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    Zlatan conquering USA
  2. OK. You're right I am wrong. You have 1st person info and I don't want discuss gepolitics on GNR forum any further...
  3. UN did not have any part in this...
  4. So chemical weapon assembly center in urban area is bombed and no chemicals leaked after bombing Weapon Of Mass Destruction vol.2
  5. Uf... they really helped all nations involved... watched raging war for 5 years, watched big war crimes from first rows, lifted embargo on weapon while on one side you had 3rd largest euro army at time and on the other almost unarmed people... Oh yes - they sent welfare packages wich included food with 30+ years old date of production date... And then - one day they decided to bomb Serbs in Bosnia (without any special reason since nothing changed then that didn t happen in years prior) - today in those areas there are high rate of cancer and similar chronic and fatal diseases... Few years after they bombed "military" goals in Serbia - because Clinton needed political points.... Oh - I forgot Dutch involement (or lack of it) in Srebrenica case... We got more help from weapon smugglers from Russia than UN and NATO. If UN wanted to help they would prevent politicians from all sides involved to begin the war - but no oil, no diamonds here so no big interest... Yeah - greatful for being there - UN is really helpfull - for people employed in its administrations - and UN is really succesfull in watching bloodsheds all over the world...
  6. USofA and their puppets bringing peace and democracy accros the world since 1945... I'm sure that people in Afganistan, Lybia Iraq and Syria are thankfull for peace, security and prosperity that US and allies armies delivered. Just not sure whats with all those millions of people that are going on foot or are crossing Mediterranian and Adriatic see in rubber boats trying to reach EU when USA brought all those gifts by air... And to prove they don t have anything against Muslims - their allie - democratuc govrerment of Saudi Arabia - only muslim country that respect woman, etnics and sexual minority rights.... Im proud my county became allie of those peacekeepers and prosperity bringers.... And im sure that there would be no attack without solid proofs... like that Mass Destruction Weapons in Iraq... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=817796935093010&id=246976735508369
  7. Im feeling shocked - there are colours in Kat's picture...

    and since that second goal was smth special - ore than one celeb is needed: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/apr/06/studio-ghibli-co-founder-isao-takahata-dies-aged-82

    OK. Which celeb dies today?
  10. LOL 🤣😂😃😅 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155234469570264&id=10212595263
  11. It seems to me that comment was originally directed to fans in a way to answer why is Adler doing this tour, but from 1st sentence went in wrong direction and become Slash, Axl, Duff bashing... Public people should be aware that everything they say or post will be measured and quoted all over the world today... So any small chance maybe left for Adler to participate in some way with GNR is today even smaller or disapeared - this time blame would be in his camp...
  12. As long as there are $$ to collect, there is a chance...
  13. "If Axl says, `Jump,' he says, `Fine,' " says a music-industry source. "If he's in the air, he says, `How much higher?"' - quote is not about any TB member
  14. Germany, one of the biggest "metal" festivals (still no sign of Kanye and similar "artists" there 😁) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wacken_Open_Air