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  1. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    Ooooh good fucking pick. The final boss and chapter of that game is one of all time best gaming memories. Excellent game from start to finish, you made me want to play it again lol
  2. Keep in mind rock music of that genre is maybe a tenth as popular as it was back in the late 80’s. No rock song will ever have the same appeal as a GN’R song released in their prime anyways. For the smaller genre that contains rock music these days, Slash’s songs Anastasia and Ghost were very well received and are played all the damn time on radios. I don’t even like Slash’s solo stuff all that much but I’m open to acknowledging pure facts about it.
  3. Anastasia is a great song that many have compared as a modern Sweet Child of Mine. Slash’s best post GNR riff in my opinion and one that I hear on the radio quite often actually.
  4. I don't see how AC/DC will continue soon. Angus may need time to mourn the loss of two brothers and I can't see him going on a massive tour right now.
  5. Bet you S”MK”C will continue on with a new singer. Slash has been hanging out with a lot of the conspirators as of late and he’s not going to want to sit still and want for Myles to return. And if he’s not going to wait for Myles, he’s sure as fuck not going to wait around for Axl to do anything.
  6. I have no idea anymore with this band. Who knows.
  7. I’ll answer since it’s pretty much my fault this discussion is going around right now lol One of Ashba’s most recent posts on Instagram is a guitar rack that musicians have particularly for tours. The caption reads “Getting ready for WAR” Sounds like nothing, no? WAR is presumed to stand for William Axl Rose and matches with a trademark Axl registered around the start of the NITL tour. Ashba also posted a photo with Axl recently. All rumors and speculation of course. But that is where it comes from and is pretty wise speculation knowing what we know.
  8. Might check out the LA show, as I don’t live too far from it. I’d hate to miss possibly the last Bucket show I could realistically attend. If I go I’ll update you guys how it is
  9. 2007. Really didn’t think it sounded that good this year. Being tuned down with a weakened Axl didn’t help.
  10. I think I want CD II more than anyone but I sincerely think SMKC III is a more likely scenario.
  11. I would bet Dizzy doesn’t make a ton more than Melissa, Fortus or Frank. Look at Pitman’s departure, I’m sure part of why he was upset was he didn’t seem to have gotten a major pay raise.
  12. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    The atmosphere of GTA IV caught me instantly and struck me more than any video game I may have ever played. I never felt so much like a character before exploring the town of Liberty City as Nico Bellic. I know people dislike IV and prefer V but I’ve always enjoyed IV more for the atmosphere and story. Some of the things in that game and choices you have to make changing the story made me legitimately feel emotions and had me considering each and every option. Amazing adventure from start to finish. I’m sure I could write an essay more but in more recent times that’s the one that comes to mind.
  13. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    Gimme a half hour, pretty sure I could make an essay on this post
  14. I wonder if Bumblefoot will guest and play Atlas Shrugged while bouncing on a bogo stick.