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  1. that's another story - but complaints in this topic are focused on Pink's 30 second guestspot...
  2. After 3+ hours long show - there are complaints about 30 seconds of Pink singinig And one doesn't sound bad in that outro, she's one of those pop singers that probably with some effort sing some soft rock - but her look in the end tells: "How can he hold his screem so f'ckin long ?!?"

    Are you Redknapp?

    Well, Conte acted as coward and got his reward... so Manchesters only (since Tottenscum can't win on Wembley 😁) left in race...
  5. Brad Fiedel is returning from retirement?
  6. In 53 shows during 2017, they played 49 different songs (their setlist is 18 per show). List of songs: Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover) Atlas, Rise! Battery Blackened Blitzkrieg (Blitzkrieg cover) Breadfan (Budgie cover) Confusion Creeping Death Damage, Inc. Die, Die My Darling (Misfits cover) Dream No More Enter Sandman Fade to Black Fight Fire With Fire For Whom the Bell Tolls Fuel Halo on Fire Hardwired Harvester of Sorrow Helpless (Diamond Head cover) Hit the Lights King Nothing Last Caress (Misfits cover) Leper Messiah ManUNkind Master of Puppets Moth Into Flame Motorbreath No Remorse Nothing Else Matters Now That We're Dead Of Wolf and Man One Orion Ride the Lightning Sad but True Seek & Destroy Stone Cold Crazy (Queen cover) The Call of Ktulu The Day That Never Comes The Four Horsemen The Memory Remains The Unforgiven Through the Never T.V. Eye (The Stooges cover) Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Wherever I May Roam Whiplash Whiskey in the Jar ([traditional] cover) only 4 new songs remain unplayed: Here Comes Revenge Am I Savage? Murder One Spit Out the Bone
  7. Why are you talking about Frank here?
  8. Last full album you listened to?

    The Black Album Load ReLoad
  9. Anti-vaxxer denied visa to Australia

    Well... Australia just got few points on my table... Great call!
  10. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    Guardians of Galaxy 2 - meh... not even close to 1st one...
  11. Well, obviously Axl has his vocie - but uses it only for non-GNR songs