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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    I’ve done the hookup thing for years and it’s not something I really enjoy anymore. More looking for something serious, which I know makes me somewhat odd as a teenage male lol. As for work I work with 3 co workers since we run a small shop and they’re all male.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    This advice is awesome. Seriously, thank you.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Recently feeling empty. Pretty confident guy but have no idea or outlet to meet girls :/ anyone have any advice? Not interested in the tinder shit
  4. Asked a question. Doubt it will be answered
  5. I don’t like Trump but I hate when people pull that “not my president” or “we don’t have a president” crap. We have a president. He’s not my personal choice or is someone I look up to, but is the president. It’s really disrespectful to pretend not. In other countries you would be murdered for openly talking shit about the leader of the country.
  6. Listen man. You can state your opinion without sounding condescending or rude. No one has issues with you having your own opinion. It’s how you present it.
  7. I whole-heartedly recommend this show to everyone I talk to, including my parents. I beg people to watch it as Netflix doesn’t do much advertising for it. My pops still thinks it’s a Family Guy type show, which bums me out. As someone who has some darker issues with mental illness, Bojack Horseman has legitimately changed my perspectives on life itself. (which sounds silly but its something stand by 110%). Favorite show in existence.
  8. The experimental episodes are where the series shines. If Arnett doesn’t win an award for that episode’s performance then its all rigged man. That episode was emotional and the grand punchline at the end? Damn brilliant.
  9. Season 5 is probably up there with my favorite seasons. I’d probably go 3>5>4>1>2 The episode where Diane goes to Vietnam was really meaningful to me. I relate to so many of these characters.
  10. Anyone see Bojack Season 5? Or Bojack period?
  11. Probably won’t be able to talk about much Guns due to the contracts and all, hope some questions sneak by though.
  12. How damn cool would this be with the current line up?
  13. The Third Place

    Gym!! And my job which fortunately unlike many people in the world who dislike theirs I’m pretty content at mine.
  14. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    To be fair, people are naturally shocked when they see him after he’s a recluse or goes into hiding for years. They aren’t able to see him age naturally like other celebrities so therefore it hits the majority of people all at once.