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  1. Agree, and some albums such as Pink Floyd’s almost demand to be listened to all at once...it’d be a crime to have one missing Another Brick in the Wall for example, it’s a destruction of the art.
  2. I’m very skeptical of anyone who claims that someone is comparable to Axl in his prime. That’s a huge claim to make, there will never be another Axl.
  3. It most likely is the last. SMKC will be touring in the fall and are touring until 2020.
  4. MyGNRForum Videogame Club

    *takes breath* Platforms: Xbox 360, Switch, Wii U, Wii, GameCube, Xbox, PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, Genesis, 3DS
  5. Plans after July 2018

    Doesn’t seem like there are any. Think of your indefinite breaks as the likes of ‘93, ‘02-‘06, and post ‘14. If y’all think the fan base is dead now lol
  6. I think the issue is Axl thinks Guns music has evolved. He views doing an appetite-style record as a step back after both the Illusions and Chinese in which each one were more progressive than the last. Ac/Dc has never really evolved musically and therefore a typical rock album fits in there in the eyes of Axl.

    *cries over no switch version* *still happy for every Shenmue fan*
  8. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Coma needs a break in my opinion. I’d rather hear Locomotive or Breakdown. Especially Breakdown. Or I will Breakdown.
  9. Well, I’m sure glad he isn’t the leader in Guns. I have a newfound respect for Axl now..
  10. Really? I’m super excited for Axl’s AC/DC album. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course but what’s your reasoning?
  11. Ah. Everytime this gets discussed on this forum I never really know who's position I take. Quite often I seem to get shit from both sides . It's a lose-lose situation. On one hand, Steven was the original drummer. The songs, with an almost unanimous opinion among Guns fans, sound better with him on them in comparison to Frank. I get it. In a perfect world, he should be up there. But this isn't a perfect world. Adler is a liability and as much I wish he could part of it, I understand logistically why he can't. Before I get any angry replies, this is not hate. It is a pure fact that Steven would have brought some level of drama to this tour. Look how many times a year in '16, '17, and '18 he complained in some form or fashion about the current Guns lineup. These articles pop up every few weeks. This is not the type of tour that needs drama surrounding it. Unfortunately, the Guns situation since 1997 is "you either agree with it and deal or your you cannot be in the band." Not only that but Frank, as much as I don't like his sound, is a person who has been in the band for a decade, chosen by Axl (and debatebly Slash and Duff for the purposes of this reunion tour) and has performed on the newest record and live DVD. He is very much a member of this band and it would be unlikely Axl, whom is very loyal to his friends and bandmates, would give him the boot for Adler, who is arguably a major risk and isn't even on the greatest terms with him. I think they actually made the right decision to give him guest performances here and there (excluding the South America fiasco which was pure mistreatment and I'll easily give the Adler-side that point). It's somewhat of a middle ground. The big 3, while their main focus may be monetary, know better than any of us unfortunately. They know all the facts and they know Adler a person more than any of us will. It sucks, but it's time to move on and accept it for what it is.
  12. I, for one, wish Axl would release virtually anything at this point. It can be a 30 second song of him covering the Walmart yodeling kid for all I care. Literally anything.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Completely agree. I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to physical. If it’s digital, it doesn’t exist to me. I refuse to support digital content as the fun of gaming to me is in part the instructions and the cover art and the experience getting it. I’m a total nerd but that’s how I feel. Therefore since Sonic Mania is finally getting a physical release I can finally play it.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Not only is a great game but it’s a quasi-sequel to two of my favorite games of all time, being Sonic and Sonic 2. Those two games are simply perfect for me and I’m so glad we got another classic sonic game.