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  1. I’ll tell ya what, Axl’s voice on Shadow gets me excited for what a new AC/DC album could sound vocally.
  2. MyGNR Gamers Club

    Adding you to the list now
  3. The New Workout Thread

    I stress I’ve been training too hard as of late. My insomnia is at all time high. I only train 6-7 hours a week and therefore shouldn’t be at risk of overtraining- yet, I’m meeting all the symptoms. Fucking stupid doctors offices are closed tomorrow of course (excuse my anger, late night and I can’t sleep of course :/)
  4. Really fucking awesome Madagascar! Axl’s vocals sound like the studio version at parts. God I love this song.
  5. That paradise was pretty damn good. I love the comradely between Axl and Duff with the hat passing lol
  6. The ticket contains a key that unlocks the basement Paul Tobias has been living in.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Beat it 100% on Wii U two summers back. Enjoyed it for what it was, but have no real interest in double dipping to be honest.
  8. Anyone know what happened in Rosie tonight? Not trying to be negative for the sake of being negative but that was pretty damn bad. If I was Axl I’d be worried if someone forwarded that performance to Angus.
  9. Man that Whole Lotta Rosie was pretty damn dreadful. Makes me wonder if him performing with AC/DC is even viable anymore. He didn’t even attempt the high notes.
  10. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Well, the tour doesn’t necessarily seem to be wrapping up yet. There’s another leg in the fall/early winter. I could see more legs and dates being added. The tour, for me, has kept me interested since they’ve been adding just enough every leg. Last leg it was CD songs like Maddy and Prostitue, this leg Slither and Shadow. Once they stop adding stuff here or there it’s on the verge of being boring for me. Axl’s voice is the weakest link for me. Frank also ruins some of the songs for me. But overall it’s a pretty fair tour. It’s not awful but not great either.
  11. That tease of Out Ta Get Me though from whoever manages the social media. Ugh.
  13. Don't Cry (Alt lyrics)

    Don’t cry’s alternate version is beatiful. The contrast to the original is something that should be admired.
  14. The New Workout Thread

    Thinking about starting a fitness and heath YouTube channel where I review supplements, discuss ways to be healthy, and talk about current and retired athletes and their respective industries. Haven’t been this excited for a project in a while.
  15. The New Workout Thread

    As I work at a supplement store I’ve been getting great deals on supplements. I went a little nuts and bought myself a muscle building set of pills called Clear Muscle Revolution. Have heard ridiculous things for growth and strength from employees and friends alike. Runs about 100 bucks for a 12 day supply. Maybe not my best purchase lol. Can’t wait to see if it works though.