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  1. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    I’m a lot younger than the lot of you, but Appetite was my first Guns album still. I was maybe 13, 14, started working out for the first time and I wanted to find a killer album to lift weights to. Came across Appetite, listened to it maybe a few hundred times that year, was just so taken away by how good it was. Looked up bootlegs and started getting into the other material, joined the forum maybe a year and a half later, have been here ever since! (meaning WTTJ was my first Guns song because it’s first on Appetite)

    Hard for me to accept that Guns has become such a nostalgia touring act, when a big part of why it’s my favorite band is Axl’s drive and desire to make new music. Oh well, tis the course of many bands of their repertoire to be creatively dead. Hopefully they throw in another deep cut next leg to give us SOMETHING. Eventually they’re going to run out of songs they can keep adding, they’re library isn’t that big! Last song I really think they could add (that Axl can do) is Hard School or Breakdown

    “Not in This Lifetime”
  4. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    As much as we joke about Axl’s vocals on this forum, at least he’s on key and sings in English. I actually liked The Dirt, but you could not pay me to see Motley Crue with Vince in his current condition. Should’ve just ended in 2015.
  5. Fair. Unfortunately I get that vibe from the band in general but thus the course from a rehearsed cash cow such as modern Guns. Slash could just be super nervous, guy has always been super reserved on stage anyway, but yeah, he does seem more comfortable with Myles. Must be boring for Duff and Slash to play such a similar show for almost 4 years now, wouldn’t be surprised if they just turn on autopilot with Axl.
  6. Really? What do you mean?
  7. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Garbage game from what we’ve seen. I refuse to pay $60 to play a game that has areas that look ripped out of Ocarina of a Time. Less content than the 3DS titles as well.
  8. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    This game looks froggin fantastic. I was a huge Pokémon guy, haven’t planned since generation 5 but I’m going to pick up these titles day one for sure. What do you guys think?
  9. Your best moments of this decade?

    2013 = met my best friend of all time 2015-2016 = Joined extracurriculars at school for the first time, made a bunch of social connections 2018 = Met my ex, while things ended badly the same year, she gave me some of the best memories of my entire life that I still look fondly upon to this day. Also got closer with a lot of people and felt legitimately happy for a short period 2019 = really embraced online communities, so while my life isn’t booming with friends or activities, I’m able to find some sort of joy and happiness from online forums/communities ...pretty uneventful/undesirable life, I’m aware
  10. Finally, a new song- “SCOM”. And it replaced Sweet Child, I was kind of sick of that song. What do you guys think SCOM will sound like?
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I’ve heard the PC launch has been disastrous and unplayable, is true?
  12. Setlist for 2020

    They said that don’t use a setlist? If true their absolutely full of crap I don’t even really have an issue with the setlist, my problem is more about wanting to hear new music (Hard School would’ve been a perfect start)
  13. NITL is over, finito?

    I actually remember reading an interview that SMKC IV is in the planning stages
  14. Death Pool draft 2020

    Jimmy Carter Donald Trump Bill Cosby Jim Davis Fred Willard Dick Van Dyke Bernie Sanders (wip)
  15. I know a lot of people didn’t care for Bumblefoot and his contributions to CD, but I liked a fair amount of them, and the songs he tried to create for GNR that Axl allegedly turned down are superb: (see Argentina and Don’t Know Who to Pray To Anymore). I’ve been listening to these songs recently with in mind Axl’s voice and it had me wondering how cool a Bumble/Axl collab could’ve been. I bet I’m alone on this but I always thought it would’ve been sweet.
  16. Yeah, I am responding to ChildOfTheMoon’s post about new music
  17. Dozens of times since the late 90’s there have been band members saying there’s new music coming, only for nothing to surface (save for Chinese in 2008). Even when Axl himself says new music is coming it doesn’t. Let alone Fortus, who’s outright been wrong about that almost every year he’s been in the band (again, save for 2008). Band members saying new music =/= new music. What I would want is actual communication from the band. Maybe a press conference, a interview with Axl about a new album, him outlining the plans for 2020 at the last show, etc. A change in management wouldn’t hurt either after the disastrous issues we’ve been having with the copyrighted videos and the (perhaps coincidental) fact that NO songs or albums have materialized with TB. Believe it or not, the way GNR operates is not how a band of this magnitude usually does! I’m not asking for the band to be as a reality show, I’m asking it to function as a band.
  18. Video/audio of the rehearsal Its not personal! You’re a good guy. With how this band treats fans and from the lack of consistent information and updates on new music, it’s extremely hard for me not to be pessimistic or optimistic regarding the future of this band. I do apologize for the negativity.
  19. Setlist for 2020

    Just play every song off of every album, every leaked song with vocals as well, and 5 new songs. The show would be at least 8 hours but at least then they couldn’t possibly let down anyone’s setlist dreams. Win win situation.
  20. Nothing personal but I don’t believe you, very easy to say that without obviously having anything to back it up and in GNR land being skeptical is a necessity. I think with how tight lipped this band is Fortus would not respond to the talks of leaks and is certainly not going to be the first one who tells us the potential of a new Guns song being played. Plus, you said you met him on an airplane? The band flys together. Too many fishy parts of this story.
  21. NITL is over, finito?

    Three scenarios here: 1.) NITL is not over, Vegas was another faux ending as was Hawaii last year- possibly the SA dates were added more recently than we think 2.) NITL is “over”, the next tour leg is named something else with a similar setlist like the 2012-2014 legs 3.) Some miraculous work has been going on behind the scenes and a new album/EP is ready for release and the tour is in support of it. It’s 99.9% either 1 or 2, 3 is EXTREMELY unlikely
  22. The biggest draw for me in GNR is Axl’s creative input- it’s why Chinese is my favorite album of all time. The shows are a blast and I love seeing some of the new songs they add to the set each leg, but it is depressing to have pretty much no further development as a band creatively.
  23. I agree that the setlist is actually very solid. The reason most have tired on it is because we’re following each and every show, most of us participating in each show thread and watching every live streams. No tour is meant to have each show been watched back to back. My issue doesn’t lie really with the setlist, but the sheer length of the tour and the fact that new music has not even been hinted at. I don’t think the NITL tour should still be going on into 2020, and especially don’t think it should be without even a mention, or hell, playing of a new song. Hard School could have been a step in the right direction- technically would be a new song as it was never officially released by the band, and would’ve shown how Slash and Duff would’ve approached CDII. I’m more sad about the band being a legacy act, with Axl mainly creatively being MIA for over a decade now.
  24. The past what, like, 3 legs have been “the last leg” of the NITL tour? I think we’ll be back in 2020 with another one. Would love to be proven wrong though.
  25. I just think that the fact that this tour has been going on for four years without anything new is embarassing. They don’t have to do anything new because everyone will give them money anyway. Axl creatively retired years ago. Just a touring/legacy band which I’ve mostly accepted but sure get sad about thinking about the missed potential.