
  11. What's about the life of Paul Tobias

    He’s been living in Axl’s vault eating scraps of CDII records to survive, which in turn is why that hasn’t been released yet.
  12. In contrast to the photos we’ve seen of them at the studio and admist the other confirmations we have? Todd is probably on a hush order.
  13. Band members of SMKC have literally confirmed there is work right now for a new album. Slash has been in the studio with the conspirators. How is there not a new SMKC coming out soon?
  14. Questions about the Vault..

    The main reason why we will never see or hear anything new out of the UYI era is because Axl refuses to legitimize anything that isn't the most current lineup.