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  1. mario kart switch mygnr tournament

    I'm down to play a few rounds tonight, is that time zone 8:30 in PST?
  2. Does anyone else get sick of a genre or type of music?

    I meant newer types of music like modern rap and such, but I still listen to music you'd qualify as "new to me".
  3. Does anyone else get sick of a genre or type of music?

    Yeah, I think I'm just totally burnt on rock. Between GNR bootlegs and my friends obsessing over rock for 2 years with heavy riffs I just got sick of it. My friends think my new music is stupid but who really cares what others think. I still like rock but just need a break from it :/
  4. I've been a rock fan my whole life, but recently as im getting older I find myself growing a little tired of rock...I've been listening to other types of music I never listen to, such as pop and even rap. It may have something to do with being in a rock band and hearing and creating heavy guitar riffs every day for two years. I was just curious if anyone else gets burnt out of a genre from time to time.