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  1. Gareth Rhodes Gn'R covers

    He does a great job. I love his Chinese covers as well.
  2. **FAKE** GNR 2019 Leak? Found on Youtube

    Damn. My heart was racing thinking for a second it was real, now I’m just depressed. The life of a GNR fan.
  3. Dizzy would rather talk about toilets than new music it seems like.
  4. He used to kill TIL. Now he sounds like a scorpion trying to sing through a speakerphone while trying to piss through a shotglass on a speeding bullet.
  5. Why stop there? I bet they’ll release 8 albums at once. An octo album, if you will.
  6. Well shit. Looks like I’ll be eating some good ol crow pie! We might actually hear something new in October!
  7. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    This is the saddest, but most true thing spoken on this forum.
  8. I can’t imagine this band doing anything cool at this point.
  9. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    Damn, guess that’s the final nail in the coffin for Axl if Slash is saying that. Brian is pretty much all but confirmed.
  10. Well shit. You got me there
  11. What confuses me is that Axl said “we had to do this tour (referring to NITL) in order to do what’s next” Okay, so what’s next if the next tour is already planned and they haven’t even started on an album? If the set list is the exact same in the October tour, what was the point of even saying that? Or was the promise of more $ that enthralling that more tours are a surefire without any real plan for future material? I just wish that if that’s the case the band would be more upfront about it. Journey, for example, has openly stated that they want to tour their catalog and have no plans for new music. At least they’re honest about it. Rather than Axl trying to allude to new music or something new and then almost immediately scheduling another tour that’s going to be similar in material to the NITL tour. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if these are just more NITL shows.
  12. In other words, there wont be a new Guns album. If they were serious about it they wouldn’t be working on their solo projects instead of focusing on Guns. The next tours will just be more greatest hit shows. This is NuGuns with Slash and Duff.
  13. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    The issue is that he wont.
  14. Fortus doesn’t bother me too much, but the drums are ear grating. They’re so tinny and ruin a lot of the songs for me. I would pick Adler over Izzy in a heart beat right now only because I think it’s the bands biggest issue (or one of many at least). Fitz is a fantastic drummer. He should teach Frank a few things or better yet just outright replace him if Adler/Sorum/Brain are out of the question.
  15. Even one or two songs without frank would be a huge upgrade to the shows