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  1. Piece of shit... Piles of mumbojumbo with Axls screeming over it.. and released under GNR name is the biggest garbage decision...
  2. Premier League Fantasy Football leagues from Week 2

    Joined... too bad 1st leg doesnt count 😎
  3. yeah... but that won't happen
  4. You really don't want new music by with Axl's vocals?
  5. Within 10 secs i found full greatest hits album on youtube uploaded ...

    Steve G did a understanable press conference before and after Osijek game in Euro league... at least to us Croatians... But he already bought 2 players from our shitty league - wont last too long in Glasgow...
  7. Where are you Axl Rose?

    I hope smth come out of this. I liked axlDc thing myself more than GNR reunion... But if Axl record with AcDc and GNR I won't complain. Also - I'm not expecting new BackInBlack or AFD - just gimme smth new to play...
  8. Hardwired got great critics, and is well accepted by crowds. One third of setlist is made by sobgs from it and people want to hear yet unppayed live ones. ACDC' s Black Ice peaked No1 in 29 county with positive critics... Rock or Burst hit top 5 in 24 country... Not bad for old guys
  9. http://livemetallica.com 1. Pick a date 2. Pay 3. Download + extra 100 youtube pro-shot videos on youtube for free from current tour And then - you have DelJames
  10. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Just wanted to write - GNR is not some teen band whose members will be thrilled cause they got a gig tonight - they are mature, successfull public persons with 30+ years in music. That makes them not knowing what's behind their $$ montain is impossible... And to say LiveNation and UMG are the devils to blame and Big 3 are just puppets is funny and full of disrespect to that big 3... Every band has their own LiveNation or UMG but nit every band acts like GNR... There are bands that don't avoid smaller/poorer markets - they adjust...
  11. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Yes I do... and this speech is from some business start up thing - not connected with Maiden. We are customers treated like fans by some and customers treated like atm machines by some...
  12. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    One guy, who annoyed rock n roll star Axl have something to say about fans & customers Well, Axl well said back in the beginings that he wouldn t want to become Iron Miden kind of band - guess what - he didn't!