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  1. You belive GRRM still?
  2. Fuck, new GNR albim will come soomer than book No.6
  3. And what a bingo was moving to NETFLIX - S4 is great... shorter, but much deeper about characters and msin theme....
  4. Game of Thrones - Prequel TV Show

    If season 8 is sign how good tv show can be without grrm's books - neither hbo directors won't watch this..

    Well, some of accusations points to players themselves (40 mil Ł of players payments hidden), and players recive money from club, so ... But don't worry, this is not Legia Warszawa or some Balkan club, so they will fine them few thousands something and tell them not to do bad any more...
  6. The last 3-4 seasons of show are biggest reason why I regret GRRM not finishing his story... If he by miracle finish it now, it will not be the same... And yes, Summer was great part of books, Ghost also -
  7. and some are defending D&D and their childish storytelling... Disaster and every episode is worse then one before... All characters are becoming stupid... And that Ghost thing - is Direwolf animation that expensive?

    That title race was predicted in pre season. Mcfc wnd lfc should have played few times between themselves and decide the winner. The rest were awful whole season. Imagine Ferguson's MUTD 30 points behind Liverpool...
  9. Well "The night is dark and full of plot holes. "
  10. great for you, but you'll drop in here asking for a little attention
  11. Hate the dark in eisode, hate the ending... hate Jon Snow hate D&D for
  12. Bran/ThreeEyedRaven character is just unexplained in tv show, but that's the problem from past seasons. Whole "wargs" part is almost ignored in the show. His story was obviously unatractive for TV but is important for story - it is one of Tv problems - you have to combine action with background stories and not become boring for millions of people - so they focused on action and tits and lost some of the story. I guess, we'll have more holes until the end...
  13. Well, after 1st 2 eps, it seems that D&D are pushing that noone is safe - eve4y character did smth to earn death before end... Except direwolfs - they must live, dragons? - whatever... OK, Tormund should stay