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  1. Wow! Shadow sounded like the studio version and they finally dropped This I Love? Who are you and what did you do with Guns N’ Roses?
  2. Guns N Roses Logo

    It says “please rescue me- this is the only way I could communicate with you. This is Paul Tobias and im trapped in Axl’s cage.”
  3. 3 hours with solo spots for Slash, Duff, noodling segments where he goes backstage to his oxygen tank. Axl is not in shape. His vocals would be better if he took care of himself.
  4. RIP Stan Lee

    What a full life lived to the fullest. Will forever love him for the memories and moments he made for all us. Rest In Peace.
  5. Surprisingly not much, if any at all. Trees around me are burnt and considering my house is on the backside of a hill that’s burnt as well it’s a miracle the house is standing. The real damage is me having to unpack an entire game collection from my car when I’m feeling lazy as hell
  6. I dated one of his students a few summers back. He seems like a great guy from what I remember.
  7. Not my decision ultimately but maybe. This is ultimately a Guns forum and not everyone wants to discuss politics even if Axl and the band brings it up every time they blink. Good news I wanted to share with you all is my town’s evacuation order has been lifted. Headed back tomorrow!
  8. Another thread ruined by politics.
  9. The New Workout Thread

    My gym is in a fire line and is closed so my new routine is 6 supersets of push ups and pull ups. Hardly a workout but that’s how I plan to maintain muscle.
  10. Axl will tour again with AC/DC!! **Rumor**

    Not saying you’re lying, but this literally just text over the internet that anyone can claim and come up with.
  11. Fire is 10% contained. Considering it was 0% yesterday I am estatic.
  12. That area is in pretty bad shape. That’s where the fires have hit the hardest these past few days. I have no actual confirmation but I would assume Axl’s house is in danger.
  13. First off, thank you for your support and asking about my safety. This forum truly is the best community of people and all of your support has been incredibly meaningful to me and my situation. The evacuation order should be lifted Tuesday. Monday I plan to return to the area. About an hour away right now. From what I’ve heard the town is still under the siege of some flames but my house should be fine from what I’ve put together. Neighborhoods around me collapsed in flames live on the news and I may have jumped to the conclusion mine was next. Granted, it may still be destroyed or damaged. Will be unsure until I get back to the town. Plan is to get back to town Monday, see the situation and assess. Looking and of course hoping to be in good shape. No promises for safety. Winds can change at any minute.