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  1. Yep. They didnt mention english team on croatian tv Just some British journalist asked little rat Modric question he didn t like and he went mad...
  2. https://twitter.com/GaryLineker/status/1007614073608003584?s=17
  3. With Salah on, and against Russia and specially Saudi - they should be 2nd....
  4. That was Cesena I think...
  5. I guess they prepared for it, because on foo fighter setlist pic there was "i.s.e." spot https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156523138443069&id=10901008068
  6. Well... when you live in country nobody cares for - you use what you get and Deezer is only service available here...
  7. It's available on Deezer too...
  8. Not sure you followed streams - but Slither got greatest crowd response... YOU want CW performed great, YOU dislike Slither and SOYL... but unfortunately for you - it's not show just for you. And with Slither and SOYL they shook setlist a bit, and those 2 songs sound better than many of others right now...
  9. Fuck.... Even we in Balkan have nice white toilets... what's the thing in Britain - hole in the floor? We already know you piss in the bottles making ammo...
  10. Wow that Slither reaction... Greatest sing-along effect on GNR concert is by VR song... Maybe they should cover more VR and drop some CD
  11. after seeing this - Slither performance was kick-ass...
  12. Slither sounded just fine... axl can t be Scott (2018. Axl for sure) just like any non Axl guy singing AFD or UYI songs sounds weird...