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  1. This band is becoming as embarassing to follow as Kiss.
  2. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    That’s the issue, they really can’t change the set too much because most only care about the hits. I’m not too well versed in the Bon Jovi discography but I know most of the hits are pretty hard to sing, especially in the original key. He should tune the songs down maybe 1-1.5 steps. Its similar to Axl actually. We fans have suggested a set list of most of the songs he can sing well but they’d never consider it because a.) were a very small portion of the fan base and guns does their own thing anyway and b.) it doesn’t have most of the hits. Could you imagine in BJ did a show without Living on a Prayer or Guns did a show without Sweet Child?
  3. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    JBJ bums me out. Age is inevitable and singers like him and Axl are a constant reminder of that. That being said I didn’t think this was terrible, but I’m guessing it’s been tinkered with?
  4. I bet something is still coming, but the news was just the social media post this week.
  5. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    I had it before I sold my Xbox One. It’s a good service.
  6. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    I haven’t enjoyed Pokémon in years anyways, it was naive of me to think a game on Switch would’ve brought me back to the franchise. Even the 3DS games weren’t as fun. Gimmicks, tutorials, etc. but at least they were complete games with every Pokémon. Pokémon hasn’t been good since the DS games in my opinion. Did you get/are you going to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Seems like it’d be right up your alley.
  7. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    The worst part is that because it’s pokemon and it’s on Switch you know it’s going to sell like hot cakes even though the final product is mediocre and has LESS content then games released 10+ years ago for 40$, while this game is 60$. You just know people are going to eat it up anyway and give Game Freak all their money. I’ll tell you one thing though- Game Freak isn’t getting a cent out of me. It’s funny to think Pokémon fans were speculating this was going to be the Breath of the Wild of Pokémon before this information. Utter crap and Game Freak, and to an extent Nintendo, should be ashamed.
  8. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    @Oldest Goat Im not buying the new Pokémon games. Graphically they look like an N64 game, they re-used the animations of the NPCS and Pokémon from the 3DS era games, they didn’t bring back all the Pokémon, and I’m sorry but it’s a blatant cash grab with a gimmick being the giant Pokémon thing that I don’t care about. I’ve never had my hype get killed for a game so quickly before. Fuck em, they arent getting my money. I actually appreciate that the showed off more of gameplay since it saved me 60 dollars.
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I wish Rockstar in general would support the Switch. Porting the older GTA’s is a no brainer in my opinion- they’ve been ported to every console under the sun and would be easy money. Too bad all they care about is GTA online now. Id gladly rebuy and replay RDR2 if it came to Switch.
  10. Best Sandwiches

    The Reuben is my favorite if done right. Used to hate it as a kid but the taste has exponentially grown on me. In n Out also makes a bomb ass cheeseburger sandwich, going to miss it when I move to the east coast this August.
  11. I wish Axl would be the lead singer still, honestly. He brought so much lite to the band. I’m happy for the Brian fans who get to see him do another tour though. I can’t imagine the sets will be that long however.
  12. Super Mario Maker 2

    Played most of your game (still got to do worlds 7 and 8) and it’s really fun and awesome that you made a whole game! I really like how you give the player the choice of fire flower or cape/tanooki/etc throughout the game. One thing id change is some levels require you to use a fire flower to defeat bowser. The issue with this is that if the player takes damage and loses the flower, the player can’t re-get it and therefore essentially are softlocked from finishing the leve. You can use pipes to have the flower keep spawning. Also, some levels feel like enemy gauntlets with little no platforming. But overall the fact you made a whole game is very noteworthy and enjoyable, and you have are a great level designer! Well done friend! I hope you take the constructive criticism to heart and continue making great levels.
  13. Super Mario Maker 2

    I’m up to the end of world 3, will give my comments after I finish it up soon. My name is JeffCompas
  14. Pinball machines, an aviation line, literally everything besides new music.
  15. Super Mario Maker 2

    Will be trying tonight